The Strongest Violent Soldier


The Strongest Violent Soldier Chapter 6

Chapter 006 • That was you, who ordered it!

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In the nigh end of the shift, for the first time ever, the Chairman Lin Fuzhang had personally come to the Marketing Department. At that point many of its business personnel came to receive the Big Boss, excitedly standing up in succession to give their greetings, some of them even flattering him. Even Director Xue Ruyun had left her office.

“Chairman, welcome to the Marketing Department. Please give us some guidance. The flirty Xue Ruyun actually didn’t know the reason behind Lin Fuzhang’s suddenly visit. Could it be that the latest Marketing Department’s report had upset him?

“Don’t mind me, your guys are busy. I had actually come to invite Young Brother Su to dinner.” Lin Fuzhang laughed.

“Young Brother Su?” For a moment, Xue Ruyun couldn’t figure it all who that would be, but then a thought had crossed her mind. “Could that the rookie Su Rui?”

But by the time she had realized that, for everyone astonishment, Lin Fuzhang had already arrived in front of Su Rui. And then cordially smiled yet with a somewhat embarrassed expression: “Young brother Su. I didn’t expect that girl Ao Xue could possibly be so mischievous and put you at such place. Let’s do this, we go back and discuss a change of job position.”

All the nearby work personnel went ballistic, wondering who really was that new employee, to actually be capable of have the chairman personally assign him a position! Moreover, there is seems to be some kind of trace of fawning!

The close by business’s team leader Cao Tianping was shocked speechless! He absolutely didn’t expect that the new employee who he was just scolding, would actually turn out to be one of the chairman’s favorites!

Su Rui indifferently said: “It’s all good, me staying in the Marketing Department it’s just fine. The Director Lin gave me a heavy-handed assignment, accomplish a 1-million quota in sales within a week. And should I be incapable, I should pack my things and leave.”

Su Rui though, let this bitch with me. As I finally got my striking opportunity. And I won’t let her off!

As soon as Lin Fuzhang heard that Bi Kang’s guardian angel had been chased away by his daughter, he immediately exploded with anger. And even not bothering with the number of the subordinates by his side angrily said: “A sales quota of 1 million RMB within a week? That is simply insane! This girl had become just damn brazen! She and I will have a nice little conversation about this!”

“Old Lin, there isn’t need to you be so stir up. You still don’t understand your daughter’s temper?” Seeing Lin Fuzhang fuming, Su Rui’s mood liven up. “Let’s do this, I remain to stay here, you have Lin Aoxue handle my sales assignment so to ease her temper a bit. After all, I didn’t come to Bi Kang to sell drugs!”

“Yes, certainly.” Lin Fuzhang filled with apologies affectionately grab hold of Su Rui’s hand and said: “Young Brother Su, tonight I’m your host. And will be holding a welcoming reception solely for you. In place of Aoxue’s apologies.”

Everyone was extremely envious, to be personally invited to dinner by Bi Kang’s Chairman. To have this much of face*!

However unexpectedly, Su Rui looking slightly embarrassed with a hand pulled Cao Tianping over and said: “Elder brother Lin, sadly just now I and my direct superior Team Leader Cao had made an appointment. He had invited me to dinner this evening. I’m afraid that joining us won’t be very convenient for you.”

“Cough cough cough cough!”

As soon as Cao Tianping heard that, he was chocke a mouthful of saliva!

What’s wrong with that guy?! That was the chairman inviting him to dinner. My face is only so much, totally incapable of comparing with the chairmen! This guy just doesn’t want this team leader to stay at Bi Kang any longer!

Not only Cao Tianping, even the close by Xue Ruyun was unable to suppress her laugh. And when that mature woman had looked at Su Rui’s eyes, she couldn’t refrain from showing a little of her amusement.

“You see, chairman. I suddenly remembered that tonight its birthday, so I unable to treat Su Rui a meal. Thus we’ll have to reschedule!” After he had finished speaking, Cao Tianping wiped the cold sweat from forehead with his hand and swiftly seized the opportunity to flee!

Without even waiting for the reply that could come out of Su Rui’s mouth!


While he was sat in Lin Fuzhang’s limousine, Su Rui glimpsed at Lin Aoxie’s cold face, thinking whether or not this woman had suffered some kind of upsetting, to always be with that same icy cold expression. Granted that ice beauties are capable of freezing people up!

And must be added that, Lin Fuzhang had previously talked with Lin Aoxue, but even still she didn’t even bother to pay heed to Su Rui at all.

“Old Lin, there is a matter that I’ll still have to trouble you.” Su Rui remembered that incident with the bug installed inside the clothes’ button, took the initiative to speak: “I want all the resources that Bi Kang has about its competitors, especially from those companies that fiercely compete with you for market share.”

“No problem. Xia Qing, later this night you go back to sort it out for Su Rui.”

“OK.” Xia Qing was sat alongside the driver*, and from Su Rui’s perspective it just so happens to be capable of seeing her snow-white neck, a truly marvelous sight.

Su Rui continued: “And I also have a few questions that I need to ask Old Lin and Niece Aoxue.”

Lin Aoxue glared Su Rui for a glimpse, Lin Fuzhang at the side got mildly dumbfounded.

“Who usually handle your clothes? In other words, who do you to believe would have the opportunity to exchange its button for a bug. Who do you suspect the most?”

Once that issue was mentioned, Lin Aoxue’s exquisite eyebrows knitted upwards. As she was also aware that it was a major event and must be investigated in detail. Otherwise, there always will be a spy by their side, and its consequences would be disastrous!

“I’ll reflect meticulously upon it.” It so happens that, Lin Aoxue had always employed trustworthy people. So as to have her take the initiative to suspect her subordinates, that was really a difficult thing.

Su Rui turned and asked Lin Fuzhang: “Old Lin, who typically are allowed to enter in your office?”

“My office has an exclusive cleaning staff, that always work in pairs, this should be rather easy to check.” Lin Fuzhang took the lead to move on. “One of them, my had people already interrogated him. But the other one had quite the job severals days ago. There are already people on the hunt.”

Su Rui’s eye shined: “Ok, that other man is a big suspect, and must be quickly found. From now on, I’ll have to regularly check you two’s office and the residence, so as to ensure your safety.”

“Alright, tonight we’ll have to trouble Young Brother Su with our residence’s sweeping.”

Once thinking of surveying Lin Aoxue’s boudoir this tonight, Su Rui’s heart got a little itch. Alas, it has been so many years, but the addiction of fondness for appreciating beauties remains unchanged.

Of course, this so-called “appreciation of beauties”, to put it bluntly, was lust. A man’s natural instinct!

Narada Kempinski Resort Hotel was Ninghai’s most upscale Resort Leisure Club with a reputed 6-star infrastructure. And Lin Fuzhang’s welcoming reception would be hosted here. So as to express his good faith.

Su Rui looked it up and realized that there were a private beach and a mountain view. This Narada Kempinski was luxurious to the utmost. He whistled and then said: “Old Lin, a meal here must be really expensive, right?”

Lin Fuzhang laughed: “Young Brother Su, money isn’t an issue. You had come back from a far off country for the purpose of helping us. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude. Today we won’t be leaving sober!”

Unexpectedly Su Rui refused: “Old Lin. I had better not drink, as it clouds my reasoning. And tonight once we return, I still have to survey Lin Aoxue’s boudoir.”

Once Lin Aoxue had heard that she immediately glared Su Rui.

Lin Fuzhang’s eyes shined in admiration: “Very well, Young Brother Su’s words hit the nail on the head! Tonight, I’ll drink alcohol, and tea for you. We are all set. HaHaHaHa!”

This Narada Kempinski’s attendants were all top notch. Each one of them was wearing a qipao with a high side split, with those snow-white thighs swaying under the light of the lamps. Su Rui’s eyes continuously locked on them. Sometimes, he would even whistle at them. Looking completely unaffected by his surrounding.

“Hum, pervert!” Lin Aoxue coldly said. In her eyes, Su Rui’s behavior was very despicable.

“Love of beauty is common to all man. And you are not the only woman here. What? Me looking at them makes you jealous?” Su Rui didn’t compromise at all, a tit for tat.

Lin Fuzhang saw all of this, but he didn’t say a word. After all who would better understand his daughter’s temper than himself. She had always been frightening stubborn. So that if she didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem, others should just forget about changing her mind.

This kind of unyielding personality can sometimes be detrimental in the business world. But yieldingness it’s also extremely unsuitable. A truly double-edged sword.

Lin Fuzhang requested one of the several gazebos with a seascape of the Narada Kempinski Resort. The gazebo was enormous, yet not very far from the seaside. In it, there was a staircase that directly connected the beach down below, and an unhampered panoramic view of the landscape, a truly unforgettable view.

Su Rui’s behavior at such beautiful scenery was somewhat incompatible. Towards every single beautiful attendant that he came across, he exchanged at least a few words. Making them giggle, and some had even started to wink back at him!

As if unable to endure this cheerfulness any longer, Lin Aoxue put her cup down. Thereupon stood up and walked away.

“Where are you going?” Su Rui thereupon stood up.

“Ladies’ room.” Lin Aoxue answered without turning around.

Su Rui pressed to catch up. And then like a shadow, closely followed Lin Aoxue.

“Don’t follow me.”

“Out of the question, as I must keep you safe.” Su Rui halted and then added two words: “Close Protection.”

Lin Aoxue’s repulsion towards this pervert peaked, more than she could bear. Thus, she all the sudden turned around and said: “Did you have enough?”

However, Lin Aoxue didn’t expect that Su Rui would follow her so unusual close. Thus when she had turned around, Su Rui was caught off guard and subsequently the both of them bumped!

Su Rui felt two rounded towering softness against his chest. He instinctively extended his pair of hands, thus embracing Lin Aoxie’s slender waist. In order to prevent her from losing her center of gravity and then falling backward!

Merely by doing that, the posture of those two people had become extremely ambiguous!

Su Rui and Lin Aoxue’s lower abdomen were tightly stuck together. One of his hands was at her slender waist, and his other hand was accidentally placed on top of her butt!

“This feels really good!” Once Su Rui felt the astonish elasticity of Lin Aoxue’s butt, he was unable from been deeply moved. And early at the airplane, he really didn’t have made a mistake. This woman’s body and face, they are a perfect match. Truly worth to be called the Ninghai’s business circle number one beauty.

Therefore, Su Rui’s hand instinctively squeezed. Squeezed that chunk of elasticity and softness.

If the others men of Ninghai had seen this action of Su Rui. Perhaps it would be possible that they would form a group to had him capture and cut to pieces!

“Ah!” Lin Aoxue screeched once squeezed, seemingly a little stupefied. Anger ignited in her eyes. Then pushing her both hands at Su Rui’s chest said: “Let me go!”

“Are you sure?” Su Rui asked beaming.

“Let go!”

“Very well. That was you, who ordered it!” Su Rui was reluctant to release his hand from Lin Aoxue’s butt.


The latter had long ago lost its body center of gravity. Thus once more started fall towards the floor!

TL notes:

#1 [boudoir]: a woman’s bedroom (a man entering a woman’s room is a major matter in Asia) []

#2 [Narada Kempinski Resort Hotel]: There was a resort with that same name in RL, though recently its name changed to Narada Resort & Spa Sanya Bay. Visit [] to see some pictures. []

#3 [Today we won’t be leaving sober!]: Yeah, why not! Get the guy that came to save your sorry ass drunk. []

#4 [qipao]: chinese-style dress [IMG] []

#5 [double-edged sword]: an event or phenomenon whose negative effect is inseparable from a positive one. []

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