Time Smuggling Starting from the Year 2000


Time Smuggling Starting from the Year 2000 Chapter 98

The title of number one in the world is bought by money, one only had to look at Pfizer's research center to understand this fact. From the simplest aerator's to high-performance liquid and gas mass spectrometers, from radio isotope labs to stem cell labs, almost all facilities were among the best in the world. Each laboratory had reverse osmosis machines, centrifuges, dryers, filters, mixers, freezers, distilling equipment and much more. In just that short corridor was hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment.

After hearing this brief introduction from Ginger, Huang Xuan showed both his disdain and envy. He randomly walked into a lab and asked, "Over the next few days, can I use all of this equipment?" As he said this, the tried to turn on a liquid nitrogen freezer, but was stopped by the quick Ginger. Using this machine required special gloves.

The deputy director looked worried, and looked at Huang Xuan helplessly. "How about I first teach you how to use this equipment?" He was an instructor at Yale and had a lot of students, but this is the first time he had met someone like Huang Xuan. He couldn't hit or scold Huang Xuan, he could only accompany him and suffer.

Steel had originally thought that Huang Xuan wanted the equipment for Chinese researchers, which was not strange as exchange researchers visiting America was quite normal. He didn't expect that only Huang Xuan, someone who hadn't even graduated High School, to come by himself.

Ginger wondered if this teenager in front of him just had to much money with no where to spend it. Did he really just want to take a look at the equipment?

Every year, Pfizer's research center spent around $2 billion USD, with a third of it used to buy equipment. It can be said that the lab that Huang Xuan was standing in, if it were slightly larger, would take at least 1 month to learn. The software-aided ones like the mass spectrometer or the texture analyzer would take even a graduate student at least half a year to learn.

Huang Xuan soon understood this, so he gave up, patted Ginger on the shoulder and said, "Doctor, how about you give me some manuals to read over first? I'll come ask you questions when you're free." Of course, it would be Rolin reading the manuals.

Ginger helplessly nodded his head. Steele had said he should followed Huang Xuan's orders, so he could only find the manuals for Huang Xuan one by one. Typically, the manuals would be in the native language of the manufacturers, and since the equipments had different manufacturers, the manuals were in different languages. Ginger said, "Let me go find you a translator."

"I'm able to read them. " Huang Xuan said and started to read a passage out in Latin, with Rolin's help of course. Then he smiled at Ginger and said, "Doctor, let me start going through these here first, you can go and take care of your work." As he said this, Huang Xuan started up the power.

"Er..., it would be dangerous to operate it right now." Ginger could guarantee, if this rich kid was his student, no if he was a student at Yale, he would do everything he could to have him kicked out of school. However, what Pfizer was currently lacking the most was cash. Without this little white wolf, his research projects would need to wait on Yale and the Federal Government for funding. The cumbersome bureaucracy was far worse than this.

With a "pop", Huang Xuan forced the high-performance liquid chromatograph on and then shook his head. "Doctor Ginger, I can do it myself from here. If you are still worried, you can ask someone to watch and help me, but I don't want to be disturbed." He said these words slowly and sounded determined. Jin Ge thought of the $60 million USD research grant Steele had promised and his exact words:"As long as he doesn't blow up the lab, let him play as he wants."

"The mobile phase must be degassed and filtered before it is used." While trying to prevent Huang Xuan from tearing up the chomatograph, Ginger gestured for a researcher to come over. Ginger spoke a few sentences to him, and then reluctantly, turned away and left in a fierce manner. He needed to go have a chat with the director to find out what was going on.

"Rolin, it's your show time now." Huang Xuan limbered up his neck and pulled up his sleeves, just as he did before a fight.

The air around Huang Xuan soon got thick. His body began doing actions under the pressure of air currents. Isaac and the others seemed to have felt this airflow and they started looked around. Huang Xuan glanced at them and smiled. Rolin wouldn't be found so easily.

The research and development of new medicine required a lot of work, mostly trials and tests. Hence, efficiency was very important in this period. That was why the machines here like mass spectrograph, atoms absorbing apparatus and moisture measuring apparatus were all high performance ones.

The formula that Guy had given him was simple, which worked by changing the attributes and structures of some compounds and proteins. The potency would be assured as long as it was pure and under correct operation. But even Rolin couldn't figure out the formula.

"Acetamide, hydroxyl benzene, 2-Azabicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-en-3-one heptane and sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate. What are these things?" Huang Xuan read it for a while and gave up. He saw the researcher whose eyes were wide open, this gave him an idea. "Sir, could you help me find these materials?" Huang Xuan said in a warm manner.

The researcher was Peter, one of Ginger's students, 32 years old. He had just graduated from Yale two years ago. He took the printed paper from Huang Xuan and started reading carefully, then he scratched his face with his left hand and asked, "Are you trying to make amoxicillin?"

"Of course not." Huang Xuan was shocked. "Is this the formula of amoxicillin?" he asked weakly.

"The ingredients are similar." Peter shrugged his shoulders and said, "I need to stay here though." Then he opened the door and called out, "Ross, can you help us grab some chemicals?" After that, he asked Huang Xuan, "Are you trying to make some new medicine? Can I watch?"

"Suit yourself." Rolin had many ways to stop Peter seeing what he wanted to see, among which the easiest one was vision deception, which was conducted by giving one's pupils the wrong light and making him or her see illusions. It would just take a little bit of energy. As Huang Xuan was talking with Rolin, something came to him, so he opened the door and shouted, "Mr. Ross, the purity must be seven nine's."

"What?" Neither Ross nor Peter could believe their ears. Peter blinked his eyes and asked, "Mr. Huang, what is the purity you want?"

Huang Xuan repeated the number, and then turned around to go back. Ross could only come back and say, "Mr. Huang, even ultra pure is only four nine's. What experiment are you trying to do? Maybe I can help."

"Do what I said." Huang Xuan said bluntly.

Seven nine's, which was 99.99999% purity, was impossible to achieve for chemical's with China's current technology. For America, it was almost the same.

 Ross could only hand the paper back to Huang Xuan. He took one look at Issac and then said, "Mr. Huang, we don't have any reagents with such purity."

"Who has?"

"Nobody." Ross almost burst into laughter, but was able to hold it in. It seemed that Steele had already told them what to do, or perhaps it was the intimidation from IZO.

At this moment, Ginger came back with a man in a suit. He forced a smile and asked Ross, "What's the matter?"

"Mr. Huang wants a reagent with purity of 99.99999%," he answered and handed Ginger the ingredient list.

Before the deputy director could say anything, the man in a suit asked, "Mr. Huang, what are you trying to do with these ingredients and this lab?"

Before Jin Ge said anything, the man in a suit opened his mouth, "Mr. Huang, what are you trying to do with this medicine and the lab?" This was a man with short hair and a short beard, looking like a sailor who had just come back reluctantly from a holiday.

"Who are you?" Huang Xuan asked sharply and stared at him. His recent experiences had given him an impressive aura.

"Bruce, Bruce Ned. FBI." He pulled open his jacket to show the ID attached to his shirt.

Huang Xuan became nervous on hearing the word FBI, which he had only heard in the American movies. He looked back at Peter who nodded at him. Then Huang Xuan curled up his lips and said, "I am not in the jurisdiction of the Federal Government of the USA. What can I help you with?" He emphasized the word 'help'.

"Explain this for me." Bruce tried to get the paper in Ginger's hand, but Huang Xuan was faster. He tried again but was pushed outside by Issac. He fought back. Soon, both of them were holding a gun.

Bruce copied Michael Jordan and swung the fingers of his left hand. He extended his tongue and said, "Polar Bear, this is not the place where you should be. Do you dare shoot an FBI agent?"

He kept talking and two other bodyguards also took out their guns. The rest stood before Huang Xuan.

Huang Xuan shook his head and said, "Believe me, you, what is your name again? This piece of paper is much more valuable than you and your ID."

Ginger stopped the angry Bruce and tried to persuade Huang Xuan, "Mr. Huang, Mr. Bruce is just trying to understand a few things."

"Tell him to talk to my lawyer." said Huang Xuan as he dialled a number on the phone.