The Three Kingdoms Online Overlord


The Three Kingdoms Online Overlord Chapter 1

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Chapter 1. Re-entering the Game

Yang Rui tidied up the fish store, there were only 1 mandarin fish as well as 2 carps and 1 turtle which were put away in a fish basket. The carp was purposely left behind by Yang Rui as he was planning to make a dish of sauerkraut fish as dinner for his sister so that she could eat better.

"Lil Yang, why do you close up shop so early today?"

As Yang Rui was bending down to put away his stuff, he heard the sound of an old fashioned bicycle bell. As he heard this sound, Yang Rui knew straight away who was coming.It was Old Li his neighbour for the past 7 or 8 years.

"Oh, uncle Li." Yang Rui turned around and greeted him.

""Lil Yang, come and give uncle Li one carp fish. Give me the bigger one ok?" Old Li was in his fifties , but his head had gone completely bald, was a good man. He had been helping Yang Rui and his sister quite a bit these few years.

"Ok." Yang Rui smiled a little and answered. He took the bigger carp out of the fish basket, knocked its head and went around to scrape its scale clean.

Actually, both the fishes had similar size. Yang Rui gave the bigger one to uncle Li without hesitation on one hand was because it was his personality, on the other hand it was because for the past years Old Li had been taking quite a good care of him and his sister. Besides, Yang Rui knew that in a little over a year something will happen to uncle Li….

That's right, a bit over a year later!

Although it was a bit inconceivable, it really happened to Yang Rui. Just a short while ago, Yang Rui was under a very dangerous situation when suddenly he returned 2 years earlier which led to this scene today.

Yang Rui really was reborned! He still hadn't really put his head around this until this day…

"Uncle Li, go slowly."

After chatting a little, Old Li left on his bicycle leaving Yang Rui to finish cleaning up the store. After draining the water tank and scrubbed it clean, he mopped the floor and clear out the things inside the store. He took one last look at the 20 square store and then pull the door closed.

This store on the first floor was already rented out by Yang Rui a few days ago and that was why he cleaned everything out so that he can pass it on the next day. Yang Rui and his sister stayed at the second floor of this small house. This house was all their parents left for them when they passed away.

Deep in his heart, Yang Rui was still very fond of this small fish store. Although not much money was earned through it, when his parents passed away, he still managed to maintain his livelihood while taking care of his paralyzed sister by depending on this store.

That was why Yang Rui had a very deep sentiment toward this fish store. After his parents passed away, Yang Rui unhesitantly left school and broke up with his girlfriend and focus on taking care of his sister while depending on this small fish store.

"Come, Xiao Hui, have a taste of this expert dish, your favourite sauerkraut carp! Dang dang dang dang!" At dinner time, Yang Rui showed off the dish which he made pretty well in front of his sister.

Life's difficulties or embarrassment only served as motivation for Yang Rui so that he and his sister can live their lives happily.

"Hehe, brother, i already smelled the dish long ago. Quick pass the chopstick and the spoon!" Xiao Hui rubbed her hands while giggling.

Next is brother and sister both valiantly clear out their dinner. Needless to say, as Yang Rui everyday start working from early morning till late, dinner time was the happiest moment of the day for the pair.

"Oh right, brother, the present you gave for my 18th birthday, the game helmet, is it really as magical as you said? Inside the game can i really run around freely?" When they almost finished up their dinner, Xiao Hui finally couldn't wait any longer and asked Yang Rui. The game was going to be opened in no more than 2 hours and finally the helmet can be used.

"Rest assured Xiao Hui, I have a classmate that works for the game company. He leaked some news to me earlier. This virtual reality is about 100%, almost no difference with the real world." Yang Rui said confidently.

If you asked who understand the game the best, it had be Yang Rui! Yang Rui's rebirth was precisely because of this game. He about one year and a half of experience in the game.

It was because of Yang Rui inadvertently grasped a very valuable information in the game that he was hunted down in real life which led to him being reborned! It could be said that the experience was unforgettable!

""Brother, didn't you study medicine? How can your classmate work in the game company?" Xiao Hui pouted still unconvinced.

"Ah, he he, it's my high school classmate, high school!" Yang Rui fobbed his answer. "Anyway, it's only about 2 more hours and the game will be opened. In a moment just play and you will know."

"It's not that brother. It's just that this helmet is so expensive, I was worried if…" Xiao Hui didn't finish her sentence.

Yang Rui of course understand her concern. In his past life, Yang Rui spent a lot of money to buy the helmet in order to let her freely enjoy the sensation of being able to walk and run in the game as to relieve her frustration. Yang Rui himself only enter the game half a year after the game was opened.

But, due to his knowledge about the business opportunity present in the game from his past life, he decided to spent almost all his fortune to buy another set of game helmet for himself. That's why Xiao Hui was worried.

"It's ok, Xiao Hui, if it's not as good as i imagined, i would leave the game as early as possible and look for another opportunities." Yang Rui comforted her, but, his eyes showed his determination.

"En, I trust you brother." Xiao Hui answered. Even though she was worried, she knew his brother always consider everything thoroughly before making any decision.

The time soon arrived for the server to be opened. Yang Rui helped Xiao Hui to put on the helmet and helped her adjust to a comfortable posture. Taking a deep breath, he put on the helmet himself.

"I, Yang Rui am back to this life! I will definitely find whoever it was that was hunting me!"

His vision blurred, Yang Rui entered the game interface.

This moment, Yang Rui game character was standing inside a loft. The craftmanship inside the loft was absolutely refined, richly ornamented with a touch of ancient chinese style.

However, Yang Rui didn't waste any time admiring this. Yang Rui knew that next was supposed to be a series of cutscene and a bunch of Q&A segment which was provided to allow players be more familiar to the game of which Yang Rui chose to skip.

By participating in the Q&A section, players would definitely earned some gifts or talents or even affecting their stat points distribution. But, in his past life, there was a person who compiled a statistic which showed that the chance of receiving innate talent as a gift was abysmally low. Also, no matter how one's basic attributes were allocated, they would always be 30 points in total. Otherwise, if there were one who was rewarded with some extra attribute points, wouldn't it destroy the balance of the game?

"Welcome to . You are currently in the China region during 3 Kingdoms era. Please name your character."

After skipping the tutorial, Yang Rui was greeted by a beautiful female NPC in a gorgeous dress who appeared before him. Worthy of the 100% realism, one couldn't really tell that the one in front of him was an NPC.

"Lie Yang." Yang Rui answer without delay.

"Game ID is identified, begin the binding processes, please wait… DNA verification completed! Attribute distribution completed… …"

"Your character info is as following :

Name : Lie Yang

Innate skills : none

Profession : None

Prestige : 0

Rank : Civilian

Merit Points : 0

Level : 0

Force : 6   Intelligence : 7   Politics : 9 Command : 8

Money : 100 copper coins



"Confirmed!" Yang Rui answered without wasting any time.

Actually, one character had 3 chances to randomly distributing his attribute points. After briefly glancing at his status, Yang Rui found that although force of 6 is a bit low, but, to start the game it is still passable even though his Hp might be a bit on the lower side. So, in order to save time, Yang Rui didn't bother to try to redistribute his attributes.

The scene before him changed and Yang Rui found himself in the newbie village. Right now, the newbie village was still very tranquil. He believed that the majority of players were still dealing with the beautiful NPC.

Moving quickly to the newbie village head's location, Yang Rui reported in. Then, under the chief's guidance, he went to find the owner of the medicine shop. Here he went to accept a harvesting quest And while he was passing by, he accepted a quest to gather some rabbit's meat from the butcher. Off to the plain outside of the village he went.

In his past life, although he played the game for more than a year, he couldn't remember much information of this special instance which was the newbie village. Before, the game forum would always had those kind of newbie guide and so on. But, since it was newbie village, noone cared enough to write a guide about it.

Recently, Yang Rui had been trying to sort of his memories about the newbie village. But, other than a few levelling tips here and there, he really couldn't remember that much. He did know about some quest but it had to wait until level 10 after leaving the newbie village.

Taking advantages of the empty newbie village, Yang Rui rushed out of the east village gate and rushed to the scattered wild rabbit. He used the "gathering" skill in order to harvest the quest item rabbit meat.

The system only gave the players in the newbie village a wooden stick with attack potential of 1-2, a bag of gold sore medicine, and a set of plain clothes which offer almost no protection. That's why in the early phase of the game, the best way to play was to slowly beat up the low levelled mobs.

In , beside the humanoid NPC monster, other monster rarely drop anything valuable. Fortunately every character would start with the basic gathering skill which can be used to gain materials. Beside completing tasks or quest, player could also sell things to the store opened by the system to earn some money. But, the earning was very small.

After 10 minutes, by killing the white rabbits using his stick, Yang Rui managed to quickly reached lvl 1. His quest to collect rabbit meats was also done.Since the village was still pretty close, Yang Rui rushed back to the butcher's location to submit his quest.

The experience reward from this kind of quest was not supposed to be a lot to begin with. That's why if he waited till later when he levelled up a bit more before submitting it, it might not be of any use.

Sure enough, after submitting the quest, his exp bar raised till it reached around 70-80%. He believed it wouldn't be too long before he reached lvl 2.

At this time, there were already few players scattered around the village. Some were running around collecting quests, some ran out of the village to bully the poor rabbits, and some were still standing around looking confused. Probably still hadn't got used to the high realism of the game.

"I don't know if that girl will also be here in this village." Yang Rui thought after handing in the quest

Although he thought that, Yang Rui knew that the probability of landing on the same village as his little sister was very small. If he wanted to join her, he could only wait until they leave the newbie village.