Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 107

At the same time, there was utter silence outside the tower.

Everyone stared at Xu Que’s wooden tile blankly, which rose up to the position of the eighth level. The entire scene was silent that even a pin dropping could be heard.

With Xu Que breaking record after record, everybody had become numb to him moving up yet another level!

He advanced to the sixth level from the fifth, and after staying there for half an hour, he entered the seventh level. In the end, after another half an hour, he rose to the eighth level.

The people’s astonishment started to turn into fear.

"That… that lad... What kind of monster is he?"

"The eighth floor, oh my god. I must be in a dream. If not, how is it possible for a Golden Core Staged youth to reach the eighth level of the Tower of Souls?"

"A world ranked genius has emerged from our Fire nation!"

"With such soul strength, his name will spread all around the world in no time."

"Not only that. With his current record, the name Hua Wu Que from the Heaven Explosion Faction will shake the entire Five Nations!"

"The Sky Incense Valley will also benefit from this. With such a talent, their Sect will be blessed with fortune!"

"Who knows if the other two big Sects will come and try to snatch this talent away."

"How envious I am right now!"

Everybody started to exclaim in admiration.

Only the few Sky Incense Valley disciples, along with the Seventh Elder, were horrified!

All of them had ashen faces, including the Seventh Elder. They opened their mouths wide in disbelief.

"How… how could this be possible? The entrance to the eighth level had clearly been sealed. How… how was he able to get in?" The Seventh Elder looked at the few Sky Incense Valley disciples.

The few of them were stunned and bitterly replied, "Elder, we are certain that we had set up the restrictive barrier without mistakes."

"Then how could this happen? If he disturbed the Empress while clearing the level, we will be in deep trouble!" The Seventh Elder was as panicky as an ant on hot stove. He retreated a few steps and started to sweat all over.

The Water Nation Empress was their most remarkable disciple to date. On top of that, with her current position, she was a very important figure for the Sky Incense Valley. If something disrupted her Cultivation, it would become a big loss for them.

As for Xu Que, he was the most talented individual ever since the ancient days, having been able to reach the eighth level of the Tower of Souls at the Golden Core Stage Full Foundation. They could not afford to lose such a good young sapling!

Burning with anxiety, the Seventh Elder was stuck in a dilemma.

Also, he had no way to see what was happening at the eighth floor from the tower windows. His personal record was the seventh floor. Therefore, even if he wanted to personally enter and check the situation, he wouldn’t be able to.

"Perhaps… there is something wrong with the Tower of Souls? Yes, this must be the case. Possibly, when I changed the rules of the tower, it affected the position of the wooden tile. Maybe that young man is still currently at the sixth floor." The Seventh Elder started to console himself.

However, he could not be confident with his words. In the end, after hesitating for a while, he decided to report the situation to the higher authorities.

"The few of you stay here. I need to take a leave for a while!" After giving orders to the few Sky Incense Valley disciples, he floated upwards and disappeared in mid air.

At the same time, inside the eighth level of the Tower of Souls...

Although he had a square meter to move around, there was still a layer of cloud mist separating him from the Empress and he was unable to advance further.

If not, this guy would have already passionately rushed over and gave her a thorough body check-up.

With the separation, Xu Que naturally continued to act tough.

He took out a big bunch of items from the System’s inventory.

Things like charcoal, barbeque grill, peanut oil, soy sauce, chicken wings… he took all of them out and made a big commotion out of it.

Quickly, he sat down on the ground, took a small firewood and started to drill it against another piece of wood.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle..." He started to drill the firewood to make fire.

To someone who was cultivating in seclusion, this was definitely an annoying sound.

However, with the Empress’ calm and tranquil mind, it seemed as if she was not affected in any way. She was calm as water and bore the hardship with equanimity. One could say that she was as well disposed as a river!


In the end, Xu Que made a bunch of fire. He had set up the barbeque grill and exchanged ten Star Miscanthus before lighting them up without hesitation, blossoming into a splendid glow of starlight.

"Lady, quickly take a look. There is really a starlight in the Star Miscanthus! See? Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are…" Xu Que waved the bunch of Star Miscanthus in his hand and started to sing the nursery rhyme.

However, the Empress still did not budge!

"Idiot!" This caused Xu Que to become embarrassed and he scolded himself in his head. For the art of acting tough, if done wrongly, one will easily look like a complete fool!

He didn’t know that the Empress could recognize the smell of the Star Miscanthus and she also knew that he was burning them but she just didn’t bother.

From what she knew, it was normal that the Heart’s Demon would behave like this, trying to distract a person in cultivation. They would burn valuable items to cause disarray in one’s mind and find a weakness to break their spirit! Therefore, she continued to relax while bearing in mind that the entire thing was just a fabrication and everything was from nothingness. She kept her heart strong and concentrated on her Cultivation.

"Looks like I have to use my next move!"

Xu Que put the chicken wings on the barbeque grill, brushed honey while turning them continuously and sprinkled them with cumin and hot pepper.

A thick smell emerged and immediately filled the entire eighth level.

Still, it had no effect either.

"Crap! I’ve really met a tough one!" Xu Que panicked and lost his appetite. He immediately threw the chicken wing to one side.

The next moment, he carried out an iron pan, positioned it on the fire and proceeded to pour oil on it!

"You’ve forced me to use my ultimate move!" Xu Que sneered and exchanged for a bunch of Smelly Tofu from the system store. He then immediately poured them into the oil pan!

"Keke!" Quickly, the sound of cooking oil started to emerge and the overwhelming stench filled the air in an instant.

At this time, all the fragrance from the chicken wings were swallowed up. The entire eighth level was filled with the stench and it was indeed very strong!

No matter how much the Empress relaxed and kept a strong heart, she became agitated at last.

Her spirit trembled and her beautiful eyes opened abruptly. After witnessing what was in front of her, she became momentarily stunned.

"He… he is cooking poop?’ She found it hard to believe. Why would this Heart’s Demon be so peculiar and use such means to disturb her process of Cultivation?

‘The Heart’s Demon is born from one’s heart. It reflects one’s deepest side they’ve never seen. Could it be… that deep in my heart, there hides a dirty secret?’

The Empress’ heart faltered and became a mess. She stared at Xu Que.

Xu Que did not realize that the Empress had already opened her eyes and continued to fry his Smelly Tofu. While cooking, he thought that he should give it up if this did not work.

After all, for acting tough, it would only be effective if the person looked at you. Since the Empress was not looking, Xu Que felt that whatever he did would be a one-man show and that would be absolutely dull!

"Sigh!" After that thought, Xu Que let out a sigh. From the time after his rebirth, this was the first time he had hit such an immovable obstacle while acting tough. Although his soul strength became very strong, he had spent a thousand over act tough points to get to where he was!

"I don’t think I will be able to earn back anything from someone like this. Whatever. I’ve already spent it, no point brooding over the loss. I should regain my determination and eat a good meal. Wow! This smell is great!"

Xu Que scooped up a piece of Smelly Tofu, brought it up to his nose and gave a good and deep sniff. He squinted his eyes and let out a blessed expression.

However, upon witnessing this, the Empress’ mind and heart shook and went into frenzy!

‘Absurd! This Heart’s Demon is absolutely absurd! It sniffed a piece of poop and still let out such an expression. Why… why is my Heart’s Demon doing such things?’ Her heart was filled with shock and fear.

Following was a scene which made her collapse.

Xu Que narrowed his eyes, sent that piece of Smelly Tofu into his mouth and took a bite.

"Chi!" Enjoying the fresh juice oozing out and splashing about in his mouth, Xu Que gave off an extremely pleasured look and he praised, "Good, this is too good!"

"Pfff!" Almost immediately, the Empress became pale and abruptly spat out a mouth of fresh blood!