The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 157

Angele's eyes narrowed as he saw the man walk out of the cabin.

The man was different from the first time Angele saw him on the dock. His aura was now similar to the strong Wizard with a black panther Angele met back in the forest. He hid his true mentality level using a certain method and it only indicated one thing.

"You already reached the Liquid Stage?" Angele asked in a calm tone.

"My name is Calello." The man took off his hood and showed Angele his face.

He looked like an average middle-aged man with pale skin and deep eyes. The man's short, black hair was messy, his eyes coated with a light green glow.

"I reached Liquid Stage about five years ago. You're from Ramsoda, right? Give the bodies to me and I won't hurt you. I don't want to be hunted down by your organization anyway." Calello shrugged.

Angele creased his eyebrows. "I don't see any sincerity from your eyes."

He suddenly turned around.


Angele blocked the greatsword coming from behind with his crossguard sword.

A black distorted shadow ambushed him. It looked like a minotaur. Angele could not see its face and body, but he was stared at by two scarlet eyes. The minotaur held a wide greatsword in its hands and was about to strike again.

Angele stepped back and his feet were trapped by something

He lowered his head and saw dark green vines binding his feet. He had no idea when Calello had cast those spells.

Angele immediately kicked the veins away, but they still slowed him down for a second. The minotaur caught the chance and slashed forward with its greatsword.

Metal liquid spurted out of Angele's body and created a shield in front of him.


The greatsword hit the silver shield hard.

Minotaur's strike ended up breaking the thick floor and a large hole was created under Angele's feet.

Angele moved the shield under his feet before falling down and jumped out of the hole. He turned around and charged toward Calello. Although the minotaur's attack was blocked by the shield, he still took some damage that caused him to spit out some blood.

Calello opened his arms and smiled.

Two pink curved blades appeared on his arms. The edges of the blades were glowing as if they were heated soldering iron.


They traded several hits and backed off. Angele hit Calello's blades with crossguard sword but failed to do any actual damage.

He shifted the shape of the sword and turned the tip of the blade into a sharp needle, aiming for Calello's chest.

At the same time, he sent a needle to attack Calello's back. The needle drew a black arc in the air and was about to hit.

Calello slashed forward with the blade on his right arm and forced Angele to jump back. He did not even try to dodge Angele's attack and the needle just hit his back, but the noise it made sounded like something hit a tree.

"That's all you can do?" Calello stood there and sneered.

"I'm disappointed at you, Wizard of Ramsoda!"


Angele traded hits again with the minotaur, but his strength had weakened because of the injury and he was pushed away by minotaur's powerful strike.

Angele was not taunted by Calello. He stayed calm and gave Calello a cold look.

He suddenly raised his left palm and aimed at the minotaur.

The black wings on his palm twisted and trembled. A strange noise echoed in the cabin, it sounded like a woman screaming mixed with birds chirping.

A distorted wave surrounded Angele and started spreading into all directions. Minotaur was paralyzed and stopped moving. Calello's eyes glazed over after being affected by the wave.

Angele lowered his left hand.

"I have to use the signet…" He mumbled and pointed at Calello with his right hand.

Red energy particles gathered in front of his palm and turned into a head-sized fireball.

The fireball rotated and sparked, it almost looked like Angele's hand was covered in flame.

"Lesser Fireball!" Angele pushed the fireball forward.

It drew a red line in the air and flew toward the stunned Calello. The fireball shrank in the air and quickly turned into a fist-sized red crystal ball.


Calello was hit directly by the crystal ball and his body was covered in fire. The impact almost blew a hole on the ship.

"AH!" Calello realized what had happened after suffering from the intense pain.

"Banshee's Scream! Where did you find it?!" he shouted furiously from inside the flame.

"Well, it's Harpy's Scream. The legends say it will pull you into the abyss and fill up your mind with despair," Angele said in a low voice.

"It's over, Calello. My modified Lesser Fireball is much stronger than most of the average damage spells."

Angele watched Calello struggle in the flames. He stored the modified Lesser Fireball in the chip and cast it instantly after using the signet. It was the reason he won this battle.

He focused on increasing the power of the spell while doing the modification, but it would take him at least five minutes to just create the spell model. The best way to use it was to store it in the chip and cast it instantly when necessary.

Although the amount of time and mentality required to cast the spell was ridiculous, the Lesser Fireball could do at least 40 degrees of damage if the target was hit by it directly.

The effect of the signet exceeded his expectations. It stunned a Liquid Stage Wizard for at least five seconds. Without the signet, it would be hard for Angele caught Calello off guard.

Five seconds could change the outcome of the battle easily. The power of the ancient blood was horrifying, so Angele decided to use it wisely in the future since the signet could only be activated for five times.

The minotaur turned into black smoke and vanished into the air as Calello burned.

Calello spent about a minute to put off the fire. He kept swinging the blades to prevent Angele from getting close.

Angele was surprised that Calello was still alive. Green smoke was rising from his body and his skin burned black.

"Good… You'll regret it!" Calello leaned against the wall and said with a hoarse voice.

"I'll come back for you…" His body suddenly turned into pieces of black flesh and collapsed to the ground. They melted and turned into a pool of sticky dark liquid, then evaporated. Calello disappeared after several seconds.

Angele was not surprised. He quickly rushed to the deck and overlooked the sea by the railing.

A white whale appeared on the sea several hundred meters away from the ship. Suddenly, the black smoke appeared on the back of the whale. The black smoke quickly formed into a man who was Calello.

Angele quickly created a large silver longbow in his hands. He held the bow in left hand and created a bowstring with his right hand.

'Calculating the direction of the wind…'

'Correcting the needed strength…'

'Simulating… Done. The possibility of hitting the target: 98.15%.'

Blue light dots flashed in front of his eyes, he tied the bowstring on the bow and pulled it to a full moon. A silver metal arrow appeared on the bow and its arrowhead was dipped with flames.


The arrow disappeared from the bow and drew a red line in the air before hitting Calello accurately.

Calello's body started burning again with the arrow penetrating his heart. The man kneeled down on the back of the whale while screaming in pain.

"No!" he shouted in despair. The man's voice sounded like a dying lion.

Angele spat out some blood again and watched Calello's body exploding in the air. Pieces of his burning flesh dropped into the sea.

Angele put his hand on the railing and slowly walked back to his cabin. He still had some mentality left, but he used up most of his mana, including the part stored in the chip. Also, it seemed that activating the signet had consequences. Only harpies had enough resistance that they would not see any hallucinations. Angele's organs were still hurt although it was him who released the wave.

"A Liquid Stage Dark Wizard… If he was more careful during the fight, I would already be dead." Angele shook his head. He had a bitter smile on his face. He carried the two Wizards of Light's bodies to a random empty room and left some energy particles by the door to set up an alarm before lying down the bed.

'Organs are damaged. Cell activities reduced. What the hell was that Minotaur? I thought I was fighting against a Grand Knight.' Angele looked at the blue hologram of his body.

Rows of information were listed beside the model.

The last line told him the estimated amount of time needed for him to recover and it said, 'One month'.

'I checked the two Wizards of Light's belongings, but they had nothing that indicated who they were working for. They shared the same Talent Spell, so I'm sure they were from the same organization. I didn't get the chance to check Calello's robe, but why did his organization send a Liquid Stage Wizard to assassinate two Wizard of Lights that lacked practice experiences… What did I just get myself into…'

Angele sighed and laid on his back.

After the fight, he knew the signet would bring him the advantage in a fight against Liquid Stage Wizards, but that was it. The outcome of the battle would be different had Calello taken it more seriously.