Transcending the Nine Heavens


Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 304

"Certainly not! I think Sister Xiao Miao is as beautiful as always!" Gu Du Xing replied in an excited tone: "No one can look prettier than you!"

"Don't talk such nonsense." This young maiden had been suffering for all those years for Gu Du Xing's sake. However, at this moment, his response didn't leave bashful or anything; instead she smiled gently, just like a big sister who was slightly annoyed at her little brother.

This tender smile of hers had seemingly dispersed off all those years of that cold austerity which had frozen her body and suddenly, the natural color of her cheeks gave off a sharp contrast to her frosty hair, making her astonishingly beautiful to the eye.

Gu Du Xing suddenly felt giddy with his head spinning, as if the sun and moon had suddenly lost their brightness. His mind was completely empty as he blankly stared at Gu Miao Ling, licking his lips. He involuntarily uttered: "...stunningly beautiful ..."

"You little rascal!" Unable to stand that perverted look in his eyes, Gu Miao Ling bashfully stomped her feet on the ground; she angrily looked at him as she said: "I am your elder sister! How can you say something like that about me?"

Gu Du Xing wiped the drool off his mouth and immediately pounced forward; and towards her.

Suddenly, his body collided with the fence, issuing a loud 'bang' sound. He fell backwards on the ground, flat on his back with a bloody nose, and a swollen face. Gu Miao Ling couldn't help but burst into giggles; it seemed as if this funny scene had momentarily washed away the pain of her heart: "You fool, if I could go out that easily, then I would've already come out in order to beat you up for saying such a thing about your elder sister. Humph!"

Gu Du Xing stood up almost instantly, and furiously pounded on the fence, saying: "Let me go inside! Otherwise, I will smash it down!"

"But Young master…" The guard was in a bind as he helplessly looked at Gu Du Xing, then turned his face to look at Gu Miao Ling in an awkward manner.

"Don't be so unruly." Gu Miao Ling spoke softly as she stared at Gu Du Xing's robust face for a good while before asking in a gentle tone: "Little brother, how have you been all these days?"

'Little brother, how have you been all these days?' This sentence left a sour sensation inside his nose, and he almost came close to bursting into tears. Even though his Sister Xiao Miao had been kept imprisoned in this Dragon Prison Cave for so long, she was actually worried about his wellbeing instead of bothering about herself.

"I'm doing fine." Gu Du Xing replied in a hoarse voice.

"Oh, well… you are not small anymore, so, is there someone you like? You can certainly ask father to act as a matchmaker for you." Gu Miao Ling looked at him with eyes full of indescribable feelings, along with traces of both hope, and fear visible in them: "If you don't look for one now, it may be too late later on… "

"Actually, there's one girl I really like… it's just that…" Gu Du Xing painfully expressed his feelings.

"Say what?" Gu Miao Ling's complexion suddenly turned pale as her lips began to tremble. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she hastily turned to one side and wore a fake smile on her face before asking: "How come I never got to know that my little brother likes a girl?"

"Well, I have always adored her."

"Who is it?" Gu Miao Ling bit her lips as she tried her best to suppress the tempest of feelings inside her heart. She managed to pull out a sweet smile on her face as she said: "Tell your elder sister about it. I can certainly be of use when it comes to giving love advice… it's a pity that I might not get a chance to drink liquor in your marriage feast...

"She… is very nice, has always been kind to me. I don't know how to repay her for all the things she has done for me… I've always thought that she was good to me, and I am thankful for that. I respect her, but I never really realized that I actually love her... that I want her to be my wife..."

Gu Du Xing seemed pained as he lowered his head: "Until one day, when she left… I finally realized that I have always liked her. I don't want to lose her… because I want her to stay with me! Sister Xiao Miao, I want her to be my wife."

Gu Miao Ling's body swayed a bit as she nearly fell down to the ground. Her mouth traced out a smile full of pain and sorrows, while a desperate look flashed in her eyes. [He likes her. No, he loves her… and wants her to be his wife... ]

[Gu Miao Ling ah... you... you... you...]

In this very moment, she felt her heart breaking into pieces; as if her heart was being plucked petal by petal, like a flower.

She had even started to hate herself, thinking why did she have to come out today? Although she had been imprisoned here with no hint of hope left in her life, at least she had her fantasies to hold on to. Had she not come out, she could have continued to cherish those pleasant dreams in her heart. She could have continued to deceive herself with nothing but lies… made up of her own wishes to keep her sane in this prison...

Even though she knew that all her desires were completely detached from reality… but she could still cherish those dreams in solitude! Those wonderful dreams; dreams which could never be achieved in this lifetime!

However, today, when she got to know that Gu Du Xing had arrived to meet her, she couldn't stop herself from jumping with joy. She ran outside like a storm, even though she was aware of her own unattractive appearance at that moment. She had tried her best to dress up properly and tidy herself up, but could only manage to appear slightly pleasing to the eye. In spite of all that, she had dared to come out.

However, she was caught off guard by this piece of news, which had struck her like a thunderbolt from a clear sky.

[He has a sweetheart! He has a sweetheart!!]

The grieving smile on her face was an indication that she had already woken up from her dream.

While she was still in a trance, she suddenly heard Gu Du Xing asking something off her in a seemingly anxious, yet terrified tone: "Sister Xiao Miao, tell me… will she say yes?"

"Sister Xiao Miao, tell me… will she accept me or not?"

At present, Gu Du Xing was still immersed in his past memories. He despised himself for being ignorant, thinking: [Why didn't I discover her true feelings for me sooner?]

[Why did I have to wait until she ended up being imprisoned in the Dragon Prison Cave for my sake? I cannot even imagine the kinds of suffering she must have gone through during the time spent in this prison.]

[Her body is so delicate, how was she able to bear for so long?]

[I wonder how much she had to endure… and that too… for my sake.]

[I'm so stupid...]

Gu Miao Ling bitterly bit her lower lip, feeling as if her consciousness was drifting into the void. With a mournful smile spread across her face, she struggled to find support in order to stop herself from collapsing as she said: "She will certainly agree to marry you... my little brother is so outstanding… he is not only skilled, but also dashing. He is young but, has a promising future… it is simply impossible that she won't agree to marry you."

"Really?" Gu Du Xing was pleasantly surprised as he raised his head.

"That's right, be brave, and go tell her that you like her and wish to marry her. I am so happy for you little brother; I will be rooting for you." Gu Miao Ling looked deathly pale, as if she would crumble down any time now: "You will definitely succeed because you have your Sister Xiao Miao's heartfelt blessings."

[When you go… this time, I will certainly die in this Dragon Prison Cave.]

[This life of mine no longer has that cherished dream to rely upon. That dream is no longer there...]

Gu Miao Ling lowered her face as two streams of pearls quietly slipped down from her eyes. Trying her best to not burst into tears, she wore an astringent smile on her face and said: "Du Xing, girls are always very reserved. Even if they do like someone, they still don't let it appear on their face. If you really like someone, you must take the initiative and confess your feelings to her… once you miss this opportunity, you may not get another chance… A person's life is unpredictable, so the best time to act is now… those who fail to act at the right time, only find regrets to them company afterwards… you must strive, little brother! Now go quickly and relay your true feelings to her. Mark my words that you will be successful because she will certainly say yes!"

After saying this, she despaired since an intense surge of bitter and painful feelings overwhelmed her heart: [If only I hadn't been so reserved all this time… if only I had been open about my feelings towards him… if only I had confessed to him earlier… perhaps… the outcome would be different right now?]

[If I tell him now, he might....]

[Hey! What are you doing? You cannot think along those lines… he wants a wife… whereas I'm sentenced to lifetime imprisonment... my life is already finished. I shouldn't bother him with my troubles and sadness…]

[I must bury these feelings in the depths of my heart…]

"Sister Xiao Miao, thank you so much for agreeing to my proposal." Gu Du Xing exclaimed: "I... I am so happy right now… I might just faint..."

"I agreed? What are you talking... "Gu Miao Ling was still struggling through her heartbreak, feeling as if her heart was bleeding with sorrow. However, her heart suddenly skipped a beat as soon as she heard this sentence.

"You just said 'yes' a moment ago!" Gu Du Xing threw himself at the fence and shouted: "You said yes!!"

"What are you talking about? What did I agree to?" Gu Miao Ling stared blankly, as she asked.

"You promised to be my wife!" Gu Du Xing blushed as he somersaulted out of excitement, shouting: "You just agreed to be my wife!"

Gu Miao Ling was dumbstruck as she stared intently at him, and stammered: "You, you... don't you… don't you already have a girl you like?!"

"Yes! I have a girl I like!" Gu Du Xing replied joyfully: "But the girl I like is none other than you, Sister Xiao Miao... how can there be someone else in my life? You're the only one for me." Gu Du Xing looked at her, somewhat puzzled. [Why is she behaving like this? Does she really believe that I like someone else?]

[That is just absurd!]

"You, you… like… me…" Gu Miao Ling continued to look at him for a long time, stupefied. She did not speak anything, in fact, she couldn't speak; two streams of tears rolled down her face in response to his declaration.

Then, she suddenly squatted down on the ground, and burst into tears. She was crying so loudly that one could hear her from far away. However, she wasn't worried about that, because all she wanted right now was to cry her heart out. Her tears were getting soaked into her clothes, while that extremely cold environment was turning her warm tears into white fog...

Her tears were an outcome of the severe pain and suffering she was forced to endure for so long. It seemed as if all those grievances had found an outlet when she suddenly burst into tears… as if the entirety of her despair and bitter feelings, which had stayed frozen in her heart for so long, had suddenly melted down and flowed out in a stream of tears, soothing her heart and soul in the process...

She had finally achieved her long-awaited dream... to her, this feeling was 'indescribably' beautiful! She had been longing to hear these very words for such a long time; she would often hear these words in her dreams, and had always found them very comforting… they gave strength to her spirit, as well as to her will, to live on!

Even in a place like this, she would no longer feel cold and uncomfortable each time she fantasized about this scene; her heart would fill up with love to the brim.

However, the way she was right now, she strongly hated herself: [I cannot possibly have all this! I shouldn't be having all this! I don't deserve…]

She had been left pitying herself only moments ago, and now, she found herself stuck in a loop of regrets and self-deprecation.

A woman's heart… is always filled with contradictions.

Initially, she was not willing to throw the love of her life into someone else's arms. The very thought of it had brought her close to losing all interest in her own life…

However, once she obtained what she had always wished for, her heart immediately welled up with regrets: [I am going to stay imprisoned here for a lifetime! If Gu Du Xing dedicates his whole life to me… wouldn't that ruin his life?]

[He is still young! …he must not spend his life in solitude!]

"This won't do! This is simply out of the question!" Gu Miao Ling frantically shook her head as she sobbed and choked with emotions: "My life is already done for! I cannot get out of this prison! However… you have excellent future prospects, little brother. How can you waste your time and future on someone like me? That is simply out of the question!"