The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 139

Rows of complicated data were transferred into Angele's brain.

94% of its contents were impurities. Dead germs, parasites, and random minerals. Only a small percentage of ancient blood was found and it would be hard for Angele to extract it.

Angele was at a loss on what he should do first.

'So many impurities. I need to eliminate them one by one.' He had a bitter smile on his face.

'At least it'll keep me busy. I collected so much blood, but the ancient blood is still hard to trace. Without Zero, I'll have to stop the experiment here. No wonder Tymoral said that most of the Wizards already gave up.'

'Zero, check the database and tell me if there's anything related to the ancient blood,' Angele questioned.

'No record found.'

Angele felt a bit helpless.


One month later…

The Future finally crossed Gem Sea and reached Angele's homeland. It only stopped once at a random dock for maintenance before heading to the Marua Harbor of Andes Alliance.

"Hey, how's your experiment?" Tymoral's voice came from behind.

Angele turned around and saw Tymoral smiling at him. The man was holding the railings with both hands and overlooking the surface of the sea.

People on the deck all stayed away from the two, including the Wizard apprentices. Everyone had been horrified by Angele's sanguinary experiment.

"Well, it's complicated." Angele shook his head.

"Too many impurities. I didn't even see a trace of the ancient blood. I don't know what to do anymore."

"Yea, that's the problem everyone is facing. Normally, you'll find the ancient blood after obtaining the Pure Blood Sphere. However, the Harpies' ancient blood is mixed in all the impurities," Tymoral quickly explained.

Angele nodded and overlooked the sea. He saw two large boats sailing slowly toward the same direction as the Future.

There was a blue lion with ax pattern painted on one of the ships. Angele saw sailors working on the deck and several noble women chatting by the railing.

"We'll reach Marua in a day or two. I already asked someone to send the message to my friends here. They'll come pick me up at the dock. I'll introduce you to them there." Tymoral looked at Angele and smiled.

"Thank you." Angele nodded.

"Someone wants to see me in the cabin and I need to check my schedule. Also, two of the Wizard apprentices had an argument yesterday. I will go check on them after."


"Alright." Tymoral nodded and walked to the stairs.

Angele stayed on the deck and watched the waves quietly.

There was no barber on the ship, so he started wearing long hair and it trailed over his shoulders. With the smooth, long hair, Angele probably looked identical to the young Baron.

He took out a small crystal tube from the pouch. It was the container of Water of Asu. Its crystal was extremely hard due to the vulcanization.

There was some purple liquid inside the translucent crystal tube. It was the two drops of ancient blood Angele extracted from 15 corpses of Harpies. He spent a whole month on the research, yet that was all he found.

'Zero, any new information on its possible effects on my body?' Angele wondered.

'More data needed for simulation. After the second analysis, there are some possible effects. Chance of your body mutating is 43.21%. Chance of no effect 16.5%. Chance of unknown effect 40.29%.' Angele had already asked Zero to analyze the blood twice, but the results he got were the same. He was not even sure if the ancient blood could help him progress.

Angele wanted to inject the blood into his body, but he needed to figure out what exactly it would do first. He did not want to take a gamble.

'I need to collect information for the database until Zero could show me a more detailed analysis.' It was not Angele's first priority so he decided to use them later. He lied to Tymoral because he did not want to become conspicuous.

Angele put the tube back into the pouch and returned his cabin.


The next afternoon.

The sun was slowly sinking into the horizon.

White and black seagulls were soaring through the sky under the dim sunlight. Marua Harbor was busy as usual. Many ships leaving the dock while the other ones were arriving. A blue ship with white stripes followed a large black ship to a slot on the right side of the dock.

The heavy anchors were dropped into the sea. There were many people waiting on the bridge. Some of them were the new Wizard apprentices waiting to be picked up by the Future, while the others were just normal passengers.

Angele and Tymoral walked down the boarding ladder. Angele was wearing a black robe and Tymoral was wearing a white robe.

All sorts of feelings filled up Angele's mind as he finally stepped on this land again.

"It has been four years. I'm back!" He could smell the familiar fragrance in the air. A gentle wind blew his hair into the air as he slowly stepped forward.

"Feels good, eh? We changed the route just for you." Tymoral patted Angele's shoulders.

They got off the ship and people on the bridge stepped aside to make a path for them. Several noblemen wearing luxury suits walked to them.

"Welcome to Marua. Master Tymoral, we haven't met for ten years. You really don't age." The chubby middle-aged in the front smiled and complimented.

"Justin, you have wrinkles on your face now. I didn't expect to see you waiting for me here." Tymoral chuckled.

"This is Master Angele. I need to pick up the newbies, so I have to leave for now. I hope you two get along." He introduced Angele to the nobles.

Justin's eyes narrowed into slits. He understood who Angele was immediately after hearing Tymoral's word. He then turned his head around and looked at Angele.

"Greetings, Master Angele. It's too crowded here. Let's head back first, I already prepared a dinner party for you."

Angele nodded and smiled. "Thanks. It's actually quite noisy here."

"This way please." Justin and the other nobles started walking to the street. Angele followed after them.

Most of the people here did not understand what the black robe represented, but they knew Angele must be someone important after seeing how Justin treated him.

The Wizard apprentices on the bridge quickly boarded the ship after talking to Tymoral. They were chatting and laughing, as though they had high hopes for their future.

Angele looked at them and recalled the day he boarded the ship. He had the same expectation of the Wizard's world just like those young people.

"Master Angele, I assume you'll stay on this land for a while?" Justin asked.

"Yes. I'll return to the other side of the sea in four years." Angele nodded and had a glance at the departing ship.

"Actually, I'm from Rudin Empire. Prince Justin, I wonder if you know Professor Adolf, the language master in the school."

"Well…" Justin stopped for a second. He had no interest in people whose rank was lower than the Governor's.

"You mean the Deputy Governor Adolf?" A nobleman helped the prince to answer Angele's question.

"Deputy Governor?" Angele was a bit surprised.

"I don't know actually. Professor Adolf taught me language course in the school, but he never told me that. He's the Deputy Governor?"

"He's your teacher?" The nobles around were surprised. They began reconsidering how they should treat Adolf in their minds.

"This is the Governor of Marua Harbor by the way." Justin pointed at the man who answered Angele's question.

"Nice to meet you. I'm looking forward to working with you." Angele had a gentle smile on his face.

"Of course!" The governor nodded and responded respectfully.

Angele had dinner with the Prince in a large manor, and the Prince assigned a team of guards to protect him in the city. Justin asked a noble named Rayben to assist Angele before leaving for a meeting.

Angele left with the guards and Rayben after dinner. He asked for a carriage and double-checked the location of his home with Rayben on the way. Baron's manor was still at the outskirts.

Angele sat inside a silver carriage with fine decoration on the door and looked out the window. On the right side of the road, he saw a white three-level building in the middle of a field. There were only some black fences indicating it was a private area.

Spring had already sprung. He could see farmers still hoeing the field at evening.

"Master, this the Rio Manor," Coachman Knight Lion reported with a loud voice.

"Stop by the entrance," Angele asked.

The guards in silver armor suits who were following the carriage on the side made sure that the route was safe. Knight Rayben was leading the way on a strong horse and was wearing a black suit.

The noise the guards and the carriage made attracted the people's attention. Angele looked out the window and saw several people walking to the entrance. The man at the front had a muscular body and his brown hair trailed over his shoulder. There was also a woman in a white one-piece beside him.

"Father." Angele recognized the man right away.

The Baron had a serious expression on his face. He stared at the carriages and creased his eyebrows while talking to the people beside him.

Angele stopped looking and opened the door.

"I'm back…" Angele closed his eyes for a second. He heard the horse in front of him neighing.