The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 134

Angele decided to collect more spells later. He looked at Maryland's corpse again.

He walked to the body and crouched. Angele checked if Maryland was still breathing by touching his neck before looting his body.

First, he went for the two white leather pouches on Maryland's waist, and then he found two white jade arrows from the belt. He also found a small spell book with a brown leather cover. The book was about the size of a palm, and there was a glowing white diamond-shaped pattern on the front.

Angele returned to the place where the fight began and rummaged through the two Wizard apprentices' bodies. He took everything valuable to him.

After the place was cleaned up, Angele left the forest and returned to his carriage. The horse was still eating the grasses on the side. It seemed that no one had come by.

He opened the door and jumped into the carriage. Angele sat down by the table and started to check everything he acquired.

There were some spell materials in the white pouches, but Angele had never seen them before. They might be used for Ice spells. There was also a crystal bottle that contained several translucent capsules inside. The capsules looked similar to the fish oil capsules Angele had seen back on Earth.

Many basic spell models were recorded in the book, and Maryland's notes were all written beside them. Angele was a bit downcast that Maryland did not write anything important on the book, so it was basically useless to him. He read it through and burned it right after.

The only thing valuable from the two apprentices was a black sphere. The spell books contained nothing new to Angele. Furthermore, he also found several regular magic stones.

The enchanted ring from the female Wizard apprentice already broke and the spell materials she had could be found anywhere.

Angele put down the magic stones and the materials. He grabbed the black sphere and started observing it. The sphere was about the size of his fist, and there was a thin layer of silver metallic liquid on its surface. He had no idea what it was made from.

"Strange, it's soft and the only thing I can sense from it is Maryland's remaining energy." Angele checked the sphere for a while and concluded.

"Perhaps it's merely a one-time explosive item?"

'Zero, found anything similar in the database?' Angele wondered.

'No matching data was found.' There was nothing Zero could do if it was not stored in the database.

Angele carefully put the sphere into his pouch and with a flick of his finger, black smoke descended onto the horse in front. The horse started advancing slowly and the carriage moved again.

"I should've activated the battle mode during the fight against the Panther Wizard, but I still may not be able to kill him. The only spell he cast was conjuring those red spheres. I hope the range of my Metal Field is large enough to absorb more damage. Besides, the magic resistance is still too low."

Angele's eyebrows furrowed. He stopped the fight because he was at the same level as the man and he had already used a lot of mana in the previous encounter.

The Metal forcefield's defense and resistance were relatively low, so every time he blocked a spell, he needed to create another layer of metal barrier. Talent Spell's cost was low, but his mana pool was still limited. Without the spell stored in the chip, he would have a hard time fighting against the second enemy.

Casting one Lesser Fireball required 4 Mentality and 4 Mana.

Manipulating the metals and creating metal barriers to block Maryland's spells cost Angele 13 mana and using the electrically enhanced needles to attack the Panther Wizard almost drained the rest of his mana. If the fight lasted any longer, he would've had to retreat. Physical attacks would not damage that man there.

He had the type of the energy particles stored in the chip switched to metal energy particles. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to recreate so many metal barriers.

'It seems impossible for the chip to scan the information of a Wizard if his force field is on. The battle mode is good only when the opponent loses his barrier,' Angele thought.

'I don't know why, but Zero can now handle two tasks simultaneously after I broke my genetic limit… However, …'

Angele looked at the trees outside through the window. The tree leaves were shaking in the wind, and there were rabbits jumping around from time to time.

'How to break through a Wizard's forcefield…?' Angele tried to recall the basic knowledge of forcefields he had learned before.

If he wanted to break a common forcefield, he would have to use another corresponding type of forcefield to hit it accurately. Angele needed to switch to a proper forcefield when necessary, but Zero would not be able to do that.

It meant that the chip could help him reserve his energy during battles, but there was barely anything else it could do. It was still good for research, so Angele decided to collect more information he needed about further studies.

'After Zero finished the enhancement on the Lesser Fireball, I'll do the second modification myself.' Angele shook his head.

Wizards needed to learn how to modify spells. After all, the chip could only help Angele stored basic information and spell models. The enhancement Zero did for the spells was based on the data Angele collected, and without data, there was nothing it could do.

In order to get the best results, Angele had to do it by himself. Zero could help him select the right information to save some time.

'At least it can multitask now.' Angele chuckled.

'I should be grateful for what I have. I'm already progressing much faster than the others.'


Dock Nick.

Bright sunlight reflected upon the golden beach.

The coconut trees' large leaves were waving in the wind. Waves crashed onto the shore from time to time.

A black carriage was parked in front of a road sign beside the forest, its wooden wheels coated with the sand from the beach.

Angele already waited three days for the ship to come after he arrived at the dock. He sat inside the carriage and looked at the sea.

He already checked the date when the ship would come by. Every 4 years, a ship coming from another land would drop Wizard apprentices off at several docks and it would pick up those who wished to go back. It was the only way for him to travel from this land to another.

Angele opened the window and jumped off the carriage. He slowly walked to the beach and raised his head. He saw a blue ship with white stripes on its surface slowly moving toward him.

He waited on the beach, but he suddenly heard footsteps coming from behind.

"You must be Master Angele? Are you waiting for the ship?" A stranger's voice came from behind.

Angele turned around and saw a silver-haired in a white robe smiling at him.

"Yes, I'm Angele. Sorry, but you are?" Angele wondered as he had no idea who this man was.

"I'm Tymoral. Liliana has helped me several times before. I respect her a lot." The man named Tymoral smiled.

"It's the third time I'm chosen to be the messenger. My duty is to contact the countries overseas. If you need any help, just ask. I have the right to grant you noble status."

Angele hesitated for a second, but he still showed his gratitude while smiling.

"Thank you for your kindness. I'll talk to you when I need it."

"Sure." Tymoral nodded.

"Countries funded by mortals are weak, but Grand Knights can still fight us with enchanted items they possess. You should be careful if you must fight one of them. I suggest you contact your masters and find the Bloodline Nobles."

"Bloodline Nobles?" Angele had never heard of it before.

"Ah, sorry, I forgot to explain first." It seemed as if Tymoral recalled something, becoming a bit nervous. He even slightly bowed to Angele.

Angele immediately bowed as well.

"You did nothing wrong. It's not a big problem." Angele did not know why Tymoral was so polite to him.

Tymoral straightened his back and started explaining.

"Well, I didn't notice your… I'll explain it to you right now. Bloodline Nobles are personages who rule this world. Most of them are royal members who often possess the greatest power in their hands. The first royal members overseas were several old Wizards who failed to rank up, their lives about to end. They created their own empires. Some of them successfully passed their knowledge to the next generations. The higher their Wizard ranks were, the harder it would be for them to get women pregnant. Before they died, they left some strong enchanted items to their children to help them survive in wars. The children of the Wizards were the Bloodline Nobles. The Wizards without descendants lost their country after they died. I forgot that only royal members or very knowledgeable Wizards knew about this, so I apologized."

Tymoral stopped for a second and sighed with emotion.