Transcending the Nine Heavens


Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 305

"But I have never liked anybody else apart from you," Gu Du Xing stated anxiously. "We visited the Lower Three Heavens a while back… and there were so many beautiful women… but I didn't find any of them to be as beautiful as Sister Xiao Miao… so much so that I couldn't continue to look at them for long… You know, it's not like they were not beautiful, because Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di couldn't take their eyes off of those women, but I just couldn't look at them."

In order to express the extent of his love, Gu Du Xing didn't even blink once before betraying his two brothers… moreover, he maliciously crushed their characters in front of her...

"But… this is not right!" Gu Miao Ling exerted all her strength to wipe off the tears. Gu Du Xing's words practically turned her tears into a gentle laughter, even though she was feeling rather miserable. "Little brother, you must know that married couples always stay together, but I will be imprisoned in this cave for an eternity… I request you, don't be such a fool."

She gently attempted to prevent Gu Du Xing from feeling low, and said, "Little brother, Sister Xiao Miao is really grateful for the way you feel… you know what, from today I'm not afraid of this cave anymore... however, you mustn't foolishly continue to tread on this path… because it has no future..."

"My dear little brother, you must look for a lovely young girl who would always be beside you through the hardships of life… who will be with you till both of you turn old and your hair turns white together… that is how a true couple should be…

"You must return quickly… you shouldn't be here. Don't be so willful all the time, learn to be mature…" Gu Miao Ling felt her love deepening as she looked at Gu Du Xing. She gazed at him for quite a long time, until teardrops started dripping from her eyes and a satisfied smile gently formed somewhere along the corners of her lips. "Sister Xiao Miao will live a life supported by your confession… and this life will not be in vain any longer…"

"No!" Gu Du Xing called out loudly. "I just have to become an Emperor level expert, right? Sister Xiao Miao, within two years I will reach the emperor level… I take a vow right here right now… I vow on my ancestors' souls…! I…"

"How dare you!" Gu Miao Ling retorted in a stern voice. "How dare you say that? If you continue any further… I will die right here… right now, you'll see!"

Gu Du Xing looked at Gu Miao Ling, and suddenly replied with a soft smile on his face, "Sister Xiao Miao, if you really want to die right here, and right now, then we can immediately become husband and wife…"

Gu Miao Ling's entire body tremble as she interpreted the deep meaning his words had concealed.

She went crazy and threw herself at the railings as she shouted from the depths of her soul, "No, you mustn't! I forbid you! I forbid you from doing that!"

Gu Du Xing gently extended his hands through the railing; her face suddenly started to blush, while her body trembled as he embraced her ice-cold body.

"Sister Xiao Miao, I was only a third grade Sword Great Master when you were imprisoned in this cave, however, I am a fifth grade Revered Sword Artist now. And within half a year, I shall absolutely become a Sword king. Do you believe me?" Gu Du Xing stated gloomily in a low voice.

"Fifth grade Revered Sword Artist?" Gu Miao Ling looked at Gu Du Xing, dazed. "Really?"

"Yes, absolutely!" Gu Du Xing said proudly, "Also I didn't use any shortcuts to reach up to this level; I practiced each and every step with utmost dedication." Saying that, he leaned towards Gu Miao Ling, bringing his lips close to her ears and spoke softly, "I met an unusually talented person who taught me different methods to reach the higher grades significantly faster… nobody knows about this, okay?"

Gu Du Xing made this all up on the spot in order to reassure Gu Miao Ling, but with good-will in his heart.

"Really?" Gu Miao Ling looked at him with her big, round, sparkling eyes.

"Absolutely! Or else I vow…!" Gu Du Xing raised his hands up to take a pledge.

"Don't!" Gu Miao Ling said hastily at first, but then lowering her voice as she softly said, "I believe you."

"Well then." Gu Du Xing's exposed a happy and satisfied smile. Even though the both of them were separated by that ice-cold railing they couldn't destroy, but still, the two of them felt somewhat warm and happy in this moment.

"Oh by the way, that talented person became my big brother later on, and had also given me something to pass onto you." Gu Du Xing wanted to reach out to his bosom to take something out, however, he felt unwilling to let go of Gu Miao Ling, and thus had to use an extremely weird position to take that thing out…

After that, he hurriedly placed a small jade box in Gu Miao Ling's hands, as if it was some precious treasure, and then instantly held her in his arms again.

"What is this?" Gu Miao Ling drooped down her white neck to play with the small jade box.

"Do not open it now… first, you go inside… and then open it."Gu Du Xing said in a low, soft voice, "This is a small chunk of fire essence."

"What?" Gu Miao Ling was dumbfounded; fire essence is one of the most wonderful treasures in this world. A fire essence, even the size of a fingernail, is enough to eliminate any degree of cold without leaving any hints of chill behind.

This was exactly what Gu Miao Ling needed at this time.

Chu Yang almost got into a fight with the sword spirit in order to save this precious fire essence. If the Nine Tribulations Sword had absorbed it, not even a fragment of it would've remained.

Even after several years of accumulation, only fist-sized quantity of this treasure could be found in the national treasury of the Great Zhao nation.

Still, Chu Yang had given all of it to Gu Du Xing!

"This too…" Gu Du Xing once again reached towards his bosom and brought out a jade bottle.

"What is this?" Gu Miao Ling, who was already quite happy, had now become speechless.

"Vitality Spring Water." Gu Du Xing said. "This was also gifted by my big brother, for you. You will drink this now, okay? Drinking this will increase your vitality, and also increase your life force. In fact, if you were to sustain injuries, even the scars would remain..."

Gu Du Xing delightedly introduced the vitality spring water.

Being the daughter of the Gu Clan's Lord, how could Gu Miao Ling not know about the vitality spring water… however, she didn't speak a word as she listened to Gu Du Xing very attentively while he was endlessly going on and on, speaking about it…

She listened to Gu Du Xing whilst wondering in her mind, [he must have worked really hard for this ]. [I wonder how much torture he must've endured...]

[Only half a year has passed!]

Gu Du Xing had progressed from the third grade Sword Great Master to fifth grade Revered Sword Artist; most people would be too shocked, and would most likely admire his talent... However, all Gu Miao Ling could think of was: [I wonder what sort of brutal training he must have gone through in order to level up so fast in such a short period of time.]

Thinking of that, Gu Miao Ling couldn't help but feel distressed.

"You fool, you must not be too hard on yourself… but since I have this with me now…." Gu Miao Ling looked at the fire essence box, and rubbed it while it made a soft sound, and said, "I should be able to wait for a few years in this prison."

"No!" Gu Du Xing firmly said. "It would be my sin to let you stay here even for an hour."

"Well… shouldn't you leave now?" Gu Miao Ling gently let go of him. "It seems like someone is coming over to urge you to leave this place."

Gu Du Xing turned around to see that a clan elder was approaching towards him in big strides. Gu Du Xing couldn't help but clench his teeth, hating the sound of his footsteps, "ah, these old bastards…"

"You mustn't speak like that." Gu Miao Ling gently shook her head and said, "We… all are from the same clan! Also… this is our home..."

"Haa…" Gu Du Xing looked towards the sky and let out a deep sigh.

"I will go inside now..." Gu Miao Ling said in a gentle voice as she stared profoundly into his eyes, "please take good care of yourself… Little brother."

"You are still calling me little brother?!" Gu Du Xing asked anxiously.

"If I don't call you little brother, then what should I call you?" Gu Miao Ling frowned as she snorted. "I haven't agreed yet..."

"Ah?" Gu Du Xing retorted with much anxiety, "Sister Xiao Miao, you mustn't go back on your words like that…"

"I can't go back on the words I haven't yet said... can I?" Gu Miao Ling looked at him softly, "Sister Xiao Miao can't escape this place, you however, are on the outside… if you ever come to admire someone else, you should not stop yourself for Sister Xiao Miao's sake… do pursue her with all your might. We… I, even if I come out of this cave, nobody knows which year or which month it will be… please don't let the prime of your youth go waste…"

"I don't want anyone other than Sister Xiao Miao!" Gu Du Xing's voice started to somewhat shiver as he said, "There must be many beautiful woman in this world, or perhaps in the entire nine heavens continent… there must be hundreds and thousands of astonishing beauties, but that doesn't mean that I will go for anyone whom I find attractive…"

Gu Miao Ling let out a giggle first, and then laughed out loud as she said, "You fool… even if you do like someone else… wouldn't she have to like you back as well?"

After she finished speaking, she slowly went backward while her wonderful eyes were still softly looking at him as she reluctantly faded away into the darkness, and went out of his sight.

The elder exclaimed from a distance as he finally arrived, "Young Clan Lord! Everyone is waiting for you…"

Hearing this, even the guard who was hiding on the other end rolled his eyes in resentment. [Are you rushing for your funeral? Such a touching scene… even I have teared up… can't you see that already?]

"Alright!" Gu Du Xing turned his head unwillingly as he replied to the elder, when in the meantime; Gu Miao Ling had already gone inside the Dragon Prison Cave.

Gu Du Xing stared at the cave for a while before suddenly yelling out, "Sister Xiao Miao! Wait for me… I will definitely come back for you! I'll make you my wife!"

Inside the prison cave, Gu Miao Ling wailed before she felt her face heating up, while her entire body felt weak all of a sudden.

[This little sweetheart!]

Inside the cave, cold air came attacking Gu Miao Ling, making her shiver. She took out the small jade box and opened it. Suddenly, her entire body was enveloped in the heat coming out of the box, which suddenly made her feel warm and comfortable…

She brought the fire essence close to her body and it felt the same as standing in front of a stove on a winter night; she couldn't feel even the slightest bit of cold.

Also, this gentle, yet soft warmth only protected an area of about 3 feet area around it; everywhere else it was still freezing like before.

However, there was a difference of heaven and earth between her current situation, and the one she used to earlier be in.

At least one person could survive in this kind of temperature.

Gu Miao Ling reached out to her bosom, and gently caressed the fire essence as her face revealed a bright and beautiful smile. "Du Xing, I will wait for you… even if you don't want or need me… just like always, I will still continue to wait..."

After that, she quietly sat down. Every single day had felt like a year to her ever since she had been imprisoned. However, for the first time, her heart had sensed a ray of hope; she felt very calm.

[No matter how I am, there's still a stubborn guy waiting for me out there, and he is deeply infatuated with me. I must not break down now...]

[Du Xing, I will not let you down.]

Then, Gu Miao Ling sat down cross legged. [Du Xing is working really hard, so I too must strive-on in order to help him…]

Gu Du Xing turned around to face the guard; and then bowed down to him, and said: "Brother, I request you take good care of her."

The guard frowned and suddenly raising his head as he said, "I would never treat her unfairly."

The guard felt extremely overwhelmed as he waved his hand in a hurry and said, "Young Clan Lord, take my word… young Miss will never have to suffer anymore; please be assured of it."

"Thank you very much."

Gu Du Xing cupped his hands together and then suddenly shot up like a sword, as if aiming to pierce through the blue dome of heaven.

[For this love, I will strive on!]

It took him several leaps and landings before he finally managed to appear in front of his clan's troops; bringing the imposing aura of a sword along with himself.