The Realm of Evil Spirits


The Realm of Evil Spirits Volume 1 Chapter 4


Chapter Four  One after Another

"Fuck you!I was almost fucking killed  and was on the edge of being sent to the jail.You bastard left without a explanation and wanted me to come back.Fuck come back! "Xia had not been bullied in his whole life and haven't been drew into such danger before.It was almost killed,yet the middle-aged man didn't care at all.

"Unless I'm a fool,I definitely won't go back!"

With angry,he didn't attach great importance to the man's cautions.

Since he decided to give up the work,he couldn't get the Audi A6 car.Aching for it,He valued his life more..

Intending to call a cab on line,he turned all his pockets when came to realize the 

cell phone was left in the library.

"I'm fucking fed up with the whole thing!"

Xia nearly went crazy,stamping his feet.Fortunately,there were some cashes in the pocket so that at least he can go home with them.

Hailing a passing taxi,he got on the cab ,and ,after one day,returned to  his rental, a shaky and small one.

Agitated,the first thing he returned was taking a cold shower.

It was a habitual behavior when he felt upset or distract.

Simply drying his hair with towel,Xia flopped into the bed then lost in thought.

"What the earth was the company doing?Who the middle-aged man is.Why could he make the policeman let me go so easily?It doesn't make sense,unless he serves for ZF.If it's the truth,he could tell me about this,why get so mysterious?Besides,assigning me to watch the  library is a strange thing too.So many people excess me in various aspects,why chose me?"

The more thought,the more he got confused.

"Anyway!Even if it is ZF,I am not about to do it."

Suddenly,he get up with a  shiver.

Because he remembered a crucial thing——Why he survived?

He had a vivid recollection that he rolled off the steps,beneath where Zhang was  waiting to catch him.

That mattered because if Zhang was the spree killer,he wouldn't have let him go.

What if he wasn't,that didn't make sense either.According to the balding man's remarks,Zhang wasn't the worker of the library.

Thinking through the whole thing,he remembered a policeman said the surveillance only recorded him alone.

"Why no one saw Zhang.Why all of the evidences show there is only one person alive in that bookstore then."

"Isn't him a ghost!"

Xia thought it was ridiculous.Being a  geomancer's  grandson,Xia didn't believe the existence of ghosts,and his grandfather never talked these with him.

But he had grown up with amulets and other that sort of things tapping on his

body made by his grandfather. In his childhood,no matter what fault he made,he would not be punished,but not wearing the amulet was an exception.

So he had kept wearing it for many years even when taking a bath.

Thinking of his grandfather and the amulets he gave him,Xia stroked the jade pendant hanging in his chest.

It was called ghost jade,it would dispel  evils according to his grandfather.He was immune to all kinds of evils with the jade.

wearing it obediently,he didn't believe it at all.

Making Xia to believe these feudal superstitions  was impossible for he was imbued with science ideology for so many years'school learning.In his opinion,his grandfather was just a "half-fairy"who could only cheat someone getting little education  like himself.

Getting the jade in front of his eyes,Xia looked at the stripe on it habitually,but soon,he opened his eyes widely like he saw a ghost.

It was unbelievable.He saw an ...eye in this jade!

But it was impossible.He looked at the jade almost everyday but never saw the eye before.

He staring at the jade dully,when suddenly,the eye moved.


Xia thought he was wrong with his eyes at first,but soon he refuted it.

Just a second ago,he saw the eye in the jade opened widely.

No doubt,it was scared at the sight of Xia like Xia.

At that very moment,there came a sound of a crisp cracking.A mass of crazing were rising on the jade visibly.

It was alive!

It wanted to come out!!!


With fear,Xia took off the jade,throwing it at the door.

It made a loud crack when meeting the ground,luckily,not completely broken.

Xia sat in the bed stupidly/.then,suddenly he realized and jumped off the bed, approaching the door.He grabbed the jade,throwing it out of the window.

He was out of energy when finished this,panting with hand in his knee.He was still in great shock.

"Ghost!It must be the ghost!"

Xia was stunned.He didn't believe in ghosts before,he was not sure now.If there were no ghosts in the world,How to explain the eye in the jade?

And the eye was fucking alive!

"What is wrong?Someone to  tell me,what is the fucking wrong with all of these things?"

Railing for a while,Xia chilled and thought that maybe one person could explain it for him.

"Grandfather!He gave me the jade,if anyone knew anything about ghosts,no doubt,it is him!"

Thinking of his grandfather,he brisked up,but the next second he stamped his feet insanely,because his cell phone was with him.

"Damn it!"

"Fucking damn it!"

He swore loudly,then find he could get in in touch with his grandfather on line.He hoped his grandfather was  playing"Fight against landlords "at home.

Pressing the computer's power switch,Xia went to the window sill warily.Beneath the window was a lane few people walked.

With the height,he can't see clearly.

Drawing back his attention,he returned to the desk.AS the computer was on,he sat down quickly to log in the chat software.To make the matters worse, suddenly,the power cut out.

It was 6 o'clock when he came out of the police station,so it was dark outside.luckily,there were sparse street lamps emitting a shimmering light so that he would not see nothing like yesterday in the library.

"God!I'm so mad!But it doesn't matter,I have figure it out.I'm not angry,I'm not scared,I'm not worried."

He tried hard to calm down.It was not fair to say he was prone to lose control of his mind.No one would keep calm when suffered these horrible things.

Taking several times of deep breath,Xia felt relaxed.

In this room  occurred such spooky things and now the power cut down.He didn't want to stay here for another second.

Changing for clean clothes,Xia approached the door fretfully.The door was tapped loudly before he can open it.

"Who is there?"

He couldn't help feeling fluttered as no one had visited here since his living in.

Some questions were more easily asked than answered.

"Bang bang bang !"The tapping sound continued.

Xia's feeling of flutter intensified.His new changed clothes were stick to his body due to much sweat.

Asking several times,Xia got no answer.He stopped to lean forward on the door to see who was it outside from the peep hole.

A cloud of red was only he could see!

And in this bloody red he saw... no one!

With heart beating  furiously,he couldn't help wondering."If there is no one outside,what thing was  tapping the door on and on?"