The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 160

Angele spent three years concentrating his mentality by the coastline and he already reached the Gas Stage. However, he was still far from reaching the Liquid Stage, so he decided to spend his time on preparing for the support materials first.

He returned to the land of Wizards because there was barely any rare material around Marua City.

There were many Wizard Rifts here, and he could only find the necessary potions in certain Wizard organizations. The potion he needed was called The Tree Killer. There was no way for him find it in the markets.

The only thing Angele knew about the potion was its name. He did not have the formula and he had no idea what the materials were.

His original plan was to travel to the Six Ring High Tower. He thought it would be nice if he could find the secret of the concept gear and the formula of the potion there. However, things changed after he killed three Wizards on the ship.

Although it was self-defense, Angele knew the black robe's organization would go after him sooner or later. The two white robes were from a small organization; thus, he was not so concerned about them.


Inside a gloomy forest.

The morning mist spread throughout out the trees, and there were creatures howling.

A tall and strong man was slowly advancing on a twisted path. He was wearing a dark red hunting suit and there was a 2-meter-long metal bow on his back. The man held a black bag in one hand and a crossguard sword in the other. There was still hint of blood on the blade. His long brown hair was soaked wet by the mist, which trailed all over his shoulders.

It was the fourth day since Angele entered the forest.

He followed the traces of the footprints from other people on the way, but he did not see anyone around.

The mud on the ground was wet and sticky.

Blue light dots kept flashing in front of Angele's eyes

Suddenly, a high-pitched sound came from Angele's left side.

He turned to the left and immediately slashed with the sword.


A small animal was blown away by the impact and hit a tree on the side, it struggled for several seconds and died.

Angele walked to the tree and skewered the animal on his blade.

It was a fat white rabbit.

The rabbit was about the size of a human's head and its eyes were bloody red, also, two snake-like long teeth could be seen around the lips.

Angele scrunched up his brows and pulled the rabbit off the sword.

He put down the rabbit by the tree, collected some dried branches, and set up a small campfire.

With a flick of his finger.

The campfire was lit and the flame looked blurry in the mist.

Angele sat down by the campfire and grabbed the rabbit. He skinned it quickly and removed the organs.

The mist cleared a bit after Angele set up the campfire. He finished cleaning the rabbit and skewered it with his crossguard sword again. He held the handle in hand tight and started rotating the sword to roast the whole rabbit.

Angele took off a large water pouch from his belt and drank some water. It was almost empty.

Oil was dripping down the meat and the skin of the rabbit was already golden brown.

Angele glanced around. He was surrounded by enormous trees, but there were not many bushes around. The dark ground was covered by dried leaves and branches. He could also see grasses on the area ahead.

The tree trunks were wide and tall. They stood there like guardians of the forest.

Angele cut a piece of the roasted rabbit with a dagger and threw it into his mouth after it cooled down a bit.

The texture was smooth and tender, tasting somewhat like roasted chicken. However, Angele did not carry any spice, and he would appreciate some salt.

Angele suddenly put the roasted rabbit down and turned around. Blue light dots flashed in front of his eyes.

Zero detected an unknown target approaching. Angele saw a blurry black shadow moving toward him. It seemed that the man was wearing a black robe.

He stood up and grabbed his bow, starting to prepare for a possible fight while staring at the black shadow.

The man stepped on leaves and made some noise. He was getting closer.

Angele inhaled once and the smell of a rotten corpse already pervaded through the air.

His expression changed. He quickly took out a piece of red leaf and covered his nose with it.

"The Light of Thor. Where is it?" The clean voice from the shadow sounded like it was from a young lady.

Angele dropped the leaf to the ground. He pulled the bowstring to full and created a black metal arrow.

"Light of Thor? What is that? And who are you? I have no idea what you're talking about," Angele answered in a calm voice.

"You killed Calello on the ship, right? Hand the Light of Thor over to me and I'll let you leave," The female Wizard spoke with a confident voice.

"Calello is at the Liquid stage. You backstabbed him while he was fighting with the two Wizards of Light, right?"

The lady slowly appeared in Angele's sight. She had a pair of sharp, green eyes. Her lips, eyes, and her long robe were all black.

The female Wizard was covered in black. Her skin was pale, and she looked like she just came back from dead.

She stopped about ten meters away from Angele and stared at him quietly. Her face was pretty, but Angele could not see any emotion from her eyes.

"Name is Arisa, by the way."

"Again. I don't know what you're saying." Angele's eyebrows creased and looked at Arisa.

"Light of Thor, a silver chest armor. Stop hiding it, I can smell Calello's last breath from you." Arisa had no expression on her face.

Angele stopped for a while and chuckled.

"Fine. Yea, I killed Calello, but I didn't expect that you could track me down. I know you're not here to avenge Calello, but I have to be honest here. The Light of Thor I found was a counterfeit…"

"Fake or not, hand it over to me. Otherwise, I'll show you the power of my spells," Arisa interrupted.

"Whatever." Angele walked to the black bag beside the tree. "I'll show you the evidence."

He kicked the bag to Arisa.

The bag rolled on the ground for several seconds and stopped right in front of Arisa. Arisa picked it up and took out the fake Light of Thor.

She put her right hand on the back of the armor.

"This one is fake for sure."

"Good. There's no point for us to fight then." Angele smiled.

"So, where's the real one?" Arisa dropped the armor to the ground and asked.

Angele's eyes narrowed and his expression turned serious.

"I told you already. I acquired it on the ship and I have no clue where the real one is. Wait, do you really think you can win the fight against me?" He released some energy particles into the air.

There was an interesting look on Arisa's face.

"You just admitted you killed Calello, right? If that's true, I can put you into my new potion in development."

She smiled.


A strong sound started coming from her body.

Arisa lowered her hands and thick black smoke rose from her feet. The smoke was leaking out of her long black robe. The grasses, insects, everything it touched all turned into a pool of black pus. The black pus evaporated in seconds and became part of the smoke.

The ink-colored smoke quickly spread around the area and a dark circle covered all the trees, bushes, and grasses. Arisa was in the center of the circle.

It looked like a drop of ink started spreading after sinking into a large piece of green cloth.

Angele slowly stepped back and watched the smoke streaking into the air.


He quickly shot an arrow.

The black arrow drew an arc in the air and hit Dark Wizard Arisa's body with great force.

However, Arisa had a mysterious smile on her face. Her body melted like a burning candle within seconds. Her face twisted, turned into drops of sticky black liquid, and fell into the black shadow under her feet.

Arisa vanished into the black smoke quickly. Only her long black robe was left on the ground.

Angele gritted his teeth and kept stepping back. The arrow he shot had already been swallowed by the smoke and turned into a small pool of black liquid.

The smoke separated before reaching him. Some of it blocked Angele's way.

The smaller trees already started melting. Most of the grasses and dried leaves already turned into a part of the smoke.

Angele took out a glowing green heart from his pouch.

He chanted some incantation.


An arm-sized ray of green flame spurted out of the heart and rushed into the black smoke.

The green flame sparked, but it was swallowed by the seemingly infinite dark smoke and disappeared right away.

Angele's expression changed. Suddenly, a ball of green smoke appeared behind him and turned into a human-shaped shadow. It was Arisa trying to seize Angele.

He suddenly turned around and brandished forward.


The strike missed.

"Die!" Angele shouted. Silver metal liquid started leaking out of his skin and floated in the air around him.

The metal liquid gathered together and turned into tiny knives. Angele waved his hand in the air and coated those knives with electric pulses.

The electric spark noise was loud, and the bright blue light illuminated Angele's face.

All the knives started revolving around his body after he slightly waved his hand.

The knives were moving faster and faster. They created a barrier around Angele, which helped eliminate the incoming black smoke.

Some of the black smoke disappeared after making contact with the wall of knives, but the electricity applied to them weakened due to the loss of energy.

The black smoke was enraged after being blocked by the knives, it started jumping and rolling around.

Shadow tentacles suddenly jumped out of the smokescreen and rushed toward Angele. The blue knives kept flying to the tentacles, but only some of them were blocked.

Angele shook his head and sneered.