The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 145

The carriages slowly entered the guard post and arrived at a large empty ground, covered in grass. Another silver carriage with golden decorations on its roof was parked on the ground, and there were several people waiting on the side.

An old man with clean, white short hair was protected by several guards. He was wearing a red robe and staring at Prince Justin's carriage.

"Omicade!" Justin opened the window and shouted. "Our honored guest is here! You should thank me for that." There was a sincere smile on his face.

"Come on, Justin. Behave yourself in front of our guest," the old man responded with a smile as well.

Justin and Angele's carriages slowly stopped in front of the old man. The soldiers opened the doors for them, and they got off the carriage quickly.

Justin held Angele's hand and introduced him to the old man.

"This is Master Angele. He's knowledgeable about the things you're interested in, and I think you two will become good friends soon."

Justin turned his head around and looked at Angele.

"This is Omicade, the Great Sage of the alliance, I think you two share the same interests."

'Great Sage?' Angele was a bit surprised. To earn a title like this, one had to make great contributions to the country and also needed to be respected by all the scholars.

"Nice to meet you."

"It's a pleasure."

They bowed to each other politely.

Angele straightened his back and observed the old man in front of him. Omicade's hair was so short that he almost looked bald. He had yellow pupils, aquiline nose, deep cheeks, and looked thin. Angele wasn't sure if his red robe was oversized, or he was just too slim.

The man was old, but he was full of energy. Angele decided to scan him with Zero.

'Task completed. No force field detected. Rank 3 apprentice, Mid-level Knight. Detailed attributes available for checking,' Zero reported after several seconds.

'I don't need to see his attributes.'

Angele was interested in Omicade's information; it was the first time he met someone that was in a similar situation as him. Omicade was a Knight, and at the same time, he was an apprentice. However, it seemed like Omicade's talent level was low, and he had failed to master both classes.

"The aura around your body is deep and strong." Omicade had used some special spell and learned that Angele's mentality was extremely high.

"Interesting. I think people like are unable to break the limit and can't become Wizards or Grand Knights." Angele stopped for a second. "I can't imagine how much effort you must have put into training. Although you failed to break the limit, your achievements are still incredible."

"Haha, all the Master Wizards I met said that to me." Omicade smiled. "Let's enter the city first, I've already prepared a party for you."

Angele's eyebrows furrowed slightly. He hated phony courtesy like that, and would rather have some decent food at a normal welcome dinner party.

"Don't worry, it's just a small private party. I hate the places that provide more wine than meat and bread too." Omicade winked, knowing what Angele was thinking.

"I'll leave him to you," Justin interrupted. "I need to report to the Kings first."

"Sure, go ahead." Omicade nodded. "The information master Angele needs is at my place."

"Haha, thank you." Angele nodded and glanced around.

Arias was built inside a humongous shell-shaped city, and Angele was standing on a high ground with a good view of the whole place.

Groups of birds were rotating in the sky over the large city, and he could hear bells ringing in the clock towers.

Under the high blue sky, there were countless houses, towers, buildings, carriages, and pedestrians. Everything was clearly visible in Angele's view.

The whole city was well organized: the streets were busy, the parks were quiet and surrounded by trees. Angele stepped forward a bit, the gentle wind blowing over his face, and saw a large human sculpture with a silver glint on its surface in the middle of the city.

It was a naked man with a feathered helmet; he was holding a spear and a wooden shield in his hands. It looked like he was going to throw the spear in the direction of the sun.

The sculpture was taller than any building in the city, and the houses around it had relatively better decorations. White walks and silver roofs, it almost looked like there was a palace built around it.

"That's the sculpture of the first president of the parliament, legendary hero, King Bell," Omicade explained, noticing what Angele was staring at. "It's 112 meters tall, and it's truly an incredible piece of art."

"Thanks for the explanation. It's spectacular," Angele praised.

"It is, I can never tire of observing it…" Omicade sighed with mixed emotions. "Let's go. Everything is prepared."

"Sure." Angele turned around and jumped into the silver carriage.

Omicade entered the carriage after him, and they started heading down the hill with the guards protecting them.



Angele and Omicade raised their wine glasses in the air. They sat opposite each other around a table that was covered by a white blanket. The dishes on the table had no fancy appearance, but the smell was making Angele hungry.

They were inside a cylinder-shaped room, and the walls were covered with gray bricks. There were birds passing by a rectangular window from time to time.

"What do you think? My high tower is not bad, eh?" Omicade had a proud smile on his face.

Angele nodded. "This is the 9th floor, right? About 90 meters tall maybe?"

"Yea, about 90 meters tall. Those stairs are a pain, but this room is my favorite." Omicade sipped some green wine from his glass and continued, "I think you can understand that I need a quiet environment to do my researches."

"Yes." Angele nodded. "But it's very cold here, and it's really inconvenient. It took us a while to get to the 9th floor."

"Yeah, you're right, but I already got used to it."

"A true hermit finds his place in the bustling crowd." Angele chuckled.

"You're right." Omicade chuckled as well.

Angele and Omicade kept talking about random things while enjoying the dishes. The green wine in their glasses had a fruity scent to it. There were no maid or servant around, and Angele felt relaxed in such a cozy environment.

After finishing most of the food, Angele decided to change the topic.

"Well, can you give me the information I wanted?" he suddenly asked.

"Of course, I already prepared it for you."

Omicade searched in his pouch for a while and took out a small piece of brown wood. The grain on its surface was actually words written in Anmag.

"Here, take it." Omicade handed the wood piece over to Angele. "It's my friend's address. He can answer your questions I think."

Angele grabbed the wood piece and observed it carefully. He couldn't detect any energy particles, which meant the words on the grain were natural.

It said: 'Shadow Forest, right below Arida's Nest.'

Angele carefully put it into his pouch.

"As promised. You can ask me one question."

Omicade heard Angele's word and laughed.

"Actually, I need a certain spell model."

"Spell model?" Angele hesitated. "Sorry, you need more than that address to trade for a spell model."

"Of course, I understand." Omicade put down his fork and stood up. "I know more than ten different languages. I also have ancient books that record the history and geography of this land. If you don't need those, I still have the items I obtained from other wizards through trading."

Angele had already finished his food, so he stood up as well. They walked down the spiral staircase and reached a room on the 6th floor.

It was a large library, shelves of books filling up the space.

"Read any book you want, and I hope you can find something you need," Omicade said, standing beside the entrance.

Angele nodded and walked to the bookshelves. He started checking the books one by one: Occult Studies, Fundamentals of Spells, Beauty of Sculpture, Anus's Search of Humanity, Sex and Spells, The Rise of Countries…

Most of the books were written by mortals. Some of them were curious about the world of wizards but had not dug deep enough, and most of those books were not worth reading. He found several interesting books that discussed the possible daily life of a wizard, but there was nothing practical to them.

The wizard books here were not rare. Angele had already stored most of them into the chip when he was in Ramsoda.

Omicade thought Angele was just a young wizard that did not have the time to read all the books in his organization yet, but little did he know that Angele was probably the most knowledgeable newbie wizard in history. The library Omicade was proud of had nothing useful to him.

After several minutes, Angele suddenly stopped by the second bookshelf.

"Most of the books on that shelf are incomplete ancient notes," Omicade explained immediately after seeing Angele was finally attracted by something.

Angele nodded and reached to the bottom of the bookshelf. He grabbed a black notebook with only seven or eight pages remaining.

The title on the cover was written in white and the characters were weird. Angele had never seen anything like it, but he had this strange feeling in his mind, just like when he was reading the formula of Potion of Tranquility.

He opened the notebook— its pages were filled with those unknown words. Their size varied, and the ways the words were written were very different. Some looked like alphabets and some looked like numbers. It was a mess, but Angele tried to match them with the data in the chip.

The notebook would be worthless if he could not find a way to understand these random words.

'Wait… If I'm not mistaken…" Angele blinked. 'This must be the Chaos Language from the ancient times. Only the words of the Chaos World are written like this!

'The Chaos World is a mysterious world that even wizards have no access to. The world is in a chaos, with no time, no space, and no death there. Countless horrifying creatures live in that world, and even some random concepts come to life. Chaos is the only thing that defines that world. If I can learn the language and find the portal to that world… I'll be able to talk to the creatures there and trade with them… I might even be able to sign a contract with one of the stronger monsters. Also, I heard they have information on the ancient wizards since their life expectancy is infinite,' Angele thought while searching through his memory.

Some of the ancient wizards had found the portal to other worlds by accident during their experiments with time and space. They communicated with the races that lived in the other worlds and acquired incredibly strong companions or valuable items through trading. They also developed many special categories of spells based on the information they had obtained and that was one of the reasons why ancient wizards were much stronger than the modern wizards.

Most of the time, wizards did not know what ultimate spell the other had. Their knowledge was acquired from different races, lands, even different worlds, and countless light or dark spells. Wizards' power was hard to understand for the mortals, and that was why they were named as mysterious men.

Sadly, the method to enter the portals was lost and modern wizards had no access to the stronger spells that required specific languages to cast. Modern wizards were trying their best to study the ancient blood, but no one had found any valuable information yet.

Great power brought conflicts to the ancient wizard world and the wars had started. Many wizards died and many notes were lost. Some of the ancient wizards retreated to the other side of the sea and the others moved to live underground. Some of the strong monsters and creatures from other worlds had entered the portals that the wizards had failed to close.

Angele was happy that Omicade had a decent collection of Chaos notes. He grabbed those notebooks and started trading with him.

The Great Sage wanted the spell model of the Stun Spell, but he had never joined any wizard organization so even the level 0 spells were a bit too hard for him. He needed to find the corresponding knowledge first, such as the Fundamentals of Negative Energy. Angele wondered why Omicade did not try to join a wizard organization, with his power and right, it should be easy. However, the notebooks were all he cared about at the moment, and he decided not to question the other man.