The World Is Overflowing with Monster, I'm Taking a Liking to This Life


The World Is Overflowing with Monster, I'm Taking a Liking to This Life Chapter 21-26

Chapter 21 -Assassinating the Goblins

Hiding myself, I move along the wall until I reach the cooperative.
At this point, the whole building is under the scope of 『Search』.
I can understand the movements of some Goblins inside to some extent.
It’s really an useful skill.

「….. One in the vicinity of the register, two near the meat section and lastly four Goblins and the Hobgoblin near the groceries section. 」

I could remember the arrangements of the different places beside the counter.
The Goblins aren’t moving much from their respective spots.
Is it meal time for them?
Being at the meat section, they must be eating meats.
So the guy at the register is on lookout?

The number of Goblins are seven.
With the Hobgoblin they are 8 in total….
This is the largest group we ever faced.

「But, it’s a wall we must overcome someday….. 」

「Wan. 」

We have continued our hunt of lone Goblins and Zombies, the so-called small fishes. But there are limits.
We need to improve our level and experience, at some point we must confront stronger monsters too.

….. It might be greedy to say, but if we had another nakama present I would be more comfortable.
Momo and I are a great combination for close to mid range.
If there was someone who could do long-distance attacks our rate of survival would be much higher.

「Well, I’m asking for too much so it can’t be helped. 」

Right now I have no choice but to rack my brain on how to use our potential.
For the time being, it’s a battle against Goblins.
There are two entrances to the cooperative.
One located near the vegetables and another one near the side dish section.
If you go in, it’s generally from the grocery section.
If I go there, it’s best to shave the number of Goblins one by one until I can reach the Hobgoblin.

However, close to the two places I can enter, there’s a register with a Goblin on lookout.
If I try to enter, he’ll soon find out.

「Throw a stone and draw its attention? Then enter the store within this gap of time. 」

「Wan. 」

Momo nods too. 1)Anth: Author did this more than once, but the particle “Mo” is used to say “Too” “With” or “As well” and author then often says “Momo mo” which is a pun I can’t translate in English. Another info, Momo means peach in Japanese.

「Well then, Momo. We will follow the usual strategy, cast your『Shadow』 on me. 」

「Wan. 」

When I asked Momo, it sinks in my shadow.
This is the new skill Momo acquired.

The ability to lurk or hide inside the 『Shadow』of others.

Even if it stay inside a shadow, I can steal hear what it say and it the voices coming from outside.
Then form the lurking state, it can still manipulate its Shadow to some extents. Furthermore, if it manage to tie to another shadow with 『Shadow manipulation』, there’s a good usage of the skill which allows it to get out from there.
But 『Coming out』is the only thing it can do. When entering the Shadow, there’s a restriction that it has to be from mine.
Thanks to that the breadth of our tactics widely spread.

Before I get into the action, I verify that Momo has completely entered my shadow.
『Soundless movements』and『Awareness isolation』are used and I immediately move to the entrance and lay down.

「….. Hm?」

What? Just for a mere instant, I felt as if a strange line of sight gazed upon me….. ?
Looking at the Goblin at the register, there’s no way he would have noticed me.
There is no sign of monsters or people around.
『Hostility perception』and『Search』are showing no reaction.
…… Was it all from my mind?

No, better not be careless and let my guard down.
I must brace myself.
I throw a stone to the Goblin’s opposite direction.

「…… Gii?」

The Goblin on lookout points towards the sound.
—— Now is the timing!
The instant when the Goblin inclined to that side, I immediately enter the cooperative store entrance.
The increase in my agility to three digits showed its power to the fullest.

After entering, I quickly hide myself within the shade.
It’s okay, he hasn’t noticed me.
The Goblin on lookout finished looking at the noise? Whatever, he tilted his neck.
The infiltration is a success.

「First of all, the two Goblins at the meat section. 」

From the area where the vegetables are, the Goblin at the register is fully visible.
Compared to that, the two at the meat corner are in a blind spot from the two other areas.
Making the full use of『Search』I travel through the different counters.
There are articles scattered everywhere on the floor so it’s difficult to walk. But with the help of 『Soundless movements』there isn’t even a sound.

There’s a corpse left at the area of the side dishes.
It’s a man’s corpse.
There was no evidence of the corpse being devoured, but he got considerably beaten.
Do Goblins eat people?
While thinking about that, I’m approaching the two Goblins at the meat section.
The Goblins didn’t notice me, their mouths are full of raw meat.
They seem to be completely off guard.

「….. Momo. 」

The signal was sent and Momo confirmed his position from within the Shadow by showing its face.
The Shadow quickly extended, and the movement of the two Goblins are sealed.


The Goblins showed a surprised expression, but it’s already too late.
With a swift movement, I reach close to the Goblin and penetrate its chest with the kitchen knife.
Maybe my ability to concentrate increased, but the blade got sucked inside the Goblin’s chest.
Whoush, stabbed to death.
The two Goblins became small pebbles in no time.

≪Earning experience points≫

「…… Here. 」

Somehow, I made a catch and grabbed the two pebble before they could reach the floor.
Without any moments delay, I’m now heading for the fruit corner.

「Gii, gigii. 」
「Gyahgyahgya. 」

From the gap of a shelf, I’m looking at the appearance of the Goblins.
They are eating vegetables or fruits while laughing together.
And, the troublesome Hobgoblin is sitting on the stand cross-legged, munching at an apple.
….. They haven’t noticed that their friends have already been killed.

I’m still staring at the situation and one of the Goblins stood up.
Is he going to the meat corner?
This is a chance.
Making sure he is far enough from his friend before Momo restrains him with 『Shadow』.
Whoush, stabbed to death


The Goblin died without understanding what had happened.

≪Earning experience points≫

Yosh, with this it’s one Hobgoblin and four Goblins remaining.
It’s a good pace.
If we continue like this we may perhaps manage to do it.
That’s what I was thinking, but at that same moment.


The Goblin on lookout at the register suddenly screamed.
Other Goblins turned his way all at the same time.

——–H, It’s bad.
Have they noticed me?


Chapter 22 – Conclusion and the previous gaze.

Have they noticed me?
For a moment I thought so, but apparently I was wrong.
The Goblin on lookout is looking at the outside.

…… I wonder at what?
When I looked outside, there were several new Goblins.

……. Very bad, do they have friends?
Momo and I are getting even more cautious.


But the Goblin on lookout repeatedly threw things at the ones outside.
…… Are they not friends finally?
Do you mean there are different swarms or groups of Goblins?

If you think about it, that might be the truth.
Even humans or animals make groups and quarrels.
There is no reason why it wouldn’t apply to Goblins.
The Goblins are not monolit either.


The Goblin on lookout bark a few times, but the Goblins outside are still ready to enter.
Perhaps from impatience, the Hobgoblin dropped his apple and stood up.
He moves at the entrance and barked in a loud voice.


I was wary there would be the same impact of that High Orc but it was imaginary fears.
What the Hobgoblin did was really just 『Screaming』.

Maybe he doesn’t have the 『Roaring skill』, unlike the High Orc.
…… That’s convenient.

When the Hobgoblin shouted, the Goblins outside reluctantly left the place.
The Goblin on lookout bowed to the Hobgoblin many times.
There’s a complete gap between……. That’s not it!
What am I leisurely viewing at.
This is a chance!
The three Goblins and the Hobgoblin are scattered!


「….. Wan!」

At my signal, Momo and I began to move.


First thing I do is putting the 『Display shelf』 inside the Storage of my Item box.
Even these things can be stored inside the Item box, I already verified it.
The things displayed on the shelf rose in the air and make sound as they’re scattered on the floor.
After all, if you try to store the Shelf it just does 『that』?


The Goblins are raising their voice to the sudden sounds.  Their gazes faced my direction at the same moment.
Then when they saw a human being, namely me, the Goblins were even more astonished.
This is understandable. All of a sudden, the shelf disappeared and I showed up.
Even the Hobgoblin is surprised and have a goofy expression.
Yosh, they’re all startled in wonder!

I immediately take out the stored 『Display Shelf』
It’s a 『Wall』that separate the Goblins and the Hobgoblin.
In this limited place, I can take advantage of the Item box and create a field that suits me.
It took several seconds, but the Goblins are now completely divided.
With this, let’s decide the game at once!

「Momo! I’m leaving that side to you!」


Momo and I split up in two separate directions.
I’m going toward the Goblins still in a daze at the fruits and vegetables side.
As for Momo it’s going to the Goblin on lookout.

I take out the kitchen knife, sweep and pierce at the Goblin in front of me.
With the speed at which I reached the three Goblins, they couldn’t respond to it.

「Giih….. !?」

There’s no time to check if it’s alive or dead.
There’re two remaining…..
The 『Fridge』 and the 『Washing machine』are both taken out over their heads.
The Goblins who couldn’t avoid it soon are buried under my home appliances.
At my first fight, It was demonstrated that they wouldn’t be able to move from under these heavy objects.
With this I sealed their movements.
After that—–.


Moment —– the Hobgoblin broke through the display shelf and its figure appeared.
There’s no sign of the foolish reaction from earlier.
This is the expression of an angry monster whose territory have been stepped on.

「Sorry but—- I don’t feel like hitting you directly from the front. 」

Taking out items from my Item box, I throw them at the Hobgoblin.
Naturally, the Hobgoblin tried to brush them of with his arms.

But that moment 『Goes』boom! The items broke with cracked noises.

There’s liquid inside together with a unique smell scattered all over the face of that Hobgoblin.
The Hobgoblin frowned for a moment and try to wipe it quickly.
But ——

「——Ah?~~~~~hh!!? AAAAAAAAAAA‼??

At that moment the Hobgoblin’s voice couldn’t even raise a true scream.
Groaning in agony, it covers its face.

These guys are called『Water balloon』.
What they have inside is tabasco.

It’s after having lunch with Momo earlier that I made them.
Different than water, it’s way harder to put Tabasco inside but thanks to 『Dexterity』 I managed to do it without a problem.
I’m confident in them. Did you like it?

「~~HH!! Gyaa! GYAAAAAAAHH!!」

The Hob・Goblin in pain tried to swipe the Tabasco off many times but it’s counterproductive.
It’s really painful when Tabasco enter your eyes.

「Although I’m being bad, I won’t loosen my hand….. 」

The Hobgoblin moans while holding down his face, but he doesn’t approach carelessly so far.
In return, I’m aiming at the sky this time and take out the 『Vending machines』.
They were borrowed a little earlier when I walked around the city.
After seeing a bartender-like man throwing one in a young-adult fiction, I always wanted to try.
To appease one’s thirst isn’t the only feat a vending machine is capable to do.
Yes, vending machines are also weapons to fling at your opponents.
Getting ready at a spot where it would hit the head —– Release.

SFX:Gosun!Then a dull sound echoes.

The vending machine knocked the head of the Hobgoblin, he then fell to the floor.


The Hobgoblin screams.
Half of his head was crushed……. Gross.  But he’s not dead yet.

「…… One more time. 」

While holding up against nausea, I throw the vending machine in my Storage again.
The moment I wanted to go at the Hobgoblin, he tried to stand.

「Agah…… Giiiiiiih!!?」

But a 『Shadow』is restricting his leg.

「Nice, Momo. 」

When I take a quick glance, I could see that Momo already knocked the Goblin on its side.
Momo is approaching more and more which strengthens the power of 『Shadow』at every step.
There’s no way now he can avoid this.
The Hobgoblin desperately tries to resist, but here he already has his head half-broken.
There’s no way he can bring his full power out.

Then again, I take out the 『Vending machine』 and throw it at the Hobgoblin’s head.
SFX: Splat, splat.
Repeating the same thing twice, the Hobgoblin rendered his last breath.
A blue magic stone rolled to my feet.

Now remains a cleaning battle.
Momo and I give the decisive blow at the two remaining Goblins whose movements were sealed.

≪Earning experience points≫
≪The experience has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪Kudou Kazuto rose from level 6 to level 7. ≫

The Heavenly voice announced to me a level up.

Yosh, yosh, yosh….. !
Yatta, I did it!

「Yatta….. We did it Momo! We won!」


Seven Goblins and the upper species Hobgoblin.
Given my past record of war, it was one hell of a battle.

It’s good to soak in the lingering victory, but let’s allocate our points for the time being.
Then put some food here in my storage.

「Momo. Do you want to move toward the depths?」


In this way, the battle at the cooperative closes its curtain. It was a great success.
But I, who was in high spirits, didn’t notice.
The battle just now.
The fact that 『Someone watched it』——-.

That person was on the rooftop of an apartment, about a hundred meters away from the cooperative.

「It’s amazing…… To win against that number of opponents….. 」

The eyes peeping through the scope kept staring at the fight at the cooperative.
Unfortunately, there was still some blind spot and the eyes couldn’t see everything. Despite that, they still managed to catch the Shiba Inu using his 『Shadow』to kill a Goblin and the man using a vending machine to kill the upper class Goblin.

「He have leveled without a doubt…… And he also have rare skills. 」

But, the most noteworthy things was before the fight even started.
That man noticed the gaze.
No, he might have felt a sense of incongruity, but it’s still amazing he managed to feel anything from the distance.
After remembering the man’s gaze there was a shudder.
But that wasn’t a tremor coming from fear.
It’s more a trembling of delight.

「There’s other persons like that besides me….. 」

—— A person who actively hunts for monsters.

After muttering so, 『She』left the place.
On her shoulder, she’s carrying a long rifle exceeding the height of her body.


Chapter 23 – Reflection and new development.

Momo and I are sitting on the floor after the battle—– It’s a place from where we can see the entirety of the store.

「I’m tired. 」

Maybe it’s because the thread of tension is broken, tiredness comes pouring at me in a dash.
No matter how much my level goes up, this feeling of fatigue isn’t something I’d likely end up accustomed to.
There is no skill called 『Fatigue resistance』
Because there is the Stress tolerance and Tamper tolerance skills, it’s probably not strange.


Momo barks at me to say “good work!” she licks my face, going peropero.
Kawaii.  I go Mofumofu to say my thanks.
Momo then gladly answered with「Kuuun」.
That’s a win-win relationship. I’m healed~ Haa.

After I enjoyed stroking Momo for a while, my spirit settled at last.
It’s hard to stop Mofumofu.
When I’m trying to stop,「Are you truly stopping? You’re not doing it anymore?」Its gaze comes at me….. I can’t bear it.
People who say that they’re going to stop smoking are probably feeling like this afterward.
Fuu, good grief.

Because my brain had calmed down, I’m trying to recall the battle.
It was a good test of my new skills and improved status. But there seems to be plenty of room for improvement.
About my combination with Momo naturally and also about my balls of Tabasco and my Item box.
But I think my biggest harvest was to find that small tools like Tabasco balls are effective against monsters.
Going to the home center and the drug store might be a good idea.
If I’m able to obtain pesticides and chemicals, there’s the possibility of achieving even stronger effects.

But the biggest problem is『Myself』.
To be exact it’s my body.
My senses can’t keep up with my dramatically improved Agility status.
Is it okay to it describe as『Being swayed by my own body』?
The difference between『Body』and『Mind』.
Quickly I have to adjust to that.
I managed it this time, but if anything goes wrong within a time gap and I can’t fix it, damage would be fatal.
Can’t be prideful, absolutely not.

「Well then, I shall allocate my points. 」

Having received the usual 20SP and 10JP.
The JP are used to raise 『Assassin』 and 『Hunter』 respectively to LV3.
This way all the skills these jobs made me acquire will also rise in level.
Sure enough, the newly nine skills I acquired all increased by 1 level.

However, the skills acquired with『Spy』. Their levels weren’t raised except for the 2 skills integrated in the advanced skills.
Since I changed my 『Profession』the skills that are leveling up with me apparently changed.

After using my 20SP, I raise my Item box to LV9.
That’s my strategy.
Let’s preserve the remaining 3 points.

All the magic stones I got are handed to Momo.

「Here, Momo. 」


Momo munch on them deliciously.
By the way, the name displayed on the Hobgoblin’s stone was『Goblin’s magic stone (Small)』
When it’s a Goblin, the size is 『Minimal』and when it’s a Hobgoblin the small is 『Small』?

Hm? Which reminds me, the Shadow Wolf I struck first at the beginning was also displayed as 『Small』.
If the size of the magic stone reveals the strength and status of a monster, Shadow Wolf and Hobgoblin should be about the same strength?
The Shadow Wolf didn’t fight so I can’t tell.
Well, I can understand it in the future when I fight other monsters.
For now I don’t have enough information.
Ah, even then ,『Appraisal』, I want it…… !

After that, I sort out the things inside the store and add what I can to the Storage of my Item box.
It seems that vegetables, meat and so on were heavily eaten by the Goblins, there wasn’t much edible food left, much less than what I expected.

「Yes, there’s some bento at the side dishes’ side…… Almost bad at that….. 」

The half-price tag is also strung, does this neighborhood leave them unattended?
I’m not particularly bothered by food so it’s fine.

「Hmm, shall we move soon?」


There’s no point in making a long stay.
Those expelled Goblins might come back so we have to move quickly.
We can also wait for them, it’s another possibility. But here they could bring another or more Hobgoblin and many more monsters.

Momo hide alongside me and with 『Soundless movements』and 『Awareness isolation』we silently go out of the Cooperative.
There’s a drugstore nearby and this is our goal this time.
I would like to have not only foods, but also medical items.
While hunting monsters, let’s increase our savings of necessities.
That is another reason why I raised the level of my Item box.

But when I thought about it again, it’s painful that I can’t go to the shopping mall after all.
Almost all the things I need are over there.
If it weren’t for that High Orc……

Maybe, but that High Orc could still be there.
The direction I came from.
Because the feeling 『Awareness』gives me is still unpleasant.
I don’t need more reason to avoid going in that direction.

「….. Hm?」

When I was walking, I heard something strange.
Rattling sounds. This is…… Wind noises?
Moreover, I hear it from the sky.

Don’t tell me…. !?

Momo and I looked up at the sky.
There’s camouflage pattern on the helicopter there.

「That pattern….. Does that mean, the JSDF….. ?」

Have they come to rescue me?
Or to defeat monsters?
Why are they in the downtown of the suburb ?It’s convenient but there’s no limit to my doubts. If you are with the JSDF, you will never have to be afraid of monsters anymore.

We should join….. probably.
But where does that helicopter want to get off?
This area is in the suburb, far away from the city center.
Speaking places where refugees around here are gathering, and where the helicopter is likely to land safely——.
Thinking so far, I stopped thinking.

「……… The large parking lot at the shopping mall. 」

As if to support my expectation, the helicopter of the JSDF crossed over the sky and went toward that direction.


Chapter 24 – Rooftop

What to do?
Should I chase after them?
But the direction the helicopter is headed to is the same shopping mall where the High Orc is.

That fellow is probably still there.
Evidence comes from my 『Crisis perception』with a throbbing warning.
Don’t go there『yet』.
It’s appealing to me that I shouldn’t go.

Last time, I prioritised my curiosity and acted in defiance of this alarm.
As a result I encountered the High Orc and risked my life.
Just utilising that reflection, I decided to not approach that side again.

Is the JSDF a good enough reason to overturn my judgment and rush there?
No…. But…. Dunno.
The JSDF is excellent.
Their levels in hand-to-hand combat is top-notch in the world and they even have firearms.
The JSDF should have weapons far outweighing the killing ability of the vending machines. Here I can’t believe they would lose even to so many monsters.

「Hum…… 」

Scratching and scratching my head.
What to do? Should we follow?
Or should I look at the situation from somewhere for a while?

Right now, I can use the 『Telephoto』skill to see what’s going on without getting close.
An high ground in this area….. If it’s from the rooftop of an apartment, I might be able to use『Telephoto』to see the shopping mall.
Hereafter it won’t be too late to decide whether it’s safe or not, will it?
Yes, perhaps it’s good.
Always go with safety first.

「Very well….. That apartment in the neighborhood should be good, right?」

That mansion is located a hundred meters away from the front of the cooperative.
From the rooftop there, I’ll be able to see things far away.
Also that building gives no『Bad feelings』.
There won’t be any problem even if I go.

「Momo, just go into 『Shadow』. I’ll be the one moving」.

「Wan. 」

With this Momo used『Shadow』to enter mine and we began to move.
Of course, 『Awareness isolation』,『Soundless movements』,『Hostility perception』 without forgetting 『Search』 are all activated.
You must always watch out for surprise attacks.

On the way, we kill three zombies.
Instant kills. Against zombies I have no more sufferings.
But surprisingly, there are few signs of monsters.
There isn’t much monsters around here?

「Are…… ?」

Suddenly, I found something to worry about on the ground.

「…… It’s a magic stone. 」

Red magic stone.
When I throw it in my Storage, 『Zombie’s magic stone (minimal)』was displayed.
Was it the same guys who left the convenience store and left without noticing after defeating you?
Well, I’ll be grateful.
We start moving again.

「Are?Again. 」

Moving a few dozens of meters, I found another one.
It’s my luck.
However, as I approached the Mansion, I began to feel uncomfortable.

「….. Again. 」

Another mana stone had fallen on the ground.

「How many times have I seen this already…… ?」

The number of magic stones I picked are already not less than twenty.
Weird. If anything, it’s strange.
By any chance, a different person defeated the monsters and left the magic stones without noticing their existences?
Is that even possible?

Then, why would that fellow would leave the magic stones?
Why not pick them up?
Because he didn’t notice?
Or maybe he 『couldn’t pick them up』?……. What's with this situation?

「…………. Hmm?」

When I was troubled on the way 『Search』suddenly showed the life signs of a person.
That’s not the only one though.
What got caught in the scope of Search was no less than 5 people.

「Momo, I’m moving a little. 」

「Wan. 」

It’s just beside the destination and I was a little worried, so I headed for the sign.
When hiding behind the walls and looking at the situation, it seems that several adults rush out of the windows from condominiums in a hurry.

「Hey! Look! t’s a helicopter! The JSDF has come to help us!」
Over there! It’s the shopping mall!」
「Help! We’re saved!」
「Hurry! Come on!」
「Oh, dear wait…… !」
「Don’t be an idiot! Get your handbag and come! Let’s go faster than that!」

There’s no end to the expressions of the people who shout.
They wanted to be saved as soon as possible, they were showing their desires to get out of this situation.
After muffling yourself inside houses and quietly looking, finally seeing the JSDF’s helicopter you started panicking?

Yes, I can understand this feeling very well.
There was even one guy panicking too much, he is running barefooted.
Those people without caring for anything are running for the shopping mall.

Oioi, if you behave like that prominently, you’ll attract monsters you know?
You don’t even have a weapon or anything like that.
I think it’s better to have a kitchen knife in your hand rather than such a heavy backpack?
Well, it’s not like I’m going to give you any advice.

Having looked at them for a while, we went to the mansion again.
Yes, of course.
Because there’s no merit for me to be with them.

I arrived at the mansion.
Eventually, I picked nearly 30 magic stones before reaching the place.

「It seems deserted….. 」

There is only a little response coming from Search.
Fewer persons are keeping siege, but their number is scarce compared to the size of the mansion.
Using the stairs where there isn’t any sign of people, I head for the rooftop.
The mansion also had an elevator but it’s most likely unusable.
No sign of monsters.
Like this, I reached the top floor in a short time.

「……. There’s no lock on it. 」

Usually, the rooftop is off-limits.
Why is it open?
……. Is there anyone?


Slowly opened the doorknob and go to the rooftop.
Using 『Search』, I confirmed that nobody was on the rooftop.
Comfortable wind tickled cheeks.
Yes, it’s okay……. Nobody's here.
However, the rooftop of the mansion is uneven.
There’s a feeling of freeness coming from the wide-open space. 1)Anth: not sure; がらんと空いた開放感あふれるスペース。If I can make use of this place freely….. What kind of illusion am I having?
After moving to the rising part, I could enjoy the view of the city.
Ooo, it’s a better view than the one I had at my old flat.
With the use of『Telephoto』, I could see the situation around the shopping mall well.

「Yosh, come out Momo. 」

「Wan. 」

Momo comes out of the Shadow and cuddle besides me.
Hence I held my breath and decided to look at the state of the helicopter.


Chapter 25 – JSDF vs High Orc

Through the skill『Telephoto』, I use Observation on the helicopter.
The helicopter is already near the mall.
I am fortunate, there’s not much shielding for my sight.
The shopping mall of that area, I can see it well.

「……. They’re not trying to land with that helicopter. 」

The helicopter is circling around the mall.
Well, with the scars resulting from the High Orc’s scream all around, they have to make sure no monsters are around.

At least, there’s nothing dangerous visible from the sky.
The High Orc is probably inside the mall.

Maybe it’s hell inside the mall…..
The person who meet it will be killed without a doubt.
If they’re alive supposedly, it’s only to be the plaything of the Orcs.
I’m alive….. So I shouldn’t speak.

「Oh, are they going to land?」

The helicopter that kept turning finally got near the parking lot.
People who seems to be working for the JSDF come out from the inside.
One…… Two….. Five people in all?
Oddly the same numbers as the Orcs who fought the battle at the shopping mall yesterday.
Holding guns, they’re carefully looking around.
After all they’re amazing.  There’s no waste in their movements.
At the same time, I thought they were truly amazing trying to fulfill their duties even when the world became like this.
One of my acquaintances made it to the JSDF but I never got to hear the content of their training from him….. It’s impossible for me to imitate them I suppose. In the end, he eventually got hurt and was put on hold by the doctor so he retired.

「Do they have levels and skills?」

This is such a world.
Many opportunities to stand up against monsters should have arisen for the JSDF and the police.
They have weapons anyways, it’s a civilization with guns.

「Because I got experience when killing something with my car, they must definitely win some when they kill using guns. 」

Everyone from the JSDF is progressing carefully, they make sure no one breaks the formation.
Judging from their movements, it’s clear they have already won battles against monsters at least a couple times.
There’s only one thing that bothers me.

「…… Are? Why does some of them have guns while others don’t?」

No, to be precise, the guys who don’t have guns are holding knives.
…… Why is there a difference between their armings?
In this world, the most dependable weapon should be firearms.
Why are they holding knives?
Are they out of proper equipment? No, that shouldn’t be such a stupid story.
Maybe there’s a 『reason』why? There must be a reason their equipment varies.


Momo barked. 1)Anth: Does Momo have powerful eyesight too or something? Idk about the distance but it should be quite far off x). [[Maybe he took the scent or something]] Watching in the direction of the shopping mall, a lone Orc came out from the entrance.
He was completely off guard.
In such a carefree manner, he yawned.

「You haven’t noticed, Orc?」

Ah, I see. From his position, there’s no way he can see the JSDF.
But the sound of the helicopter didn’t alarm them?

After going out, he’s line of sight finally found the JSDF.
He seems to have noticed their existences at last.
However, the JSDF are already on the move.

They held the Orc in their aim and shoot.
After a storm of bullets, the Orc fell on the spot.

「It’s amazing….. So unilateral….. 」

The fighting ability of the Orc, I’ve estimated it and it should be several times that of a Goblin.
So easily, just like that….. Guns are foul play after all.
The corpse of the deceased Orc disappeared and a blue magic stone rolled on the ground.
The magic stone of an Orc is also blue in color?
I’m marveled at the performance of 『Telephoto』, thanks to it I can clearly see from this distance.
Once the level rise, I’d be able to see things from very far.

Two more Orcs appeared from the entrance whether they heard the sound of shooting.
But after another rain of bullets, the two Orcs died.
Another two magic stones rolled on the ground.

「Hm?Just now, those people apparently entered a shooting stance before the Orcs came out of the entrance….. ?」

It’s not something possible just from intuition.
Their movements combined perfectly when the two Orcs came out, they knew beforehand.
Definitely, the JSDF have skills.
I don’t know if it’s either 『Hostility perception』or 『Search』, but there are some members who have skills to sense.
Unlike me, they probably have shared intel and it’s certain that everyone have a skill and a profession.

「…….. In this situation, I still don’t know if it’s good to follow. 」

My fist clenches in a spontaneous manner and I let out a smile.
Overwhelming firepower.
Means to attack from long-distance.
Supported by level and skills with leadership and command for organizing.
Unless it’s a battle of close combat, no way an Orc would win against them.

「If it’s this——–」

It’s safe.
That’s what I thought.
At the next moment.

———-『Cry』was heard.


A roar that ecoes even to this far distance.
The atmosphere trembles and the earth shakes.

Taking Momo in my embrace, I prepare for the shocks.
Immediately, Momo expand its 『Shadow』.

「It-ll be fine Momo. There shouldn’t be any effect at this distance….. 」

「Kuun…… 」

Momo’s staring anxiously.
There’s no doubt.  That’s『him』.
This is clearly the 『Roar』 skill from that High Orc.

「——–h!?!? Then, the JSDF…… ?」

Are they safe?
I raise my body and look at the shopping mall.
Somewhat staggering, some of the men are kneeling. They all seem to be alive.
The person, probably the captain, is giving instructions to the helicopter behind.
What was he saying?
It’s not possible to catch the voices.

「…… What about the High Orc?」

Where is he?
There’s no way that roar was released from inside the building.
The High Orc should be already outside somewhere……

「Nah…… ?」

My expectation was right.
There’s a roaring sound and tremors.
Suddenly, the helicopter that brought the JSDF exploded.
It was destroyed by something which had 『Fallen』from the top.
Among the blazing flames and soaring smokes, the brown colored High Orc came out.
He held the same huge butcher knife in his hand.

「No way, he jumped and crushed ….. ?」

What kind of leg power does this monster have……… Ah!
In his other hand, the corpse of the man, most likely the pilot of the helicopter, was grasped.
The High Orc casually threw the corpse.
With an unbelievable speed, the corpse is going straight towards the members of the JSDF. It looked as if the monster only lightly shook his arm.

Having one of their nakama thrown.
It gave rise to an instance of agitation.
One of the crew members could not avoid the throw, he got struck alongside the dead body at she shopping mall’s wall.
This crafty move made the person collapse.
I don’t know if he fainted or was dead, but probably already……

The two men with guns scream and fire.
However, the High Orc crossed his arms in front of his face and rushed through the storm of bullets.

「You’re lying….. !?」

The High Orc advance in a great manner within the storm of bullets.
It’s not working?
No, if you look closely the places where the bullets hit leave scars.
But that’s all.  Nothing fatal.

…… Hm? What?
At the moment when a bullet hit, something like blood vessels float on the body of the High Orc.
What kind of skill is that…… ?

In any case, the power of the guns that took away the life of the Orcs so casually are not getting anything out of that High Orc.
The monster is approaching the JSDF Force, and with the huge butcher knife he has in his hands, he took the heads of the two gunners.

The person who appears to be the captain is holding a knife and approaching the High Orc.
His knife is brought in an attempt to cut at the High Orc’s armpit.
But it’s only an attempt and the man’s arm got caught instead.
The person resembling the captain desperately struggles, but to no avail against the High Orc.
The gripped arm bends in a strange direction. The man’s expression is distorted in agony.
Resistance came to an end, the arm got torn apart resulting in the man’s death.

One person remaining.
The member who fell on his knee from the roar previously.
He’s looking at the scene, shaking.

The High Orc slowly approach the last standing man.
He did not even try to escape. Maybe he knows that even if he run away what await him is death.
The High Orc shook his blade.

In just a minute, the people from the JSDF. Wiped out.


Chapter 26 – Near miss

Staring at the conclusion I was stunned.

「You’re kidding……?」

These were the only words I managed to spit out.
The JSDF who had overwhelmed the normal orcs were wiped out by the High Orc.
I can’t swallow that.

「Too strong……」

No matter how you look at it.
Even another higher ranked species like the Hobgoblin who I fought previously, the difference between the two species is like heaven and earth.
The Hobgoblin’s strength is still in a satisfactory range.
Truly what you would expect of an advanced Goblin.Thought so.

But this one, he’s not like that.

There’s clearly a wall between the normal species of Orc.
Clearly an abnormal『Strength』.
When the High Orc confirmed the member of the JSDF death, he raised a shout of victory.
Whether that voice was a signal, more Orcs came out of the mall.
They numbered eight.
More than yesterday.
Do they have even more friends?

The High Orc aims the butcher knife he held in his hand in a certain direction.
There are a few figures ahead of the tip.
They’re not the same as the people I saw earlier.
Maybe they are the other people who rushed to look at the helicopter.
They began to flee everywhere once they saw the corpses of the Orcs and the JSDF

However, the High Orc barks again.
To that signal, the other Orcs begin to run.
It’s different from me at that time. Here it doesn’t look he’s going to overlook them.
I was very lucky.
The Orcs are displaying quick movements not suiting their big bodies.
Perhaps they will catch up.It’s not hard to imagine what will happen afterwards.
I stopped watching at that point.


I’m so screwed……. What to do.
After I received my new jobs and skills, I managed to gather my strength and fought until I killed the stronger species of Goblins.

「……. Do you want to run Momo?」


Giving such suggestion, I hold Momo and go Mofumofu.
But Momo’s answer was somewhat saying it don’t care.

「Run away to a place that High Orc can’t reach.」

This would be the best to survive.
But Momo tilts its head.
What the heck?


After thinking a little, I finally found out.
『Where』do you want to get away?

Monsters are overflowing everywhere in the town.
There’s no safe place anymore already.
The fact that the skillful JSDF came to this place shows that other towns and prefectures would have monsters as well.

The worst of all, a case where our escape leads us to a 『More powerful monster』.
Like a dragon or a phoenix for example.
If it’s like this, it will eventually be a never ending succession of running away again.
There would be no end to this theater drama. Someday I’m sure I’d stumble.

「So we have to do the opposite Momo?」


Momo nods.
Momo seemed to have reached the same idea.
No, maybe it catched more on the reality than me.
Deep sigh.

「….. After all, if you find a stronger monster, you have to give it to leveling little by little.」

That’s all there is to it.
For the sake of survival.
Raising your levels by hunting monsters.
Enhance your skills.
There is no other way.

I mean, it’s what I have been doing until a while ago.
But I was irresolute, troubled of a potential injury.
Ah, I see.
Somewhere in my heart, I was still searching for『Someone who will do something』.
Then I found the JSDF helicopter and that feeling hence reached my mind at once.

「I must fix my spirit.」

I beat my cheeks.
SFX:Paan! And a satisfying sound echoes.


Okay, even if I can’t help being irresolute!
We have to work hard, raise our spirit somehow!
Taking water out of the Item box I drink it at once.

「Yosh! Let’s go Momo. We need to be stronger!」


Different than the previous time, Momo strongly nodded this time.
Let’s live! It seemed to be saying.

「For the time being, will you follow me to the home center?」

The home center is in the opposite direction to the shopping mall where there is the High Orc.
In there I should find stronger weapons.
The kitchen knife I have has become useless now.
I’m wishing for a grindstone and stocks.

There’s also a drugstore nearby.
Hospitals won’t function properly, so I want to keep all sort of medical products even if only a little.

「Let’s go, Momo?」


Okay, our next destination is the home center.
We stood up and went back from the roof.

——- And then, a little girl appeared from the shadow of the rooftop after they left.
For her small build, the little girl is carrying a very long rifle.

「…… Looks like he’s gone.」

Muttering a few words, the woman stares at the place they were a moment before.

「……. They didn’t notice in the end.」

Yes, she’s been on the rooftop for a long time.
Suddenly as she was eating lunch on the rooftop, they came; and if it wasn’t for the shadow, she thought her heart would stop.
Thanks to her 『Skills』they didn’t notice her until the end, but…..

「Although it was okay to stay a little more…..」

Then they might have noticed her.
Or rather, she thought of calling them herself repeatedly, but she gave up each time.
At all her tries, she sweated slowly, her heartbeat became intense and she felt dizzy.
Even though she can keep calm whenever she looks through the scope, why couldn’t she do the same when being face to face?
She sighed greatly.

「Speaking to an unknown person is a big hurdle nonetheless…..」

That mutter didn’t reach anyone’s ear, quietly, it disappeared into the wind.