There will Always be Protagonists with Delusions of Starting a Harem [Transmigration]


There will Always be Protagonists with Delusions of Starting a Harem [Transmigration] Chapter 1

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TL: Mandarin
TLC: Navel

My Tyrannical Brother-in-Law is in Love with Me

Ye Zhizhou died quickly, but was revived and even as someone else.

In the car window was reflected an unfamiliar face. It was very white and very fat, so fat you couldn't even see the facial features clearly.  He lowered his eyes and cautiously sized up the "antique" cellphone in his hand. In his eyes was a numb look, the kind that follows excessive shock.

He had just changed the calendar on his communication device before he left this morning. Today was Saturday. The second Saturday of the eleventh month of the year 3226 on the astronomical calendar1. Even so, this cellphone's calendar was telling him that it was currently some day in the middle of November of the year 2020 on the Earth calendar.

The chauffeur drove steadily, and the cool and refreshing autumn breeze blew in from a crack in the window, carrying a hint of cold winter air. He closed his eyes, leaning against the back of the chair as he slowly sorted out his chaotic thoughts.

He remembered he had been in a car crash. It was a direct collision between two hover cars, and the car he had been in was hit so hard it caved in. The driver had died on the spot, and he had been crushed against the backseat by the deformed part of the vehicle, his upper body completely shredded by glass and many of his bones were fractured. He supposed his organs had also been injured terribly. It was a wonder that he hadn't died immediately.

He had heard a strange voice in his mind say something as his consciousness faded out, asking him if he wanted to live. He had answered that he did and fainted. When he woke up again, the year 3226 of the astronomical calendar had become the year 2020 of the Earth calendar. Additionally, he had gone from being a cool and handsome SS-ranked genius to an obese fatty.

If he'd known that it'd be like this. . . he simply wouldn't have gone out at all this morning! Rest days should be used to sleep, who cares about relatives who suddenly show up and what not; if they want to visit someone, they can visit themselves!

"Young master, young master, wake up, we've arrived."

The chauffeur's voice called to him from the front seat. Soon after, his shoulder was lightly patted, and Ye Zhizhou opened his eyes. On his face was an appropriately confused just-woken expression, and he sluggishly sat up——how vexing, a fatty's body really was too difficult to use.

"Young master, master had a meeting today and won't return until late. He told me to inform you that there's no need for you to wait and to just eat dinner without him." The sincere-looking chauffeur smiled at him, handing over the schoolbag that had been in the front seat.

He took the bag and absent-mindedly nodded his head, clumsily shifting his fat body out of the "antique" car and walking towards the not-so-distant villa's entrance. As the center of gravity of this body was completely different from what he was used to, he almost fell over. After staggering a few paces, he barely managed to steady himself, before he just bluntly sat down on the curb along the edge of the flowerbed. He rummaged around in the schoolbag, taking out a pink compact mirror——intuition told him that this thing could explain all the strange things he'd experienced.

As if to answer him, the pink compact mirror suddenly began to shine and automatically opened, a light screen popping up in front of him. On the screen appeared a series of black characters, [Hello, host! I am Salvation System 01, you can call me Tong Tian2.] Ye Zhizhou nearly choked on his own saliva, hurriedly rubbing his throat as he moved the compact mirror a little farther away. Frowning, he asked, "Salvation System 01? Heavenly Messenger? Were you the one who spoke in my mind after the car crash? What are you trying to do? Where's my body? I died? What is this place? How come I look like this now?"

There were too many questions, and the system had just consumed the majority of its energy to transfer the host's soul, so it lagged a bit and the light screen froze. After a moment, characters began to appear on it again, [Yes. As I was saying, the System has been bound. Host, please complete the Salvation Missions in accordance to the information provide by the System. Your body has been temporarily put in storage, so it's very safe. You didn't die. This is Mission World 01. In order to make the mission easier, Host is using a body relevant to it.]

After rapidly processing and organizing the acquired information, he accurately grabbed onto the main points, "You mean that after I complete your Salvation Missions, I can return to my own world safely? I won't be missing an arm or a leg, but will return completely intact?"


His continuously heavy heart relaxed a bit. What's done is done. It was good enough that he could still return alive. As for whatever mission to save the world, he'd just do it. Whether or not he'd succeed was a discussion for later.

Having been played with by God, that little devil, since childhood, Ye Zhizhou accepted reality very quickly. . . . There wasn't anything he could do if he didn't accept it, anyway. Things had already turned out like this.

Having found out what he wanted to know the most, he was now in the mood to pay attention to other things. The round pink compact in his hand that had flipped open on its own just a moment ago made him rather speechless, "Aren't you some system thing? Why are you a mirror? Oh right, boldly erected such a large light screen, aren't you worried other people will see it?"

[I was originally just a mirror. After the system was bound, the light screen can only be seen by the host. Another thing, host and system can directly communicate mentally.]

This was actually quite a considerate function.

He looked around the unfamiliar environment and at his own fat white hand, tapping the compact mirror, he said, "Ok, give me the details; the quicker we finish the missions, the quicker I can safely return home."

The light screen flashed before displaying large scrolling paragraphs of characters, and he hurriedly concentrated on reading.

An hour later, Ye Zhizhou had finished reading the system's information, and the corner of his mouth twitched. Salvation System, such a classy and elegant name, but this method of salvation. . . .

[Prevent the protagonist from getting a harem, and the world will be saved.]

The light screen displayed a final sentence to summarize everything, then it flashed again and faded away.

The compact mirror was still a compact mirror, but Ye Zhizhou's world had been turned upside down.

This world's level of development seemed similar to the 21st century of Ancient Earth. Not many wars, an environment that wasn't good or bad, science and technology in the middle of quick and violent development, people living and working happily in peace. . . everything seeming perfectly fine.

However, eventually the protagonist would unconsciously destroy the world.

This world's protagonist was named Bai Li. She was the daughter of the Bai family that held literary acclaim, and her father and mother had endlessly pampered and spoiled her as she grew up. Additionally, she had lived overseas for years, her personality was gentle; she was a bright and beautiful goddess, who was loved by all. Her childhood sweetheart and fiance, Yang Wei, also treated her extremely well. Both had agreed to wait until they were 24 before marrying and establishing their own household.

However, the Heavens did not grant their wish, and when Bai Li returned to her home country at the age of 23, she was in a car accident and lost her memory. The person who saved her was the new Yun family head, Yun Ke.

After Bai Li recovered from her injury, she didn't remember anything and didn't know what to do. Yun Ke had pitied her and, seeing that she understood a lot about flowers and plants, took her home and offered to let her work as the family gardener. Afterwards, just like the cliche of familiarity breeding fondness, Yun Ke gradually became interested in Bai Li's pureness and tenderness. Bai Li was also moved by Yun Ke's maturity and consideration. The both of them gradually became fonder of each other, and they crossed that final intimate line.

But in any situation, accidents would happen. The orphan of a family friend that Yun Ke had taken in thought that Bai Li would drive him out after she became the mistress of the Yun family, so he planned to secretly kill her in order to separate her and Yun Ke. He planned a car accident, but almost killed Yun Ke, who had decided to pick up Bai Li on an impulse, instead. At this critical moment, Bai Li stepped forward and pushed Yun Ke out of the way, but suffered serious injuries.

Yun Ke was extremely angry. After he discovered the truth, he drove the orphan of the family friend out of the Yun household and even began to suppress him in public and in private, furious on behalf of the female protagonist.

A month later, the female protagonist's injury healed and her memories were even restored, allowing her to recall that distant fiance of hers that lived overseas. Meanwhile that fiancee who was living abroad had hurriedly returned after receiving news of his fiancee whose memories were restored, and they both cried disconsolately as they held each other and kissed in the hospital.

Yun Ke was in a lot of pain due to heartache, pain that he wanted to vent. As a result, the orphan of the family friend suffered misfortune once again, but this time, he was directly toyed with until he died. After the female protagonist found out about this, she felt very guilty, but was still moved by Yun Ke's feelings for her. This marked the beginning of her twisted and intertwined journey with two men.

For the purpose of fighting over the female lead, both men began many schemes that were both overt and covert and, in the end, both suffered losses. Heartbroken and believing herself to have been the cause, the female protagonist attempted to commit suicide. Of course, she didn't die, but both men were extremely frightened and they swore before her hospital bed that they would no longer fight. Both were willing to look after the female protagonist together. As for the protagonist, she was greatly moved by this, and the three people were finally happy together.

Things developing to here only slightly damaged his three views3, but after thirty years, everything changed.

Thirty years later, the female protagonist died. During those thirty years she had been completely impartial and given birth to four children, two for each male lead. Not long after she was buried, the two men who peacefully coexisted for thirty years rapidly became hostile, beginning an all-out, merciless war. This kind of war continued in the next generation and the generation after that, each being more ferocious and more reckless than the last, fighting more and more ruthlessly, until finally, a hundred years after the female protagonist's death, her descendents played with the world until it fell to ruin.

. . . Destroying the world in such a way really was hard to explain in a few words.

However, it was even harder to explain that the body he was currently occupying was none other than that of the obese boy, Du Yang, who was actually. . . the orphan of a family friend that Yun Ke had taken in.

Being the most important cannon fodder in this weird love triangle, Ye Zhizhou felt a powerful urge to sigh. He opened the system disguised as a compact mirror, selecting its original mirror function to carefully examine his current body.

Very white. That was his first impression. The next  was fat, very fat, here was fat, there was fat, everything was fat from head to toe. All that could be distinguished were his eyes Ye Zhizhou couldn't bear to look anymore and covered the mirror. He had lived for twenty years and had never been this "well rounded".

"Why are you sitting here?"

An attractive, deep and distinctly cold male voice made Ye Zhizhou return from his immersion in his thoughts. He raised his head, looking in the direction of the voice, and saw a tall man standing against the light about two meters away from him. Behind him, a petite figure stood.

An expensive custom-made suit, indifferent tone, meticulous hairstyle, and an unconsciously emitted powerful aura. . . . He blinked, realizing that this person should be the owner of this villa——the Yun family's current head and one of the female protagonist's harem members, Yun Ke.

According to the timeline, it had already been several days since the male lead brought the female protagonist home. If this man was Yun Ke, then the woman behind him. . . . Ye Zhizhou's line of sight shifted to that petite silhouette standing behind Yun Ke. Above her head, a double-sided gold-bordered flag with a red pattern on a black background was spinning.

Apparently this was the female lead, Bai Li.

Author's Note:
The beginning of a new story! It's been a long time since I've written anything and this time I had a freaking huge writer's block, so it probably reads choppily in some places. I hope everyone doesn't abandon it!

[1] = Since “astronomical calendar” is a made up calendar, I decided not to translate 11月 as “November”.

[2] = Tong Tian, 通天, “Connection to Heaven”, “Heavenly Messenger”. Almost definitely a pun as this could be Salvation System 01’s name, its function, or both.

[3] = : / I didnt want to explain this, but pretty much the three views/outlooks are the things that make up your perception of the world. They are “values”, “worldview”, and “outlook on life” (世界观 、 人生观 、 价值观). For more information, please use Google, your best friend, or an alternative.