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The World Online Chapter 244-245

Chapter 244 - Taking over Zhennan Pass Part 3

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A bright light shone in Li Anbai's cloudy eyes. As if he could see through the heart of the young mountain bandit, he said with his hoarse voice, "Young man don't worry, I've been staying here for 10 years and know everything about this place. There's a hidden room in this courtyard where we can hide."

The young mountain bandit felt as if his thoughts were all crystal clear in front of the old man, forcefully suppressing the awkwardness and laughing, "That's great, can you two move there now?"

"There's something I need to remind you about."

"Old stronghold head, please speak!" The young mountain bandit treated this very seriously.

"I'm very clear about the character and actions of the leader. He's a very smart and careful person. I'm very sure that he would definitely arrange a way out to escape. Zhennan Pass is within the canyon, and one could escape from the southwest. Once things go awry, he might actually just give up the pass and leave." No wonder people said that the one that knows you best is your enemy.

The young mountain bandit's face turned white. If the leader escaped, then he would have failed as a spy. "Thank you for your help!"

Li Anbai blinked as a form of reply. Him reminding the young mountain bandit also had a little bit of selfishness. If the leader escaped, it would be bad for his daughter.

After discussing everything, Li Anbai struggled and fiddled with the edge of the bed, only to hear a cracking sound and the walls suddenly splitting open, revealing a hidden room. It was 4-5 square meters wide and had a bed and a chair. Apart from that, there was nothing else, just a simple room.

As time was of the essence, he didn't dare to waste time and together with Li Feixue, carried Li Anbai onto the bed.

Although once the hidden room was closed one wouldn't be able to spot a difference, the young mountain bandit was still worried. He looked around and touched up the place before carrying the empty lunch box out of the courtyard.

Before leaving, he one again reminded the guards not to let anyone check and also not to leave their post in case others grew suspicious.

Now in his heart, he was pondering about how to stop the escape of the leader.

Outside Zhennan Pass, the bells of war had already sounded.

The first to attack were the 5 three-bow arcuballistas and the archer unit. Their rain of arrows drew an arc in the air as they headed for the city walls.

The arrows from the arcuballistas were fast, like that of a machine gun as they flew out from them one after another, taking away life after life.

As long as the mountain bandits dared to show their faces, they were mercilessly shot down.

"Cover! Cover!" The leader hid under a shield and hollered.

Hearing the order, the mountain bandit archers didn't dare to go against it and stuttered out of the cover of the shields and without aiming, fired out. The arrow rain was like the knife of the god of death, striking from above.

"Raise your shields!" The commander shouted.

"Shua," the men raised their shields and if one looked from above, it was like the ground had a layer of a shield.

Some unlucky souls didn't hold their shields properly and slipped to the left when the arrows hit, so the arrows mercilessly pierced them and claimed their lives.

Taking the chance that both sides were engaging, the 10 scaling ladders were slowly pushed towards the edge of the city wall. Hiding within the scaling ladder was the first unit of the Guards regiment.

At the same time, the arcuballistas changed targets and started to fire step arrows. The huge arrows penetrated the wall and formed a closely lined arrow forest.

The step arrows were a signal as the sword shield soldiers behind braved the arrow rain and started to advance towards the city wall.

The scaling arrow was stopped beside the wall and with a "pa" the stacked secondary ladder was raised and hooked onto the city wall.

The soldiers from the Guards unit started to walk out from the scaling ladder and climbed up. To raise the efficiency, they held the Tang Swords in their mouths and used both their hands to climb.

"Leader, they are climbing up the scaling ladder!" The mountain bandits panicked.

"I'm not blind, I can see that." The leader was furious. "Rush up and push the ladder away, kill them."

The hook on the scaling ladder was specially designed, and it was difficult to push away. The mountain bandits that rushed out weren't trained in the methods of pushing the scaling ladder, and upon seeing the bloodthirst of the soldiers climbing up, they were terrified.

"Throw rocks at them!" The leader realized his tactical mistake and immediately made adjustments.

"Yes!" The mountain bandits raised up stone rocks and threw them down.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

The soldiers were already near to the top and the rocks only hit the ones in front. Those at the back quickly rushed up and made use of the opportunity to climb up.

The held the Tang Swords in their hands and stood on top of the ladder, fighting against the mountain bandits.

The soldiers in the Guards regiment were all very experienced. The first unit were the elites of the elites, each one being at least a rank 10 war elite soldier. Their killing ability were shocking.

10 scaling ladders, 10 killing spots.

Wang Feng led the way and got onto the city wall first.

He shook his spear and shouted, "I am Wang Feng, whoever isn't afraid to die step out!"

"Kill him!" The mountain bandit leader didn't personally step out.

"Kill!" There were many evil men amongst the mountain bandits. They weren't afraid of anything except people saying that they were afraid. Wang Feng's words infuriated them.

"He!" Wang Feng was unfazed. With a sweep, he cleared out a huge area in front of him.

During the battle at Er'Shi Ridge, Wang Feng's breakthrough increased his combat power. Be it sweeping or stabbing, he claimed life after life; no one could get close to him.

He was like an asura, defending the area close to the scaling ladder so no mountain bandit could get close. Taking the chance, the Guards regiment soldiers swiftly followed behind and climbed onto the wall.

Seeing their general show his skill, these bunch of battle crazy men waved their Tang Swords. Not bothering about the number of men, they directly charged forward.

The strength of the Guards regiment terrified the mountain bandits.

When one side was broken, every side was slowly broken.

The soldiers on the other ladders started to climb up and start fighting with the mountain bandits.

It seemed like they wouldn't be able to defend, so the leader pulled back the mountain bandits who were throwing rocks and told them to surround the soldiers.

What they didn't know that the sword-shield soldiers were waiting for the opportunity. Under the leadership of their lieutenants, they either climbed up the scaling ladder or the step arrows to assist their allies.

In a moment, Zhennan Pass became a slaughter, and blood flowed endlessly.

Seeing the sword-shield soldiers successfully climb up the wall, Mu Guiying ordered the heavy armored infantry of Shanhai County to breach the gates.

When Shihu received the order, he hollered, "Brothers, charge!"

"Charge!" The mountain barbarian soldiers raised their shields and pushed the wooden ram and charged towards the city gates.

"Hong!!" As the wooden ram smacked into the gate, an earth-shattering sound resounded which shook the pass.

"Hei!" The soldiers shouted out the signals, pulling the wooden ram back before ramming into the gate again.

Although the city wall was covered in iron, under the striking of the wooden ram, it started to creak and crack.

The mountain barbarians were famous for their strength, and the wooden ram they pushed produced a force of more than 5,000 kilograms.

"Dang!" The first city gate was finally broken.

The Zhennan Pass had 3 city gates. Once the outermost one was broken, there was still one in the middle. Luckily, now the soldiers had the cover of the hole and could charge with ease.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" Shout after shout came out from the doorway, following by an earth-shattering blow, making one terrified.

The leader, upon hearing such sounds, frowned. He looked up only to see large amounts of troops had rushed up the wall, and although their numbers were half of theirs, they weren't at a disadvantage.

On the other hand, the mountain bandits were afraid and didn't look like they could hold on.

"Haiz!" The leader let out a long sigh and slowly retreated as per his retreat plan.

At this moment, the 2nd city gate was broken.

At this time, Shihu had two choices. One was to climb up the city wall through a path in the doorway and help the troops. Another was to continue to break through the 3rd city wall and block off their retreat path.

Shihu considered for a short time and thought of a plan. He sent someone to report the situation to the commander. Following which, he left a squadron to breach the last gate while he brought the rest up to the city wall.

Receiving his report, Mu Guiying frowned, not knowing how to choose.

Just at this moment, a signal bullet rose up from within the Zhennan Pass.

Mu Guiying was astonished. She knew this was the signal from the spy, which meant that it was an emergency.

She didn't hesitate, and apart from leaving a cavalry squadron in case, she sent the 4 remaining squadrons through the doorway to the back to cut off the retreat path.

Ouyang Shuo and Mu Lanyue stood at the side and didn't say a word; they trusted her.

The cavalry unit thought that they wouldn't have a part to play in this battle. When they received the order, their blood boiled and rushed out on their horses toward the city gates.

At this moment, the city gate was in a state of chaos, the mountain bandit archers couldn't shoot outside peacefully and were embroiled in the chaotic battle on the wall. Hence, the cavalry were able to rush to the city gate smoothly.

In this period of time, the 3rd city gate was broken down.

The cavalry unit gave the mountain barbarian warriors a thumbs up as they went past the city gate and continued south to cut off the enemy.

Chapter 245 - Summer Flowers

Translator: TeamTWO
Editor: Jun

On the Zhennan Pass city gate tower, as Shi Hu arrived with the reinforcements, the tide of the battle had turned in their favor.

Wang Feng was freed up. He looked around and noticed that the commander of the bandits had disappeared. He shouted, "Your leader had cowardly fled, surrender yourselves!"

The bandits naturally had a weaker willpower than an ordinary military. Even before the casualties reached one-tenth, their morale had started to disappear. As Wang Feng shouted, his words became the last straw that broke the camel's back.

The bandits turned and looked. Sure enough, their leader was long gone, and their will to resist immediately vanished.

The cowards surrendered instantly; the evildoers ran and fled.

"Chase after them!" Wang Feng gave his order to pursue the ones that fled.

"Understood!" the soldiers received the order, and they went on a pursuit.

From that moment onward, Zhennan Pass had turned into a city of chaos.

One have to say that the measures taken by Wang Feng were much like Ouyang Shuo's.

In the midst of chaos, the bandit leader led over 20 of his trusted subordinates to try to find their way out. Even in such critical moments, the wicked leader still tried to snatch the little beauty Li Feixue along with him.

The bandit leader arrived at the courtyard. He saw the guards were still there and he was about to enter. The guards were puzzled. Didn't the leader order the old-leader to be poisoned? Why is he still coming here?

The leader walked into the courtyard only to find it emptied. His voice was taut with anger and he shouted, "Where are they? Where have they gone?"

The guards felt this was odd, so one of them rushed in. His voice trembled, and he said, "Lea..Leader, there was a man not long ago, he came with your orders to poison the old-leader…. and he did not allow anyone to enter the courtyard."

The bandit leader knew instantly he was caught in a trap. He lashed out at the guard in anger and scolded, "Idiots!" Time was ticking away, but there wasn't anything he could do. His eyes were filled with hatred as he gave one last look at the courtyard. Then, he turned and ran.

Beauties were precious, but his life was more important.

Sadly, one couldn't always get what he wanted.

Before the bandit leader and his followers even ran far enough, the cavalry unit had chased up to them.

The captain of the cavalry unit was excited when he saw them. He knew they were a bunch of running human prizes in front of him, so he shouted, "Take them down!"

"Understood!" the cavalry charged and surrounded them.

The bandit leader saw the cavalry. He sighed in helplessness and surrendered without putting up a fight.

By 3:30 PM, peace was once again restored to Zhennan Pass.

Ouyang Shuo kept his hands off the after-battle matters, such as the handling of resources and captives. Those were all handed to Mulan Yue and Mu Guiying. As he had stated earlier, Shanhai County was only here as a helper and nothing more. It would not participate in the distribution of loot.

Ouyang Shuo did not even plan to take back the scaling ladders and acruballistas. He intended to give them away to Mulan Yue. Five arcuballistas would be stationed in Zhennan Pass to improve its defensive capability.

According to Mu Guiying's arrangement, a unit of soldiers would be stationed in Zhennan Pass during the early stages. The numbers weren't big, but it was significant enough for Mulan County.

The military of Shanhai County pulled out from Zhennan Pass under Ouyang Shuo's order and gathered outside.

After counting, 50 soldiers from Guards regiment were gone forever in the battle, most of them died from the stones during the siege. Because the 1st regiment's 1st unit did not participate in the intensive battle, only 5 soldiers were lost.

Ouyang Shuo ordered the soldiers to take good care of their fallen comrades, as their dead bodies would be brought back to Shanhai County's cemetery to be buried.

"Brother Wuyi, let's go in together!" Mulan Yue hopped toward Ouyang Shuo with a bright smile.

Ouyang Shuo was stunned, he did not plan to enter at all. In fact, he was ready to depart back to Shanhai County. He asked, "Yueyue, is there anything?" Do not underestimate Mulan Yue as a teenager, after over half a year of her journey as a lord, her mentality had matured. If she were to hold Ouyang Shuo back, there must be a reason behind it.

"Brother Wuyi, just come!" The inwardly evil little girl did not explain. Instead, she pulled on Ouyang Shuo's sleeve and dragged him into Zhennan Pass. Ouyang Shuo could only smile bitterly and follow her.

Zhennan Pass, Council Chamber.

In the middle of the hall sat tens of boxes. The father and daughter, Li Anbai and Li Feixue were also there. Li Anbai's face were pale, and he seemed like he was going to exhale his last breath at anytime. Tears rolled down Li Feixue's cheeks, as she looked at her father.

Mulan Yue dragged Ouyang Shuo and sat him beside her in the council chamber.

Mu Guiying sat down. She cupped her fists and said, "Reporting to the lord, we have a total of 2,140 captured prisoners, and plundered a massive quantity of resources and weaponry. The most precious loot are these 12 boxes of treasures. I have roughly counted them. Among the 12, 2 boxes contain gold, 8 boxes contain silver, and 2 boxes have jewelry."

The resources in Zhennan Pass were massive and abundant, ranging from basic needs such as foods and forages to the defensive materials like burning oils, stones and wood. They also had military goods like bows, swords, and armor.

Other than that, there were also a variety of jewelry, gold, and silver.

Some of these treasures had long existed in Zhennan Pass; others were brought along by Li Anbai after he occupied Zhennan Pass; the rest were plundered by the bandits from the caravans that passed by.

These treasures were the reason Mulan Yue had dragged Ouyang Shuo here, to discuss the distribution of the 12 boxes of treasures. In her heart, she was crystal clear that elite troops of Shanhai County were the foremost contributors in the battle taking down Zhennan Pass.

Although Ouyang Shuo declared long ago to give up the distribution of loot, Mulan Yue still couldn't allow herself to swallow all of the loot. Mu Guiying also agreed with her in this matter.

Ouyang Shuo was astonished. The treasures in Zhennan Pass even surpassed those of the Er'Shi Ridge stronghold. Honestly speaking, if one said that he was not moved by the treasures at all, one would be lying. Even so, the treasures were only icing on the cake to Ouyang Shuo. On the other hand, it would mean baskets of charcoal in snowy weather to the Mulan County that was under rapid development.

"Brother Wuyi, the gold and jewelry will be yours to take, how is that?"

Her distribution plan looked exaggerated, but it was reasonably fair. The value of the resources she had plundered from Zhennan Pass was way greater than only 2 boxes of gold, especially the various weaponry.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head in determination. He fondly looked at Mulan Yue and said firmly, "Yueyue, there is no need for this. How about this, I will take 1 box of gold, and the rest belongs to you."

Mulan Yue was about to voice something, but Ouyang Shuo raised his hands and stopped her words in her mouth, "This shall be it."

"Alright, thank you brother Wuyi!" Mulan Yue rolled her eyes and accepted his decision with a smile.

After they settled the distribution plan, Ouyang Shuo rose and was about to leave.

"Cough, cough…." Li Anbai faked a cough, reminding them of his existence.

"Is there anything, old leader?" Mu Guiying asked.

Even simply nodding his head required great effort, and his voice was hoarse as he spoke. "I am dying; there is not much time left for this old man anymore. The only worry I have left is my lovely little daughter. I beg for the general and the two great lords to take good care of her."

Mu Guiying turned to Mulan Yue, waiting for her call.

Mulan Yue said in a cute voice, "This won't be a problem. Little sister Feixue is so cute and innocent. She will definitely not be bullied in Mulan County. May the old leader be at ease."

Ouyang Shuo shook his head in amusement. He didn't know that Mulan Yue was like him, having the hobby to adopt little sisters.

"If that is the case, I am thankful." After Mulan Yue gave her promise, Li Anbai was finally at ease.

When he saw that everything was settled, Ouyang Shuo rose to leave.

Before he left, Mulan Yue gave Ouyang Shuo a token.

"What's this?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

Mulan Yue mysteriously smile. "This was found when Sister Mu was searching the secret chamber in Zhennan Pass, have a look."

Ouyang Shuo took the token and had a look. At that moment, his jaws almost fell off.

[Token of Territory Merging] (3/3) : After use, subordinate village creation token can be used to merge existing territory, saving the need to build everything from scratch.

Needless to say, [Token of Territory Merging] solved the biggest problem that was troubling Ouyang Shuo. He could actually extract subordinate village creation tokens from Qiushui, Beihai, or Friendship County, then merge them with an existing territory such as Tianfeng County, restoring the potential of these territories.

"Yueyue, do you know the value of this token?" His tone was solemn and serious.

Such a token defied nature. If it were placed on the auction platform, it would be the tossed stone that raised a thousand ripples.

She seemed to be unconscious of the value of the token, as she laughed as usual. "I am well aware of it. But, in my opinion, Brother Wuyi you need it more than I do. And only you can maximize the full potential of this token." News regarding Ouyang Shuo's success in capturing 5 territories had reached the lords of Shanhai Alliance, which naturally included Mulan Yue.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. All of a sudden, he held out his hand and patted her head. Then, he smiled and said, "Well then, I will take this token." He did not speak of any repayments, as he openly received the gift. The relationship between the two suddenly became closer, while the estrangements disappeared, and they became much like a true brother and sister pair.

Her smile bloomed and resplendent like a summer flower, which warmed the hearts of those around them.

When Ouyang Shuo returned to Shanhai County, he dispersed the military and turned into his office alone.

The [Token of Territory Merging] could be used 3 times. That meant 3 village creation tokens. Matters regarding on how to use, when to use, and which 3 to use would depend on Ouyang Shuo's future plan for the territory and his own jurisdiction.

The first that crossed his mind was Beihai County. As a harbor city, Beihai County should not scatter its attention. Furthermore, the surroundings of Beihai County were nothing but a long narrow coastline. It was simply unsuitable to expand its territory.

Therefore, the 3 black-iron level village creation token from Beihai County could be freed out and taken by Ouyang Shuo.

Secondly, he had to consider which subordinate territory he would merge the tokens with. Out of the 5 subordinate territories, Gushan County was an autonomous city by the mountain barbarians, so it could be taken off the list. Gushan County was purposed to attract populations from the tribes of mountain barbarians in the woods. The rate of population growth would not be lower than the other subordinate territories, so it didn't require the system migrants.

Of the rest of the 4 subordinate territories, Tianfeng County was a must. The only problem was whether Ouyang Shuo should use a token on Yishui, Yongye, or Guangshui County.

In his plans, he has no intention to spend all 3 chances at once. He would need to save up at least 1 token for Ba Dao's Broken Blade County. He couldn't claim it yet, but it would be his in the future.

As the eastern central city of Ouyang Shuo's plan, he naturally would not allow its potential to get wasted.

In the end, Ouyang Shuo decided to merge Tianfeng County and Yishui County.