Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan


Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan Volume 1 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19:

Ling Xia immediately drownedjin embarrassment. It didn’t matter if this sorryjfigurelof his was seen by|other people, butibeingidiscoverediby Yu ZhiJue or Song XiaoHu was appalling onia!whole other level. He was their big brother,iand this madeihimjappear way too useless… With greatjdifficulty, he hurriedlylpulled over the thiniquilt to cover himself,lhis cheeksjslightly burninglwith shame as|helmuttered,i“It’s|because I broke a sect rule… These wounds only look scary,|it doesn’t hurt at all.”

Everlsincejhejwas injured, he!hadicontinuouslyilied onlhis stomachjthese days, andlhislvoice wasistilljdrylandlrough.|Right!now, hisineck wasialso sore from having tolraisejhis|headlfor|an extended!periodiof|time,jand heicouldn’tihelp but let it drop backjdown.!

Hearing Ling Xia say such words, Yu ZhiJue felt his heart clench, becoming even angrier yet not knowing how to vent this surge of enmity that threatened to overflow. He took in a deep breath and obstinately pulled off that thin quilt, setting it to the side.

Ling Xia’s legs were long and thin, and Yu ZhiJue uncomfortably shifted his gaze upwards. His buttocks and a small portion of his thighs were still immensely swollen, the purple bruises even more sinister and frightening when contrasted with the fair and smooth skin below. There were still residue bloodstains, and one could imagine just how tragic it used to be.

“It’s already been five days. I was wondering why you didn’t come visit me, and then this ends up being the first thing I see when I arrive.” Yu ZhiJue’s tried to maintain his calm as much as possible, but he couldn’t hold back the wrath in his voice as he demanded, “Who exactly did this? I’ll go interrogate the one managing this place!”


YuiZhiJue|was alsoisomewhatiflustered.jExcept,lwhenihe sawlLing Xia moving!with terribleidifficulty,|heicould no longer resistipressing the!other’s!arm asideland taking over theitask.!Hisjmovementsiwerelveryllightjand focused,land!with!some embarrassment, LinglXia bit hisjlipsiand didn’t|makelalsound.jThat ointment|wasivery refreshing,land thejplaces it touched felt!extremely good.j

Fuck! How|shameful!lBesidesjhis!old man|andihis!mom,iit’sjbeen ten some!years sincejanyone hadiseen hisibutt.!Great,|now it’sibeen displayedjinjfront ofjso|many people…l...l

When YuiZhiJuejfinishedlapplying thejointment, for the sake of getting rid of thelawkward atmosphere, Ling Xia searched for alconversationiasifast as hejcouldiand asked, “Whatjabout XiaoHu?jYou must both be very busy, right?”

“He doesn’tjhave free time,” Yu ZhiJue answered, not wanting to!reveal that he had stealthily sneaked out. New disciples like!himiwere incredibly busy these days, aslFeng ShuMing was exceedingly strict, requesting them toimemorize threelfundamental cultivation books within tenldays. Inladdition to that, they had toiwrite ajreflection!essay withitheir thoughts. SonglXiaoHu didn’t now how tojread a singlelword, but luckily forjhim, that|Feng Luo was helping him with memorizing. Andjdue!to an oddifeeling, Yu ZhiJuejdidn’t wantitojcome here with Song XiaoHu, nor did he expect to see|Ling Xia in suchia tragic state…!

LingiXialcoughed, thenicontinued,|“Howlhaveiyou|been theseldays? Noione bullied you,jright? Those peopleifromiYunXiao City…did!theyjleave?”|

YulZhiJuejgave himjaiglance;!thisipersonlwasjalready injuredjto thislextent, whylwaslhelstill!sojchattyland inquisitive?lHe nodded!his headjandlreplied, “Iididn’tlsee thatjcrazy woman these|fewldays,jso theyishouldihave left.|And I’m notllikelyou, I wouldn’t beibulliedisoleasily by others!”|
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That last declaration finally contained a bit of his usual arrogant manner, and Ling Xia abruptly smiled. After not seeing this kid for a few days, Ling Xia originally thought that he had matured quite a lot, but after a few words, it’s obvious that he still hasn’t grown up.

Theltwo of them chatted for some time, and asithe medicine gradually tookleffect, Ling Xia became woozy!and soon fell asleep again.iYu ZhiJueihelpedjcover him up, andlin a flash, thelexpression onihis face changed as helwalked withoutjthe slightest hesitationjtowardsjImmortal Welcoming Pavilion’slmain hall.

Guang XuZi had already heard from the gatekeeping disciples that a direct disciple of the sect master came over. Furthermore, it was actually to find Ling Xia, which instantly led to him frantically pace around in circles. Who knew that that poor-looking lad had this kind of backer? A backer whose position was above Xu Yan’s!
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His!Immortal Welcoming Pavilionlhad thejlowest status inlShaoYangjSect, so he couldn’tlafford!toioffend any!of theselbigwigs! He silently cried injustice in his heart. Ifihe had knowniearlier, he definitely!wouldn’t have been so heavy handed, butinow, helcan onlyjthinkjof a waylto push the responsibility elsewhere…l

At thislmoment, a soundlcame!from the!direction!of theidoor,|andja youngster wearingialliblacklambledlinsidelatja|unhurriedjpace,llooking asiif he was surveyingltheldecorations injthe!hall.lSeeinglYu ZhiJue’siage,iGuang XuZi wasjfaintlylputjatjease, thinking thatlthisjignorant child!wouldlbeieasy toideceive. Heiswiftly plasteredionja hugejsmile,jwalkedlforward,|and!greeted,iI‘vellong|heard thatjthejsect masteritook!in a|fewiyoung|talents withioutstanding aptitudes,|andlonly|inlseeingiSenior brother Yu today,jhaveiI comeito!realize that!thelrumorsjare|indeedltrue!jAs expected!ofialpromising genius! ... …”j

All!of YuiZhiJue’sigoosebumps poppediuplfromihearinglthejother’s flattery,!and he coldly|interrupted,!“Today,iI!came!tolfindlManager Guang because I haveia matteriIjwish!tolinquirejabout.!My elderibrother LingjXia wasifortunate tojbelassignedjunderjyourjnoblelcare, andjnotjknowingjwhere helresides,!I was!wondering if youicould!permit usjto|meet?”|

“This…”!Guang XuZilknew thatiYu ZhiJue!had just come from visiting LinglXia, and deducing that the!boy wasjbeing contrary onjpurpose, immediately stammered, “Aifewjdays ago, your|elder brother was…reported bylthe other disciples to have violated thejsect|rules, requiring a punishment of thirty strokes… Ah, but this humblelone tooklinto consideration that it was his first offense, and|therefore!reduced it by half.”

Suddenly, YuiZhiJue smiled,laipair ofjink black eyesistaring|directly at GuanglXuZijas|he followedjup andjinquired, “Ildon’t knowiwhichjsect rule ourlelderlbrotheriviolated? Iflpossible, couldjManager Guang please enlightenjme? Moreover,jhe’sjactually sleeping inithe firewood shed,!which is!quiteistrange. After I go back|andjreportjto Master,iI’lliaskiif ImmortaljWelcomingjPavilioniis trulyjdestitute!to thejpoint!ofjhavinglnolemptyjrooms.”i

That patch of Evening Mist Herbs only required watering twice a month, but every time, it needed ten people to work together, plus, the rear court still had four or five empty rooms, and the punishment for secretly stealing food was merely a three day ban on meals… So at present, being stared down viciously by Yu ZhiJue, Guang XuZi turned into a stuttering and mumbling mess, unable defend himself in the slightest as cold sweat fervently rolling down his head and back.

Yu ZhiJue had already guessed that|Ling Xia wasibeingjbullied here. He had grown upjon Holy Maiden Peak fromia young age, and had already seenlplenty!of the types of shadylbusinesses|donejin these orthodox sects. Right|theniand there, a triangular icicle gradually started to form in his hand, and in a voice that contained traces of malice,!he stated,l“Yesterday,jMasterltaught meihow to change thelwaterjelementals in myjbodyjinto ice.lTake a look|Manager Guang,jam I doingiit correctly?|Here, youlare my elder, while I amja|newcomer freshjoffithe boat, and still requirelmuch guidance.”

That icicle was extremely sharp, and under the sunlight, it reflected beautiful, fragmented rays of color, making Yu ZhiJue’s hand seem all the more petite and attractive, his fingernails gleaming like jade.

Even so,iGuanglXuZi feltlhisjbloodjrun!coldjforianlunknownjreason,land!involuntarily retreating twojsteps, helbabbled,j“SeniorlbrotherlYu,iyou,jyou’re|doingiit|verylwell… …Yes,|yourjelder brotheriis currently heavily wounded and weak, this,|thisihumble onejwillllet!the!otheridisciplesjproperly|look afterjhim withoutifail.|There is actually|alquiet|room in the rear court, sojI’ll get peoplejthoroughlylclean it|upjstraightaway andllet yourielder brother!move in!”|

“Then I’ll have to trouble Manager Guang,” Yu ZhiJue remarked, curving his eyes as he carelessly twirled the icicle around and waved it under the sun, the very picture of childlike innocence. The mole at the corner of his eye shimmered, scarlet as blood.

Guang XuZi held his breath and gave a salute, then hurried out the door to deal with this matter, panicked to the point of staggering and almost falling down. Based on his intuition, he knew that even though Yu ZhiJue was young, he was much, much more terrifying than that Xu Yan… …

Therefore, when Ling Xia woke uplagain,!he thought he was still dreaming. The room he was in wasineat and clean, contained all the necessary furniture, and with the earlylmorning sunlshining!through the curtains, it appeared peaceful and warm. Yu ZhiJuelwasjcurrently curled upiandjsleeping next to him. The twoiof themlwere|very close, and hejcould almost feel thelyoung boy’s soft breaths brushing across his face.

Ling Xiaicrawled up to a half kneelinglposition andishook out!his!limbs, onlyinow discovering|that his!body’s condition had gotten a lotibetter. Those|wounds!ofjhis also no longer hurt.
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He couldn’t helpibut stare at YuiZhiJue, becoming lost inlthought. Yu ZhiJue’s eyes wereltightly|closed, and the bags under themlseemed a bit dark… Was this kid havingja hard time cultivating? …

After Ling Xia was completely healed, Guang XuZi’s attitude towards him basically did to a complete 180 reversal, only assigning him the most frivolous of tasks and even asking after his well being now and then. Not only was Ling Xia unaccustomed to this treatment, the way the other disciples looked at him also carried varying degrees of envy.

LinglXiajdidn’t|know what!to!say.|Only ajfewlmanager-levelldisciples withlrelatively highlstatusesjandjseniorityjwere|qualifiedjtoihave theirlown!privatelroom,jso|him, as|a!brand newjdisciple, stayinglin a singleiroomiinevitablylseemed bizarre.lButithe thingslhe neededjto!doifromjnow onjwould|be inconvenientjifihe stayed with someone else,ithus Ling|Xiajhad nojalternative butitojshoulder those|peculiar|gazes andicontinue living there.!

Initheidaysjwhile!he!recuperated,ihe!had thoroughly!thoughtithings!through. He must become strong! There’slno|wayithat|he could keepirelying|on two younger kids,!youjknow?iOtherwise, he wouldn’t have the!facejtoicontinuejbeing theirlolder brother!i


One should know,|the firstjstep of the protagonist’s growth started here!i

Ling Xia inwardly cried tears of joy. Being arranged here by fate, could this all be for the sake of getting him to patch up the plot?