There Is No Afterlife


There Is No Afterlife Chapter 2

Chapter 2 The Cheeky Little Boy

"Human?" As an adroid with built-in super brain, Alpha only took 0.001 seconds to complete the action of language recognition.

Altering their voices into the ancient language used by the little boy swiftly, Alpha lifted the little guy with two fingers.

The weight of the little boy was almost negligible to Alpha. He lifted the boy to his eye-level, the boy's puffy red eyes were then met with Alpha's light screen.

There wasn't a trace of fear in his eyes, the little fellow did not mind his dangling body at all. With Alpha's movement, he was happy to find himself closer to the android, the boy stretched out with his scrawny little hands, and the next moment, he clutched onto Alpha's head tightly……

At that moment, Alpha did not know that he what he got, was a hug.

To Alpha, head is an important part of the body, so, out of his instinct, he hurled off the little boy. Although he did not exert much force, the little fellow still had a hard fall.

Alpha did not move, and the androids beside him stood stock-still as well.

And the little boy was hurled off, just like that.

Even the smallest force from Alpha was dreadful for him, all androids could hear the thud sound coming from his landing.

The small body rolled on the ground for a moment, and then, he laid still.

"Is he dead?" Eta tilted his head.

"No, he’s not, but he’s bleeding. For human child of this size, his current amount of bleeding has exceeded the range of minor injuries by 2.35%," as a reconnaissance android model, Pi was able to provide an accurate report despite his distance across with the boy.

And then, they still remained silent…

These symbol series androids that were created for combat use, are conversant with every method to kill a human, but they do not have a single knowledge on how to rescue humans.

The little boy laid still on the ground, while the androids stood still, looking; both sides stayed in such strange position for a long time.

Until the boy finally woke up.

Getting up from the ground, the first thing he saw was the big hole that was scraped off on his pants by his knees.

He clutched onto his tattered pants sadly and tried for a long time to patch it up, and when he realised that it won't close up no matter what he did, the boy went lightheaded for a moment.

He reached out his small hand to his forehead blankly, and when he saw the blood that covered his palm, he froze, seconds later, he burst into tears.

He sobbed like he was wronged, and as he cry, he looked at where Alpha and the others stand. When he noticed that they still remained indifferent after awhile, he even budged a few steps closer to them.

What exactly is this human child doing… ← the androids were completely bemused at what the little boy was thinking.

Actually, the boy was only finding comfort from adults instinctively.

Why are they still not cuddling him?

The little fellow was crestfallen.

Then, Sigma was the first one to move.

A series of unforeseen events happened right after they got off the spacecraft, he did not even have the time to retrieve his legs from the ship! And without his legs, he could only "walk" over to the boy with his hands.

Carefully closing in to the human child that was flooded in his own tears, Sigma poked the child's body gently with his finger.

So soft…… was what Sigma felt at first.

And then he was surrounded by a lump of softness.

Finally getting the attention he wanted, the small body twisted, and the next second, the little boy was glued onto Sigma.

Layers and layers of blue light flashed before Sigma's screen. Being a newborn android, his brain has yet to be instilled with knowledges that he should learn, so he could not find a way to deal with the current situation in his "brain".

"What should I do?" turning his head sideways, Sigma voiced out his question.

"Waaaa- " The little boy's wail stopped abruptly, with a long mucus trailing from his nose, the little boy's red puffy eyes met with Sigma's light screen.

He told Sigma sternly: "At this time, you should hug me!"

Spreading his soft little hands apart, he showed Sigma the right way to hug.

"Besides hugging, you should say——" while struggling to hug Sigma, the little fellow not only demonstrated the action, but also demonstrated the actions with speech in a set! "Good boy, you're a man, so you mustn’t cry!"

And so, as an android that was booted up not long ago, Sigma finally learnt a first instruction instilled by human.

"Good boy, you're a man, so you mustn’t cry!" he lifted his mechanical arm clumsily, carefully calculating the strength that can embrace the boy but not to hurt him, Sigma gave the little boy an earnest "hug".

The little boy too, accepted Sigma's hug solemnly.

His skinny arms struggling to hold on to Sigma's icy cold hands, with his nose sniffling, he continued his next lines: "En*, Morgan's a good boy, Morgan won’t cry."

(*en is a sound showing someone agreed to or understood, similar to the meaning of 'OK')

He rubbed his eyes heavily with his filthy hands, his already grubby face became even dirtier. But the eyes that were rinsed with his tears turned even brighter.

The little boy cracked a big smile at Sigma.

And then, well, and then he stood up.

Brushing off the dirt on his butt, he also helped to clean off the grime on Sigma after sawing his same dusty body.

"Daddy! Morgan is hungry!" He did not mind the injuries on his forehead at all, the little boy only have Sigma to help him blow on his wounds and that settles it.

Although he was scrawny and dirty, he has great physical strength, most importantly, he seems to be quite thick-skinned.

Just being hurled off by Alpha minutes ago, he showed no sign of fear to the android. On the contrary, he ran back to Alpha's side right after he got up from the ground.

He stood on his toes and stuffed his small hands between Alpha's fingers, while uttering his request brazenly.

"……" Ever since he met this human, Alpha had a feeling that his hard drive is inadequate…

Hungry, hunger of the stomach, need to eat.

The meaning of this sentence, is probably the same principle as androids that need to recharge during energy depletion…… right?

Alpha instantly retrieved the relevant information from his "brain".

But unfortunately, he is not a domestic android. He knows the way to create emergency energy for machines, but did not know the way to "charge up" a human.

Clutched by the skinny little hands rigidly, Alpha issued an order to his comrade behind him without even looking back.

"Eta, you’re in charge to feed this human."

Alpha, who was created as the leader of androids, instinctively (irresponsibly?) passed the problem that he could not resolve, to his comrade…

And this time, it was Eta's turn to system crash… ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Translated by Winry

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