Ultimate Scheming System


Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 100

"Pff! Pff! Pff!" tens of Cultivators on the third level of the Tower of Souls were overwhelmed by the unbearable stench. Their minds became disorganized and they were being expelled from the tower from being unable to withstand the pressure.

"I won’t admit defeat!"

"Seniors from the Sky Incense Valley, what is happening here?"

"Are you all going to let him continue his nonsense?"

"Are you all going to let us pass the stage or not?"

"This is not fair. Who can stand this stench?"

"Quickly kick him out of here and disqualify him!"

In a moment, the ten cultivators who were sent out of the tower were making a din outside. They looked especially furious as if bearing immeasurable hatred against Xu Que.

The Sky Incense Valley disciples were also holding their noses and creasing their eyebrows. They didn’t even feel like speaking.

One of the disciples immediately rode on his sword and rushed to inform the Elder.

They didn’t know how to handle the situation since there were no rules which prohibited anyone from eating or cooking.

After all, such a situation hasn’t happened before. Most Cultivators would have difficulty even moving after they entered the third level since they had to stay mentally focused. Who would have the time to disturb others, let alone cook?

The remaining onlooking Cultivators also started to inch further slowly. They found the stench very difficult to tolerate, since they had not encountered such a smell before.

Xu Que who was still in the tower took a deep breath, feeling especially blessed.

"That’s right, this familiar smell!" He became deeply emotional and reminiscent. Who knew that the system store had the Smelly Tofu on sale. Furthermore, it was the authentic version of the "Chang Sha Smelly Tofu". This smell could not be matched.

Nevertheless, there were still two Cultivators in the third level and both of them were forging on and tolerating. Being able to maintain their focus in this overwhelming stench, it showed that their soul strengths were quite spectacular and they definitely had a shot in moving on to the fourth level!

However, the two of them viciously taunted and ridiculed Xu Que when they were at the first level.

Xu Que remembered the both of them very clearly. Now, seeing that they were still able to hold their grounds, he became overjoyed. He smiled and said, "My two dear friends, don’t choke. After I finish cooking, I will feed them to you both!"

"Pfff!" one of them could not hold it in anymore. His soul broke and was expelled out of the Tower of Souls.

Outside, he started to scream in anger, "You get the hell down, I won’t let you off!"

The rest of the onlookers’ faces were filled with bitterness and shook their head while holding their noses.

"This black robed young man is too vicious."

"Cooking shit was bad enough already and he still said that he will feed that ‘shit’ to others. Who could tolerate that!"

"It’s a pity for that guy. With such a high level of soul strength, he could definitely pass to the fourth level."

"No choice. He can only blame his luck for meeting that black robed youth!"

"Sigh, it’s really his own fault. If they did not provoke that young man at the first level, wouldn’t this be avoided?"

"Now we only have one person remaining and he is still holding on!"

Everybody’s attention started to focus on the third floor and they could see the last remaining man gritting his teeth and holding on.

Xue Que was just carefreely sitting on the ground. He went into the system store and exchanged for a pair of chopsticks and fiddled with the Smelly Tofu inside of the pan. As he flipped and tossed them, the smell became richer.

He also exchanged for a sparkling and resplendent jade bowl, only costing him one act tough point!

Of course, this was not any ordinary bowl. The system described it as being able to enhance the taste of food.

Since Xu Que was currently rich, for delicious food, he would gladly spend the 1 act tough point!

Also, he made a bunch of food ingredients like oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil and chilli oil. In the end, he also made a piece of chopping board and a small knife. After finding a few pieces of garlic and cilantros, he started to cut them all up on the chopping board.

When eating the Smelly Tofu, other than the tofu itself, the accompanying sauces were all as important. Therefore, Xu Que decided to personally make some spicy garlic paste. Since it was made of garlic, he had to mince them into a paste-like state.

"Chop! Chop! Chopchopchopchop!!!"

Soon after, from the Tower of Souls ,sounds of Xu Que chopping garlic could be heard. The consecutive tapping sounds of the knife on the chopping board echoed.

The others outside started to sweat all over and their lips twitched in disbelief.

Brother! Why are you even here? Are you really treating the Tower of Souls as a kitchen? He even brought a knife and chopping board. As a Cultivator, can you be more perceptive of the situation?


In the tower, Xu Que picked up another pan and started to fry the garlic. The combination looked very good but the smell of the garlic was still covered up by the heavy stench of the Smelly Tofu.

A few moments later, he finally finished preparing the sauce. He poured it into a small jade bowl before scooping up the Smelly Tofus from the oil pan and placed them inside the bowl one by one.

The skin of the "Chang Sha Smelly Tofu" was black. Although it looked a bit ugly due to it being a little burnt on the outside, it was soft in the inside. It had a good texture in the mouth and tasted spectacular!

However, the many Cultivators at the foot of the tower could not recognize the Smelly Tofu. They tiptoed and looked over and were immediately shocked, breaking out in cold sweat.

"How frightening! It’s a large black piece of poop!"

"This is really quite disgusting!"

"How long did he leave the poop out? Why is it so black in colour?"

"Don’t say anymore, don’t say anymore…"

Everyone did not dare to think about it anymore.

At the same time, Xu Que had already filled the whole bowl with Smelly Tofus. The fragrance of the sauce was overwhelmed by the stench. But one would not argue that this is an absolutely authentic and delicious snack.

However, to the rest of the cultivators, it looked like a bowl of fried poop and it was still steaming…

At this time, Xu Que held up the bowl and took the pair of chopsticks before walking directly towards the last enduring Cultivator.

Everyone at the foot of the tower was shocked!

Then they saw Xu Que picking up a piece of black "poop" with his chopsticks. With smoke still rising from it, he grinned from ear to ear and brought it towards that Cultivator.

That Cultivator still had his eyes closed and did not witness this scene. However, he could feel the stench was slowly being stronger…

"Pfff!" In the end, he could not tolerate it anymore. His entire body trembled and he lost his soul. He was then expelled from the Tower of Souls.

"You shameless bastard! How dare you use poop to humiliate me?" That Cultivator appeared at the foot of the tower, abruptly lifted his head and stared at Xu Que who was in the tower, furiously reprimanding.

Without much care, Xu Que nodded, "You people are ignorant. This is the exclusive and tasty dish of my Heaven Explosion Faction. My Smelly Tofu is even more famous than roasted chicken wings. Don’t spout nonsense if you people don’t appreciate it!"


The people outside the tower became stunned, followed by looks of despise.

"Friend, stop joking already."

"How can you still eat a tofu which has already turned bad?"

"And we haven’t seen a tofu so smelly. Stop pranking us. Eat it if you have the guts."

"That’s right. If you were really cooking food, we would have nothing much to say. But now, you are cooking poop and it simply drives us nuts!"

"Your actions are simply incorrigible!"

Many people started to point fingers at Xu Que and shouted out in anger.

Xu Que held up his bowl and laughed lightly, "All of you, shut your dog mouths. You are a bunch of idiots who don’t know their delicacies. Open your eyes wide! This is called Smelly Tofu and it is absolutely delicious. The smellier it is, the better it tastes."

Finishing his speech, he picked up a piece and immediately placed it into his mouth.

Upon biting down, one could see its crunchy exterior and silky interior. Its juices and that rich flavor filled his mouth.


The Cultivators at the foot of the towers were dumbfounded. Their faces were filled with astonishment and their eyes widened bigger than ever.

The bunch of Cultivators from the second stage were also dumbfounded yet again and stared at Xu Que in shock.

"Too… too scary. Hero Hua is actually eating ‘poop’!"

"Who knew that when he turns fierce, he won’t even let himself off!"