The Space Fortress That Came to the Sengoku Era

Other name: Sengoku Jidai ni Uchuu Yousai de Yatte Kimashita; 戦国時代に宇宙要塞でやって来ました

Genre: Historical, Sci-fi

Date released: 2017
Views: 374

Author: Next To A Firefly; Yokohotaru; 横蛍

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Ebisu Translations

The Full-Dive VRMMO Sci-Fi simulation long-time player, Alex, in the last day of Galaxy of Planet, somehow got thrown into the real Sengoku Era along with the constructed space fortress, Silbaan, with one-hundred and twenty organic androids. There, Alex met Nobunaga and became his retainer arbitrarily. This is the tale of that Alex and his androids in the Sengoku Era.

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