The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 150


The silver dagger drew an arc in the air, and a silver string was pinned to the railing.

Angele heard footsteps leaving behind him and, after several seconds, something being popped. He immediately turned around and glanced around the place.

There was nothing moving in his sight. He scrunched his eyebrows and stepped forward. A stain of black blood was on the floor with a thin layer of white dust on top of it.

The silver string was cut off by something.

Angele had developed a new alloy with the metals he obtained from Francesco, and he had used a string made from it to prevent the unidentified target from escaping. The string was hard and sharp; it could easily slice one's head off.

"So, this ghost or creature is best at resisting physical attacks. I should probably use energy attacks then, but it moves so fast that even Zero can't track it down," Angele muttered.

He suddenly felt some intense heat coming from his right hand. The diamond-shaped accessory was melting, and he had no idea why.

He checked the surroundings but did not find anything suspicious. He returned to the body of the hunter and started checking his wounds, wanting to know what had killed the man.

Blood had spurted out of the man's seven apertures. His eyes were wide-open and his muscles rigid. It seemed like he had witnessed something horrifying before losing his life.

"Well, at least I have a clue now."

Angele smiled.

He knew this tower was dangerous, but this 'thing' here was identical to the one that he had met in the Moon Gin Garden. However, the one in the tower was much weaker, so Angele decided to do some investigating.

He walked to the blood stain on the ground again and created a metal tube in his left hand. He scraped some of the blood into the tube with the dagger and put the tube into his pouch.

If he hadn't coated his dagger with energy particles, the 'thing' would not have been injured. The metals were not stored in Angele's body in their physical form. They were turned into something similar to energy particles by the force field, so although the dagger strike missed, the 'thing' was still wounded by the special silver string.

Angele walked up the stairs to take a look at the wooden bridge below. Chilling wind blew into his face when he reached the top, and he saw the bridge shaking below. It was covered in green moss, the hunter being the only one who had passed through it recently.

Angele looked at the other side of the bridge and saw a young girl walking forward slowly. Her face was pale, hair black, and she was wearing a black dress.

He narrowed his eyes, grabbed the metal bow from his back, and pulled a dark metal arrow out of the quiver. The diamond-shaped accessory on the back of his right hand was heating up again.

The wind was getting stronger and stronger, and Angele's hair was flying in the air.


The door behind Angele was knocked on by something.

"Who's there!" Angele shouted out, turning around and shooting the arrow.


The arrow hit the wooden door, and electric pulses exploded in the air. They disappeared after wandering around for several seconds.

The blue electric pulses brightened up the top of the tower.

Angele lowered his bow. He had shot in a hurry, without pulling the bowstring to full, so although he had enhanced the arrow with an Electric Rune, its power was still low.


Angele pursed his lips, pulled the metal arrow from the door, and returned it to the quiver. He turned his head around and looked at the bridge, but the young girl was already gone.

'Did you find anything?'

'No force field was detected. The unknown target was not a special creature,' Zero reported.

"I guess I'm not capable of solving this mystery yet. I need to leave now."

Angele glanced around, making sure that there were no threats around.

Nothing could be seen on the other side of the bridge, only a black sign was shaking slightly on the side of the road.

A sea of trees was on both sides of the road, and Angele could hear the wind howling. He looked at the blurry rolling mountains that were hiding behind the light mist in the background and thought for a while.

He then turned around and checked the door again, but failed to obtain any useful information, so he decided to return to his carriage.

"Damn it," Angele mumbled, shaking his head.

He jumped into the driving seat and looked in the direction of the tower one last time.

The young girl appeared on the bridge again after Angele left. She was staring at his carriage, a cold and terrifying gaze falling upon him.

Although Angele could not see the girl, he still knew someone was staring at him.

"We'll meet again."

His eyes flickered with a sliver of coldness.


The horses started to speed up, and the carriage traveled back the way it had come.

'Zero, mark the place on the map, I'll be back,' Angele ordered.

'The location has been marked.'

Angele stared at the wooden watchtower until it disappeared from his sight.

'Name the location please.'

'Redwood Watchtower.'

'Completed. Redwood Watchtower has been marked as a dangerous location.'


Angele's journey back to the Arias City was quiet and peaceful.

There was no point for him to stay in the forest anymore because the trail of his mother had ended in Tikka Soyun. He discussed some of his findings with Omicade, and asked him about the assassin guild, Dark Emblem.

The kings sent Angele several Knights as guards but he politely told them not to worry about him. He was traveling to the core of Dark Emblem, a city named Blue Root, on his carriage, alone.

Based on Omicade's intel, the place was famous for a strange plant called Glowing Dark Tree.

The locals said that Glowing Dark Trees usually grew in areas with rich water resources, and they would attract Psychedelic Pigeons. The fruits on the trees were also very valuable to the Knights.

The legend said that Knights who consumed fruits of Glowing Dark Tree would find their own paths, so the fruit was named as Knight's Faith.

Omicade told Angele many tales about the lost treasures, and Angele thought that this one could be helpful to him. The dryad had said that if he wanted to concentrate his mentality, he needed to strengthen his conviction first, before using the radiation energy.

Knight's Faith could guide Knights to their own paths, so he thought that the fruit might help him to strengthen his conviction.

Although Angele knew several methods found in the wizards' books that could help him strengthen his conviction, those methods would take him years to complete the procedures. His max life expectancy was 300 years at the moment, but he was not sure how long it would take for him to reach the next stage, and he wanted to save some time.

Angele followed the map given by the sage, and it took him about two months to get to the Blue Root City.


Outside the Blue Root City, there was a hidden canyon that was surrounded by a forest.

There were many tall wooden watchtowers built around the canyon, and each tower had several archers standing at their tops.

Those sentries were wearing green-yellow leather armor suits and had quivers full of black-feathered arrows on their backs and long black daggers on their waists. Their faces were painted in strange green patterns.

The sentries suddenly noticed movement in the bushes while overlooking the forest.

They immediately put arrows in their bows, pulled the bowstrings to full, and aimed in the direction the sounds had come from.

"Who's there! Reveal yourself!" a sentry yelled.

A man in black slowly walked out of the bushes when he heard the words.

It was a young man in a black robe. There was a silver glint to his pale face, and his long brown hair trailed down his shoulders. A silver metal bow and a full quiver were on his back.

The young man threw a bronze tag to the ground.

"That's my permit."

There were no words engraved on its surface but its edges were golden. The sentries saw the bronze tag, looked at each other, and nodded their heads.

"Permission granted. You may enter now," the leader shouted out, lowering his bow.

The young man nodded, kicked the bronze tag into the air, and grabbed it with his left hand.

He then walked past the guard post and disappeared in the entrance to the canyon.

The leader shook his head. "Why do they never learn? It's almost impossible to obtain the Knight's Faith, otherwise, we'd all enter the canyon. I guess this one will die too."

He watched the young man disappear past the entrance and sighed. He turned around and started checking the surroundings again. The sentries here were not only to prevent the outsiders and citizens from entering the canyon, but also to protect them from getting hurt.

Angele slowly advanced through the canyon, his sight blurred by the white fog. The visibility here was only about four to five meters and the fog was getting thicker as he proceeded.

The grasses on the ground were still visible, but other objects and plants were all hidden by the fog. With a flick of his finger, a strong whirlwind rose to surround his body.

The wind blew his hair into the air, but the white fog would just not go away; it kept regenerating in the air.

Something was trying to prevent Angele from advancing.

He asked Zero to scan the area in front, and the chip immediately showed him the surroundings that were covered by the fog.