Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 104

"In this life, I have to be the best person who ever existed. Even when I die, I will be an heroic ghost." What a good and famous saying from the ancient times! Who knew that he is a man of talent and possessed the gift of gab!"

"That’s right. Moreover, he also possess a strong and fearless heart and was always pressing forward."

"What a figure to be admired!"

"No wonder that he is so powerful. We aren’t comparable to him and we should be ashamed!"

Many Cultivators, one by one, started to sigh regretfully. They were won over by Xu Que’s lofty and imposing attitude before he left for the next stage.

On the other hand, the group of Cultivators who had followed Xu Que from the second stage and even the Seventh Elder were at loss for words!

They knew about the incident back at the second stage and the number of people he killed effortlessly. Similarly, he displayed a no-fear-for-death attitude and also said that he wanted to walk the path of the strong. He even wanted to fight over hundreds of Cultivators to the last drop of blood. In the end, he decimated everyone with a single move and left just like that.

And now, this lad is telling all of them here that he wanted to walk the path of the strong and talking big again. What rubbish! Who would believe his nonsense this time!

"However, Hero Hua is in for a big challenge this time. He must’ve never heard of the saying before. This Tower of Soul is regarded by others as ‘The lowest five levels of the human world and the top five levels of hell!’"

"Yes. Although the first five levels are quite difficult to pass, any genius with strong soul strength will be able to complete them. But for the top five levels, it cannot simply be cleared by being a genius. Those top five levels are regarded as hell."

"Rumors say that normally, Infant Transformation Stagers would only be able to withstand the sixth level in an incense stick’s burning time. To be able to reach the seventh level, one would need to be one of the more well-known or stronger Infant Transformation Stagers."

"Oh dear. Looks like this time, Hero Hua will have to take some pain."

Several of them started to discuss quietly.

The Seventh Elder was burning with anxiousness. He had discovered that Xu Que was indeed a good young sapling and wouldn’t stand by and let him send himself to his death. He immediately ordered to a few disciples, "Why are you all not opening the tower door?"

The disciples had bitter looks, "Elder, the Tower of Souls was last modified by you. The moment it closes, it will only open again after the last person has been expelled!"

"This..." The Seventh Elder was at a loss of words. He furiously flung his sleeves and wished that he could give himself a slap on his face.

He felt that if he were to lose such a good young potential sapling like Xu Que due to his modification, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

"What am I supposed to do?" The Seventh Elder was panicking and stared closely at the higher part of the tower.

The tower windows could only be opened up until the fifth level. Beyond that, everything was enclosed.

The reason was due to how intense the soul pressure was from the sixth level onwards. If the windows were opened, the pressure will start to rush out of the tower and destroy the tower windows’ restrictive powers!

As such, no one was able to see Xu Que and could only gaze at the wooden tile floating outside the tower.

That wooden tile was an indication of Xu Que’s condition. If it remained afloat, it meant that his soul strength was still doing good and is able to withstand the pressure.

But how long could he endure? Many of them started to guess in their minds.

In a breath’s time? Two breaths’ time? At most… three? That’s the maximum they could guess.

However, after many moments, the wooden tile was still floating outside the tower and did not move.

Everybody was flabbergasted!

"What, this… this can’t be?"

"He is still not out yet!"

"Looking at the wooden tile, it seems like he is really enduring the sixth level’s pressure."

"This is really shocking. There is someone with such strong soul strength in this world?"

Voices full of astonishment started to echo.

The Seventh Elder was amazed too. In the numerous years that he had lived, he had seen countless of talents grow up. The Elder had seen the Empress of the Water Nation grow up from a young girl to a mighty cultivator that she was today.

But now, the wise and experienced Elder was in shock. A mere Golden Core Stager who was at Full Foundation was able to hold his own in the sixth level. If news of this were to spread, not only it would shake the entire Five Nations, it would even surprise powerful people throughout the lands.

"We’ve profited! We’ve profited! This time, our Sky Incense Valley has profited big. Who knew that this kid’s gifted talents would totally surpass my expectations!" The Elder’s eyes were filled with anticipation and excitement.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 60 act tough points!"

At the same time, the system beep resounded in Xu Que’s mind. He was currently at the sixth level, had cold sweat all over him and was trembling from head to toe.

Before coming up from the fifth level, he had already drank a dose of the ‘Dark Jade Dew’. It was the second time he had strengthened his soul strength by 60%. However, when he stepped into the sixth level, he still felt a crack in his soul and was extremely close to losing his mind!

He had underestimated the pressure of the sixth floor. Luckily for him, he was able to rapidly adapt to the crushing pressure of the sixth level.

"Ding! Evaluated host’s present situation. If host stays at the current level for half an hour, his soul strength will automatically be tempered and will be strengthened by 50%!"

The system message sounded just as Xu Que was hesitating to spend another 500 act tough points to exchange for his third drop of the Dark Jade Dew.

Xu Que was stunned and became overjoyed, "Stopping for half an hour will strengthen my soul strength by 50%? Damn! Of course I will do it!"

This way, he could save a big sum of act tough points. Furthermore, he would be able to continue on to the seventh level without worries. Why shouldn't he be happy?

Furthermore, Xu Que had realized that the soul crushing pressure present on the sixth level was far more terrifying than the fifth floor. However, he did not expect that it would allow the system to introduce him a new function. He could make use of this immense pressure to automatically temper his soul strength.

If such a fortune had befallen on him at the sixth level, wouldn’t it be even better as he climbed up the seventh, eighth and higher levels?

"I want this 50% added to my soul strength. I also want my soul to be tempered for the next few levels!"

Xu Que shouted in his head and continued to grind his teeth as he forged on.

Gradually, he exerted all his strength to move forward. He concentrated his soul strength into a round ball and resisted his way through against the menacing pressure.

Before long, half an hour had gone by.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully tempering with his soul strength. Soul strength is strengthened by 50%!"


With the system beep sounding in his head, Xu Que started to feel an explosion in his brain, entering into a white, blank space akin to the splitting of the heavens and the space turned even more vast.

Xu Que quivered and abruptly regained his focus as the shackling chains of pressure instantly broke.

He started to feel at ease again, almost as if he had just been pulled to the shore from drowning at sea and was able to breathe a breath of fresh air.

Xu Que could feel the fatigue creeping up on him and sat down on the ground before picking up a piece of Smelly Tofu from his bowl and started to eat.

After feeling full and rested, Xu Que finally decided to start moving. Without any hesitation, he strode towards the stairs leading to the seventh floor.

"I shall thoroughly clear all the levels of this Tower of Souls and ruthlessly earn a big load of soul strength and act tough points!"