The Wizard World


The Wizard World Chapter 124

In the forest outside Ramsoda College.

The intense flame streaked the sky, and the glare turned every nearby object green.

The trees, the mud, and the stones around all turned green including the two people who were standing beside the fire.

The shadow of the flames was dancing on the two's faces, and they were staring at the fire with no expression.

It was a man and a woman wearing black robes. They covered half of their pale faces with their hoods.

"The flame is from a Glowing Elephant," the man spoke in a light tone. He raised his right hand and waved at the fire.

Some of the green flames dropped down a large burning tree and gathered upon the tip of his finger.

"I can smell the stink of a Hundred-Eyed Monster in the air. It must be the Nakora Family. They are hunting humans again, but who started the fire?" The man looked a bit confused.

"It's getting out of control. They should just stay beneath the earth and stop wandering around the school. I think something is going on," the woman said in a light tone.

"It doesn't matter. We'll still be safe for the next 100 years, and we have enough time to recover. Let's go. It's probably just an accident. A glowing heart exploded, and the monster was caught in the explosion." The man waved his fingers, and the flames dropped to the ground.

"So, you want me to take care of it?" the woman asked.

"If you want." The man turned around and walked toward the bushes. He vanished into the shadows after several seconds.

The woman watched the man leave before she turned around and looked at the burning trees again.

"Arudia, hurry up."

"At your service." A deep male voice came from her body.


The cloth at the woman's left shoulder was torn apart, her skin was cut open, and a man's head appeared in her flesh.

The man's head slowly moved out of her wound and pushed the woman's head to the other side.

The woman looked strange with two heads on her shoulder.

The man's head had a handsome face. His eyes were dark blue, and he was smiling. The woman's head started withering as the man's head claimed the control of her body. The woman's head turned into a ball of black flesh and melted into her body after several seconds.

The female characteristics started changing as well, and her body was converted to a muscular man's body.

The woman's gender changed completely after several minutes.

He then raised his hand and pointed at the fire in front of him.

"Collins, Frost, Navco," The man started invoking incantations.

A white magic circle slowly appeared above his palm, which spun as he used the incantation. Countless shining runes and characters were flickering inside the circle.

White icy air kept sprouting around the magic circle. The grasses and the trees were frozen and completely covered in white frost.

The magic circle spun like a white plate and the icy air was pushed toward the green flames.

The icy air spread into the burning area and put off most of the fire. A thick layer of white frost quickly covered the burnt ground.

After several minutes, the entire green flame was extinguished by the white frost.

"Well, that was some hard work…" The man lowered his hand and shook his head.

The white magic circle became transparent and vanished into the air quickly.

The man looked at the forest in front of him, satisfied with the result. The ashes of the plants were covered in ice, but he could still see some green smoke rising upon them.

"Damn monsters, they sure know when to strike," the man muttered as he turned around. His body vanished into white smoke after stepping forward.


Angele's body was burning. He was covered in intense white flames.

There was no smoke or noise in the room, and the flame did not rise the temperature. It was almost as if his body was the fuel of the white phantasmal flames.

The whole room was brightened up by the strange white flame, sweat kept dripping down Angele's chin and his eyes were twitching. His brown hair lost its luster in the flame, causing it to become dry and damaged.

'Warning! Warning! Your body cells are failing. Please take action immediately!' Zero's report echoed around his ears.

Angele knew that something went wrong. He struggled as he raised his hands and crossed his fingers slowly.

'Check my mentality,' Angele ordered. It felt like his life energy was being converted into a special power.

A strange feeling filled up his mind and converted power was injected into his body.

'Your Mentality is increasing. 16… 18… 19…'

Angele finally understood what Water of Asu did in this process.

Water of Asu's main effect was converting one's life energy into the mentality, causing a massive increase in mentality within a short duration. Wizard apprentices could break the limit with such strong mentality and reach another level. However, if people who consumed the potion failed to break the limit, the converted life energy would be wasted and their life expectancy would be reduced.

The reason why more Water of Asu would bring better success rate was that the amount of life energy it converted into mentality would be larger.

Wizard apprentices usually consumed one serving of Water of Asu when trying to break the limit. It would damage their body permanently. Some of the apprentices who attempted even died during the procedure. It was the main reason why younger Wizard apprentices had higher chance to survive after breaking the limit than older Wizard apprentices.

Angele consumed three servings of Water of Asu and one serving of Nightmare Potion. In all likelihood, he would die if he failed to break the limit.

The furious white flame was burning on Angele's body quietly.

'Start constructing the spell model.' Angele suddenly opened his eyes. Countless blue light dots were flashing in his eyes.

'Model construction starting. Combining spell, Metal Mastery. I will monitor the status of the model creation.'

Angele crossed his fingers, and a golden metal ball appeared between his hands.

His hands turned red within seconds, and the metal ball started melting. It turned into a ball of golden liquid. Two tentacles separated from the liquid and attached to Angele's wrists. It was akin to dropping water into a lake. The tentacles were absorbed by his skin immediately.

Two thin, light golden strings were connecting Angele's hands with the golden ball. The metal liquid was injected into the surface of his skin.

His pale skin that had absorbed the metal liquid started turning golden slowly. Angele kept his position. He just let the fire burn on his body. Finally, he absorbed the golden ball made from the claw completely after several minutes.

'Basic mentality model created,' Zero reported.

Angele looked relieved after he heard Zero's voice. He struggled and loosened his fingers. He took out his jacket and threw it to the corner.

Five silver daggers without smeared poison were revealed after he took his jacket off. There was also the chain claw, the knife, and the crossguard sword hanging on his waist.

All the daggers were inserted into the slots on his brown belt, Angele put his hands on them.


The first dagger he pressed on with his hands melted into his hand.

The second one, the third one, and the fourth one…

Also, the chain claw, the knife, and the crossguard sword…

Two minutes later, the metal weapons Angele had all been melted and absorbed into his body.

His skin was coated with a silver glow, and some of his hair turned white.

'Spell model created. Material requirement met,' Zero finally reported again, 'Your time remaining, 15 minutes and 32 seconds.'

Angele's expression changed. He could feel that he had reached a level that he could never imagine before, but he also noticed how weak his body had become.

"Last step…" he muttered as he raised his right hand. Angele's fractured arm still had not fully recovered yet although he spent a long time resting.

Angele touched his left face gently with his right hand. His palm was burnt, and he could feel the pain.

He groaned and closed his eyes slowly.

Three silver scars appeared as his fingers slowly slipped down his left side of the face. Those scars looked like metal strips that were inserted into his face, leaning from the mouth to ear, and his average-looking face was decorated with something strange now.


He opened his eyes again, and it sounded like something slashed the air open.

Angele's pupils were no longer black but instead silver.

'Talent Spell acquired, Metal Mastery.'

'Attributes increased. Strength, 3.5, Agility, 5.2, Stamina, 4.5, Mentality, 21.2, Mana, 7.7. Talent Spell, Metal Mastery. It's a force field, and after the 50% potential is reached, Metal Rune support will be enabled.'

Zero transferred all the information into Angele's mind.

"Finally, it's over." Angele felt relaxed. He smiled.

He rubbed the left side of his face again with his hand, and the three metal strips disappeared. The white flames around his body extinguished after several seconds.

Angele did not stand up. He sat on his bed with his legs crossed and started thinking again. His hair turned pale and his clothes were soaked in sweat. The sheet beneath him was soaking wet as well.

After about ten minutes, he got off the bed slowly, 'Zero, how's my body condition?'

'Your body cells are dividing fast, 80% of the potentials were consumed, and your life expectancy was reduced by 20%,' Zero reported honestly.


A three-dimensional body model appeared in Angele's side, and it was rotating.

It was a translucent blue hologram. There was no vein or muscle displayed inside the body and instead, there were many tiny blue tunnels. There were blue and red spots on the model's skin. Their sizes varied, and the red color around the heart and the head were the deepest.