Transcending the Nine Heavens


Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 296

The origin of Bright Moon Lake


~ Middle Three Heavens, Mo Clan. ~

Mo Qing Wu's small body was all curled up while sitting in front of the doorsteps. Her small hands were holding her cheeks while her soulless eyes were staring blankly into the distance; a worn-out scabbard was quietly nestled in her bosom.

“Hah……” She sighed sadly; in spite of her tender age, she heaved a sigh so deep… clearly showed that she had seen the vicissitudes of life.

Mo Qing Wu had been feeling that the whole world around her had changed for quite some time now.

In contrast to everything she had known so far in this lifetime, the present situation seemed to have changed beyond recognition.

Those efficacious medicines (elixirs) have certainly reduced by a dozen layers! As for those purple crystals which are considered as priceless treasures when it comes to providing auxiliary aid to cultivation…. now I cannot even find one for myself.

In the past, the elders of the clan would often come to meet me; they would always urge me to progress faster in my martial arts cultivation. There was always a gentle smile on their faces as they would coax me into taking breaks and playing for a while in between practice sessions. Now, no one comes to visit me anymore.

Back in the day, Father would always hug me whenever we'd meet; it was so much fun getting lifted up in the air. I still haven't forgotten his heartfelt laughter. However it's all in the past now……. I haven't talked with him in several months.

Even if we do meet once in a while, those encounters are always rushed and hasty. Whenever he sees me, he always heaves a sigh before leaving immediately. It seems as if he is trying to escape from something.

As a result of all this, her fragile heart had started to turn colder and colder over time……

Maybe Father does not like me anymore! Is it because my Three Yin Meridians are crippled?!

But just because my Three Yin Meridians are damaged…….am I no longer his daughter? Wasn't I his Xiao Wu? Why did this have to happen to me?

Are the Three Yin Meridians really that important? Are they even more important to him than his own daughter?

When it comes to a clan's strength and influence… is impossible for a cripple to contribute to the clan in any manner, so does that mean I really am worth nothing in the eyes of the clan?

Am I really of no value anymore?

Mo Qing Wu spoke softly in her heart as big drops of tears dripped from her eyes.

I don't want much……I just want Father to hug me, I want him to kiss me…….I want to smile again in my parents' arms, no…..I actually want to cry for a while…….just to feel that nostalgic warmth of their embrace again.

However no one wants to hug me anymore…….

Am I really of no use to this clan?

She suddenly felt an intense heartache just by thinking about her parents' conversation, which she had heard while eavesdropping on them.

“The way Xiao Wu is nowadays……. won't you console her? She is so young, how will she bear this?” Mother said in a blaming tone.

“Even if she cannot bear it now, she will still have to one day.” Father’s voice ended with a long sigh: “No one can withstand falling all the way from the pinnacle. However if she cannot accept it now, it will become more unacceptable and unbearable in the future when she grows up. Therefore, we must make her learn to accept the reality of her situation. If we pamper her now and try to console her, it will most likely be more harmful to her in the long run…….”

“Then…..regarding Xiao Wu's future… there really no hope?”

“…….” Father sighed profoundly then said: “Let's wait and see what happens. Let's hope that there's a clan which will be willing to visit us with a marriage proposal for her……”

Mother began to sob, and her whimpers were audibly filled with sadness for her daughter’s future…….

“If there is any clan willing to visit us with a marriage proposal……” Although Mo Qing Wu was fairly young, she had grown up in a big respectable clan. How could she not understand the meaning hidden in this sentence?

So, now I've been reduced to the status of a mere tool which is to be used by my clan in order to form an alliance with other clans via an arranged marriage?

From that moment onward, Mo Qing Wu's heart really turned cold and icy!

Second brother does not come to see me either. He just constantly sends people to deliver small gifts and toys, and that too all the way from Cang Lan Battlefront…… By now, all those little items had occupied almost the entirety of her bedroom.

But I don't want all this stuff! I don't want this at all! What I really want is my family's affection!

Mo Qing Wu shouted in her heart; her sorrow was truly incomparable.

All of the gifts sent by Mo Tian Ji had been abandoned by her, and now lay stacked in a corner.

“Perhaps in this world, there is only one person who still cares about me and also loves me no matter what I turn into, irrespective of my appearance and status ……” Mo Qing Wu held the scabbard in her bosom, and then gently pressed her face against that worn-out scabbard…

“Qiao Qiao, you do know that don't you?” Mo Qing Wu whispered softly: “Brother Chu Yang is the only one who truly loves me and the only one who would never turn his back on me like everyone else has…..”

(TLN: Qiao means sheath/scabbard.)

“When I first met Brother Chu Yang, my Three Yin Meridians had already been crippled; though I wasn't aware of it back then. However, Brother Chu Yang played with me everyday, and also told me all kinds of stories. He even sent a saber for me……… I can tell by just looking at its appearance that it is an exceptionally good saber……”

“Humph, after Brother Chu Yang gave me this saber, everyone racked their brains so hard to find a way to snatch it away from me…….” Mo Qing Wu chuckled as a proud smile appeared on her face. The tears on her face were soon accompanied by a genuine smile which started to bloom soon after: “No one knows that the saber everyone was tearing into each other for, is nothing more than a toy that Brother Chu Yang gifted to me.”

“Brother Chu Yang, I really miss you…..” Mo Qing Wu's heart palpitated as she stared into the distance and murmured in a weak voice: “I do not want to stay here anymore….. I do not like it here, even though this place……is my home…….”

“Young mistress, please go back to your room, it is cold outside.” A maid walked over quietly and gently.

“En.” Mo Qing Wu wiped her tears and stood up while still holding the scabbard close to her heart; her face had turned completely expressionless once again. The bitter experiences she had recently gone through had brought about a big change in her mood.

Since no one cares about me anyway, so then even if I have to cry…. I won't allow others to see me while I cry. Even when I am sad, my sadness will stay hidden in my heart.

I will not allow anyone to make fun of my tears!

And the next time I see Brother Chu Yang, I will cry to my heart's content…..

The atmosphere inside the Mo Clan had been quite depressing these past few days. The Cang Lan Battlefront had undergone dramatic changes since this so-called place of 'martial arts study and training' which belonged to various deemed clans was experiencing violent changes.

And that was because – the seal was split open!

The Cang Lan Battlefront was an area which was home to a myriad of spirit beasts; their fur, pelts and cores were circulated throughout the Middle Three Heavens as merchandise.

Moreover, the Cang Lan Battlefront was very similar to a brutal wilderness where human beings couldn't survive, so every time someone entered this region in search of required things, they would immediately hurry out after the task was complete.

The main source of income of various major clans basically came from there. Not to mention, the Cang Lan Battlefront was also the best touchstone to be used for disciplining the young juniors of the clan! So long as these young juniors did not venture deeper into the Cang Lan Battlefront, they could challenge ordinary spirit beasts and hunt them down not only to hone their martial skills, but also to earn resources in order to increase their family's fortune……

It was the perfect place for the young disciples to gain fame and prestige!

Of course, this wilderness had been abandoned for thousands of years, making it a home to numerous medicinal herbs (elixirs). Not to mention that every clan greatly desired these medicinal herbs…….

But recently, the seal had broken! No one in their wildest dreams would have expected that the first ones to come out of the broken seal would turn out to be the people from the infamous 'Three Stars Divine Clan'!

They were the so-called mortal enemies of humanity from over ten thousand years ago!

Right after stepping out of the broken seal, they occupied a large area, and then used their innate instinctual skill to urge the spirit beasts, inducing the formation of several territories within the bounds of the Cang Lan Battlefront; all of the territories were exclusive from each other, and kept to themselves.

However, they would rally together and launch an attack whenever a human being entered the Cang Lan Battlefront!

This was equivalent to having an initial group of undisciplined and unorganized spirit beasts transform into a well-trained army!

In addition, these territories were gradually expanding to the extent of outgrowing the boundaries of the Cang Lan Battlefront! This was obviously a very serious matter for the various major clans of the Middle Three Heavens!

Therefore, the major clans continued to endure this for some time, but then after the New Year’s Eve, they all finally agreed, merely by chance, to issue the mobilization order. They ordered the immediate return of their external personnel and asked them to rush toward the Can Lan Battlefield as fast as possible……

~Inside the Continent Centre Citadel of the Great Zhao, Lower Three Heavens. ~

Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing had been staying inside their den for a long time without showing any signs of budging from there. Both of them were digesting the gains that they had received from their recent trips.

Just two days ago, Gu Du Xing managed a breakthrough and finally became a fourth grade Revered Sword Artist! He had really taken a solid step forward with this breakthrough of his'.

Of course, Chu Yang wasn't far behind either. After robbing the Great Zhao's imperial palace, the Nine Tribulations Sword had absorbed the remaining efficacy of the medicines from the meridians which actually pushed him toward the breakthrough; soon after, he had a breakthrough and became a first grade Revered Martial Artist!

Even though the Sword Spirit had tried its best to suppress both the sword's edge and the sword' tip, the two still managed to join forces in perfect sync, releasing a wild and ferocious hurricane. When the Sword Spirit was finally able to stop them, Chu Yang had already become a first grade Revered Martial Artist.

When faced with such a result, the Sword Spirit simply felt like crying but had no tears to do so.

After all, the remnants of drug efficacy were just too high in quantity……

The place where they were residing currently wasn't too far away from Heaven Reaching Tower, and therefore they could keep tabs on the various activities and movements going on within Heaven Reaching Tower. Since the young masters did not find the Moonlight Sword in the ruins of Golden Horse Rider's Department, they went straight to the Prime Minister's Manor.

They put forward the following terms and conditions.

Mo Clan: As long as the Prime Minister orders the Golden Horse Rider's Department to hand over that sword, we would then……

Ao Clan: As long as the Prime Minister orders the Golden Horse Rider's Department to hand over that sword, we would then…..

Xie Clan: As long as……..

Li Clan: As long as…….

Tu Clan: As long as…….

Ou Clan: As long as…….

All of them obviously meant the same thing, which was: if Prime Minister Diwu does not order the Golden Horse Rider's Department to hand over the sword, then we would do so and so….

Since the day Diwu Qing Rou took birth in this world, this was actually the first time he really understood how it felt to be beaten black and blue!

The Ao Clan, Mo Clan and Xie Clan were fairly gentle and reasonable in their approach, but the Tu Clan was simply outrageous and unreasonable. Tu Qian Hao had acted spontaneously, and had directly stationed himself inside the Prime Minister's Manor, with a very simple thought process; we won't leave until you hand it over to us!

As far as Li Xiong Tu's approach was concerned, he openly commanded his own King level guards to exchange pointers with the Golden Horse Rider's Department! Each one would come and 'exchange pointers' before leaving!

Humph, don't want to hand it over? Alright, then I'll keep bashing you till you do.

If it was an ordinary person making such trouble, then Diwu Qing Rou would have already deported them from the manor, or perhaps would have directly silenced them by having them executed……however at present, he was dealing with the precious young masters of the major clans of the Middle Three Heavens. They simply couldn't be treated as ordinary people…..

Prime Minister Diwu didn't know how to endure all this!

He had urged Jing Meng Hun several times: you should hurry up and find that sword, and then throw it out! Let them start the dogfight! They can just go around barking, and biting each other if they want to, I could care less…

However, Jing Meng Hun was depressed: Where am I supposed to find that sword?

King level leader Jing was also very anxious, but his only option was to swallow the humiliation and call his subordinates to help him out with this task. Not only can't I blame them for destroying my headquarters, I must also go and help them in finding that sword.

Even after the entire mountain was literally tossed and turned again and again, to the extent that it was completely flattened and the stones were smashed to powder, leaving just a big hole to take its place instead……eventually the hole got deeper and deeper since the excavation continued for quite some time, but they still didn't find anything!

Later on, this place would go on to become a stretch of fertile farmland! In fact, there would be no soil as delicate and fertile as the soil of this land…..

Furthermore, that big hole actually became a lake with the passage of time, giving birth to a settlement of people. The immediate descendants called it 'Dark Moon Lake'; the following generations changed the lake's name to 'Bright Moon Lake'……..


TLN: This lake was initially named Dark Moon Lake (Ming Yuehu) and the following generations changed its name to Bright Moon Lake (Ming Yuehu). Both are pronounced in the same way.

Also the original Chinese name of the Moonlight Sword is 'Ming Yue Jian' which translates to 'Dark Moon Sword'.