There will Always be Protagonists with Delusions of Starting a Harem [Transmigration]


There will Always be Protagonists with Delusions of Starting a Harem [Transmigration] Chapter 1

Overbearing brother-in-law fell in love with me

Ye Zhizhou was quickly dying, and then his life returned once again, but this life happened to be in someone else's appearance.

There was an unfamiliar face printed on the car window, very white and very fat. The fat made him unable to see the facial features clearly. He looked down and cautiously watched the "antique" cell phone in his hand. His eyes filled with excessive shock followed by numbness.

Before he went out this morning, he exactly check the calendar in the news device. Today was Saturday, the second Saturday of November 3226. But now the calendar on this phone inform him that today is in the middle of November 2020.

The car drove steadily. Cool and refreshing autumn wind blew from the window, bringing a hint of early winter cold air. He leaned on the chair and closed his eyes, slowly arranging his chaos thought.

He remembered he was involved in a car accident. Two cars crashed and he's in one that directly knocked into a concave shape. The driver died on the spot. As for Ye Zhizhou, the sagged deformed car pressed his body tightly at the back seat. His upper body has wounds all over from the glass fragment. Besides the natural fracture caused by car crash, his internal organs also terribly injured. It's a miracle he's not die immediately.

He realize there was a strange voice inside his mind saying a few words, asking him whether he want to live or not, and he said his wish. Suddenly he fainted then woke up again seeing the year 3226 became year 2020. His handsome confident figure turned into an obesed fat boy.

If he knew about this earlier…… He won't left home this morning! He'll just use this holiday to sleep. To suddenly have a family reunion, just ask the one who want to go to go!
{T/N: MC is an orphan. I guess he got or found his family?}

"Young master, young master, wake up. We're at home."
The driver's voice at the front seat called back his mind, and there's soft pat on his shoulder. Ye Zhizhou opened his eyes, his face showed a confused and barely awake looks. He sluggishly got up —— so bothersome, this fat body is very hard to use.

"Young master, the Master had a matter to attend and may return a bit late today. He told me to inform you not to wait him to have dinner." The driver with simple and honest looks smile and hand over a schoolbag from the front passenger seat to him.

He took the bag while casually nodded, clumsily move his fat body from this "antique" car and walked toward the nearby villa door. The significant different of body weight made him almost fell. After staggering a few steps, he stabilized his balance with much difficulty. Then he held the edge of flower bed and sat down. He took out a pink compact mirror from the bag —— his intuition told him that this thing could explain all those weird things he experienced.

As if responding to him, the pink compact mirror shone brightly and automatically open.  A screen immediately popped up in front of him, there's also a black text appear on it, [Greeting Host, I am World Saving System 01, you can call me Heaven anytime.]
{T/N: system called 'Tong Tian' and google translated it to 'Heaven'. I don't know the real meaning}

Ye Zhizhou almost choke on his saliva, hastily hold his throat and frown at the mirror, he asked, "World Saving System 01? Heaven? Are you the one who talk in my mind after the car crashed?  What did you do? What about my body? Am I dead? How did I end up here? And what's with this appearance?"

The system had spent a lot of energy to transform the host's soul just now, so it stops a little before answering. The screen remain stagnant then restarting after a moment, lines of text appeared, [Yes, I was the one talking. System already log in with the Host according to system database to complete world saving mission. The body is temporarily being kept by the system. Very safe. Not dead. Here is the World Mission 01. In order to facilitate the mission, Host can use a character's body that relevant to the mission.]

Quickly digesting the information, he accurately grasps the most crucial point, "You mean, after I completed your world saving mission, I can return to my own world? No lack of arm or loss leg, but return as a whole me?"


His heart became more relax. Things already came to this, it's good he still able to return alive. As for this world saving mission, he'll just do what he can do, whether he can complete it or not, that's for later.

Had to act as this goblin child till he grow up, Ye Zhizhou quickly accepts this reality given to him by Heavens …… Even if he doesn't accept, there's nothing he could do anyway. He now has turned like this.

Finally understood the most crucial thing, he then paid attention to another aspect. He flip the pink round compact mirror in his hand to examine. After a moment of silent, "What kind of system are you? How could you become a mirror? By the way, with screen this big, are you not afraid if others see?"

[It was originally a mirror and then the system logged in. The screen can only be seen by the host. In addition, the host and system can exchange thoughts directly.]

This could be considered very intimate.

He looked around for the unfamiliar surroundings and his own white fat hand. Tapping the small mirror, he said, "Well, give me the information data. The earlier we complete this mission, the earlier we can return safely."

The screen flashed and released a long lines of paragraph. He quickly looked up and focused his mind.

An hour later, finishing the data provided by system, the corner of Ye Zhizhou mouth twitched up. World Saving System, a high-end elegant classy name like that, to have this kind of way of world saving……

[Preventing the protagonist harem is the way to save the world.]

The screen finally showed a line of summary, and then disappeared after a flash.

That mirror is still the same compact mirror, but Ye Zhizhou's opinion about it isn't the same anymore.

This world is similar with the 21st century of ancient earth. There aren't many war. The environment is neither good nor bad. Science and technology are rapidly developing. People live in peace and work happily. Everything seems to be very beautiful.

However, there will always be a protagonist who unaware of world destruction.

This world's protagonist is called Bai Li, a daughter of reputable aristocrat Bai family. She grew up receiving thousands of love from her parents and lived abroad all year. With gentle soft personality and bright beautiful looks, she is a goddess loved by many people. She has a childhood sweetheart and fiancé, Yang Wei, who was extremely good to her. They both agree to wait until they are 24 years old to set up their own small family.

However people can only hope. Bai Li is 23 years old this year. On her first trip returning home, she was involved in car accident and lost her memory. The one who save her is the new master of Yun family, Yun Ke.

Because of the injury, Bai Li couldn't remember anything and didn't know where to go. Yun Ke took pity on her. Seeing her knowledge about flowers and plants are quite a lot, he took her home and let her manage the family garden. Just like a cliché romance story, Yun Ke gradually attracted by her gentle, soft and pure nature. Bai Li also moved by the mature and considerate Yun Ke. Both of their feelings gradually came to heaven, with only one last layer of window paper left to pierce.

However, unexpected things always happened. The adopted son* of Yun family thinks that after Bai Li became the woman of the house, she definitely will drive him out, so he's planning to secretly kill Bai Li, preventing her to be with Yun Ke. He planned a car accident, but with a slight error, Yun Ke on a whim decided to come with Bai Li. In a critical moment, Bai Li bravely pushed Yun Ke away and make herself seriously injured.
{*an orphan from Yun family's friend that adopted by Yun family}

Yun Ke is furious. After finding the truth, he drove the adopted son out of Yun family's house and secretly began to suppress him for the out of breath woman.

A month later, the protagonist injury became better. Because of this unfortunate event, she also regained her memory back. She remembered her far away fiancé. After her faraway fiancé received the news, he hurriedly rush over. They both crying on each other shoulder in the hospital.

Yun Ke is in extreme pain. The pain need to be vent of, and then the adopted son once again went down the mold, directly lead him to his dead. Later, the protagonist knew and felt guilty about this, but she also moved by Yun Ke's feeling towards her. Since then, her tangled wavering journey between those two men began.

In order to compete for the protagonist, the two men began all kinds of competition and both of them suffer at the end with no winner. The protagonist feels very sad, thinking herself as femme fatale, she committed suicide. Of course, she's not dead, but both men really frightened. At the protagonist hospital bed, they guarantee to stop the war and willingly take care of the protagonist together. The protagonist was very touched and at last the three people are lived happily together.

This development here only involved those three people, but after 30 years everything is all different.

Thirty years later the protagonist died. During those years, she gave birth to four children, two from each male lead, very impartial. After the protagonist's burial, the peaceful coexistence between the two men rapidly fell out.  They began to fight their life's battle. The battle goes on to the next generation. Then the next generation and the next generation, their fight become more violent with every generation. From one generation to another, they fight fiercely. Finally, one hundred year after protagonist death, her future descendants hold the world destruction.

……this kind of way of world destruction is truly hard to say.

What even more hard to say is the fact that right now he's using this obese body named Du Yang. His identity is …… the adopted son of Yun family.

Have to act as the biggest cannon fodder in this love triangle story, now Ye Zhizhou really want to sigh. He opened the compact mirror aka the system, using the mirror to carefully look at his current body.

Very white, this is his first impression. Then fat, very fat, fat all over his body from top to bottom. His eyes can still see the rough outline. Ye Zhizhou couldn't bear to look directly at the mirror. In his 20 years of life, he never feels so "full" before.

"What are you doing here?

A deep, low and cold male voice penetrated Ye Zhizhou's train of thoughts and brought his soul back. He looked up at the sound's origin and see a tall man standing before the sunlight. Behind him, a petite figure stood a few meters away.

Expensive custom-made suit, indifferent tone, meticulous hairstyle, unconsciously emitting out a strong aura …… blinking his eyes, Ye Zhizhou realize that this man must be this house owner —— the current master of Yun family, one of the protagonist's harem, Yun Ke.

In accordance with the timeline, at this time the male lead already brought the protagonist to his house for a few days. If this man is Yun Ke, then that woman behind him …… Ye Zhizhou shift his sight to that petite figure standing behind Yun Ke. Examining each side of the head —— there's a sparkling dark red star that whirling every time she turned and she has the exact unique mark as the protagonist from the data.

It seems that this really is the protagonist of this world, Bai Li.