The Ultimate Evolution


The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 680

Sheyan's legs were still wobbly even after leaving the clinic. The trio then proceeded to a steakhouse for a meal, and the first sentence that Sheyan uttered was,

"Screw this, if I attempt to challenge the third tier of virus now, I would be dead meat! Bloody hell S rank ability, I underestimated your difficulty!"

Brother Black and Reef chuckled in response. Mogensha then lighted a cigar and took a nice puff before speaking.

"Boss, why not we devise way to earn some money and invest in a hospital? I know of a diamond mine and an oil field in Somalia, just that I wasn't very interested."

Sheyan's thick black brows sprung up like twin blades carving towards each other. After a brief while, he shook his head.

"We can eliminate the prospects of an oil field, as we aren't equipped with necessary haulage or intermediary links. Churning out too little a quantity is pointless for profits, Too much, and we've to involve excessive people, transportation tankers and other essentials. Moreover, oil is a commodity of national interest, and would be easily seized or blocked off…...nevertheless, we can contemplate over the diamond mine. Reef any links for procurement?"

Reef nodded.

"Not an issue."

At this instant, Brother Black abruptly remembered their purpose for being here, and asked to understand the attribute of Sheyan's 2nd tier virus pestilence - 'Bronchitis'.

To that, Sheyan very forthrightly displayed out.

[ 2nd Tier branch ability: Bronchitis lvl 1 ]

[ Detail: This ability is only effective on enemies infected with the flu virus. It influences the tier 1 branch ability - 'Influenza' ]

[ Detail: When an enemy infected with the 'Flu' virus is contaminated with the 'Bronchitis' virus, it takes 5 minutes to achieve virus outbreak ]

[ Effect: Within intervals of 25 seconds, there's a 25% probability of receiving a 'violent coughing' negative effect. This effect can be triggered simultaneously with the 'Flu' ability negative effects ]

[ Violent Coughing: During this period of violent coughing, the enemy will be rendered immobile; incapable of attacking or casting abilities for 2 seconds. Whenever the enemy experiences 'Violent Coughing' for 3 times, the next time will induce a 150 points blood loss damage spreaded over 15 seconds ]

[ When enemy is plagued by 'Bronchitis', when negative effects (sneeze, shiver, headache) of the 'Flu' ability is ongoing, there is a 10% probability of triggering the 'violent coughing' negative effect ]

[ You can choose to activate or seal off this branch ability at anytime. Requires 10 MP to activate/seal ability ]

[ This branch ability can coexist with certain other virus types ]

[ When enemy leaves the contamination radius of your virus, this virus effect will remain effective on his/her body for 10 minutes ]

[ Please quickly invest more achievement points to evolve this branch ability, which will subsequently unlock higher tiers in the innate skill tree! ]

Although Sheyan thoroughly desired to advance this 'Bronchitis' ability, this ability of the tier 2 skill tree astoundingly required 6 achievement points to do so. Even with the 50% discount, he still needed 3 achievement points!

At present, Sheyan was only left with 102 achievement points. Wanting to continue investing in this 'Bronchitis' ability would be wishful thinking. Right now, Sheyan realized he could only describe himself as famished and thirsting for achievement points.

Fortunately, the cost of employing both virus abilities weren't tremendous, and didn't land Sheyan in an awkward predicament of not being able to utilize them.


Eventually, it was time to return to the nightmare realm, and thus, the trio hurried back to the realm.

Upon returning, they first received an extremely pleasant news. Reef's exhibited 'Alien Skull' shield was unexpectedly sold off!

Bear this in mind, Reef's earlier intent was merely to advertise it and didn't plan on actually selling it off. Thus, he had designated an extravagant valuation that vastly exceeded the items actual value.

80,000 utility points plus 50 potential points.

In his own estimation, selling it off for 50,000 utility points plus 25 potential points would be satisfactory already. Instead, someone actually blatantly purchased his 'advertising' price.

Presumably, the buyer must've encountered some desperate life or death circumstances, thereby needed to urgently convert resources to battle power. Moreover, once could similarly observe how precious a MT equipment was deemed as.

As expected, the two dark-green set equipments similarly received great fanfare. Fortunately, Sheyan previously designated the valuation at a ridiculous '9999999999' price. Otherwise, a wealthy landlord would've possibly swallowed them in one mouth.

Though that was so, the realm messages they received added up to a total of 23 individuals; piling up the 'letterbox' of Sheyan's personal room.

With this sudden economic upturn, Brother Black and Reef naturally rushed out for a spending spree, leaving Sheyan alone in his personal room to browse through the messages. When his military rank was promoted previously, the realm upgraded his 'letterbox' into a holographic one with unparalleled tidiness and efficiency; appearing somewhat analogous to the avant-garde technology of the Avatar world.

With gentle sliding movements, the silverish-grey letters floated in front of him like a thin book opening. With a single tap of his finger, the contents beamed up with 3D wordings; simultaneously projecting the owner's voice. It was practically like face-timing them.

Whenever he became disinterested in a message, he would effortlessly swap it away; as quick as though he was playing fruit ninja. The contents would then turn fuzzy and dissipate.

After consecutively reading several messages, Sheyan's lips curled into a faint smile. Evidently, the value of the two dark-green set equipments exceeded the trio's initial estimation by around 10 - 20%. If they manipulated their negotiations well, the ending harvest could very well vastly surpass their original plans for the set equipments.

"Eh? What's this?" Several realm messages later, Sheyan abruptly discovered a sliver of blood red beneath the pile! Unsure why, an indescribably sensation overwhelmed his heart. With a flick of his finger, that blood red letter was propelled upwards before he tapped it open.

Instantaneously, a bloodied message hovered up before Sheyan's line of sight. A dazzling swirl as though a painting brush was painting followed, before finally forming into a 3D image. It was shockingly, Demondream!

However, Demondream's appearance looked extraordinarily miserable. Her hair was disheveled and one of her arms had been severed. Even her face was stained with black smoky sediments. At the right side of her chest, was a terrifyingly gruesome mutilated hole; allowing one to view the backdrop scenery through it. Her face no longer projected her usual haughty and unbending countenance, but instead, exhibited pure sorrow.

As she stabbed one dagger deep into the ground while half kneeling, she raised her head to meet Sheyan's face, before exclaiming despondently..

"Seaman, I was wrong! It was I who advocated strongly to abandon you guys then, in favour of obtaining more time to equip ourselves in order to contest against Glory Party. Zi initially wished to ally with you, but I interfered and relentlessly renounced you guys. Therefore, let all hatred and grievances be placed on me!"

"Glory Party has already infiltrated our world, and wishes to annihilate our entire party! Archeaphill is dead, Yuan Zhan and Sable have both turned traitor, and Deadsouls user Mordah has also been slain! I…...can't live for long, only Zi can still resist them. But although Zeus hasn't even showed up, she definitely cannot hold up till this world concludes!"

"So...please I beg of you, save her! The Metals Professor and Glory Party will surely not let you off, and if Zi survives, you will stand a much better chance of surviving against them! I've already activated an 'S' rank item 'Space-time Wormhole'. Please...accept this and save her using this 'Space-time Wormhole'!"

"Possibly when you see this message, I would've already perished. But through my will authorized by my military authority, if Zi can escape this world alive, you can inherit one thing from my will! This will includes equipments, items, achievement points, utility points, free attribute points and others. Your rewards will surely be aplenty….."

"Lastly, if you manage to see Zi, please tell her this…..although she will never accept, but my feelings for her have never changed since the beginning. In my next life, I hope I can be a male...farewell, Seaman!"

After Demondream uttered her final statement, the 3D imagery of her fluctuated chaotically before vanishing before Sheyan. Simultaneously, he received a notification.

[ Unknown individual has activated the S rank item 'Space-time Wormhole' targeting you ]

[ You can choose to accept or reject this item. If you accept, you will be forcibly transported to unknown individual's location of the respective nightmare world ]

Sheyan immediately investigated with his military authority.

"Can the 'Space-time Wormhole' transport other party members?"

To which, he received a straightforward answer.

[ Yes ]

Then, Sheyan received another notification.

[ You received a will from Growth-Hunter no.89912 (deceased): Protect Growth-Hunter no.4421 and assist Growth-Hunter no.4421 in escaping from her mission world alive. Upon success, you can freely obtain one option from Growth-Hunter no.89912's equipments, items, achievement points and utility points as will inheritance. Do you wish to accept this will? ]

[ Warning: The 'Space-time Wormhole' will terminate in 15 minutes time, please make your decision at once! ]

Sheyan took a deep inhalation and shut his eyes. Then, he swiftly transmitted notifications to Mogensha and Reef, urging them to return as soon as possible.

Brother Black and Reef were presently on a shopping spree, and thus, were able to rapidly return, before gazing at Sheyan with unquenchable suspicions.


TL: I'm guessing the Space-time Wormhole allows them to go back in time (a little?) as well. Otherwise, considering how much time they spent in the real world, that nightmare world should've concluded already. Otherwise, its that the realm malfunctioned in the timing again. Or maybe the author just forgot haha.

ED: The author acts a bit freely with the time difference between the nightmare realm and the real world, he keeps changing it. So it could just be that.