The Thrilling Sword


The Thrilling Sword Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Jiang Qiao Acts!

Translated by Zehao

The sun has just risen.

Ye Xuan got up early and rushed to Jiang Qiao’s herb garden.

The Hundred Feathers Grass’ dew must be collected in the early morning or else it won’t be morning dew anymore and it will lose all its effect.

Collecting this dew was a job that required skill.

Ye Xuan carefully pulled the leaves of the Hundred Feathers Grass and suddenly the dew on the leaf fell into the bottle  that Ye Xuan had prepared. This was not enough though, so Ye Xuan went to the other Hundred Feathers Grasses and collected their dew.

To collect enough dew for it to be the size of a nail was really not an easy task.

Fortunately Ye Xuan was very experienced, so after a short while he had almost collected enough.

After he finished collecting the dew, he quickly put a stop on the bottle to prevent the spiritual energy from escaping and then immediately went on to seek out the other herbs.

How strong he will become was going to entirely depend on Jiang Qiao!

“I was wondering what brat beat up Jia Lang and them, it turns out, it is only a brat who opened his Qi Point.”

Just at this moment a mocking laugh appeared.

After Ye Xuan heard this, he quickly turned around.

Then he saw a youth in white, standing on top of the main gate. On this clothes there was the word “Fang”, making it clear that he was part of Fang Yunjian’s faction.

Ye Xuan frowned, this person had ill intent!

Fang Yunjian’s faction is really too aggressive, Ye Xuan asked “Who are you!”

He couldn’t see through the other’s strength.

This person was most likely one level above him and had opened up the Mind and Soul Point. Even for the Greenwood Sect disciples, those who had opened the Mind and Soul point were considered the elite.

“Master Fang Yunjian’s disciple Yang Li!” Yang Li sneered “Only a mere brat who opened up his Qi Point and Jia Lang and them couldn’t even deal with you, what trash. Today I’ll teach you that there are some places you can’t stay!”

While he was speaking.

Yang Li Landed with a bang.

A cold wind blew against Ye Xuan’s face.

Yang Li’s speed was several times faster than Jia Lang’s group.

And this Yang Li was very cruel, with his first move he aimed for Ye Xuan’s neck.

Ye Xuan’s reaction was very fast and backed up.

Yang Li showed a strange smile  “Your control of Qi is so poor!”

The moment his voice fell.

Yang Li pointed with his finger and a powerful Qi shot out from his finger. This Qi instantly surrounded Ye Xuan. Yang Li took one step and it was so powerful that it caused the tables in the yard to shake.

Ye Xuan’s body tightened.

In the next moment his retreat was blocked by Yang Li’s Qi.

“This is bad!”

Ye Xuan secretly shouted in his heart!

He won’t be able to get away.

Yang Li’s right hand reached toward Ye Xuan’s neck.

There was no way for him to defend!

Ye Xuan’s pupil shrank.

Seeing that his neck was about to be grabbed by Yang Li…


Just at this critical moment a white figure floated down and an invisible Qi spread out from the figure. The cold voice entered Yang Li’s ear and he lost control of his body as he backed up 7 to 8 steps and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Jiang Qiao jumped down from the pavilion and landed before Ye Xuan.

Before she even arrived, Yang Li was already defeated.

“So… so powerful!” Ye Xuan took a deep breath.

He had never seen Jiang Qiao act before and only knew that Yang Li was a bit above him. After all, his time in the Greenwood sect was too short and his control of his Qi was very poor. The fact that he was able to hold two rounds with Yang Li, a Mind and Soul Cultivator, was pretty amazing.

But before Jiang Qiao, Yang Li was like an egg hitting a rock.

Jiang Qiao’s face was still cold as she walked forward, her figure very attractive.

“Is it because… I haven’t acted for a while, so that old guy Fang Yunjian forgot how strong I am?” Jiang Qiao’s voice was very feminine but also filled with coldness.

Ye Xuan also clenched his fist, Yang Li almost grabbed his neck. This was clearly pushing him to a dead end. If he didn’t leave today then Yang Li might have really killed him.

He had to admit.

It was very cruel!

He knew that if he hadn’t pointed out Jiang Qiao’s injuries, and could heal them, then today he would have been brutally beaten and kicked out to the outer sect.

This grudge with Yang Li, he will remember it.

Yang Li loudly begged “Jiang… master Jiang, please have mercy!”

“Have mercy?” Jiang Qiao’s voice was like ice.

Yang Li complained non stop in his heart, all the previous years as long as no one was killed Jiang Qiao wouldn’t say anything, because even if Jiang Qiao acted, it wouldn’t have helped.

But today the situation changed, Jiang Qiao acted for a brat with only mediocre talent!

Jiang Qiao shouted “Today I’ll let you go, but if there is a next time, then you can crawl back!”

“Yes, Yes!”

Yang Li was very respective, afraid that he would anger Jiang Qiao even more. He knew that something had changed, and he must quickly report to his master Fang Yunjian.

But he couldn’t get rid of his anger, as he coldly looked at Ye Xuan. He knew that Ye Xuan was the cause of all this, and he doesn’t have to show Ye Xuan any mercy. Since his master couldn’t do anything about Jiang Qiao, then his master would definitely deal with Ye Xuan.

No one would have thought.

That this 17-18 year old young man, who had just joined the sect, was such a tough person.

Yang Li didn’t dare to stay here any longer, after hearing Jiang Qiao’s command, he quickly got up and left.

Jiang Qiao plainly looked at Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan finally saw Jiang Qiao clearly and saw that she was holding a jade bowl.

“It’s time to eat!” Jiang Qiao waved her sleeves and the jade bowl landed in Ye Xuan’s hand.

Ye Xuan caught the jade bowl and knew that this meal was made by Jiang Qiao, and was very happy. Jiang Qiao’s cooking was quite good, so he quickly picked up the chopstick and began to eat.

Although his master looked very cold, she was still a very caring person. She knew that he hadn’t reached the state where he didn’t need to eat yet, so she would always prepare meals for him. Although it wasn’t much, but with how delicious the meal was, Ye Xuan couldn’t seem to get tired of it.


After he finished eating, Ye Xuan followed Jiang Qiao up the pavilion.

“Master must drink this dew first!” Ye Xuan placed the jade bottle containing the dew before Jiang Qiao and then said “Then eat the River Flower Grass, Clear Jade Fruit, Hundred Blessing Spirit Grass, and…”

Jiang Qiao furrowed her brow and asked “Just eating these will melt the sword Qi?”

“That naturally wasn’t enough!” Ye Xuan shook his head.

He currently didn’t have enough strength, if he was at the Yuan Forming stage than he could use techniques from the first half of the Divine Medical Dao Manual to help Jiang Qiao suppress the Sword Qi. Unfortunately, he had only just opened his Qi point, and if he were to use the needles by force, then he would just be overwhelmed by the Sword Qi.

Only if he had the second half of the Divine Medical Dao Manual.

With the second part of his grandfather’s Divine Medical Dao Manual, even if his strength wasn’t enough, there were ways for him to suppress this Sword Qi. Sadly it was being held by the Liu family, this was why he has go to the Liu family to get back the second half of the Divine Medical Dao Manual.

He often tried to figure out the second half himself, but had no clue where to start.

“Eating these spirit herbs is just the start…” Ye Xuan thought for a bit and said “I wonder if master has a pill furnace!”

Jiang Qiao asked “Pill furnace? You know how to refine pills!”

Ye Xuan replied “I know a bit!”

Jiang Qiao gave Ye Xuan a deep look, last time he also said he knew a bit, but the medical skills he displayed was not simply a matter of knowing a bit.

But what she didn’t know was that what Ye Xuan said this time was the truth.

There were many type of pills to refine.

He only knew how to refine pills that helped to heal injuries, medical pills. As for other pills that helped increase your strength, or even recover your Qi,  he had no idea how to make them. So strictly speaking, he only knew a bit.