Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 102

After Xu Que left, the people started to ponder over his words.

Staring at that oil pan, they spoke out doubtfully, "Just now… If I’m not mistaken, that black stuff actually looked rather like tofu."

"This cannot be... that is poop, it’s manure! Guaranteed!"

"But this is still unbelievable. Who in the world will eat ‘poop’?"

Everybody broke out into a discussion but in the end, nobody dared to check the pan out.

Only that group of Cultivators from the second stage previously started to look at one another. One of them said, "Why not we go check it out? Maybe it’s really food which increases our soul strength."

"Yeah! I feel that with that killing-obsessed maniac’s personality, he will never eat ‘poop’! It is probably as he said. These are all Smelly Tofu." Another of them nodded.

"Even that murderous maniac dared to eat it. Why shouldn’t we dare? Also, if it can really improve our soul strength, this would mean that we are kind of lucky too!"

"Let’s go and try it!"

"It’s no big deal. Many people eat faeces too."

In the end, the few of them had decided to give those "Smelly Tofus" a try.

They walked out of the crowd with determined faces, while gripping their fists tightly. They went directly towards the entrance of the Tower of Soul, while staring at that oil pan!

"Hey, my friends, what are you all… trying to do?"

"Don’t tell me that you believe what that lad said?"

"Don’t go! That thing cannot be eaten!"

"It stinks so much. How are you going to eat it?"

Everybody started to panic and tried to stop them.

The few Cultivators were determined. They had to try it no matter what. After all, they had to take on the third stage soon. It would be a good fortune for them if their soul strengths really increased!

"We must try!"

The few of them clenched their fists and walked slowly to arrive before the pan of Smelly Tofus.

In the face of the stench, their stomachs started to churn and they lost the courage to eat it all over again.

At last, one courageous man stood out from that group. He quickly pinched and picked up a piece of Smelly Tofu, closed his eyes tightly and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Wa!" a person in the crowd started shouting out in surprise.

"What a hero!"

"I admire you fully for having the guts to eat it!"

"Eh?" the Cultivator who ate the Smelly Tofu started to widen his eyes and his face was filled with astonishment.

"Brother Wu? What’s going on with you?" A few of his accomplices asked in a panic upon witnessing his weird expression.

However, that Cultivator did not care to answer and his mouth started to chew quickly.

After swallowing the Smelly Tofu, he abruptly exclaimed, "Oh my God, this is too delicious! Hero Hua didn’t lie to us! This is really Smelly Tofu. It smells bad but it’s taste is spectacular. I swear on my soul, this is the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten!"

Finishing, he stretched out his hand towards the oil pan and took several pieces of Smelly Tofus.

Everyone was dumbfounded after hearing his words.

It smells bad, but it’s taste is spectacular?

And… He even swore on his soul?

"This is a fine delicacy!"

Those standing around the pan started to react, immediately stretched out and took a bunch of Smelly Tofus, stuffing them into their mouths without hesitation.

Immediately, that crunchy exterior, silky and juicy interior texture threw them into a state of happiness and surprise!

"This… is too delicious!"

"Who knew that in this world, there exists such a peculiar dish. It’s taste is incomparable!"

"Hahahaha! Hero Hua did not lie to us! My soul strength really increased."

"Hey, me too!" The few of them started to gasp in surprise and they were overjoyed. Their gamble was correct.

"What? It is really delicious?"

"And it strengthens one’s soul strength? This can't be..."

"Friends, friends, don’t take everything! Leave some for us to try!"

The group of Cultivators onlooking could not sit still anymore. One by one, they came forward to try it. Even those Sky Incense Valley Disciples could not resist and went forward to see what was the commotion is about.

In the end, after trying it, they immediately let out shouts of surprise and excitement.

"Damn, this is too delicious!"

"And my soul strength had obviously increased."

"This is really something magical! Who knew that, just a piece of Smelly Tofu would have such godly effects!"

"Eh? This black piece really looks a bit like poop!"

"Can’t be… it’s the one Hero Hua especially cooked. It you don’t want it, give it to me."

"That Hero Hua is too good. The Heaven Explosion Faction definitely possess talented people and all of them must be a blessed son of gods."

"Everyone, could you all leave a few pieces?"

Faced with the excited and overjoyed lot, the large group of conservative Cultivators could not take it anymore and rushed towards the oil pan one by one.

Xu Que did not cook many smelly tofus. When they reached there, only the oil in the pan was left.

This group of conservative Cultivators became annoyed and felt like crying.

Missing out on such magical food which could even raise one’s soul strength… What a waste.

"Haha! I still have a piece of it with me. Who wants it? Starting bid is 10,000 Spirit stones. Highest bidder wins!" A Cultivator suddenly raised his arms and shouted. He was pointing at a piece of the dark Smelly Tofu.

Everyone saw and quickly gathered around.

"Friend, you are too harsh, 10,000 Spirit Stones? Alright, I’ll take it."

"Wait, I bid 11,000 Spirit Stones"

"I bid 13,000."

"Hmph! 15,000 for me!"

"Damn it! I’ll bid 20,000!"

In a flash, the previously feared Smelly Tofu was instantly treated as a treasured Elixir. It attracted many people to raise the bid!

Not only it was tasty but more importantly, it was the property it possessed. It could raise one’s soul strength and this type of attribute would move countless hearts.

And so, the great name of the Heaven Explosion Faction gradually started to soar!

However, in the midst of the chaos, no one realized that Xu Que had already advanced to the fourth level of the Tower of Soul!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 50 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 70 act tough points!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 80 act tough points!"

Countless system beeps sounded in Xu Que’s head and he let out a slight grin.

"Looks like those people had already tried it. However, they should be unaware that I’ve sneaked some Demon Beast’s manure inside." Xu Que held in his laughter and took out the bowl he was using with some Smelly Tofu in it and walked deeper into the fourth level while eating.

After all, his soul strength had already been strengthened by another 60%. In this fourth level, although Xu Que felt a little pressure, he could still move freely.

But when he was reaching the stairs to the fifth level, his footsteps became sluggish. He glanced upwards and was shocked.

"Weird… this feeling is becoming more and more intense. Looks like there is really someone upstairs. Ah… I have to take a look."