The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 162


Arisa screamed.

The tip of the arrow slowly sank into her forehead. The screaming gradually stopped. Arisa's body melted like a burning candle. Her skin, face, and legs turned into droplets of white or black wax while falling to the ground.

The wax landed on the ground and the green grasses turned yellow within seconds. The sour, fishy, and stinky smell flooded the air after some green smoke rose upon the pool of wax.

Arisa disappeared and only a long black robe was left on the ground.

Angele put the longbow on his back and covered his mouth with his left hand. Blood was coming out of his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. Especially his eyes, the blue pupils were coated with blood, and they looked horrifying.

Angele quickly grabbed the long black robe on the ground and shook it. A small leather pouch dropped out of the pocket along with a palm-sized black notebook.

He put everything into his pouch and ran to the east side of the forest.

The black robe was left on the ground. Angele jumped into the bushes and disappeared.

Angele held his mouth tight. Blood was emerging from his throat. He knew his injury was severe. Furthermore, someone, or something, was pursuing him. He could sense the approaching threat, and it seemed that this 'person' was traveling at the same speed as Angele.

"Red eyebrows… red beard… I'll find you one day…" Angele was enraged. It was the first time he was pushed to the limit after becoming a formal Wizard. He was not sure which stage the red beard was at, but Angele the red beard was at least at Master Liliana's level.

Angele kept advancing on the path he chose. It was already noon. The mist had disappeared completely. Rays of golden sunlight shot through the gaps between the leaves of the trees.

He asked Zero to check his body condition as he ran down the road.

His back and right hand were hit by the black smoke and the skin was corroded. Without the metal shield, he would've already been turned into a puddle of sticky black liquid.

In addition to that, the smoke contained a strong venom that coursed through Angele's veins. Blood was leaking out of his skin all over his body.

His attributes were plummeting, almost halving. Angele was lucky that he had absorbed many metals with high resistances before boarding the ship and he dodged most of the black smoke with Zero's help. Also, Angele's high attributes helped him fight against the poison. Wizards with low stamina would've already died.

Angele traveled for more than 10 kilometers at full speed until the threat stopped chasing after him.

The landscape around changed. The trees were much shorter than the ones he saw in the deep forest, and he finally saw travelers' footprints on the road.

Angele struggled for a while before he started moving again. He finally walked out of the forest and saw a path for carriages covered in mud.

He collected some herbs based on Zero's suggestion and stopped the poison from damaging his organs. Angele also applied some healing gel on his back to prevent the infection.

Angele stayed on the side of the road and wiped the bloodstain off his face. He waited for a while and saw several merchants' carriages.

He paid the coachman several silver coins. The coachman said he would drop him off at the nearest town. There was a cart full of furs attached to the carriage where Angele lay on top of it.

It was quite cozy. The carriage started heading to an area that Angele was not familiar with.


In the forest, there was a tall gray stone tower.

An old man with a red beard stood on the top of the tower and oversaw the forest, looking a bit depressed.

"Master, you are the best prophet I know, yet you can't find the black robe on the ship?" a female Wizard behind the old man asked.

"He's out of range." The old man put his hands behind. There was no expression on his face.

"If I don't have something else to take care of…" He turned around and looked at the female Wizard.

"Alica, you have the intel of the other targets?"

Alica nodded, "Master Sophina just sent me a message that she detected some movements in the mine. The other masters think they're trying to eliminate us."

The old man nodded as well. "Where's Dior?"

"He's still at a ruin by the west. He was arguing with the Merfolks about an ancient magical artifact he found. I think it will take him a while to…" Alica answered and stopped halfway after seeing the old man nodding his head.

"Also, the bloodline composition experiment in the lab… If you didn't help them in time, the hidden barrier would've already been broken. The good news is that the other masters did not notice the incident."

"We need to go to the mine first." The old man sighed.

"Calello and Arisa… It's a pity, but they died because they were not strong enough. Light of Thor and the mine are way more important. I already planted a seed on the young bastard. I'll finish him off when I have time. Also, place a price on his head."

"Yes, master," Alica nodded.

"Now if you would excuse me…"

"Go ahead."

Alica turned around and left the room, then closed the door carefully.


Angele was woken up from his meditation because the noises made by the carriage's wheels.

He opened his eyes. It was already night. The carriage was slowly traveling down the road.

"Korver, are we there yet?" he asked in a loud voice.

"We're almost there, sir. The town ruled by Lord Aster is ahead." The coachman was a middle-aged man wearing gray clothes and a straw hat.

Angele leaned to the side and looked ahead. He saw lights and some average-sized town walls separating the town from the forest. There were light torches hanging on the walls and Angele could hear the flames crackling. The only entrance to the town was by the end of the road. Several guards were chatting beside the town gate under the dim light.

Angele's brow furrowed. He raised his hand. A large piece of black metal appeared on his palm and covered his skin.

In the darkness, his skin turned dark, giving the impression that it was tanned by the sun. He then created a pair of scissors and cut off his long hair. Also, Angele's face changed after it was coated with the black metal. He looked like an ordinary young man who could be found anywhere in a town.

'I'm way too weak right now. I need to be careful.' Angele already had a plan in mind. He was still lying on the furs.

The carriages slowly approached the entrance of the gate.

"Stop, what's in the carts?" A tall guard with a mustache walked over and asked in a loud voice.

Korver jumped off the carriage quickly and smiled.

"Sir, those are some fine furs from the west. Take a look. It's what the Lord needs."

The guard was just doing the routine. He nodded before he walked to the carts and saw Angele lying on the furs.

Angele jumped off the cart. He had already repaired the damage on his leather armor suit with a thin layer of silver metal. He straightened his back and stared at the guard like a nobleman.

Before Angele could say something, the guard stepped forward and smiled.

"Sir, you're here to study, right? We know Master Markolov's rules. Who are you looking for? I can be your guide since I'm familiar with the business."

Angele stayed calm and nodded. He took out a gold coin from his pouch and threw it to the guard.

"I got into some trouble in the forest and lost my map. Can you tell me where I am? I need to know if this is the right place."

The guard caught the gold coin carefully. Although the gold coin was light, it was still a good extra money.

"This the Aster Town. Master Markolov lives around here. If you go a bit further, you can meet Master Jerad and Master Para. They can give you a test if you are a noble. Please follow me."

The tall guard led Angele to the stone wall and pointed at a yellow poster.

"Take a look. You need to meet the requirements to take the test."

The other guards looked jealous after seeing the tall guard talking to Angele. They just bowed to Angele and stayed by the gate. It seemed like they reached a certain agreement. Only one guard could talk to the 'customer' at a time.

Angele did not care about the other guards. He focused on the poster.


The words were written in Anmag.

'Jerad. One magic stone per year. Age, younger than 20. Must be a noble.'

'Markolov. One magic stone per year. Age, younger than 20. Must be a noble. Also looking for servants.'

'Para. One magic stone per year. Age, younger than 20. Must be a noble.'

There were different gray insignias drawn beside their names.

Jerad had the insignia of a flower, Markolov had the insignia of a burning flame, and Para had the insignia of a stone.

Angele recognized those insignias right away.