The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 141

Several guards already had their iron shovels prepared. They nodded in affirmation and started digging. A red coffin was carried out of the grave, and they opened the coffin. Maggie's body was lying inside.

The beautiful girl was covered in dried flowers. She wore a clean, black one-piece. Her eyes were closed and her skin was pale. There were some rotten marks on her neck and face. If not for that, Angele would've thought that the girl was just sleeping.

"The coffin's material is decent. It's preventing the body from decaying." Angele nodded.

"Yea. The coffin was made from a high-quality wood obtained from the Red Diamond Tree. A large coffin will cost you more than a hundred gold coins," a guard explained.

The gold coins here were different from the ones overseas. The gold coins here had a higher purity and were larger in size, so 100 gold coins in this land was worth about one thousand gold coins in Ramsoda Empire.

The guards put down a large white blanket on the grass and removed the body from the coffin. Angele could smell the putrescine in the air as Maggie's body was being laid down on the blanket.

The guards covered their noses with their hands after finishing their work.

"Go guard the entrance. Make sure no one enters without my order. Also, tell Rayben I'm still investigating." Angele ordered.

"Yes, master."

The guards left immediately after Angele finished his words. They knew that it was not a good idea to stay near a rotting body for too long as the body might carry deadly virus.

Angele waited for the guards to leave and made sure no one else was around.

He stepped forward and crouched beside Maggie's body. He quickly removed the one-piece from the body and started checking for internal wounds.

Angele raised his right hand to the air and pointed at the body.

'Sudden illness… I hope it is true.' Angele slightly bit his lips.

His right hand was covered in a red glow. Red specks of light dropped onto the body below. Those specks of light started moving around her skin and flickered several times.

At the same time, a black area appeared on her right chest that looked conspicuous in the red glow.

Angele pressed her left breast with the right hand and rubbed the black area several times. He also checked Maggie's stomach using Zero's scanning function.

"Sudden illness my *ss," Angele gritted his teeth.

Although he was furious, he didn't let any emotion show on his face. Angele moved his right hand away from the body and carefully put the black one-piece back on her.

Angele stood up and wiped his hands with a piece of cloth.

"Get over here!" He shouted toward the entrance, and several guards ran to him quickly.

"Master, what's the order?"

"Put the body back into the coffin and bury it."

The guards returned the body into the coffin and covered it with mud. Angele walked out of the graveyard after everything was done.

'She was definitely not killed by some random illness.' Angele sat in the carriage and grunted.

'Maggie was abused before she was killed. The black mark on her body is the evidence. Moreover, it was a poison from a Green Dot Flower. The poison made her muscles contract, making it look like a heart attack. Whoever killed her must have paid good money to the coroner.'

Angele closed his eyes. Black energy particles slowly climbed up his hands.

'Let me try this tracking spell I learned recently.' He drew a black triangle with the energy particles in the air.

After the triangle solidified in the air, Angele took out a small black bottle and poured some gray powder on the edge of it.


After several seconds, the edge of the black triangle turned into translucent crystal. There was a dark space in the middle and a red mouth appeared from the void.

The mouth slightly opened. Angele could hear strange whispers. The mouth was not speaking in Anmag. It was a language that only he could understand.

"Speak, what do you want to know?"

Angele narrowed his eyes.

"Maggie, she was my friend, who killed her?" Angele replied in the same language the mouth was using.

"The largest manor at the northwest of the city. The owner is the murderer," the mouth responded without hesitation.

"Good." Angele's expression changed.

The mouth slowly vanished into the darkness. The crystal triangle turned into black mist and disappeared. It was as though nothing had happened.

"Rayben, there's a large manor at the northwest of the city, right? Who's the owner?" he questioned in a cold tone.

"It's the Warden's manor, Gerald," Rayben answered politely.

He noticed the change in Angele's voice and added, "Master, if you need something, I can do it for you. Prince Justin granted you the highest authority in the city."

"Get the guards to annihilate the whole Gerald Family for me."

"I…" Rayben was surprised, he had no idea what happened.

"He killed my woman," Angele spoke word-by-word.

"Well, if you have the evidence, I can…" Rayben replied politely.

"Kill them. You think I'm lying?"

Rayben moved his lips but ultimately decided not to say anything else.


In the evening, a group of raiders attacked Gerald's manor and slew every person they saw.

The entire Gerald Family, including their servants, was killed. Later, Gerald's relatives who were living in other areas of the city were attacked as well.

In just a single night, dozens of people were killed. Gerald's manor was dyed in blood, but the Governor only posted a notice on the board saying that they were investigating.

The citizens already knew that Gerald must have offended someone with power, so even the media did not dig too deep into this. They just acted as if they never knew there was someone named Gerald because they did not want to get into trouble.

The next morning.

Gerald's manor.

Several gray buildings sat quietly on the green grasses in the middle of the garden. The sky was blue and clean. Clouds were slowly passing by.

There were some white roses mixed with red roses on the side of the garden shaking in the wind. Bloodstains filled up the gaps between the grasses. The fishy smell mixed with the fragrance of the roses spread through the air.

A silver carriage slowly passed by the entrance of the manor.

A young man with long brown hair in the carriage opened the window and looked at the manor. He had an average face, but his eyes were sharp and there was a mystical aura around his body.

"You did a good job," the young man spoke calmly.

A mounted soldier beside the carriage slightly bowed. "It's my honor to serve you."

The young man nodded and closed the window.

"Take me to see the Deputy Governor. I haven't talked to him in years."

"Yes, master." The soldier nodded.

The carriage traveled down the road at full speed and left the area after several minutes.


"Angele, welcome back!" Adolf hugged Angele tightly.

"It's about the time you come visit me."

"Sorry, I'm later, Professor." Angele hugged him back and smiled.

"Come in." Adolf turned around and led Angele into his house.

Adolf did not move, he still lived in the house Angele had visited many times. They entered the reading room and sat down. Adolf asked the maid to bring them two glasses of hot beverage. They paused the conversation for a while and stared at each other.

"You already broke the limit?" Adolf suddenly asked.


"So, you're a formal Wizard now?"

"Yes, I am!" Angele looked directly into Adolf's eyes.

Adolf opened his mouth, his lips trembling. After several seconds, he grabbed a silk cloth and wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Congratulations!" Adolf calmed down a bit after sobbing for a while.

Angele knew that Adolf's dream was to become a formal Wizard, but he failed to achieve it. Adolf was excited to see his student, Angele, successfully breaking the limit. It was another way for him to make his dream come true.

Adolf looked at Angele, but the expression in his eyes showed that he was thinking about something else. He was the one who helped Angele become a Wizard apprentice. Angele had successfully become a formal Wizard. He could not even imagine how hard Angele worked to accomplish the goal. Angele was still young and there was a great future waiting for him ahead. Adolf knew he had just achieved a great achievement.

"You must keep working hard. One day, the whole world of Wizards will learn of your name." Adolf was still breathing heavily.

"Without your help, I would never reach the other side of the sea. You're the reason I succeeded." Angele held Adolf's hands and looked at him in the eyes.

"Take care, Professor. I'll always be there if you need my help."

"Thanks…" Adolf took a deep breath and slowly calmed down.

"This is the Wizardry book you gave me." Angele released his hands and took out a book from his bag.

"You handed it over to me that day. Right now, I'm returning it to its rightful owner."

Adolf carefully grabbed the book and put it back to the bookshelf.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Do you want to see Sophia?"

Angele nodded, "Of course. The last time we talked to each other was years ago, and it ended awkwardly. How's she doing?"

Adolf sighed, "She has been suffering from depression after she was cheated on by the bard. Actually, she hates all men right now."

Angele furrowed his brows.

"You mean that bard? Did you try to find him after?"