Transcending the Nine Heavens


Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 300

Chapter 300 – Brag! Brag with one's might

Subsequently, it was Dong Wu Shang who arrived. Furthermore in contrast, Second Master Dong arrived in earth-shattering fashion!

Second Master Dong was escorted by a large cavalry. The Dong clan campaign against Cang Lan Battlefront comprised of two thousand four hundred soldiers, with each individual being experts!

Dong Wu Shang was currently mounted over a massively built Thousand Miles Ox, swaying and swaggering in.

(TN: Not sure about, 千里牛 (Thousand Miles Ox) has a different tl. Basically just a huge ass ox)

He too wished to ride a horse; besides, riding a horse when compared to an ox provided much more freedom to roam about. Even though this ox was a spirit beast… ox is still an ox! It could never rival the fluency and aesthetics of riding a horse.

However, Dong Wu Shang's sabre was indeed too helplessly cumbersome. That was without factoring the random assortment of items he had on hand, his special flexible armour, and Second Master Dong's bulky build; Altogether, he had already surpassed an abundant weight of a thousand Jin!

(TN: A jin is around 0.5 – 0.6 kg)

What kind of horse could heave along such hefty weight?

Hence, the two thousand four hundred soldiers of the Dong clan had all mounted impressive horses, while only second master Dong mounted a bossy oxen as he led the charge.

The Dong Clan was located east of the Mo Clan and with a gap of a thousand plus Li between both houses, heading towards Cang Lan Battlefront for them was indeed along the way. Naturally, even if it was on the way, such a lofty clan like the Mo Clan wouldn't bother to visit based on mere convenience. Only after Second Master Dong had vehemently requested, this massive cavalry fleet then detoured and arrived with full majestic grandiose.

In actual fact, the leader of the cavalry, Dong Wu Lei, didn't wish to make a detour. Making such a detour for this massive fleet would waste them at least two and half days worth of journeying! Doing so would indeed squander manpower and resources. Yet ultimately Eldest Master Dong became helpless and ashamed, that was because he could no longer subdue his own younger brother, Dong Wu Shang…….

Dong Wu Shang had plainly threatened his own elder brother – "If you don't wish to get beaten up and lose face in front of these two thousand four hundred soldiers, then you'd better yield and give the order to detour"

After Eldest Master Dong had cursed for half a day along their journey but in the end, he still helplessly altered their direction towards here.

The stampeding of horses rumbling into the region resembled that of one pursuing a vengeful vendetta. Under the command of Second Young Master Dong, the Dong Clan's two thousand four hundred cavalry paraded their ferociousness and awe-inspiring superiority as they traversed through the territory of the Mo Clan.

Upon reaching the Mo Clan’s main gate, Second Master Dong hoisted his sabre and leapt down his ox. Facing the gate, his booming voice rattled with imposing crudeness, "Go! Inform your master; Second Young Master, Dong Wu Shang, of the Dong Clan is here to pay respects to Young lady Mo Qing Wu!"

The Mo Clan guard situated at the main gate was already dumbstruck, his calves practically cramping from shock: F***, so many eyes glaring at me, could they be enemies?

Dong Wu Shang's words came like an amnesty, freeing him to hastily turn round and report the news.

Clan Lord Mo Xing Chen became utterly dismal.

This time, it was true depression!

What is this never-ending joke? Streaming in one at a time? And all seeking out our family clan's crippled young daughter?

Although the Dong Clan had always not meddled with the Mo Clan, in theory their prowess had always been a notch above the Mo Clan.

Thus, the powerless Mo Xing Chen could only personally receive them. When he walked out to observe, he was immediately stunned.

F*** seriously? so many soldiers coming to visit our Xiao Wu?

This Motherfucker, isn't this purely demonstrating their might?

"This should be Clan Lord Mo right?" Dong Wu Shang cupped his hands in reverence, and courteously continued, "Wu Shang is here to visit Xiao Wu, on behalf of others. Mn, we were coincidentally enroute to Cang Lan Battlefront, and since this was conveniently along the way; though we do appear rather recklessly exaggerated, I hope Clan Lord Mo isn't offended.

"Noble Nephew Dong what kind of words are those? Hurry up and enter. This old man couldn't be more delighted with your arrival" Though Mo Xing Chen had no clue whether Dong Wu Shang had ulterior motives to visit Xiao Wu, his superficial acting skills were nevertheless proficient.

"Has Xiao Wu been well recently?" Dong Wu Shang chuckled as he entered through the main gates. He was asking the obvious; Xiao Wu's Three Yin Meridians had been crippled, leading to her status as the clan's nurturing prime focus to be terminated. That was equivalent to descending from heaven into hell… could she be well?

Moreover, this matter was no longer a secret within the Middle Three Heavens…….

Mo Xing Chen rolled his eyes deep within his heart, yet his countenance adopted a sigh in response, "Yes, thanks to your blessings."

"Your words are spoken wrongly, you can't have my blessings!" Dong Wu Shang widened his eyes and proclaimed, "How can I, Dong Wu Shang, possess such immense blessings?'

Mong Xing Chen instantly became so enraged, his anger could reincarnate before soaring to the skies.

F*** can this guy's words be more unpleasant? I salute you as the Second Young Master of the Dong clan, this old man's personal welcome was already giving you tremendous face. You actually still espoused such a brazen tone to me?

Didn't the two young masters of Dong Clan leaned towards sombre personalities, why is this one acting like a gang leader?

Instead, he wasn't aware that back at the Heavenly Armament Pavilion, though Dong Wu Shang was unsociable and disliked speaking, he was still pretty fond of Mo Qing Wu. Moreover, Mo Qing Wu had frequently seeked him out to chat and showered loads of joy towards this usually inarticulate Second Young Master Dong, thereby resolving numerous bitterness of his. Thus, he was already especially fond of this lovable young lady.

This time after hearing of Mo Qing Wu's grievances due to her crippled Three Yin meridians, Dong Wu Shang already had a belly of fire. His purpose to visit Mo Qing Wu today wasn't a farce, but he also wanted seize this opportunity to vent her frustrations for her; and that was his true objective.

Hence, he purposefully exhibited the attitude of a vile person.

Besides, he had mingled with the two hoodlum and bandit hybrids, Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo, for far too long; such outrageous ruffian like language no longer required feigning and a simple yawn was more than sufficient.

"I wonder how Second Young Master Dong and our little daughter became acquainted?" Mo Xing Chen suppressed his rage. He had no choice; if he accidentally offended him, the current strength of the Mo Clan wasn't adequate to rival the two thousand four hundred experts before him!

The military might of the Mo Clan had already marched off to Cang Lan Battlefront with Mo Tian Yun leading several days ago.

If ever this temperamental rascal escalated into madness and decides to sweep through the entire Mo clan, then……losing him would akin to losing our heads.

"It really was a chance coincidence. Mn, lady Xiao Wu and I are very much like kindred spirits! I like her very very much!" Dong Wu Shang laughed in response, "Moreover, my big brother likes her very much too! So much that it is essentially to the point of loving her dearly and doting on her favourably."

"You big brother?" Mo Xing Chen palpitated with shock.

Big Brother……these two words aren't a joke. With such a manner of addressing, then it definitely isn't his blood elder brother. Since when had this Second Master Dong found a big brother?

(TN: 老大 (Big brother) normally represents a boss or a superior brother you look up to, while 大哥 (Elder Brother) is just referring to one's elder sibling."

This big brother…….what kind of world-shaking character is he?

"Correct! My Big brother!" Dong Wu Shuang laughed hysterically and continued. "That same big brother that Ji Mo, Du Gu Xing, Luo Ke Di and I shares! He does exceptionally adores Xiao Wu! Furthermore, he even gifted Xiao Wu a treasured sabre of his for many years…..that sabre is our big brother's family heirloom, ah! Back in the years, successive generations of Sword Monarchs from our big brother's clan had relied on that saber to sweep through the Nine Heavens….."

Mo Xing Chen instantly sensed a fit of dizziness exploding in his head. His body involuntarily swayed side to side, as an endless chain of gold stars distorted his vision.

Sword Monarch?

Family Heirloom?

The shared big brother of Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, Du Gu Xing and Dong Wu Shang?

Fuck! What kind of insane character is that…….

If this mysterious 'big brother' realized the sabre he gifted Mo Qing Wu was forcefully snagged……what would his reaction be? Would he storm into the Mo Clan with unquenchable wrath?

Dong Wu Shang drooped his eyelids, secretly inspecting the expression of Clan Lord Mo and couldn't help feeling pleased with himself.

This was exactly the method him, Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, Rui Bu Tong and others devised to bolster support for Mo Qing Wu.

And that was to…..brag! Ruthlessly bragging! To the pinnacle of bragging itself! They didn't dare to brag extensively, but only feared themselves not bragging at all!

However if such words were spoken by Ji Mo or Luo Ke Di, its potency wouldn't be substantial. Only Dong Wu Shang, with his clan and might, along with his public image of sombreness and his wholehearted infatuation with the art of the saber……

Whenever such a character like he speaks out, he definitely wouldn't be spouting lies! Yet once such a person decides to be deceitful, then it would be as simple as grabbing into a bag!

"Ehm, Noble Nephew Dong, who is this big brother of yours?" Mo Xing Chen became exceedingly cautious as he spoke. He had previously addressed Dong Wu Shang as 'Noble Nephew Dong' but was treated rudely instead. Thus, in his anger, he changed his mannerism of addressing to 'Second Young Master Dong'. Now after his heart and mind was stirred, he couldn't help altering his salutation back to 'Noble Nephew Dong'.

"This is something I cannot tell you, my big brother has strict rules. If he knew I had divulged information of him, his wrath is something I cannot bear." Dong Wu Shang snickered silently, "However, your Mo clan is really blessed; with lady Xiao Wu around, your clan would surely rise to prominence. Come to think of it, this is really destiny. Our big brother was travelling the Nine Heavens before accidentally encountering and rescuing Xiao Wu……*cough cough*, this is genuinely destiny indeed."

Second Master Dong weaved his words around, but he still lacked flowery vocabulary and could only resort to incessant sighs about destiny. After all, he wasn't as eloquent as Luo Ke Di or Mo Ji.

However, because of such a behavior, it further firmed the credibility of his words.

Travelling the Nine Heavens……those words sparked an endless fantasy in Mo Xing Chen's mind.

Could he be an overlord clan of the Upper Three Heavens? It must be. To convince and gain the wholehearted approval of four talents of different major clans, and to casually gift out a treasured saber that could be the crown of heavens…….I'm afraid only the Upper Three Heavens could contain such a heavenly figure?

Moreover, he should be from an overlord clan!

"Oh ho, so that's the case. Noble Nephew Dong, please come in." Mo Xing Chen hastily reached out his hands respectfully to his guest. Suddenly realizing his conduct of holding his guest at the entrance was indeed too impolite.

"Mn, naturally I will have to come in. However, I will leave once I see Xiao Wu, I still have obligations at Cang Lan Battlefront." Dong Wu Shang squinted his eyes at Mo Xing Chen and spoke, "Noble Uncle Mo, you must take good care of Xiao Wu, ah. My big brother is presently prescribing a medicine for Xiao Wu and is unable to visit for now. Yet I reckon it won't take too long before he comes to treat Xiao Wu's illness……"

He sighed meaningfully and smiled, "You can't doubt the heaven defying abilities of my big brother……"

"Ah?" Mo Xing Chen became ecstatic but still skeptically inquired, "But about this treatment…..what are the chances?"

"That is something I cannot determine accurately." Dong Wu Shang frowned.

"Your big brother…..does he really know of such a method?" Mo Xing Chen asked.

"Noble Uncle Mo……" Dong Wu Shang stood firmly as he stared into him, before suddenly retrieving his saber from his back, "Say, what do you think about my sabre?"

"Sabre?" Mo Xing Chen was somewhat astonished. In his heart he thought; this Second Young Master Dong really knows how to change the subject. I just asked concerning your big brother, instead you suddenly shifted the topic abruptly to your saber. Moreover, in such a stiff manner.

(TN: Hey guys, not sure what the younger generation young masters address the older or vice versa. I'm not sure if the previous translator used any term but i cant find it. So i used 'noble nephew or noble uncle' which is accurate literally. Tell me if you find something more suitable or would like it changed.)

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