The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 152

Angele thought for a while before he took out another high-quality magic stone and threw them both into the air.

The two magic stones began to free fall after reaching the highest point over the lake.

The white pigeon flew toward the falling magic stones and ate them one by one. These two magic stones were nearly the size of half its body. It flew back to the branch and struck it with its wings once again. Another white fruit was revealed and thrown toward Angele.

He stepped back a bit, catching it easily.

"Alright, we're done here. You don't know me, I don't know you." Angele smiled. He turned around and walked toward the entrance of the canyon.

After leaving the canyon, Angele headed to Blue Root City.

Blue Root City was a small but bustling city. It was not even surrounded by walls. Only a small gray fortress was built in the forest outside, with a guard squadron assigned to patrol. The Lord here was a Knight named Tesla famous for his errantry. He was admired by other Knights within Andes Alliance.

Angele wasted no time after entering the city. He went straight to the location provided by Omicade. It was a tavern named Fernery owned by the assassin organization, Dark Emblem.



Clear, yellow liquor filled up a glass and was put down on the counter with impact. Some of the liquor splashed out; a fruity fragrance permeated through the air.

"Your Coran Fruit Wine!" a short-haired muscular man shouted. He grabbed a piece of white clothes from the counter to wipe the wine off his hands. There was a green bull's head tattoo on the man's right arm. He sat behind the counter steadily like a mountain.

Angele sat down by the counter, grabbed the glass, and sniff at the fruit wine. Before pouring it into his mouth, he checked if it was poisoned using Zero.

The Coran Fruit Wine was sour and sweet. It even contained a tinge of bitterness.

"Good wine. If you can get rid of the bitterness, it'll be even better." Angele put down the glass and said.

"I'm glad you liked it." The muscular man gave him a thumbs-up and a smile.

There were about 10 brown tables in the tavern. Under the dim light of the oil lamps, most of the patrons were just drinking hard liquor.

A bald man with a sword on his back and several mercenaries wearing large, silver earrings were there. Angele could still smell the stench of blood on their armors. Also, several drunkards were yelling at each other at a corner.

The clothes of the waiters and waitresses were revealing. They were running around at different tables, taking orders. People were laughing, shouting, and cursing; the tavern was deafening.

A depressed bard wearing a gray robe sat by the window. The man was playing the cello, yet Angele could barely hear the melody as it was in such a noisy environment.

Angele was wearing a brown, tight leather suit with a metal bow and a quiver on his back, giving off the impression that he was an archer of a mercenary group.

Glancing around, he finished the wine in his glass before he placed it down on the counter.

"Good wine. Where's the owner? I want to order several barrels and take them back," Angele asked in a low voice.

The man's expression changed after listening to what Angele just said.

"It'll be expensive if you want to see the owner and order wine directly from him."

"Don't worry. Money is not a problem."

"Follow me then." The man shrugged.

"Sherly! Come help me take care of the counter!" He yelled at a sexy waitress beside a table.

"Sure." The waitress nodded and handed the glasses in her hands to someone else.

The man led Angele to a door beside the counter. Inside the room, several colorful paintings hung on the wall under the dim light. The muscular man bowed to Angele as he closed the door.

"Master Angele, we know why you're here. I apologize about Dice. We had accepted the mission, and we had to try to finish it." He lowered his head.

Angele sat down on a chair nearby.

"Well, I assume you already prepared something for me," he questioned.

"Yeah, of course. Here is the list, you may take anything you want." The man took out a piece of paper.

"I'm the leader of this division. I have already waited for ten days prior to your arrival. Everything is…"

"All of those, and I need Dice's information," Angele interrupted.

"I heard you guys have enchanted items? Like… Dice's ring. I liked it a lot. I want to know where your organization buys them from."

The man had a bitter smile on his face.

"Master, I think you know how important enchanted items are to us. As a mortal, I have only one way to obtain enchanted items, which is buying them from the Master Wizards. The ring on Dice was a broken low-quality enchanted item. Dice was just a 3-star assassin and that was all he could get. If you need the details, it'll take us several days to prepare…"

"How many days?" Angele asked.

"Four days at least."

"I'll come here again after four days." Angele stood up.


Five days later.

In the morning.

A gray carriage left the Blue Root City with other caravans, heading to Marua Harbor.

Angele sat inside the carriage, reading a yellow scroll quietly.

Most of the transaction history and sources of the enchanted items were listed on the scroll. All the records were important to the assassin organization, but they wanted to make sure Angele was satisfied with their offer.

Angele kept reading and after several minutes, he finally found the record he needed.

'Agility Boost Ring. Broken. Amount, one. Offered: 2.1 kilograms of gold. 45 slaves. 3 Shallow Flowers. Sapphire… Date, 19th, Jan 1531.'

The number of resources and slaves they provided to the Wizard was ridiculous. The enchanted ring was way too expensive for mortals.

However, Angele thought that the man was still trying to hide something from him. He did not think the ring was enchanted with just Agility Boost after doing some research. He used the ring himself and experienced the freezing of time. It was probably a concept gear. The Knight-level warriors died without realizing what happened. Power like that was way too strong for a broken enchanted item.

He wanted to find out the truth of that ring.

'From, Wizard Bischof (Six Ring High Tower).' Angele kept reading.

"Six Ring High Tower again?" Angele's brows furrowed.

"The item was enchanted by someone in Ramsoda College, but it was sold by a Wizard in Six Ring High Tower?"

More than 90% of the enchanted items recorded on the scroll was sold by Wizards of Six Ring High Tower. They varied in elements, levels, and qualities.

Six Ring High Tower was the strongest Wizards of Light organization Angele knew. Most of the Wizards of Light focused on studies that were not focused on damage spells. They usually relied on enchanted items and rare enchanted gear when they engaged in fights. Wizards of Light were also good at enchanting items and gears besides concocting potions, so it was understandable that they sold some low-rank enchanted items for resources or money.

Enchanted gear was much harder to make than enchanted items. It could store an instant-cast spell, and having one enchanted gear was akin to having another Talent Spell.

Angele had always wanted to try to enchant items. However, without professional knowledge, he could only enchant objects obtained from magical creatures such as the heart from a Glowing Elephant.

The rune spell he obtained from Benedict could only give buffs to his weapons and its duration was short. Casting the Lightning Rune required a good amount of mentality and mana, so Angele only used it when he had to.

'The books on item enchantment were reserved for formally contracted Wizards. I didn't sign the contract, so I don't have the knowledge stored in the chip. This organization sold so many enchanted items, which means their Wizards are very good at it. I can sign a contract with them and collect the necessary professional knowledge… I can't go back to Ramsoda now anyway.'

Angele had a plan in mind. Although he knew he needed a lot of resources to practice item enchantment, more enchanted items would help him win more fights. Furthermore, he thought that in the end, his efforts would get paid off.

The carriage kept advancing. He hired a coachman this time, so he did not have to control the horses himself.

Several months later, he arrived at Marua Harbor, but he did not notify any people in the city. He built a small wooden house in a remote area beside the coastline. He decided to stay in the house and wait for the Future to pick him up.

Angele was also waiting for the Dark Emblem to send the promised resources to him. He needed a quiet place to concentrate his mentality and this place was the perfect location for him to do so.


Three years later.

By the coastline.

A small brown wooden house sat under a black cliff quietly.

The house was built beside the beach. The forest was located right behind it.

Rays of golden sunlight reflected on the sands. The sea waves were brushing ashore from time to time.

Angele was wearing a black robe. He stood by the window looking at the beach. He could hear the sound of the waves making noises.

He put his hands on the wooden desk and looked outside until the sunlight got intense.

"Three years…" Angele stretched his back and sighed.

"I spent three years analyzing the Knight's Faith and extracting the element. Finally, the side-effects of the potions I drank have been eliminated…"

He turned around and looked at the glass bottles on the ground. They were completely filled with either green or blue liquid. Piles of bones and various colorful dried plants were lined up on the floor. Those random items made the room look messy but mysterious.

Besides doing research and concentrating his mentality, Angele spent more of his time meditating. Although his progress was slow, his Mentality still increased to 23 units. Things became better after the side-effects disappeared.

After doing some calculations, Angele would need a mentality of 40 to reach the Liquid Stage. If he could keep his mentality increase at the current rate, it would take him about more than ten years. However, he felt the rate reducing after the increase in mentality.

There were many reasons why his progress slowed down at the moment. The meditation method was one of them. He now needed a high-rank meditation method developed specially for Wizards. Also, Angele deduced that the meditation method he obtained from Ramsoda College had some of its pages missing.