The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 130

Tia hesitated for a while before she walked to the table. She stood there and began undressing. First, her gray swordsman's suit and then, her underwear.

She lay down on the long table after taking off all her clothes. Angele had no expression on his face. He turned around after Tia made up her mind. He grabbed a scalpel with his right hand and walked to the table.

"Don't worry, I'll make it quick." Angele smiled. Although Angele was tired, he was certain that he could successfully plant the seed.

"Yes… Master." Tia put her hands over her delicate part. Her young body was clean and healthy.

Angele held the scalpel in his right hand and asked Tia to move her hands away from her delicate part. He slightly pressed his left hand onto the part just a few centimeters below her navel. It seemed that he was trying to find the right place.

Several seconds later, red mist covered Angele's left hand. He put his palm on the part below the navel.


The noise his left palm was making produced a sound as though he was grilling meat.

Tia's face turned pale. Although she did not feel any pain, she knew something was happening to her body.

Angele stayed calm. There were blue light dots flashing in his eyes.

After several seconds, Angele moved his palm away and a twisted snake-shaped black imprint was left on her stomach. It was Angele's magic sigil. The characters in the sigil were written in the ancient language, which simply represented his name, Angele Rio.

Angele decided to give her the life energy seed, but he still could not fully trust her. Thus, he decided to put his sigil on Tia's body, so he could finish her off easily if she ever had thoughts of betraying him.

Angele nodded and switched his scalpel to the left hand. He carefully cut her stomach open.

"Aluer!" he chanted in a low voice.

Some dark red glow flashed on the scalpel.

A long incision appeared on Tia's lower abdomen, but it was not bleeding. Tia did not even feel any pain. She stared at Angele with respect and trust in her eyes.

Angele smiled kindly as he put down the scalpel. He grabbed the small bottle and removed the lid. He then carefully took out a thin black string using the tweezers.

It took him several minutes to place the string inside her abdominal cavity. Angele made sure the location was correct and applied some healing gel on her wound. He then closed the wound with stitches.

"Done. I already planted the life energy seed inside your body. It's a bit different from the ones the other knights have, but I think mine will work better on you." Angele gently touched Tia's forehead and said in a kind tone.

"Thank you, Master." Tia was still a bit shy, but she seemed to have already calmed down. She no longer minded Angele looking at her naked body.

"Have some good rest." Angele nodded.

"I will." Tia closed her eyes.

Angele covered her carefully with the blanket he had prepared beforehand and he started analyzing the process of the surgery he had just performed.

'Life energy seed. It can help people release their potentials. It's a special type of bioenergy. The black string is the essence of my flesh, which contains the energy inside my body. I already broke the limit, so my life energy seed is stronger than a knight-level warrior's. I'll spend more time training Tia after this. Even if she wants to betray me, I can easily take my seed back and kill her with the sigil.'

Angele had seen the method on a Wizardry book and modified the procedure to further improve it. Tia was his first test subject.

This method was developed by elder Wizards. They wanted to train those who were willing to work for them, but they needed an insurance for their subjects to be unable to backstab them.

Also, Wizards could modify the body conditions of the people who took in their seeds, so it was better to plant the seed when they were young. It was possible that warriors had developed a similar method in training knights.

However, Angele was already a Wizard and he had no interest in studying how knights create their life energy seed. Also, he could only use the method occasionally since collecting the essence of flesh would damage his body permanently.

Angele cleaned up the table and put the items in the room back in order.

He walked to the glass case which contained the arm after everything was done. The arm was already melting like a burning candle. It turned into a small pool of yellow water that smelled like meat soup. White steam floated in the air and lowered the visibility in the room.

Angele grabbed a syringe and filled it up with dark purple liquid.

He then carefully injected the liquid into the eyeball. Its color changed from white to purple within several seconds.

Angele picked up the eyeball with his tweezers and let it soak in the steam. After several seconds, its color changed again. It was now completely black. Only the pupil remained color red, which nearly looked like there was blood dripping down the eyeball.

Angele put down the tweezers and grabbed another syringe. He carefully pushed the needle into the center of the pupil. Some liquid was extracted from the pupil. It was shiny, like a piece of perfect ruby.

As the liquid filled up the syringe, the eyeball dried up and became a thin layer of strange skin.

Angele pulled the needle out of the eyeball after it was filled up. He pushed some air out of the syringe and injected the red translucent liquid into his body without any hesitation.

'High-energy substance detected in your veins,' Zero reported immediately.

'The high-energy substance is affecting your blood condition… Recording the process…'

Angele had expected this change, so he stayed calm.

'Slowly release the stored energy particles and modify the rate of the release using the existing plans,' he ordered.

'Releasing energy particles…'

Half an hour later, Angele's forehead was covered in sweat. He was seated in a chair beside the table.

'Energy absorbed. Your genetic limit has been broken. Your attributes have increased.'

'My stamina was initially 4.5 units. Now, it's 6.1 units. It's incredible… Sadly, I can only do it once. My body has already developed resistance.'

Angele lay his back on the chair and smiled. He watched Tia sleeping for a while before leaving the room.

He went up the stairs and reached the balcony on the second floor.

It was dark outside. The chilling wind was blowing over Angele's face. The only light he could see was from other districts.

He leaned over the balustrade and saw the bronze statues in the small garden. There were many empty manors around him. The place was silent and no one was around.

Angele raised his head and saw two crescent moons hanging over the dark sky: one waxing and one waning, side by side. They looked beautiful and peaceful.

Angele was exhausted. He put his hands on the cold iron balustrade, causing him to feel refreshed.

"One last thing."

Angele reached into the pouch on his waist.

He took out a small black box. The box was about the size of his palm and could fill up a small pouch.

There was a gray egg lying in the middle of the black thin silk.

"Scorpion… I wanted a companion that could fly, but I should still keep it in case I can't find anything else in the future." Angele held the egg in hand and thought for a while, but he ended up putting it back into the box.

"I'll think about it later," Angele sighed. He must make the choice carefully because he could only tame a single magical companion.

Many Wizards controlled insects or flies to complete certain tasks for them, but a magical beast companion was different. It was linked to the life of its owner. If the magical companion were to die, the Wizard contracted to it would take permanent damage. Moreover, even if the Wizard died, he could still revive through his magical companion. Having a magical companion was akin to obtaining a second life.

It was the reason why Angele was so careful about choosing the right companion. He wanted a strong creature that could protect him during battles.

The one he currently had was an egg of a dark scorpion. An adult dark scorpion was about one meter long and half a meter wide. Its fighting ability was close to the enraged mountain bear he had encountered before. A Knight would have trouble fighting it, but for a Wizard, it was too weak.

"I hope I can find something better. Otherwise, I'll have to create one myself." Angele sighed again.

Creating creatures and manipulating blood were two of the popular subjects in Wizard's world. However, most of the artificial creatures had critical weaknesses. In addition to that, Wizards needed a lot of knowledge just to be able to start the process.


With the help of Angele, Tia recovered after several days. He stayed in the city for several more days and gave Tia two regular magic stones to pay the bills before departing once again.

Tinos, Harland, and Alford watched him depart. They asked him several times if he needed any help.

Angele did not ask for anything. He had already prepared everything he needed on the way. He knew he would not return until all his plans were accomplished. The only way for him to contact them was thru the telescope, but his destination was out of its maximum range.

However, he needed to go back to check on his family. Angele left Marua Harbor several years ago, and he had no idea what had happened during this years. He left a note saying he was going study abroad, but his family had no idea on what he was actually trying to do. Only Master Adolf knew that he went to pursue his dream.

Angele still remembered the day he left Marua Harbor and the things that happened on his way to Ramsoda.

He helped Nancy on the boat and also met the girl with a talent level of one. Also, Yuri told him he was going to guard the border in the letter, but Yuri never replied after that.

Angele thought about the events happened during all those years while traveling to the closest dock with haste.