The Strongest Wingless Gargoyle


The Strongest Wingless Gargoyle Chapter 4

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It seems all the special water has given Baum his spirit back..

*purupuru*. It’s jiggling even more than before, isn’t it lovable? (Pr:(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻)

"Bigi bigi bigi bibibibibigiii."

*burun burun* Baum body’s moved left and right. I felt it was overkill for a while there, but a hundred times is better than nothing after all, you know?

It's originally dark body had now become transparent all the way through

"I’m glad for you." I said as I patted Baum’s head. It was a bit cold, but it’s *Punipuni* (Otaku: soft like a tofu). Felt good.

"Bigi." Baum caught my feet. Is it trying to thank me?

"Haha, don’t mind it."

Wait, what? somehow I’m being healed.

Is this Slime therapy?

After playing with Baum for a while, Daedalian came back from dismantling the wyvern.

"Albert-san, I've finished dismantling the wyvern~"

"Ou, Thanks for your work, I've rehydrated Baum~"

"Thank you very much, umm, by the way Baum…wha-what in world is this?!"

Daedalian's line of sight was focused on Baum, who had grown to ten times the volume of the average slime. (Otaku: Slime Demon Lord? Rimuru??)(Pr: I laughed way too much at that)

"Oi oi! That’s not how you call a friend."

"You're right, Sorry…eh,  that’s not it, why did he become this big?!" (Agni: let's just assume the slime is a 'he' then)

A typical slime's volume is roughly 1 cubic meter, but currently, baum was around 10 cubic meters.

A slime's size is expressed using volume and density because, with all their shape shifting, judging them by their height as you would other creatures, like humans for instance, can not give accurate data. (ED: This is a tad different from the raw as the raw made no logical sense.)

"Aah," I began to answer him. "When I used 『Tidal Wave』on it as a present, it became like this; you don’t have to worry it will stabilize and revert to it's original size in a bit."

"I…I see, no, It’s fine if you got him healthy again, but. Un?…oh okay, I get it, It’s fine if you’re pleased with it." It seemed Daedalian received a telepathic message from Baum.

While he is seemingly pleased, I on the other hand, began to feel a bit weary. Like I was outrun to deliver good news.

After about 10 minutes, Baum was back to his normal size.

"Are you okay, now? Then Baum, please remove the poison."


Receiving Instruction from Daedalian, the slime started to envelope the gutted wyvern's body.


It was a very fantastic sight. Baum enveloped the Wyvern.

It gives me a sense of motherhood. Though, I did not have a mother, but maybe it feels like this.

The blue colored Baum gradually turned purple.Removing the poison took over 30 minutes, Baum softly moved away from the Wyvern ‘s carcass …

*Pupe* And then it separated the red water from it's body. His body then returned to its original blue. Perhaps that red water was the poison. I thought to myself.

"Although the poison removal was a success, wasn't it too quick?"

"Hmm? Well, usually it takes no less than two hours … but, he’s in a really good condition with his recovery now."

It seems that Baum told him something.

"Anyway, removing poison with Slimes seems to me like a really convenient idea, I’ll remember it."

"Well, thanks to this, we can live in harmony with other demons…but Albert, you can use magic … so it's good for you, isn’t it?"

"Well it is, but…"

All demons were born with unique abilities they each gain as a result of living, such as Telepathy. Telepathy is a power that can't be used by those of certain races.

Races without power need to cooperate with others to survive.

It probably evolved over time as a means of communication for them to protect themselves.

The reverse goes for races with more powerful abilities, who are able to use powerful magic capable of destruction, but lack the use of highly convenient spells like Telepathy.

The inherent abilities they get are mostly aggressive.

(Otaku:I don’t get the point)

(Pr:Neither do I, Albert is basically saying that strong demons have more power, but less convenient magic and the opposite goes for weaker demons. He says it's a result of evolution)

(ED: He's saying that to survive, the weaker species evolved more convenient magics. The stronger species are strong, so they had no reason to evolve so far.)

"Thanks for all the help."

"No, I have to also thank you for helping me."

Though the help was under the condition that I help Baum, Daedalian did a good job.

Anyway, somehow I finally manage to have a decent meal.

"well…then, after all that?"

I have the feeling things are already over.

Daedalian motioned to Baum next to him and threw his baggage over his shoulder.

Saying thank you, he turned away and tried to leave.


What’s with this flow… are we not going to eat together?

"Wait a minute,  you're not going to eat?"

Daedalian looked at me with a face full of surprise.

"Eh? you…you're ok with that?"

"-How much spare food do you even have?"

"There aren’t any on my hands right now but… If I were to travel west for half a day I would find some edible plants."

"Which means you don’t have any on you right now? Then you can eat with me. There's so much after all, It's just lonely having to eat alone."

"Well, Wyvern ‘s flesh is amazingly luxurious, but is it really okay? I only helped with the dismantling, it wasn't really anything …"

"If I say it's fine, then it's fine, go and have some.  It would be a different thing if you’re in a hurry though."

"but-"(Otaku: Hurry up and eat dammit!)

"Thanks to you I did not eat poison; is that not a good reason to provide you with food?"

"Albert-san…I’m sorry, I’ll take your word for it. Itadakimasu" (Otaku: prayer before eating food)

"Well then let’s eat? Itadakimasu!"

"Eh?, You’re going to eat it just like that?" (Otaku: You haven’t cooked it??)

"Is that…no good?"

Just when I was going to eat, I was stopped. (Otaku: Lol mouth blocked)

Even now this bastard delays me. (Otaku: まだ引き延ばす気かこの野郎)

Don’t tell me, we can only eat it with special foods or it's no good?

"I didn’t say it’s no good. but, it’s raw Wyvern meat, it's a lot more delicious if you fry it."

"I…I see, But, I can’t use fire magic you know?"

"It’s fine-desu, because I’ll be making the fire. I picked up fire guard stones on the way, I thought they might be useful."

Fire magic stone. It's a magic stone that creates small fires, as the description suggest, the firepower is low but it's highly convenient.

It became very useful when travelling.

What an excellent child…you really can do it, Goblin boy!

I also thought of poison detection, but this is on a whole 'nother scale', my survival abilities are truly lacking…

I'm also fairly sure I remember no information that can aid me on this trip.

Daedalian gathered twigs and dried leaves and used a『Fireball』made with his magic stones to set them alight.

The sound of a crackling fire grew loud, and smoke rose to the sky, one that had became dark and filled with stars.

"I feel bad leaving it all to you, I'll at least take care of the grill."

I have to help a little.

I cut the Wyvern flesh into appropriate chunks so that we could cook it more quickly.

It is uncomfortable not to do something.

It’s a remnant of my time as an alchemist’s' apprentice.. The way he's doing it tasted delicious.

"No, I can not eat this much Wyvern…."

"Wha-, What is it now?"

Again? Please don’t scare me so much, It’s been suprises since I met this guy.

I'll probably start screaming everytime I get interrupted, thanks to you.

"A-Are you okay?"

Daedalian's line of sight is…not on the cooking Wyvern meat, but rather it’s concentrated on the steaming wyvern meat that I directly gripped with my hand.



Aah……I see, as I expected that’s not it.

Since I went through so much trouble picking up sticks, I decided skewers would be nice.

There’d be a reasonable amount.

To grab Wyvern ‘s meat directly with my hand, are you an idiot? (Pr: Maybe there's still hope?)

My hand wasn't burned because I have fire resistance, but there was still  fat sticking all it (Pr: Forget what I said)

"I’m really sorry but… can I just leave the rest to you?"

It wouldn't be funny if I intruded again and failed, I had to know my own limit.

"Yes, you can just leave everything to me." Daedalian said as he smiled, weary creeping in.

I mean you don't have to do unnecessary things.

Everyone has the things they're apt at.

I still have time to wait till the meat’s cooked, so I guess I'll play with Baum while waiting.

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