Transcending the Nine Heavens


Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 297

Chapter 297 – Diwu Qing Rou's purge

This state of affairs lasted for almost 20 days!

For the sake of the sword, those pampered young masters did not return to their respective homes on this New Year's Eve. They were simply worried about one thing, which was: what if we leave today and the sword ends up appearing tomorrow?

The best decision in this situation would obviously be to stay here till the end and wait for the others to leave.

However, there were some clans which actually went back home, and the first ones to leave among them were: Dong Clan, Luo Clan and Ji Clan……..while the other clans chose not to go back and continued to remain at standstill…..

Naturally, this caused a deal of great trouble for Diwu Qing Rou!

He would need to find time to appease this gang of 'second generation little ancestors' all day long. This weighed him down with anxiety as he felt like there were a hundred knots of worry inside his intestines.

(TLN: The previous translator has used the term 'second little ancestors' to refer to the young masters.)

During this time, the Great Zhao's royalists were constantly trying to use tentative attacks, or impeachment tactics, to suppress the Diwu faction (Fifth faction). Surprisingly, they emerged victorious in each and every attempt to defame Diwu faction!

This slowly emboldened the royalists as they began to dare, and mess with the important personages from the Diwu faction. Of course, if Diwu Qing Rou was to counterattack, then they would stop immediately to maintain the status quo.

However ……no matter what happened, Diwu Qing Rou simply didn't retaliate!

This was simply incredible! Suddenly, all kinds of rumors began to spread throughout the Great Zhao, stating stuff like: Diwu Qing Rou has fallen out of favor, and the Emperor has already revoked all his powers and privileges; he has resigned from his office and is lying low at home……

Consequently, bigger waves began to rise and fall as time went by! Some of the royal courtiers were still watching in wait. Most of these old fogies had been staying dormant for years……while some of them had been initially suppressed by Diwu Qing Rou long ago…..

Slowly and gradually, they all began to rise from the shadows; one by one!

It seemed as if the heavens would be overturned by those raging waves any moment now……

The Great Zhao's Emperor was still sitting quietly at the helm of his fishing boat, calmly observing the flowing winds. However, when the mood and activities of the royal courtiers turned increasingly intense, His Majesty also caught the smell of the unusual atmosphere which was prevalent around him and accordingly began to change out of his former low-key profile in order to gradually gain more visibility……

Diwu Qing Rou has blundered by offending the super clans of the Middle Three Heavens, and now they are all set to make his life a living hell! It seems like his life's going to end very soon!

As soon as His Majesty verified this piece of information, he suddenly burst into laughter.

As a result of the recent developments, His Majesty slowly began to bravely deal with some fairly high-profile matters as well……

He slowly took initiative……huh? Only to exercise his rightful powers as an emperor, right?!

Damn it! That went quite smoothly!

Afterward, His Majesty began to conspire the initiation of his big reform. He started by having discussions in secret, and then slowly took those discussions to small banquets before they slowly and finally ended up transforming into large scale official discussions in the royal court's main hall!

Thus, a bold and resolute reform was kick-started!

After drinking a bit too much, and getting drunk as a result, His Majesty ended up sharing his inner-most feeling with the Empress; he sighed with emotions while sharing his innermost feelings with the Empress: we ascended the throne 20 years ago but only today have we really tasted the joy of being the Rulers of Great Zhao!

So much so that two army divisions were summoned all the way from distant parts of the nation. His Majesty had a clear-cut stand on the matter: Execute Diwu! The royal entourage must make sure that this tyrant is purged; exterminate Qing Rou and bring back the good-old days!

It seemed as if the entire Great Zhao had turned blustery all of a sudden!

A strange sense of tranquility had spread everywhere since King of Hell Chu hadn't engaged in any activities during this period of time.

Minister Chu knew that this phenomenon was a result of Diwu Qing Rou's secretly conspiracies. Such turbulent developments were simply impossible considering that Diwu Qing Rou was capable of decisively using his iron fist to gain complete control over the Great Zhao!

Perhaps, the reason behind these turbulent times was hidden in the possibility that Diwu Qing Rou was planning on starting something big very soon……

In that case, I mustn't get involved in the current state of affairs.

This would ensure that Diwu Qing Rou wouldn't be able to trace the vines and grab the melon, otherwise there might be a possibility of Minister Chu ending up being accused unjustly, and then dying a resentful death as a result of that……

Therefore at present, King of Hell Chu was sitting on the mountain and watching the tigers fight. He was more than satisfied with his current simplistic lifestyle when compared to his comfortable life in Iron Cloud. And every day, he would look forward to seeing the mayhem the members of the aristocratic clans would cause endlessly…..

(TLN: sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight is an idiom which basically means -> watch in safety whilst others fight… then reap the rewards when both sides are exhausted.)

Only about a dozen of these clans had been able to make Diwu Qing Rou's life a living hell! Moreover, since they were causing a nuisance all the time, Diwu Qing Rou could not even set about the task of reconstructing the Golden Horse Riders Department's headquarters.

Possibly, someone else could take blame and responsibility for something that might or might not have happened……however, someone else's way of dealing with such things would be entirely different when compared to Diwu Qing Rou's personal involvement in this matter……

The more time you all spend in making this noise and ruckus, the longer shall be the delay on my part be; If you really want to keep dragging this on, you may as well just drag it for a year and a half…..I couldn't care less wahaha……

Even the royalists were praying for those aristocratic clans to get rid of Diwu Qing Rou as soon as possible……

However, the brutal reality soon landed a solid blow to the faces of King of Hell Chu and Great Zhao's royalists!

A summoning order had arrived from the Middle Three Heavens: all clan juniors who are currently outside, must rush back to the Middle Three Heavens immediately! There is an emergency!

After the arrival of this summoning order, several aristocratic clans went back immediately; even Ao Xie Yun was among the ones who retreated. Since he had already obtained the Sunlight Saber, he wouldn't be bothered much if the Moonlight Sword was to fall into someone else's hands; after all, that person would still have to come to him……

Xie Dan Qiong and Ou Du Xiao also left for the Middle Three Heavens……

Mo Tian Yun was also left with no alternative; but to go back home.

Li Xiong Tu pestered for a long time but was still left in a bind since he hadn't gained anything even after spending so much time; and thus, he opened his big mouth like a lion, and swept away as many gold and silver treasures as he could before leaving……

Tu Qian Hao followed suit and took the same course of action as Li Xiong Tu did……

Several other aristocratic clans put forward a variety of demands, which basically boiled down to: we all feel the need to be recompensed for this wastage of time……

Diwu Qing Rou resolutely shed his blood as he sent away each and every one of these second generation little ancestors……

As soon as the root cause of all this mess departed, the Continent Center Citadel was left devoid of any Jiang Hu people. Diwu Qing Rou flipped out when assessed the situation and found out that – his Golden Horse Riders Department was in an utterly disordered state, Continent Center Citadel was in a complete mess, and even though he had put all his effort into gathering the man power to deal with all this chaos, he couldn't gather more than 3000 people!

Not to mention the arrogant royalists and royal clan members, who were being rampant some time ago, were now directly faced with the dreadful wrath of Prime Minister Diwu!

On the very next day of the aristocratic clans' departure from the Lower Three Heavens, the Great Zhao's Continent Center Citadel suddenly found itself surrounded by three massive army corps!

The three enormous and mighty army corps immediately marched into the Continent Center along with the city guards, and a few other units who had also assembled along. In a matter of just one day, all major streets were imbued with soldiers; there were ferocious-looking soldiers stationed at an interval of almost every two steps.

Diwu Qing Rou had long since been planning to materialize this purge, and now that it had finally started, there simply was going to be no scope for mercy in his approach!

On the third day, the entire Continent Center was dyed red with the sight of blood! One could even smell the unbearable stench of blood which was rising straight towards the sky!

Han Bu Chu was clad in a thick marten coat as he towed a heavy round-backed wooden armchair along; he finally took a seat at the Meridian Gate! Right behind him stood a team of Martial Warriors, and each of them possessed a terrifying murderous aura, which soared high into the sky.

Martial Warriors were constantly riding in and out on their horses to give reports. One could clearly see the drops of blood still dripping from the tip of their blades.

Han Bu Chu was holding a thick pile of lists which contained the names of those people who were lined up to be massacred during this genocide! It was just like drawing a lottery; with the names of the people getting crossed right after they were killed off! As soon as the names on one sheet were over, it was immediately discarded, and was replaced with a new list of names.

Entire families were nabbed and beheaded at once!

The entire nine generations executed in one go!

Diwu Qing Rou had never ordered massacre of such scale in the nation before. However this time, it seemed like he had really been forced to consume a steelyard iron core, and there was no turning back for him anymore. Once the order to kill was issued, there was no scope for taking it back!

He would choose to kill the innocents over allowing the guilty to escape!

The Ex-Prime Minister, senior officials, the Royal Censor…….and several more from the administration. Even royal princes, some royal uncles, and even the Emperor’s relatives as well as his son-in-laws were lined up for executions!

The soldiers would invade the courtyards of large families like a bunch of wolves and tigers. There would only remain a pile of corpses on the ground by the time these army troops would leave the scene after having finished their task. The loud yet pitiful screams would continue to linger in the atmosphere for a long time, while the sky seemed to have been painted red by the streams of soaring blood.

In the Imperial Palace, when General Manager Lu Ren Jia ordered the guarding generals to fight against the rebelling army, he instead saw them smile obsequiously before they actually opened the main gates to welcome the rebelling army; an unexpected scene which seemed similar to that of a bunch of sons respectfully greeting their fathers!

Afterward, a relentless genocide spread in all direction!

This was all simply because Diwu Qing Rou had once said: In this world, those court eunuchs are the most hateful creatures!

Therefore, these words directly led to the massacre of the court eunuchs of the Imperial Palace! No one was spared. The general who was given the responsibility of killing the court eunuchs had once been persecuted by General Manager Lu Ren Jia. Naturally, he was certainly did justice to this task by doing his job in the most exciting of ways possible: He commanded his men to save Lu Ren Jia's killing for the last. Every time a court eunuch had his head cut off, that general would shove Lu Ren Jia's face right into the neck cavity in order to ensure that the wild splashes of hot blood were sprayed all over his face……

This torment of Lu Ren Jia's obviously didn't stop until each and every Court Eunuch had been executed….

While waiting for his turn, General Manager Lu's whole body had already been soaked in blood innumerous times. As a result, he only issued one last frightened cry: “Aaahhhhhhh~~~” before all four of his limbs twitched and the floor was stained by a sudden eruption from the front and back of his lower body! He slumped down in a pile of muck which had originated from his own body, almost as if he'd been struck by paralysis… and literally scared to death.

Those who knew the inside story, bitterly spat out their saliva as they said: You had it coming!

He indeed got what he deserved. If hadn't been for his words, thousands of deaths could have been avoided today. The smile on the faces of everyone present, resembled the fake ones people usually see on the faces of the men who carry the palanquin at the time of a marriage; how can people just mingle, and then stay attached for dozens of years……

However it was an undeniable fact that his words had led to big conflict, which had made the present situation simply unavoidable!

To common people, this massacre seemed like the outcome of Diwu Qing Rou's catharsis as a result of the grudges he had been accumulating all this time: Are you really dissatisfied with me? Weren't you all plotting against me all this time?

Fine then! I'll just kill all of you and save myself from getting involved in your petty plots.

However, only a small number of discerning people could see through the real motive behind this well-planned purge! It was done as part of the preparations in order to deal with King of Hell Chu and Tie Bu Tian, and the imminent war they would bring!

Diwu Qing Rou hadn't personally gotten involved in a war for several years, but he would personally need to take command this time in order to establish his own land under the heaven!

No obstructions can be permitted in a war against powerful archenemies! There must be no place for any unharmonious songs either! If he went out to fight a war while those sly people were conspiring to stab him in the back………..he certainly couldn't allow that to happen!

Food provisions, weapons, warhorses, army logistics and so on; one calculation mistake could lead to a damage beyond redemption!

When facing a tough alliance comprising of King of Hell Chu, Tie Bu Tian and Tie Long Cheng, Diwu Qing Rou couldn't afford to be negligent, because any negligence could potentially destroy his entire army!

He hadn't cared much about this earlier since he was confident of his control. However, after facing several failures one after another in recent years, the losses turned him far more vigilant than before, even though the damage done was partial, and hadn't actually harmed him in any way!

Soon after the purge of the Continent Center was started, waves of purges reeking with blood immediately spread throughout the nation.

And the positions vacated… were all occupied by Diwu Qing Rou's people!

It was a thorough merger!

It is said that after the conclusion of the purge, Diwu was seen standing at the helm of Continent Center Citadel, gazing at the whirling fog of blood which contained the vengeful ghosts of countless innocent people.

“I had said it before and I will say it again; I shall unify everything under the heaven, then and contain it in my hands! Even if……it cannot be contained in my hands, it will still have to pass through them!”

“What's the worth of a million human lives compared to becoming the master of the universe?!”

As he made his proclamation, the cold and biting winds hunted down the flags fluttering over the Great Zhao, and then carried them thousands of miles away; a sign, warning of the arriving spring!