The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 143

Angele carefully sealed the scroll and laid on the bed. He had some assumptions in his mind.

'It seems that my mother and my father's relationship was not a coincidence. They met during a war in a dangerous forest. She was not hurt after the ambushes. Someone must have left her there, or maybe, she did not faint at all. The beauty of my mother blinded the Baron's eyes. Strangely enough, she was so charming that my father decided not to dig deeper about the weird encounter…'

Angele decided to analyze it more carefully.

'Mother took my brother away and left me with the Baron. What does it mean…? My brother was the chosen one, so I must have failed to meet her requirement? I was abandoned because I was not gifted? My body was weak and my talent level was low. I was just an average human being.'

Angele shook his head and put the scroll under the pillow.

Suddenly, he realized something and opened his eyes.

"The talent level for a Wizard apprentice… Yea! That's it!" He suddenly jumped up.

"There's only one possibility!"

'My talent level is 2, but I'm not related to the royal members according to my father. So, it's not a coincidence. I'm born to a noble family, but my father is just a Baron. Most of the Wizard apprentices I have met are royal members or at least inherited their blood. I don't think I just reincarnated into a random noble teenager's body and acquired the talent of a Wizard apprentice.' Angele kept analyzing.

'There's only one possible explanation to this since my father is just a top-level Knight. My mother, Kiran, is a bloodline noble. Byrons likely has much higher talent level than me, so she decided to leave me to the Baron. It's understandable since a Wizard apprentice with low talent level will consume much more resources to reach the same level than a Wizard apprentice with high talent level.'

'However, there are no spell materials here. Only Wizard apprentices who have lost their hopes would return to this land, perhaps Kiran was one of them? But why father? She stayed in the forest waiting for Baron Karl and why is it that she never spoke? Maybe her voice will reveal her identity?'

Angele sat on the bed and slowly closed his eyes once again.

'Baron Karl was already a top-level Knight when he met Kiran, but there were other Grand Knights and choosing to reproduce with them would be a much better choice. It's not hard for a Wizard apprentice to get close to a Grand Knight, yet Kiran chose to copulate with a top-level Knight. Maybe she was not a human? And she had to avoid contact with Grand Knights for certain reasons.' Angele blinked his eyes several times.

'Kiran is not a human being. She chose to reproduce with a top-level Knight and took away the son with higher talent level. That would explain why I could eat random things to increase my attributes, but my father couldn't. The blood I inherited from Kiran is the reason.'

'Zero, is there any data of a normal human's genes in the database?' Angele asked.

'Data found. Transfer?' Zero reported after several seconds.

'Transfer it to me and compare the genes with my own. I want to know if my genes are different from a normal person's.'

'Comparing… Please wait…'

Angele could feel the information being transferred into his brain and he could view the calculations done by Zero in front of his eyes.

With his high mentality, Angele could finally follow what Zero was doing in the comparison test. A great amount of information was extracted from the database and entered into the logical comparison system. Zero was calculating everything step-by-step at full speed.

After breaking the genetic limit, Angele found himself thinking much faster than before, and he would consider his actions with a calm mind. Increasing attributes brought him many benefits and this was just one of them.

His body was changing, or rather, evolving.

'Task completed. Results: 77.78% similarity. Without the ancient gene, it will be 82.12%. The number is the same before you broke the limit.'

'So… I was right.' Angele felt relieved.

"I'm only half human." Angele raised his right hand and looked at the palm. He realized that his palm print was weird. It looked like slim 'X' mark.

Angele stared at the twisted mark for a while, which looked nothing like a normal human's palmprint.

He smiled, "Whatever, I don't care if I'm a human or not. I am who I am. My father is Karl Rio and my mother is Kiran. I might obtain some clues at the address written on the scroll, but if I don't, it'll still be fine. It's my destiny."

Angele stopped for a second.

"Also, I need to look into the organization that sent Dice to assassinate the Baron. It's weird that they didn't try to track me down after I slew Dice. They didn't know the enchanted ring contained a powerful spell that could boost one's agility to an impossible number?" Angele mumbled.

He pulled the soft blanket up a bit before lying down. Angele could smell the body scent of those two girls. He relaxed for a while and slowly started meditating after.

The next morning.

Prince Justin came to pick Angele up with several carriages and a large team of soldiers.

They planned to visit the capital of the alliance, Arias, a city famous for its fresh flowers and great dancers. The parliament of the whole alliance was there as well.

It was still a bit dark outside. More than ten large carriages, hundreds of mounted soldiers, infantries, and several Knights slowly left the Marua Harbor.

Angele did not inform anyone of his departure. He sat in the largest black carriage in the middle of the team and looked at the forest through the window with no expression.

"What are you thinking? You're so quiet." Prince Justin sat on the opposite side of the table. There was a pretty girl beside him whom he was carefully arranging the hair for. It was quite impressive that he could do it so fast with his chubby fingers. The girl was one of Justin's daughters. She was the one the Prince loved the most.

Angele turned his head around at looked at Justin.

"It's just… things have changed," he spoke in a whisper.

Justin chuckled after hearing what Angele just said, "You'll get used to it. I met Master Tymoral when I was just a kid. He was my grandfather's best friend. My grandfather and my father already passed away, but Master Tymoral looks exactly like before. It's almost like he is locked in time."

The Prince finished doing her daughter's hair and kissed her cheek.

"Alright, girl. This is your favorite hairstyle."

The girl nodded as if she did not hear what Justin just said. Although she was beautiful, Angele could not see the soul in her eyes. It was one of the symptoms of dementia.

Angele glanced at the girl. She was wearing a black silky one-piece and was about 18 years old, but the only thing she did was to stay with the Prince. It did not seem like she wanted to go elsewhere.

"She's your daughter?" Angele asked.

Justin nodded.

"Isabelle is my dearest daughter, but she was born with dementia."

"Well, let me see if there's anything I can do for her." Angele wanted to pay him back for what he did several days ago. Without Justin, his revenge wouldn't have been that easy.

"It's impossible. Master Tymoral is a Wizard of Light, yet he said there was nothing he could do because Isabelle was born with brain disease." Justin shook his head, looking depressed.

Angele looked at the girl's head and asked Zero to scan her brain.

"Master Tymoral was right. It's the brain. Isabelle's brain is smaller than an average human's." Angele shook his head as well. There was nothing he could do as well because her dementia was not caused by mental illness.

Justin nodded. He must have already tried everything he could to treat her disease. His expression remained unchanged.

"Isabelle can't even finish a complete sentence. I lost my hope already, but I still want to find a good husband for her. At least someone will look after her for me if anything unfortunate happens."

Angele nodded again.

"Let's talk a bit about the city. It's called Arias, right? I never learned the system of Andes Alliance."

Justin smiled.

"Andes Alliance is founded by several countries. I'm just a Prince in one of those countries. The members of the parliament are the kings of the countries. I'm inviting you to attend a welcome party planned by the parliament because the kings want to see you. I'm just a representative of their wills."

Angele laughed. "Well, I'll only stay here for four years. There's no way that I'll stay here forever."

"Don't worry, they're not trying to force you to stay in the alliance." Justin knew what Angele was thinking.

"You won't be disappointed after we reach the city. Some records of the mysterious power were found after the war ended and were stored in Arias."

"Is that so?" Angele was a bit surprised.

"Thanks. That'd be great."