The Story of Drifted Girls in Different World ~The Adventure of Miko~

Other name: Shoujotachi no Isekai Hyōryūki ~Miko no Bōken~; 少女たちの異世界漂流記~美湖の冒険~

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Shoujo Ai

Date released: 2017
Views: 6508

Author: KOUTA; コウタ

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Aya Translation

A girl with androphobia, Sousuke Miko, Even though having a painful past, she kept moving forward while fighting her trauma. But she was killed by her heartless friend. And she drifted to a different world. In there Miko challenged towers that had been built by Gods to find the reason why she was brought to the foreign world. This is salvation and trial story of a girl who was unfortunately killed.
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