The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 155

In another cabin downstairs.

A slim man wearing black robe was sitting on the bed with his legs crossed. Three white beads were spinning in front of his mouth and they were glowing. Those beads would release some white electric pulse every several minutes and the electric pulses would go straight into the man's nose.

Suddenly, the man opened his eyes. It seemed like he sensed something unusual. He inhaled once and all the beads went into his left nostril. The only light resource in the air disappeared.


The man snapped his fingers and the oil lamp on the desk was lit, with dim yellow light brightening the room again.

"What's going on? Something is wrong," he whispered.

"I need to be more careful this time. There are so many Wizards on this ship…" He rubbed his chin and started thinking.

A faint distortion flashed by the door and a tiny silver ant slowly revealed itself.

The ant stopped moving after entering the door, it swung its antenna several times and vanished into the air again.

The man on the bed had already noticed the ant's presence, but pretended to not see it as he kept mumbling.

"The other Dark Wizard is a problem... I've seen him somewhere. He has killed several mortals without hesitation. I hope nothing will happen during the trip…"


Beyoncé spat out some blood, and it splashed on the floor. The fishy stench pervaded through the air in the room.

"Someone's trying to attack me through the ants!" Her face turned pale and blood was dripping down her chin.

Francis had a serious expression on his face. "I'm doing good, the black robe that boarded earlier looks fine."

"So, it's the second one. He's trying to attack me." Beyoncé was breathing heavily.

Suddenly, Francis turned his head around and looked at the door.

"Who's there!" He raised his right hand and released a ray of green energy particles. However, the energy ray dissolved in midair after reaching the door.

A translucent skull appeared in the air while laughing.

"Die!" the skull shouted in a hoarse voice.

Beyoncé and Francis finally recognized the spell.

"It's the Soul Cather! Necromantic Spell! God damn…"


Before Francis could finish his word, the skull exploded in the air and the room became filled with a dark venomous cloud.

Beyoncé was closer to the center of the explosion, so she had been covered with the dark cloud before she could put up her forcefield.

"Ah!" she screamed in pain. A strong whirlwind surrounded her body, but it failed to blow the dark cloud away.

The cloud was eating away Beyoncé's skin. She was doing her utmost to cast the shield spell. At that moment, a red fireball from Francis hit the dark cloud and exploded.

The smoke created by the explosion spread into the air. The dark cloud was cleared by the fireball, and they kept coughing hard for several minutes.

"Damn! It was that Dark Wizard with brown hair here! He wants me dead!" Beyoncé shouted in anger.

"We need to take him down. Do you have a plan?" Francis spoke in a grim tone.

"He killed one of my ants and was trying to kill me! You saw it, Francis!" Beyoncé screamed like crazy.

The smoke cleared. Beyoncé's face was severely hurt and blood was coming out of her left eye.

"How dare he try to kill a formal Wizard?! I'll make him pay!"


Angele had no idea that there were people aiming for his life.

He was focusing on developing the new potion, as it was his priority at the moment.

Angele hit the silver ant with the signet just to warn the invaders, yet he did not know it would deal so much damage to the two Wizards of Light.

Angele was not really creating a new type of potion. He just wanted to modify one of the formulae he knew and add some special effects to it. He wanted to add other potion's effects to the Ghost Voice potion. Angele's theory was to add potion effects to the vibration of his voice and ultimately create a whole new way of casting spells.

It could also be described as a way to strengthen his body.

Angele already reached his genetic limit again, and he had to rely on other methods to increase the attributes. He was a close combat Wizard most of the time, and he needed to enhance his Metal Mastery to make everything work better.

Angele spent some time preparing materials for the development of the potion before boarding the ship. He had to substitute some rare materials with common materials because his homeland lacked magic materials.

It would take the ship another month to reach Angele's destination. He did not want to waste any time during the trip.

Angele already finished the calculation and collected enough data a while ago. It was time for him to prepare for the experiments.


Five days later, Angele carefully returned one of the test tubes to the metal rack.

In front of him, there was a silver metal table and various metal containers and glass tubes were lined up on it.

Inside the containers, there were different types of herbs, gels, and potions. Some of them were boiling without being heated and the steam smelled like leather.

Angele looked at the equipment in front of him and wiped the sweat from his forehead with a piece of white cloth.

"All the materials… for two attempts… I hope this time it'll work," Angele muttered. He shook his head and focused on the experiment.

He grabbed a black metal beaker and started putting herbs into it following a specific order. Also, he was using Zero to measure the numbers while chanting some incantation.

The colorful herbs were mixed together and smashed into powder.

Angele pulled a test tube with red liquid inside from the rack and dropped several drops into the beaker carefully.


Some strong waves hit the ship and the whole cabin was shaking.

Angele creased his eyebrows and looked out of the window.

"Damn it. Almost spilled it," he cursed in a low voice. Angele used a set of metal equipment because he did not want to break too many things.

He looked at the two servings of materials in front of him. Most of them had been provided by Dark Emblem, so he wanted to make sure nothing was wasted because of his carelessness.

As more materials were added to the beaker, the mixture inside it turned into some sticky dark liquid that looked like oil.

Angele stirred it with a glass stirring rod and carefully poured the dark liquid into the beaker.

The liquid was being compressed as it entered the tube. A whole large beaker of liquid only filled up half of the tube.

Angele was satisfied with the result. He nodded and chanted some incantation again. Some green light dots appeared on the tip of his finger and he put the finger on the wall of the tube.

The liquid inside the started bubbling and intense steam came rushing out of the tube.

The color of the liquid slowly turned from black to blue. This was the most important step.


Golden sunlight brought heat to the sea as the howling wind passed through. Large dolphins were leaping out of the water from time to time.

Two Wizards of Light were whispering on the deck by the railings. They were glancing at the Wizard apprentices beside the stairs.

"What do you think? That prick spends all day making potions," Beyoncé asked in a light tone.

"He stays inside his room most of the time. I only saw him in the dining hall during dinner time." Francis nodded.

"Today must be the important day for him. He didn't even go for dinner. The items I left in front of his door was extremely helpful. Strong energy movement is detected recently, I think he's focusing on the potion."

"Well, are you ready yet? He can't do shit while making potions. I think we should take action today." Beyoncé stretched her back a bit.

"We must find the right timing. Otherwise, we'll be in trouble.

"Don't worry. The only concern I have is that those Dark Wizards are famous for their damage spells. We must be careful," Francis advised.

"Also, are you sure it's him? I did some investigation recently. I think something is fishy here."

"Are you saying the other black robe tried to kill us?" Beyoncé sneered.

"Impossible. He was weak and wounded. I already checked. Even if it wasn't the one with brown hair, we should still kill him. We need to eliminate all the possible threats."

"Alright, get ready then." Francis nodded, "We shall move now."

"I'm ready."

Beyoncé and Francis exchanged glances and took out two tiny translucent crystal boxes. The crystal box was about the size of a palm. Some clear liquid was stored inside it.

A light blue glow appeared on the surface of the liquid but it was hard to observe under the sunlight. Only a small amount of energy waves leaked out of the boxes.