The Outcast


The Outcast Chapter 17



A huge merchant spaceship floated amidst the boundless universe, its faint silver exterior and extremely streamlined shape making this spaceship the brightest star beneath the starry skies, was calmly and gracefully observing the planet beneath.

Due to interstellar travel nowadays being extremely costly because of energy crystal shortage, this spaceship from Westwood Grand District's Ancient Clock Company had attracted the sights of countless Eastwood residents and officials. Apart from routine commercial activities, Ancient Clock Company also brought with it friendly regards and visitation matters of relevant officials from Westwood Grand District.

However, including the visiting Westwood Grand District scholar officials and the majority of Eastwood bigwigs, none were aware that hidden at the rear of this merchant spaceship was a large warehouse filled to brim with large quantity of unknown goods covered by green canvas that were commonly used by the army.

Lai Ke was the leader of the 4th Command Region Special Armored Squad, slightly over 30 years old, currently at peak of his form in terms of strength. Through the side window, he looked at the planet below with a firm expression on his face with his eyes full of confidence induced calmness.

On the armored squad's secret mission during this trip, apart from him, very few knew about it. Even those squad members with outstanding military records were unclear of the inside story behind this.

Engineer Yu Feng…truly a name deeply engraved into one's memory ah.

Lai Ke narrowed his eyes as he recalled that explosion tens of years ago. He was still a new recruit at the time, following the Federation's counterattack forces had successfully performed a risky space jump and conquered a resource planet at the Empire's flank. However, nobody guessed that this was a trap by the Empire. Countless Empire soldiers arrived in battleships while the large explosion in the military warehouse directly took over ten thousand life of federal soldiers, indirectly destroying the Federation army's confidence.

If not for the Charter Department finally discovering the treacherous role played by the engineer called Yu Feng in that explosion, the same engineer that delivered the whole military defensive arrangements to the Empire…even now the Federation would still be submerged in suffering, oblivious as to how the defeat happened.

Truly a person deserving of death…no, a shameless bastard who deserved to die ten thousand times. This was how Lai Ke thought, however as a federal soldier, he believed that he should personally capture this engineer and send him back to the Federation to face trial in front of tens of billions of people. However, what's odd was the initial secret instruction received from Defense Department was to apprehend this person and kill without questions when encountering resistance, but the second day after he reached Eastwood Grand District's upper space; he received a new command - to directly execute this traitor.

This order was directly transmitted through the highest level information channel, hence Lai Ke did not doubt it nor did he felt a slightest bit of conflicting thoughts. He put on his sunglasses, looking at the images and words flashing through the lenses while the corner of his lips rose slightly.

First class fugitive Yu Feng, alias Feng Yu, hidden at a repair shop at 4th Street, Xiang-Lan Boulevard of Eastwood Grand District's Riverwest State, making a living through repairing electrical appliances. The raised corner of Lai Ke's lips slowly leveled; he had enough information regarding this engineer, even his social relationships were all contained within this information, he simply can't understand why did this engineer that dared to betray the country hid himself at Eastwood Grand District for more than ten years instead of choosing to enjoy his latter half life at the Empire.

After a final confirmation on the engineer's position at Eastwood Grand District, Lai Ke slowly turned around, facing the over ten squad members behind him and coldly said, "Target's social relationships were all under supervision by the Eastwood's police. The only thing we need to do is…kill him."

"Yes." The over ten squad members answered in unison, killing intent to reverberating throughout the cabin.  Lai Ke took down his sunglasses and pressed the message delivering tool in his hand. A burst of radio wave was delivered to Eastwood Grand District.  From this moment onwards, Eastwood Grand District Police Headquarters would begin to sweep through the outer layers while the local army stationed at Eastwood would receive direct order from the Defense Department to secretly assist them in their operation.

"Don't underestimate your opponent. The information that you all see here are not complete. This engineer called Yu Feng never received perfect grades from the 2nd Military School. However…this was because he was never a student! He was the first non-formally trained military instructor in the history of the military school!" Lai Ke coldly watched his subordinates who were reading the information regarding their target for the first time, and said resolutely, "Back then, the Federation dispatched a hundred vanguard soldiers to capture him yet he managed to slip away. Any of you that dare to be careless, I will execute directly."

After saying all these, he walked towards the military-use canvas and deeply breathed in before he pulled open the canvas, revealing the peculiar structures underneath that were brimming with metallic murderous intent…mech!




A mellow piano melody was being played by the coffee shop at corner of the street, Xu Le with his face full of smile until his eyes almost disappear, was taking a stroll along Bell Tower Street accompanied by the melody while greeting the neighbors around. The word stroll was truly accurate as his toes seemed to be dancing some kind of dance routine, completely different than his stable and honest style in the past.

Two years had passed. There were no changes in the lifestyle of Eastwood Grand District residents. The coffee shops did not change, the bars did not change, and the passage of time seemed unable to leave any sort of trace upon this city. However, Xu Le had changed a lot. He, similar with the faraway purple-haired girl had both grown two years older; the difference being Jian Shui-Er's birthday received the attention of infatuated people throughout the Federation while Xu Le's growth lacked anyone's concern apart from himself.

During the past two years, he had been learning about engineering from the repair shop boss, carried countless books from the State University to enrich his brain, practicing the horse stance every night and dancing the stiff dance routine, to the point where even someone as slow witted as him were able to realize that his current body more and more resembled the first machine described by Feng Yu, more and more…under his control.

These two years, the residents of Bell Tower Street and Xiang-Lan Boulevard knew that there was a kind, eager to learn and hardworking youngster in the repair shop while Xu Le himself did not feel anything. He was simply living his life honestly, reaching out to help whenever the neighbors require any sort of help. His happy mood today was due to him passing the written exam of the Defense Department recruitment entering the second round enlistment process; he was just done with a round of celebratory beer drinking at the black market with Li Wei.

Every time he thought of joining the army and entering the Capital Star System to study, Xu Le felt that he was one step closer to his life's dream, resulting in him revealing this rare happiness of his. Encountering an old man at the street corner that was fearful of the sparse traffic, he naturally went forward and supported his arms.

"I will help you cross the road."  Xu Le said while smiling. Subsequently, he walked past the street, and realized that he had delivered himself into a dangerous situation as he reached the alley leading to the repair shop.

A whole group of black color in standardized helmet, silk-molded bulletproof vest and fully armed soldiers surrounded him, within the peaceful environment, the frightful aura of iron and blood seemed especially core shaking.

Pitch black, sinister, and stiff gun barrels were pointed at Xu Le's head, with the nearest barrel directly poking the temple of his head, bringing incomparable pain with it.