The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 153

According to the simulation's result, Angele's mentality would reach a limit after about two years at this increased rate. If he wanted to keep progressing after that, he would find some other methods.

It was the reason why Angele wanted to return abroad.

"No wonder Wizards don't want to stay here." Angele shook his head as he opened the door and walked to the beach.

"There are no spell materials, no magic resources, and no other Wizards here. The only people I can talk to are mortals."

'Zero, I want to reach the Liquid stage. What are the requirements?' Angele asked.

'Requirements: 1. Mentality reaches 40. 2. The Tree Killer Potion to increase success rate, three servings. Meet these requirements, your success rate will be 45.14%'

'I can concoct more Potion of Tranquility to increase my mentality, but there are not many materials or substitution materials here. I need to find other Wizards to make trades. I gave the last one to Velvet… Anyways, I need to go back to the Wizards' land first.'

Angele basked in the sunshine for a while before he returned to the wooden house after his body warmed up.

He walked to the table with the equipment. On the right side, there was a test tube rack that contained two test tubes filled with purple blood.

On the left side, there was a small glass spherical container being heated by an oil lamp. A sticky brown liquid was boiling inside the container. It looked like a pile of mud, and some white worms were squirming along the surface.

It seemed that those worms were not hurt by the intense heat, but they were still trying to climb up the glass container's inner wall.

The glass container was about the size of a fist. It was covered by a shell-shaped lid with a hole that helped the vapor leave the container.

Those worms kept climbing up and falling down. There was at least a thousand of them inside the container.

The brown sticky liquid was secreted by the worms' organs and left on the inner wall while they were climbing.

Angele blew off the oil lamp under the glass container and took it down from the metal rack.

"Finally, it's done. I already spent too much time breeding them," he mumbled.

Angele removed the lid from the container and grabbed a test tube filled with purple blood.

He carefully poured the blood into the glass container and the blood covered half of the worms.


A ball of purple flame exploded inside the container after several seconds.

Angele became surprised. He leaned back and put down the test tube. The flame almost sparked onto his face and if he dropped the container during the explosion, the house would catch a fire.

All the worms inside had been ignited by the purple flame.

The white worms had mixed in with their brown sticky liquid and the flame got darker as the worms started burning.

The purple flame cast reflection upon everything in the room. A stinky fishy stench permeated the air. It almost felt like someone had mixed rotten fish with fresh cayenne peppers.

Angele held the glass container in hands and waited for the reaction inside to finish.

The worms inside were burnt to black ashes and some of them stuck on the inner wall.

Ten minutes later, the purple flame disappeared and green smokes started coming out of the spherical container.

Angele waited for the green smoke to disappear, and then he put the container onto the metal rack again. He scraped all the black ashes down to the bottom with a piece of glass.

He then took out a tiny crystal bottle from the pouch and pointed in the air with the other hand. A light dot appeared on the tip of his finger right away.

Angele quickly drew a red rune in the air with his finger, which looked like two tridents that crossed. The rune quietly floated in the air, turning into a red flash and dropping into the glass sphere after.

His eyes narrowed, and he put his left finger into the sphere after as the rune dropped into it.


It sounded like his finger was being grilled.

Sweat began to drip down Angele's chin. He was suffering from some intense pain.

A black string slowly climbed up onto his finger and turned into a ball on the palm.

Blue light dots flashed in front of his eyes. Angele stared at his left hand, and with his teeth gritted, he applied force onto his arm.


It sounded like the dying scream of a despairing woman.

The whole wooden house shook several times. Angele's left hand was pushed away from the container by something.

Angele was breathing heavily. He raised his left hand and looked at the palm. Black steam was slowly rising upon his skin.

However, the steam disappeared after several seconds, leaving no traces.

"I failed… One more chance." Angele sighed. He lowered his hand and returned to the table.

He opened the drawer and took out a small glass spherical container. It was filled with white worms and sticky brown liquid.

Angele performed the whole procedure again and placed his finger into the sphere.

A thin black string slowly absorbed the black ashes in the container and climbed up his finger.


A black pattern appeared in his palm, and this time, everything went as planned. The black ashes were completely consumed by the string after several minutes.

Angele moved his finger away from the container and stepped back. His clothes were already soaked in sweat.

He raised his left hand and watched the pattern on his palm shifting.

Time flew by. The black pattern kept changing its shape until it stopped after about an hour.

A twisted pattern was left on his palm. It looked like something spreading its wings.

"Finally, Blood Boiling Signet! I succeeded!" Angele was exhilarated as he kept looking at his left palm.

"Although the ancient blood of the harpies contains strong venom and I can't take it, I can still make his Blood Boiling Signet. Also, I think I'm the only Wizard in this world that can extract harpies' ancient blood." Angele was satisfied with the result.

"The legends say ancient harpies can drag their enemies into the abyss. This signet is made from their ancient blood. Although it can only be used for five times, I can still give my opponent hallucinations when necessary."


Several months later, Angele visited Marua Harbor again and gave some items to his father and the professor before boarding the Future.

On the dark deck of the Future.

Angele was wearing his black robe with his hood on. He stood beside the railings and overlooked the dock. He could still see people waving their hands toward the departing ships. Waves were hitting against the body of the ship. New Wizard apprentices were chatting behind him; the deck was quite noisy.

Angele blinked his eyes and turned around. The strong wind blew his hood off and long brown hair was flying in the air.

On his left side, there was another Wizard overlooking the sea. It was a Dark Wizard. Angele could saw the negative energy particles around him.

Also, there was a young woman wearing a white robe talking to several Wizard apprentices beside the stairs. It seemed like she was checking something with them.

Angele glanced around and saw another young man in white robe walked up the stairs and started to talk with the young woman.

The deck was too noisy, so Angele did not hear what they were talking about. He already knew something was not right.

There were four formal Wizards on this ship at the moment including himself. Angele decided to stay vigilant as the situation itself was unusual.

The two Wizards of Light waved their hands and asked the Wizard apprentices to return to their cabins.

The woman took a glance at Angele before she turned around.

"Francis, do you know these two black robes? Why are there so many Wizards on this ship? Although the underground races are invading the land, it's still quite strange." Her lips moved slightly and her words echoed in the other white robe's ear.

The man's brows furrowed and shook his head. He was using the same method the woman used to send a message.

"I don't know. Although I'm in charge of this trip, I still can't predict who will board the ship."

"Someone leaked the plan?" The woman suddenly thought about something and her expression changed.

"Beyoncé, that's impossible." Francis shook his head again.

"Only the ones in our organizations know about our true mission this time. This item is important to us. We can't let others take it."

"Well, let's prepare for the worst." Her eyes flickered with a sliver of chill.

"If they're actually here for the item, I'll show them my true power."

"We're on a ship, so dropping one or two Wizards into the sea won't be a huge problem." Francis smiled with confidence.

On the other side of the deck, the man in black robe watched the two white robes chatting and sneered.

"It seems like they have the item on the ship, master Dave." A high-pitched voice came from his collar.

A dark red centipede slowly moved to the man's neck. The centipede was about the size of a palm and there was a silver glint on its red body.

The black robe turned his head around. "Good. I didn't come here for nothing. Thanks for the information," he spoke in a light tone.

"I did it because you promised me something. Don't disappoint me," the centipede responded.

"It consumes too much mentality to control the creature from such a long distance. I'll leave you to it, master Calello. I wish you luck."

"Don't worry about it." Calello grabbed the centipede and put its head into his mouth. The centipede's light-yellow juices dripped down his chin as he chewed. Half of its body was still squirming.

Calello pushed the rest of the centipede's body into his mouth and swallowed it whole.

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