The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 156

"Two boxes of Naga's Holy Water. We're good," Francis whispered.

Beyoncé gave Francis a confident look, and they dropped the two crystal boxes together.


The boxes did not break, but their lids fell off.

A pool of translucent liquid slowly emerged onto the deck.

After several seconds, the liquid separated into two smaller pools. They reflected the sky and the clouds like mirrors.

Suddenly, a large hand reached out from the edge of the pool. It was wet and translucent. The hand grabbed the deck, which almost looked like a hand that came from an endless abyss and the pool was the portal.

The two pools were connected to an unknown world. Two tall men climbed to the deck through them.

They were about three meters tall with muscular translucent water bodies. Long antennas were wiggling on top of their head, looking like two strange Santa hats.

The two had no eyes, no noses, and no mouths. They lined up in front of Francis and Beyoncé while glancing around the deck.

Francis and Beyoncé stepped back and talked to each other for a second.

"Go! Kill that man for me!" Beyoncé ordered with a low voice and pointed at the stairs.

The other Wizard apprentices on the deck figured something was about to happen and they immediately returned to their cabins. Only several sailors were still staring at the two Wizards and the water men curiously.

The water men started walking downstairs quickly as they received the order.

They left a trail of wet footprints on the deck and water was splashed everywhere.

The two raised their heads after reaching Angele's cabin. Cracks appeared in the center of their face as water charged forth.


Two pressurized jets of water smashed against the door like two iron pillars. The wooden door exploded, and the wreckage was blown into the room. However, it looked like something was stopping the water jets and the broken wood pieces from advancing.

The water jets splashed onto the ground after several seconds. The two Wizards of Light could finally see what transpired inside the room.

A silver metal shield was floating in the middle of the room. Water was dripping down its surface. The intense sunlight passed through the window and cast reflections upon its metallic surface.

The shield melted after blocking the water jets and wreckage, then absorbed by a hand behind.

The room was a mess, broken glasses and metal pieces were everywhere. White mist soaked the ground, and several metals beakers were rolling on the floor.

A man in a black robe was standing in the middle of the room.

It was a young man with a blue liquid-filled test tube in his hand. The man had a muscular body and long brown hair.

The golden sunlight gave the tube a mysterious blue glow.


Suddenly, cracks that looked like spider webs covered the surface of the tube. The test tube failed to handle the impact.


The blue liquid inside the tube turned into blue smoke and leaked through the cracks, then disappeared into the air.

Angele could not believe what just happened, he looked at the cracked test tube in his hand for a second, and then turned around.

"You are dead!" Angele glared at the two Wizards of Light and bellowed.

The test tube in his hand was squeezed into pieces. He raised his hands and pointed at the two Wizards of Light by the entrance.

Silver metal liquid started coming out of his body, which turned into countless metal strings.


The tip of those silver strings turned into tiny needles. They started flying toward the two Wizards of Light and water men from all angles after Angele swung his hands.

The two Wizards of Light stood beside the door and they were panicking.

"Wait, how is that even possible?! That's Naga's Holy Water! It should kill everything it touches! What's going on?!" Francis's face was pale and he kept retreating.

Beyoncé stood beside Francis doing some complicated hand gestures while chanting shortened incantations.


The two water men roared and tried to grab the incoming metal strings with their hands.

Their bodies shrank as the metal strings were melted by the Naga's Holy Water.

Their size halved within several seconds. They then fell to the ground and turned into two small puddles.

The rest of the metal strings was still flying toward the two white robes.

Francis already reached the wall in the hallway and there was nowhere for him to hide. He saw Beyoncé shooting a blue water sphere the size of a head toward Angele, but it was stopped halfway in the air by the silver shield. The water ball dropped to the floor and disappeared after hitting the shield.

"Beyoncé… We're in deep shit…" Francis forced a smile on his pale face.

Beyoncé stepped back as well. She stopped beside Francis and put up a blue water shield in front of them. The two water shields had the texture of blue crystals and they helped block Angele's silver strings.

The silver strings did not stop. They kept hitting the blue crystal shields, almost looking like they were sawing the surface. Beyoncé was trying her best to repair the shields with water energy particles.

Beyoncé was getting exhausted, "What the hell! I don't recognize his spells! This man can probably kill anyone on this ship if he wants to!"


Their barriers broke into pieces and dropped to the ground.

Blood spurted out of the two Wizards of Light's eyes, noses, ears, and mouths. They were reaching their mentality limit. The shield could not be supported by the water energy particles anymore. Strangely, the silver strings stopped in front of them and started returning to Angele's body.

Angele stepped forward and kicked Beyoncé in the stomach.


Beyoncé groaned and hit the wall. She struggled for several seconds and fainted on the floor.

"How are you going to compensate me?" Angele's sight fell upon Francis. He spent days making the potion, but the two Wizards of Light broke into his cabin and destroyed the finished product.

In addition to that, Angele had just finished the last step and the tube cracked while he was still immersed in the ecstasy of success. This incident completely made him furious.

The two white robes already lost their ability to fight. Angele broke the shields of their Talent Spells and their mentality was used up. It would take them years to recover from the loss.

Francis trembled in fear.

"We… We didn't mean it…"

Angele sneered, raised his right hand, and created a crossguard sword.

He stabbed Francis's chest without hesitation.

"Wizards of Light, huh?" Angele pulled the sword out of Francis's chest and blood dripped down the blade.

"When was the last time you actually engaged in a fight?"

Francis held his wound with hands. He fell to the ground and died before he could say anything. A small pool of blood gathered under his body and traversed Angele's boots.

Angele turned around and looked at Beyoncé. The young woman was unconscious with her eyes rolled up. He patted the woman's face, but she did not wake up. Although he had several questions to ask, he still decided to finish her off first. He put his hands around the woman's neck and wrung it.

Angele dropped her body to the floor and looked at the stairs. It seemed that the two Wizards of Light were so confident that they did not even call for backup.

Angele pushed his Metal Mastery to its full potential during the fight and he spent half of his mana to control all the metal strings. The ability to control metal strings was named as Silver String by Angele. He developed it while trying to figure out how to improve his Metal forcefield. The string was made of a special alloy that combined many rare metals. It was the strongest material he had at the moment.

The string was hard and elastic, and its conductivity also helped Angele save his mana while casting spells. However, he spent a long time to create the alloy. He did countless experiments to figure out the needed metals and the percentages.

However, he created too many silver strings at the same time while he was attacking the water men and the crystal shields, and half of his mana was consumed in under one minute.

"I know you're here, reveal yourself," Angele spoke in a light tone. He slightly swung the sword and most of the blood splattered onto the floor.

"Incredible…" A man in black robe walked out of a cabin while clapping. He had a gentle smile on his face staring at Angele with a pair of green eyes.

"Do you still have mana left? After slaying two Wizards of Light? Hand over the two bodies to me and I'll let you go. What do you think?" The man was slim and his voice was low. However, the words he said still echoed around Angele's ears.