The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 158

Without the harpy's signet, Angele would not have been able to win the battle against Calello so easily. There would be a lot more trouble had Calello successfully escaped.

The signet changed the outcome of the battle. It helped Angele hit Calello with the Lesser Fireball directly. Not all the spells could track down an enemy automatically.

Angele checked his body condition again and fell asleep. He had no idea how much time passed after he woke up.

Angele grunted and got out of the bed while rubbing his temples. He finally had the time to check the surroundings.

The room was decorated with gray accessories. Rays of golden sunlight brought warmth to it after passing through the thick glasses.

He could see the two corpses lying in the corner quietly.

Angele wanted to take out his crystal clock and check the time, but he realized it was not his cabin. Instead, he was inside a random room.

The ship was silent, deadly silent that he could not hear the waves of the sea.

The sunlight left a golden spot on the floor and the fishy smell of blood pervaded through the air in the room.

Angele stood up. He walked to the bodies and pulled the male Wizard's body to him. A deep wound was left on the center of his chest and his white robe was soaked in the blood.

He checked the dead man's belt and found a white leather pouch. It was full of random items.

Angele moved his hands to the body's right side of the chest and found a hidden pocket that was sewn to the inner side of the robe.

He tore the pocket off and threw it on the bed before he kicked the body away. He then grabbed the female Wizard's body.

The woman looked young, about twenty years old. Her skin was elastic and smooth, but her face was just average. Most Wizards had their special methods that would make themselves look younger than they were, so Angele had no idea how old this woman actually was.

Again, Angele grabbed her pouch from the belt first and searched her robe.

The only valuable item he found was a black necklace on the woman's neck.

Angele furrowed his eyebrows and was about to throw the body away.

Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and found something strange.

He quickly laid the body on the floor and took her white robe off.

Angele saw a white tight leather armor piece under her robe. The robe was covered in complex silver patterns and for some reason, the woman did not wear any underwear.

He found a row of buttons on the left side of the armor and unfastened it quickly. The silver armor piece dropped to the ground after it was unfastened.

Angele picked it up and started observing the patterns with excitement in his eyes.

"Interesting… So, maybe Calello was trying to get this armor…?" Angele guessed.

The armor was specially designed for females to wear, but Angele was still happy that he just found a treasure.

"The Light of Thor! A legendary chest armor that was enchanted with water energy particles. This is a compelling enchanted gear…"

Suddenly, Angele found something weird on the side of the armor. He turned the armor piece around and saw a circle of blue crystals inserted into one of the buttons. The circle was about the size of a fingernail.

Angele's expression changed.

"Damn, it's a counterfeit." He shook his head and chuckled.

"Well, they will send someone stronger to guard it if it's real…"

He threw the armor piece to the floor and started checking the female Wizard's body again.

There was a black belt on her right leg and the slots were filled up with random metal knives that looked like surgery equipment. He also found a white box that was about the size of a finger. Angele took the belt off her leg and removed most of the random items from the slots.

He then grabbed the white box and opened it by twisting the tiny lock. A white leather scroll dropped out of the box right after it was unlocked.

Angele picked the scroll up and opened it. He saw formulas and data written all over it. There was also a graph of a ring and the information marked beside it looked complex.

There was a title on top of the scroll and it said: 'Ring of Tranquility. When the moonlight shines, the gate of the forest will be opened for you.'

"Blueprint of an enchanted gear." Angele recognized the format.

"Well, useless to me, but I can trade it for something else." He carefully sealed the scroll and locked it inside the white metal box.

He turned the box around and saw a tiny line of words engraved into the center.

'Noupogson, Ring of Tranquility.'

Angele collected all the valuable items and stood up. He kicked the bodies to the side and wiped his hands with a piece of white cloth.

"So, they're from Noupogson," Angele mumbled.

He knew the organization.

It was once a strong Wizard organization that was famous for its Water enchanted items and gears. However, their strength deteriorated over the years due to various reasons.

First, their spells and meditation methods were hard to study, so the organization only took in a small number of Wizard apprentices that met the requirements into the school. The number of contracted Wizards in Noupogson also declined due to the lack of new blood. They must have only one or two Liquid Stage Wizards at present. It was almost impossible for them to track Angele down.

Noupogson's situation was similar to Ramsoda. However, Ramsoda College had the incredible treasure, Shadow Pearl, and outsiders still feared its name.

In the Wizard's world, there were many Wizard organizations that were similar to Noupogson. Some of them were created by Wizards who shared the same research projects.

Angele already left the school and he did not sign any contract, so he was free to join any Wizard organization he wanted.

Most of the decaying Wizard organizations lacked Wizard apprentices because the requirement of studying their spells or meditation method was too high. Angele's plan was to join as many smaller organizations as he could and acquire their knowledge.

The enhancement function of the chip would similarly become stronger if Angele could store more knowledge in the database. Also, the more special spells he knew, the easier the chip could compare the various types of spell models.

Although Angele still needed to modify the spells enhanced by the chip to obtain the best results, Zero could still save him some time in experiments. The risk of getting hurt during experiments was also greatly lowered.

Master Liliana was hurt during a spell experiment and her strength was weakened. Also, her face and body had been permanently damaged. She needed to get treated every time the clock in her eye reached a certain time.

Angele rubbed his chin.

'Joining other Wizard organizations is indeed a good idea. The biggest difference between Wizards of Light and Dark Wizards is the spell type. They hate each other because Wizards of Light don't like how Dark Wizards treat others. Also, If I can get my hands on a complete white robe, I can just tell them I'm a Wizard of Light. My potion concocting skill is also a plus.'

Wizards all wore white robes in the ancient times. The only difference was the pattern on their sleeves. Those patterns indicated their ranks as Wizards.

When the war with the underground races waged on, the Wizards decided to enter the underground area and fight back. They changed their white robes to black robes, so they could hide in the dark during the war.

The Wizards that were good at damage spells were given the black robes and they started to spend more time researching on spells that were designed to kill. Also, they developed the Shadow spells and Necromantic spells because they were stronger when they were cast underground. The white robes stayed on the surface and kept doing other research since they were not good at fighting.

The Dark Wizards spent too much time dealing with the negative energy particles and damage spells, so their personality changed after the war ended. They had too much blood on their hands and they could not help but kept modifying the incredible damage spells they created.

The Dark Wizards moved back to the surface after the treaty was signed, but their lives had completely changed.

They considered the Wizards who still wore white robes cowards because they thought the white robes did not contribute to the victory of the war. They decided to keep the black robes as a sign of honor.

However, there were much more Wizards of Light than Dark Wizards, so the remaining Dark Wizards had been driven away to the remote area of the land.

Angele read about the history in the school's library.

'Black robes hate the white robes because when the land is in peaceful, no one needs powerful damage spells… The Dark Wizards will only shine when there's a war going around, as their black robes are the symbols of power and strength.'

Angele stopped thinking and opened the pouches obtained from the two Wizards of Light.

He only found some cheap spell materials and the female Wizard had several relatively valuable magic stones.

'What are they doing here…' Angele shook his head.

The only valuable items Angele collected was the black necklace and Ring of Tranquility's blueprint.

The fake Light of Thor was worthless. It was powered by the energy particles stored in the blue crystals. Angele thought that these two Wizards of Light were mere baits, here to cover for the carrier of the true Light of Thor.

Angele shook his head again. He stood up and put everything into his pouch. After everything was done, he carried the two bodies to the deck.