The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 133

Angele did not stop after creating the first metal shield. He stacked three shields together to block the explosion.


Angele was pushed back several meters by the impact. He supported himself with his left feet as he slowly stabilized. Three silver metal shields helped him defend against the energy explosion caused by the Lesser Fireball and the crystal.

'Such a powerful spell.' Angele had a serious expression on his face.

'My agility is high and my forcefield has caught most of the projectiles in the air. Otherwise, it must be impossible for me to take no damage. The power level of the explosion is over 30 degrees. After the enhancement of Lesser Fireball is done, I'll be able to deal with it easily.'

Angele's forcefield would automatically create metal scraps to block the particles coming for him. The field itself could handle 14 degrees of power, and after casting the Lesser Fireball, he successfully resolved a total of 30 degrees of power.

'So this is what a Wizard can do before reaching the Gas stage. It's my turn now.' Angele looked at Maryland and sneered, the old man's face was still pale.

Angele raised his hand and the silver shields were absorbed by his body again. He leaned forward and charged toward Maryland again.

Maryland was running away from Angele desperately.

"How? How is that even possible! All the power was brought to the kid after the crystal exploded, yet he was not hurt at all?! That's twice the original power! He just became a Wizard, but he actually successfully blocked such a strong spell." Fear was etched all over his face. All he could do was to try his best to escape.

Suddenly, his sight blurred.


Something struck Maryland's back with great impact, causing him to lose his balance. The translucent ice barrier blocked the attack coming from behind. Although he was not hurt, he was still blown away by the impact and he fell to the ground.

"Maryland, we are having fun, right? Why are you running?" Angele's deep voice came from behind.

Maryland struggled for a while before he stood up. Fear slowly filled up his mind. He trembled before he turned around and tried to invoke incantations, but he could not calm down at all. This unpleasant feeling in his head made his Mentality unstable, so there was no way for him to cast any spell in his current state.

"Angele… Are you seriously trying to kill me? I'm a contracted Wizard of the school! If you kill me, the school will place a bounty on your head! Think twice before you do that!" Maryland started retreating step by step.

Angele looked at Maryland. He was disappointed.

"You can't even cast any spell right now. I considered you as a worthy opponent." He walked to the old man and raised the crossguard sword in the air.

"Don't! Killing me is betraying the school!" Maryland yelled in fear. The white light in his eyes had disappeared. He tripped on a stone while trying to flee and he fell to the ground once again.

"I'll make sure that I'll take care of your dead body. We're in a forest far from the school, who'd know I killed you?" Angele smiled.

Maryland's ice barrier was impaled by Angele's sword.

"You!" Maryland's face was twitching.


The barrier had already absorbed a lot of damage for the old man, but without a mana supply, its surface started shedding.

Angele raised his sword again and slashed down with no hesitation.


The ice barrier could not take any more damage, so the translucent barrier around him revealed itself before breaking into pieces.

"No!" Maryland's barriers were gone. He stood up immediately and threw a black bottle to the ground.


The bottle exploded and flames splashed into the air.

Angele took a step back and created a metal silver shield to block the flame. He could see Maryland running away through the fire, and he smiled.

He slightly leaned forward and charged forth.

Angele was so fast that the trees on the sides became blurry. He could hear the wind howling while approaching Maryland.

He tightly held the handle of his sword and slashed downward. The sword soared in the air and was about to hit Maryland.


A black creature deflected Angele's blade from the side. Angele stopped moving forward and stepped back immediately.

A well-built man slowly walked out of the bushes behind Maryland. The man was wearing a coat made from black bear skin, and his long hair was messy. There were two metal claws on both his hands. He looked quite calm.

The black creature returned to the man's side. It was a black panther that stared at Angele with a pair of green shallow eyes, its legs fully armored.


The panther was awaiting its owner's order.

Angele swung the crossguard sword in his hand.

"You're with Maryland?" He had a gentle smile on his face, but he was ready to strike at any moment.

"My mission is to bring Maryland back. He's already signed the contract with Liliado. From now on, he's one of us," the man spoke in a calm tone.

"Leave now if you don't want to die. You don't stand a chance against me."

"Is that so?" Angele stopped smiling.

"It means you're my enemy too."

The man stared at him.

"If you don't leave, then yes."

Angele narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at the man. He could sense the strong Mentality of the man just by looking at him.

Maryland was much weaker than the man.

"You already reached the Gas stage?" Angele suddenly questioned.

The man did not respond. He only patted the panther's head, which caused it to purr several times in response.

Angele's expression finally turned gruesome.

Silver metal liquid came out of his body and covered him completely layer by layer within seconds.

Three silver scars were revealed at the left side of Angele's face after the layers of silver metal slowly spread on his skin.

The man looked a bit surprised after seeing the changes happened to Angele.

"Metal forcefield…" He stared at Angele.

"It's the first time I'm seeing a Wizard with Metal Mastery as a Talent Spell."


Two bone armor appeared on the man's arms. The armor was covered with sharp thorns.

Maryland lay down on the side quietly, his skull penetrated by a sharp thin metal needle.


Inside a meeting hall in Ramsoda College, five people wearing black robes sat around a table.

"So, no one respects my word anymore?" Liliana questioned in a deep tone.

"We didn't authorize Maryland's action. He's not one of us anymore and we, Sparrow Family, already declared that." A middle-aged woman responded immediately.

"Master Liliana. We had no idea that he offended you. Please forgive us." There was fear in her eyes.

"Maryland has signed a contract with Liliado, thus it's treason." The black robe in the main seat spoke calmly. His face was covered in black mist.

"I agree, Mr. President."

"Me too." The other two black robes nodded.

Liliana grunted before standing up and vanishing into the dark shadows.


"Damn! How dare you!" someone shouted with a deep voice inside the forest.


Angele leaned to the side and dodged an incoming red sphere of light. The sphere hit the tree behind him, melting the tree into a pool of acid.

The strong man kept waving his metal claws and kept shooting red spheres of light toward Angele while blocking the silver metal needles infused with blue electric pulses.

Countless tiny metal needles were floating around Angele's opponent like blue flies. Angele controlled those metal needles to attack the man from all angles after dodging several red spheres of light.

Angele didn't have the upper hand, but the man was similarly having trouble in blocking Angele's metal needles. The black panther kept roaring, trying to find Angele's weak spot.

There were blue light dots in Angele's eyes. Zero was helping him predict the direction of those red spheres of light. Each sphere of light was about the size of an egg and it could track Angele's movements precisely. He tried to slash them with his sword, but the sword was melted by the acid immediately. It seemed like the man was using anti-metal spells.

The only thing Angele could do was to dodge and control those metal needles to attack.

"The Gas stage is strong I see," he whispered, but his voice still reached the man's ears.

"Why are you trying so hard for a dead man? This battle won't end easily. We both know that."

The man looked anxious.

"I underestimated you."

He took several steps back and lowered his claws. The black panther returned to his side as well.

"I shall leave for now. Angele Rio, I'll remember your name.

The man vanished into the forest with the panther after finishing his word.

Angele raised his right hand and all the floating metal needles returned to his body.

"I need to take care of the body before the people from the school show up." Angele looked at Maryland's corpse with no expression on his face.

He did not want the people in Ramsoda to know that it was him who killed Maryland. Although Maryland had betrayed the school, Angele would still be taken back to the school for interrogation. He did not want to waste any more time.

Angele also figured out what he was lacking after the battle. He had no high-damage spells. That was also the reason why he spent a long time trying to kill Maryland.

"High damage spells…" Angele started thinking.