Divine Protection That I Got Was a Power That Increase a Girl Level with Semen


Divine Protection That I Got Was a Power That Increase a Girl Level with Semen Chapter 26

Large spider (22) – Yun, Imu

TN: Dying

Yun who had recovered from her masturbation climax woke up and saw Sari licking it, she then went over to Imu and lick the semen off her face.

While stroking Sari’s head, I pull my penis out of her mouth and approach Yun who was behind Imu. Yun was so absorbed in licking semen that she didn’t notice me.

“Nnn. Ku, cummin”

Without any warning I thrust into Yun hole from behind surprising her, it tightens up much more than before. Yun suddenly screams and started panting roughly.

Inuchu, Inuchuku, Inuchu

“Ky, Kyle-samaaa. Nooo. Wonderrr. So suddenlyyyyy” (Yun)

Yun protested but I didn’t care and started to piston her and her vagina became a little looser. Look like Yun didn’t have enough strength to lift her body as she fell down onto Imu while trembling.

I shifted Yun body and suck on Imu breast again.

“Ahh. My breast too” (Yun)
“Ahhhhhhhhh” (Imu)

While treating Yun like an Onaho I repeatedly kiss and caress Imu.

“Please do not forget about me” (Sari)

Since Sari said so and brought her face near me, I gave her a kiss and caress her.

However the current position is getting hard to maintain, so I place Yun back on top of me in cowgirl position. As I was trying to call Imu and Sari, Yun quickly recovers and suddenly change her body direction and took the lead.

“Haa Haa. Kyle-sama penis is mine” (Yun)

While saying such thing Yun shake her waist violently and squeeze my penis. It looks like I was being raped.

Meanwhile, Imu and Sari look lost when they lost their chance to kiss me and began to kiss each other. Captivating moan are being heard on my right as they began to caress each other secret place.

While listening to the voices of those 2 as BGM I thrust up from beneath Yun so that I won’t lose to her.

“Ahhhhh, Ahh, Ahh. Ah, Ah, Ah, Ahhhhhhhhh”

While I was thrusting up into Yun she gradually lost her strength and finally falling on top of my body while being shaken. Then I switch to missionary position and began to piston against her uterus mouth.


With Yun scream and the feeling of my glands entering a tight space, an intense pleasure attack my penis.

“……, Yun, Cumming” (Kyle)

Without waiting for Yun to reply, I thrust right into the back of her womb without a care and release a large amount of cloudy liquid. It immediately filled the space in Yun womb but with nowhere else to go, her stomach started to inflate like a balloon.

“……Nn Ah, Haa. Nnnn, Haaa”

Was it too much or was it too far in, because Yun looks like she didn’t have any strength left. I wanted to do it another 3 more times but it would seem like I am a brute, also Sari and Imu are still waiting for their turn and there the fight with the Arakune so I stop being unreasonable.

As usual, when I pull my dick out, semen began to gush out of her pussy. With Yun looking up but completely exhausted I wonder who will do the cleaning blowjob.

“Imu, Sari, which of you 2?” (Kyle)
“ME” (Imu, Sari)

It was quite a spectacle that two beautiful girls were that much attracted to my penis and that strongly stimulated my sense of conquest. I gently stroke those 2 head while making my dick hard again.

“Sari lie down on your back and Imu lie on top of Sari” (Kyle)

I decided that these 2 will be my partner at the same time. I like Sari erotic back but because she tall it was necessary to ask her to lie down below as it would not be possible to see Imu cute expression.

And because of their position, they began to kiss each other immediately while hugging each other. I love seeing Imu entwining with another woman.

“I putting it in” (Kyle)

That said I thrust my penis in between their pussy. Imu and Sari voluntarily move their waist and rub their pussy against my penis. Even without putting it in, with those 2 pussy rubbing against it, it became extremely pleasurable.

I began to move my hips so that I don’t lose and rub it against those 2 weak point with my glands. Each time I attack in between their clitoris and meat pleat, sweet moan accompany it.

“Now, inside” (Kyle)

As I said that I thrust right inside of Imu pussy.

“Hii ahh ahh. Suddenly so deep” (Imu)

Imu was the perfect size that when I trusted into the very depths of her uterus strong pleasure will follow. After that, you can continue to thrust in and out, pull it out till the entrance than thrust it in again in one stroke. Rubbing continuously against the erogenous zone is enough to climax.

Of course, it all right to do it too.

“Ahhhhhhhh. Already, useless. I going crazyyyyyyyyy” (Imu)

After doing Imu that way for a while, I switch to Sari and thrust my penis inside of her.

“Haaa, Kyle-sama, from behind” (Sari)

While lying on top of Imu who had lost all her strength, I massage her breast from behind and kiss Sari whose expression completely melted away and enjoy her vagina. After doing it for a while I remove my penis and enter Imu again. And then Sari again.

Finally, I grab Imu waist and with a loud bang I thrust violently into Imu and ejaculated straight into her uterus.

“Kyle, Klyeee, from behind, aaaaaaaaaaaaah, Cuminngggggggg”

With that Imu scream while her body convulses with her inside becoming completely white, finally falling on top of Sari wearily.

Even though she loses her consciousness she still moving her waist, because Imu pushes her body back and forth with bikun bikun, my penis regain it vigor immediately.

“Sari, go on all fours” (Kyle)
“Yes, Kyle-sama” (Sari)

As I move Imu away from Sari, I quickly thrust my dick inside of Sari who on all fours now.