The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 142

"No, I spent years trying to find him but still haven't got a clue." Adolf shook his head.

Angele rubbed the diamond-shaped accessory on the back of his hand as his eyebrows furrowed.

"Well, I can try to track him down after talking to Sophia."

"That's great. She'll be back soon I think." Adolf nodded.

They then talked about the situation around the country. Angele asked several questions and Adolf answered them one by one.

Rudin Empire fell to the Saladin Empire. Only a small resistance force was still trying to fight back, but the major cities had already been conquered by Saladins. The royal members of Rudin were missing and most of the Rudin provinces were given to Saladin warriors who contributed to the victory.

The Ukusas Empire also claimed some of Rudin Empire's land since they assisted Saladin Empire during the war.

'Soldiers from Ukusas Empire attacked Philip on my way to Marua.' Angele recalled the incident that happened on the Anser Plain.

Their conversation lasted for a long time. By then, it was already dark and quiet outside. Angele realized it was late after hearing someone enter the house.

Adolf heard the noise as well. He raised his head and checked the clock.

"It's 10 o'clock already. How about staying here for the night? I'll ask a maid to clean a room for you."

"I'm fine. Prince Justin already prepared a place for me. Thanks." Angele shook his head and stood up.

"I'll be leaving now."

"Wait, Sophia just came back." Adolf stood up as well and smiled.

"Do you want to talk to her?"

"Sure." Angele smiled as well.


Sophia pushed the door open without knocking.

Angele turned around and looked at Sophia. Sophia was wearing a red tight riding suit. She looked exactly like the lady in Angele's memory. Her skin was still white and smooth. It seemed that she had just returned from the stud farm.

Sophia was surprised after seeing Angele in the house but didn't let it show on her face.

"Master Angele." Sophia slightly bent her knees.

"Long time no see, you came back at the right time. I can probably find the bard for you." Angele looked at her.

Sophia blinked her eyes several times after hearing Angele's words.

"You're not joking, right?" She questioned and stepped forward with a nervous expression on her face.

"I'll try my best," Angele replied in a serious tone.

Adolf stood on the side and did not say anything. He was glad that Angele could help his beloved daughter.

"Alright, give me your hands," Angele asked in a gentle voice.

Sophia closed the door and nodded. She walked to Angele and raised her right hand. Angele slightly pressed on Sophia's wrist.


Some energy particles twisted on Angele's hand and sank into Sophia's veins. Angele closed his eyes and started checking.

Sophia blushed and an unpleasant feeling filled up her mind. She wanted to move her hand, but a strange power was stopping her from moving. Angele just stood there with his eyes closed, but Sophia could feel Angele's energy moving through her body.

"Don't worry. I'm just trying to track down the bard." Angele opened his eyes and smiled at Sophia.

Strings of black mist slowly left Sophia's body through her right wrist and returned into Angele's palm.

"Professor, can you prepare a room for me? I need to do some investigation," Angele turned around and asked.

"For sure."

Half an hour later…

Angele walked out of Adolf's house. Sophia and Adolf watched him getting into the silver carriage. Rayben had been waiting there for several hours, but he did not look tired. The carriage slowly disappeared around the corner.

Adolf and her daughter stood beside the door and watched the carriage leaving quietly.

"I'll send people to get that cheater for you. Sophia, do you still want to see him?" Adolf asked in a light tone.

"No, finish him off for me." Sophia sighed with mixed emotions.

Adolf looked at his daughter. He knew that most of the girls at her age already got married.

"You should've listened. Angele was the best choice for you." He turned his head around and looked at the corner the carriage disappeared into.

Sophia did not say anything. She only slightly bit her lips.

She knew that Angele's position was much higher than her father. Prince Justin treated him as if he was the most important person in the city. Angele would never help her if Adolf was not his teacher.

Four years ago, her conversation with Angele ended in an unpleasant way, but Angele was still kind to her as he was even helping her. Sophia had to admit that she regretted her decision, but it was too late. She knew that Angele would not stay in the city just for her.


Angele sat inside the carriage, listening to the noise made by the horses, wheels, and the marching soldiers.

The street was empty. It was as though they were the only people around. He looked through the window and the dried leaves were blown into the air by the chilling wind. There were several alley cats jumping around from time to time.

There was no one walking on the street at midnight.

Angele only saw a homeless man lying beside some iron railings after about half an hour. He was not sure if the guy was sleeping or dying. The soldiers advancing with the carriage had their heads lowered. No one was chatting.

The dim streetlights barely made the road ahead visible.

The carriage finally arrived at the house provided by Justin. Angele saw several people standing in front of the entrance after jumping off the carriage.

A middle-aged man, alongside a noble woman and a handsome young man, was waiting for Angele. They just stood there and waited for Angele to get off the carriage.

"Aunt? Why're you here? I was planning to visit you soon." Angele had a smile on his face and walked to the three quickly.

It was Angele's aunt Maria, Uncle Bovolt and cousin Buster.

Maria did not age a bit. She was truly good at taking care of her body. She stepped forward and hugged Angele.

"We're just here to see if you're doing fine," Maria spoke in a low voice.

"Why're you waiting outside? You should've told the workers that you're my aunt, I'll go talk to them right now." The guards by the entrance saw Angele walking to him and opened the door immediately.

"It's fine. Don't blame them. We're just excited to see you back, so we decided to wait here," Maria explained.

Bovolt and Buster stood on the side with serious expressions on their faces. It was actually the first time they were meeting Angele. The last time Angele was in the city, only his aunt had spare time. He went to the school right after, so he did not get to talk to his uncle and cousin.

Angele and the three followed Rayben into the house. They had a short conversation while passing through the garden and Angele could see the admiration in their eyes.

Although the three were Angele's relatives, Angele felt that they were not treating him like a family member. His expression did not change, but it made him a bit depressed. The authority gave him power in the city, but at the same time, the warmth between family members was taken away.

Someone told Maria that Angele had returned to the city, so they waited outside this house after obtaining the address. They entered the house and talked with Angele for a while before leaving. Maria said they would visit him again later.

Angele was not concerned about what message they were trying to send. As long as he stayed alive, his family and people related to him would be taken good care of. Angele was already content with that.

After they left, Angele washed his face and walked into his bedroom. There were several oil lamps which brought light burning quietly on the wall. The whole room became illuminated by the dim light.

In the middle of the room, there was a large wooden bed covered with white curtains. Angele walked close to the bed and saw two naked girls sleeping on it. Both hugged each other. Their pretty faces looked charming.

Angele stood beside the bed and took a glance at the girls.

"Get up. Put on your clothes and leave."

The two girls opened their eyes and their faces turned pale.

"But master, do you not want to…" One of the girls tried to say something, but she stopped after seeing the solemn expression on Angele's face.

"Sorry, we'll leave now." The other girl realized that Angele was not interested. She patted the other girl's back and started putting on clothes.

Angele watched them put on their clothes. He knew the two was a gift from the Prince, but he had something important to do and did not want to waste time.

"Tell the Prince that I enjoyed his gift."

The two girls had already put on their clothes. They heard Angele's words, nodding as left the room right away.

Angele locked the door after they left.

He took off his robe and hung it on the cloth stand. He took out something from his pouch and lay down on the bed. Angele covered his stomach with the white silky blanket and carefully opened the item in his hand.

It was the scroll his father gave him, sealed by two wooden sticks.

Angele slowly removed the wooden sticks and unfurled the scroll. The words on it were written in black ink.

'Angele, my son, I am sorry that I never told you the truth about your mother when you were young. And your brothers, I lied to you. They didn't die, and none of them joined the army.

Your mother's name is Kiran. I was patrolling with the team during the war and found her fainted in a forest. I didn't know where she came from and I had no idea how she survived the ambush, but, I fell in love with her.

Kiran never talked. I don't know if she lost her voice before meeting me or if she was trying to hide something. The only way we communicated was by using paper or gestures, but she was beautiful and attractive. My whole team fought for her affection.

I won the battle and she accepted my marriage proposal. With honor and trophies, I returned to our family's territory after the war. After several years, your elder brother Byrons was born, and the next year, you came to the world. However, several months later, your mother disappeared with your brother and never came back.

I spent years looking for them and searched every corner on this land, but I found nothing. They just disappeared. I wondered if she ever loved me. She probably came here to complete a certain task. I had many assumptions, but I know I still love her.

I hope you can find your mother one day. If you do find her, please let her know, the doors of Rio Family will always be opened for her.

Your father Karl Rio.' The message ended here.

At the bottom of the scroll, there was an address and a description of a forest. It must be the place Angele's father first met his mother, Kiran.