The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 135

"Bloodline Nobles are not gifted with special power. They merely have stronger bodies compared to mortals. Also, most of the royal members are not willing to study. They spend most of their time playing. The Wizard apprentices with high talent levels are usually related to the royal members. I think you already know what you will be facing if you don't get in contact with Bloodline Nobles. You're the first Wizard in your family I believe."

Angele thought for a while. He could imagine what would happen after arriving at Marua Harbor.

"Well, please help me get in touch with them then." He had a bitter smile on his face.

"Sure." Tymoral nodded. He already knew that Angele had no other choice.

"I have some old friends in your home country, Andes Alliance. You can disembark the ship with a concealed identity. You're the first Wizard apprentice from Andes Alliance to become a formal Wizard in the last ten years and you even joined the Land of the Dark Wizards. It's quite amazing actually."

Angele laughed.

"I'm just lucky, haha. I almost forgot, but when I left Andes Alliance, Rudin Empire and Saladin Empire were still fighting. Do you have any recent intel on that?"

"There are not many royal members left in Rudin Empire, so it's time for a change. Saladin Empire found the right timing to strike, so they must've already won in the war. I heard several royal members of Saladin Empire are studying on this land. Although they did not become formal Wizards yet, they are still much stronger than the strongest soldier in Rudin Empire's army," Tymoral explained.

"Why are we wasting time discussing mortals? They can't even handle a single energy particle attack. Let's change the topic."

Angele nodded. He started discussing the structural differences between positive energy spells models and negative energy spell models. They exchanged their opinions on the similarities of spell modifications with spells from different categories.

Both of them knew Master Liliana and both of them had not yet reached the Gas stage, so there were many things for them to discuss.

Their friendship had already deepened as the ship arrived at the dock, and Angele learned some more basic knowledge from Tymoral as well.

The ship stopped by the shore and released the anchor. The stairs were lowered by the workers on deck. A girl in black one piece ran down the stairs quickly. She must be one of the Wizard apprentices on the board.

The girl saw two Wizards standing on the beach, and quickly walked to them. She put her right hand over the hand and slightly bent her knees. It seemed that she was showing them her respect, but Angele had no idea where she came from. He was not familiar with her style of etiquette.

"Go wait by the road sign beside the forest. Someone will pick you up." Tymoral said in a light tone.

Angele glanced at the female Wizard apprentices and realized she was just a rank 2 Wizard apprentice, so he was not interested. A black-robed man walked down the stairs after the girl left.

"Ramsoda, huh? You're the ones in charge this time?" The man looked at Tymoral and Angele's robes.

"Tymoral, I'll be leaving now. I already spent too much time on the ship."

"I'll take care of it from here." Tymoral nodded without any expression on his face.

The man nodded as well. He put on his hood and quickly walked away.

"Let's board the ship and check the engine room first," Tymoral spoke to Angele with a much milder expression than earlier. It seemed that he disliked the man he just talked to.

"Sure." Angele nodded and boarded the empty ship with Tymoral.

The ship was large, just like the one Angele took on the way he came. The only difference was the building on the deck. The two looked like two tiny ants on the deck.

They walked down the cabin quickly and reached the engine room. The room was dark, but with a flick of Tymoral's finger, two lines of torches were lighted up, illuminating the place.

The room was about the size of a football court and Angele realized that the floor was actually the back of several humongous dark blue fish.

The fish was more than ten meters long and its upper body was fixed at the bottom of the ship. A thin layer of water coated the fish's skin, which prevented the water from breaching the inside of the ship.

These fish were the engines of the chip. Angele observed them and found no soul in their eyes. It seemed that they were controlled using spells or some special methods. They looked identical to dolphins but were much larger in size.

Tymoral smiled and pointed at the fish.

"Those fish have been modified by energy particles and are powering the ship. They last years in the sea. Their muscles are also enhanced by dark magic, preventing them from getting hurt."

Angele nodded while smiling. "That's some amazing techniques."

Tymoral continued, "The ship's name is Future. I'll explain the procedure to you. First, we need to pick up some people who want to go to other lands to the next dock. Most of them are Wizard apprentices who lost their hopes. After that, we need to repair the body of the ship and hire some sailors to hide the real purpose of the trip. Are you fine with the plan?"

"Of course," Angele answered without hesitation.

"But I need to get my cases onto the ship first."

"I can help you with that." Tymoral chuckled.

"I appreciate it." Angele started walking upstairs.


One day later.

The ship named 'Future' started sailing along the pre-determined route under Tymoral's control.

It would take them two days to go from Dock Nick to the next one.

Ramsoda was its final destination because the place was where the Dark Wizards lived. Another name for the Ramsoda region was 'Aikenhain'. The name Aikenhain meant 'where the sun rises', and it was relatively far from other organizations' territories.

Dock Nick was on the opposite side of the second dock. It would take years for one to travel from one side to another on land.

Angele stood on the starboard side of the ship.

The endless sky looked like a huge sapphire. There were white seagulls flying over the ship from time to time and the fishy sea breeze made Angele's hair fly about in the air. He put his hands on the cold railing and overlooked the surface of the sea.

There were two large ships in Angele's sight. The ships were connected with wooden bridges. The sailors with swords in their hands were fighting against each other.

"Pirates raiding an armored merchant ship. It's common around here." Tymoral walked to Angele.

"Don't worry. They won't come for us. I heard the White Tooth Castle already established a fleet to wipe the pirates off the sea."

Angele heard Tymoral's explanation and nodded, but he did not say anything. The ship slowly left the area and the two ships in conflict disappeared from his sight.

They finally arrived at the next dock on the second afternoon.

Dock Seahawk, it was the dock where Yuri and the others disembarked. The White Tooth Castle and Six Ring High Tower's territories were here.

Many people boarded the ship at the dock. More than thirty sailors and about ten Wizard apprentices, all heading back to their home country.

"Hurry up! You, yea, pick up the bread and fruits!" A bald, half-naked burly man was yelling beside Tymoral, his beard thick.

"I want everything on board within three hours! You hear me? Hurry up! Move your *sses!" the man shouted.

"Aye, aye! We're not deaf!" some of the sailors shouted back.

"Come here! I need help! This box is heavy as hell!"

"Hey! Tighten up the rope!"

"Damn, Cage! Move!"

The place was bustling. There were more than ships in various sizes docked by the shell-shaped bay and Future was still greater in size compared to other relatively large ships.

Several people in noble suits greeted Tymoral in an extremely polite tone, while the sailors were carrying boxes onto the ship. They sent several of their servants to help carry the barrels that had fresh water inside.

Some people were yelling in different dialects while waving their hands. Angele could not understand a single word they were saying. There were about forty people standing on the bridge beside the ships. It was crowded.

Angele could see carriages and pedestrians passing by along the road and he could hear the noise from here. Although he could not understand their language, he still felt quite happy to be in such a lively place.

The people suddenly stepped aside and made a path for the passengers.

About ten people wearing different types of clothes walked to the ship. Angele could sense the energy particles around them. Some of them were in their mid-thirties and there were also several old men with white messy hair.

They walked to Tymoral and bowed with respect. Tymoral said something and pointed at Future, looking unconcerned.

The group started boarding after heeding Tymoral's instructions. Angele took a glance at them and saw someone familiar.

A pretty girl with a black ponytail was staring at him. She was wearing a black swordsman's suit, looking confused.

"What are you looking at! Vel!" A middle-aged woman shoved the back of the girl forward.

"Don't stare at a master Wizard like that," she whispered.

The girl turned her head around immediately and followed the others onto the deck. Angele already knew who she was. It was Velvet, the girl he had met on his way to Ramsoda. Her talent level was 1.

It seemed that the girl failed to rank up and she had to go back to her family.

The strongest Wizard apprentice among the group was only at rank 2. Angele knew how strong they were just by looking at them, and Velvet was still at rank 1 after many years of studying. Her only improvement was the number of energy particles she could control.

The place was too crowded, so Angele decided to talk to Velvet later. He wanted to know how the others were doing. The sailors finished loading the containers within two hours, Future left the dock under the moonlight and started traveling to the next dock.


*Knock Knock*

"Who is it?" Angele put down the feather pen from his hand and moved the oil lamp onto the paper before answering the door.

"It's me…" A sheepish voice came from outside the door.

Angele's eyebrows furrowed. He was currently trying to set up the plan for the enhancement of Mental Mastery. Moreover, it was already 2 o'clock in the morning.

He hated being interrupted while thinking.

"Come in," Angele answered in a low voice. He pointed at the door. A ray of green light came out of the tip of his finger and unlocked it.

The brown wooden door was pushed open and soothing wind blew into the room. A gray-cloaked person walked inside and closed the door.

"It's you?" Angele was a bit surprised.

"Yea, me, Velvet. I'm not sure if you still know me." The girl took off her cloak and revealed her emotionless face.

"It's late, why are you here? I wanted to talk to you tomorrow." Angele rubbed his temples. He was a bit tired.


Velvet suddenly kneeled down and knocked her head on the floor.

"Please! We were on the same ship. Master Angele, take me in as your servant!" She had not raised her head yet. Angele was not sure what her expression looked like at the moment, but he knew her voice was shaky.

"You wish to be my servant?"

"Yes!" Velvet raised her head up and stared at Angele. Angele could the complex feelings in her eyes.

"I spent four years in Six Ring High Tower. I'm already 20 years old. It's impossible for me to become a formal Wizard now, so I'm planning to serve as a Knight in my hometown, but I didn't expect to meet you here… and you're already a Wizard…" Velvet was not sure how she should talk to Angele. She chose to become a Wizard apprentice, giving up the chance to take the life energy seed. She gave up since she could not progress. However, the girl would not even become a top-level Knight without the seed. Angele's talent level was 2, but he broke the limit after just four years of studying. Velvet admired him, but at the same time, she was jealous of him.

Velvet argued with Angele when they first met, yet she was now begging him to take her in. She felt ashamed knowing this fact. Her face was flustered. She wanted to know how Angele could progress so fast as it was her last hope. Velvet had to leave her dignity behind.

"Stand up first." Angele creased his eyebrows.

Velvet stood up. She was not wearing her swordsman's suit.

Worn on her body was a skin-tight leather armor, which perfectly showcased those full round breasts of hers. Velvet's short black skirt barely covered her thighs, and the silky stockings made her legs look alluring.

"Are you trying to seduce me with the clothes you're wearing?" Angele glanced at her.

Velvet lowered her head. She did not respond to Angele's question but slightly nodded her head.

Angele knew that if he took her in. She would most likely fulfill all his requests tonight.