Divine Protection That I Got Was a Power That Increase a Girl Level with Semen


Divine Protection That I Got Was a Power That Increase a Girl Level with Semen Chapter 25

Large spider (21) – Imu

“Haa Haa”

After releasing a large amount I calm down slightly, and as expected it would be bad if she did a cleaning blowjob after that so I fetched a wet towel and wiped it cleaned.

Meanwhile, Yun was laying in bed exhausted. Her back door had not yet been closed and white cloudy liquid had begun to leak. The semen dripping onto her vagina and all over her back gave an atmosphere like she was raped moments ago. But of course, this was the result of sex with love that we demanded from each other.

“……Kyle-sama” (Yun)

While I had begun to wipe off semen from her back and hip with the warm towel, Yun woke up.

“Yun ass, how is it?” (Kyle)
“It very good” (Yun)

While wiping with the towel, that place didn’t have a blood stain and I thought it was all right but I was worried that I had cut her butt. Perhaps, it may now be more difficult to get injured while doing extreme stuff while having sex because she levels up with my semen.

“Hamu. Chu, Chu”
“Chu, Yun”
“Haa. Kyle-sama. Let do it more. Please make my mouth, pussy, and ass dirty with your cream” (Yun)

That night, we did it for a total of 6 times. I can’t remember exactly when I pulled out. However the last time I was using my hand to support her because she couldn’t even put strength into her hand or leg and was shaking her waist selfishly but Yun was pleased even with such sex.

The following day and night were Sari turn. I think that Sari was well in keeping up with me who had become unequaled in energy day by day. Every night when I told them that they are tight they were happy about it.

Though we didn’t do much at night, I loved Yun and Imu thoroughly in the morning and at noon. I licked over their whole bodies and exploited every possible erogenous zone I found. In return they service my whole body thoroughly and also found lots of comfortable places.

And at last, the morning of the 7th day came. It was the day the 3 people confront the Arakune.

“The showdown with the Arakune is at afternoon. It at the time when the Arakune are least active” (Kyle)

Arakune could be active regardless the time, but it seems that their activity becomes dull when the sun rises. Look like there are similarities with spiders in their habitat.

The strategy is to raid the Arakune nest that was in the depth of the forest. They will approach in the sacrifice attire and to be on guard to their limits.

“There was no morning training today. So on the way please give us much love” (Imu)

Imu said so and crowded me. We did not think about it but there was a possibility that when fighting with the Arakune we may not return safely. This means that this could be my last moments with Imu.

“Come” (Kyle)

I spread out my arms and hugged these 3 people. This pervert will engrave this moment into his memory for the rest of his life.

As I stretch out my tongue, these 3 beautiful girls stretch out their tongue simultaneously from my left, right and in front of me. For a while, the 4 of us were licking each other tongue, halfway through I pile my lips upon her and exchanged our saliva. Then I move on to the next one, till I pile my lips up against those three many times.

“Is Imu ok with being first?” (Kyle)
“Yes” (Imu)

After saying so, Yun and Sari yielded to Imu and move away. I began to strip Imu off and suck on her breast.

“Ah. Kyle-sama is like a baby. “Fufu” (Imu)

Imu had said so while looking smug, but she started to pant as soon as I rolled her nipple with my tongue.

“Does Imu intend to let a baby hear such erotic moans?” (Kyle)
“Mou, that mean. Haaa” (Imu)

After enjoying Imu breast thoroughly, I changed my posture and took my penis out in front of her.

“Try putting it between your breast” (Kyle)
“Nn. I’ll try it” (Imu)

To be honest, in the 1 week of us having sex this was the first time I ask for a titty fuck. That was because I did not have much time to be used for foreplay.

Imu was the biggest among the three but it about smaller than the average. I tried to thrust into the valley that formed but half of my glands did not fit. But that picture-like combination of my penis with her breast brought an unbearable primal lust and excitement.

“Ah, Imu. It good” (Kyle)

Grabbing the base of my penis I rub it in Imu valley. While rubbing against the soft breast it gave such a pleasurable feeling.

“Kyle-sama penis. Nn” (Yun)

When such a voice was heard right beside my ear, I quickly turn around and notice that it was Yun. Yun while pushing her breast against my back was skillfully rubbing my penis along Imu breast at a really comfortable angle.

“Here, my breasts” (Sari)
“Hiyaa” (Imu)

This time Sari came from behind Imu and rob the initiative away from Imu. Sari skilfully rub Imu sensitive spot while pleasuring herself too creating a pleasurable place.


With our free hand, me and Imu began to caress each other bodies. Then we twine our finger together and using my other hand began to stir the inside of Imu mouth. Imu then began to stroke my stomach and our feeling increase even more.

“Imu. In your mouth”

As I said so, I raise my penis at Imu mouth made her suck it. Yun who took her hands off my penis began to masturbate behind me while Sari leave one hand on Imu breast and the other to pleasure herself.

“Nnnn, Nn, Nn, Nn fufu”
“Ahh, Imu. It coming. Nn. Coming”

The moment I was about to come, I grasp Imu head and shot it into the depths of her throat. Imu face twisted a littler but she accepted it without hating it.

“Nguu, Nguu, Phua. Ahhhhhh”

While ejaculating, I pull out my penis and came all over Imu face. At the same time I also shot at Sari face behind her.

“Haa. Kyle-sama semen” (Sari)
“Nn ahh. Cumming” ¬†(Imu)
“My pussy also want it Uuuu” (Sari)

With Sari ecstatic expression, she pinch Imu clitoris who was cumming with sperm all over her face. At the same time Yun who was masturbating at the back had reach climax.


I then enjoyed Sari cleaning blow job while the two were gasping for breath after their climax. After Sari cleaning blowjob I return back to war preparation.