The Realm of Evil Spirits

Other name: 恶灵国度

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Supernatural

Date released: 2015
Views: 1860

Author: A Flash Of Smile; 弹指一笑间

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Pearlmm

In the wake of “Scary Wanted” and “Death Terror”, YiXiao’s third supernatural novel “The Realm of Evil Spirits” emerges. Xiatianqi worked in a mysterious company where probationary employees may receive a monthly salary of 20,000, an Audi car and a villa. In the beginning, Xiatianqi considered it as a big fortune, but he soon found himself involved in a series of strange events. Enigmas emerged one after another, yet he had no way back. Live or die? There is no answer. The only choice is to go on.
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