The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 49 Chapter 3

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"But where would we go? We're so far from Arpen Kingdom."

"To the Desert. According to the rumors I heard, the Desert region is yet another place with Weed's influence cast all over it."

"It is? Could you tell me more details?"

"Ever since Nodulle and Hildren quests, the Desert region achieved a rapid growth thanks to Weed, and…*whisper whisper*… Also, it is said that the leaders of the Desert warriors are Weed's acquaintances."

"Is that so?"

Thus did the local lords  decide to desert Haven Empire.

They were now welcoming the Desert warriors, while intending to dispose of their property and flee if things went south.

– Territory Conquered!

Nedro Castle will be incorporated into the Desert region.

The residents are fearful due to the rumors about the vicious Desert warriors.

Public order +24

City development level -16

Religious influence -25

Culture -15

Economic strength -40

– Territory Conquered!

The city of Gosome will become part of the Desert region.

As the Desert warriors are entering through the main gates, the citizens refrain from outdoor activities. .

Even the children are too scared to cry, hiding themselves inside their homes.

Public order

City development level -21

Religious influence 30 [2]

Culture -19

Economic strength -44

Gosome is a metropolis of the Great Plains that has a population of 230 000.With the expansion of Palos Empire's territory, each warrior's strength, agility and stamina have increased by 7 as an achievement.

Geomchi5 and the trainees, who were on their quest for the Establishment of Palos Empire, planted the flag in the castle.

"Wow, all these stats…"

"Are they any useful though?"

"Weed always said that everything comes down to stats eventually."

"Well, if our youngest said so, then it must be right."

Geomchi and Geomchi2 had such great faith in Weed; they would even give their treasured sword to him if he asked.

"Second[3] , thanks to our Little One I think I might finally get married if all goes well. I wouldn't even know such a world exists if it weren't for him; I'm the kind of a guy who finds a remote controller for a TV too complicated."

"I am the same as you, master."

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if our Little One could be the host for my wedding?"

"We should definitely give him that role, yes."

If Weed hosts a wedding ceremony in reality, the broadcasting stations might be present to relay the live event.

If the wedding takes place in Royal Road, it would be possible to have hundreds of thousands of people participating in the event in the Castle of the Earth.

"By the way, now that we have conquered this land, how are we going to rule it? The lords have surrendered, but we can't leave our troops here."

"It is true that there's not going to be much difference once we leave."

"Then what's the point in conquering?"

So, while having this conversation, Geomchi and Geomchi2 realized they needed to face a very important fact.

The characteristics of the Desert warriors dictated that they weren't bound to the territory and borders.

With their troops moving around like the wind, there wasn't much they could do even if the cities and the castles that had surrendered to them joined Haven Empire again.

Of course, the lords of Haven Empire were having this in mind when they decided to surrender so easily.

"I think I'm going to have a headache. Let's ask Weed about it."

"That is a good idea."

They briefed Weed on the current situation in an in-game whisper and waited for a reply.

What effectively was an unsolvable conundrum to them took exactly 15 seconds for Weed to come up with an answer.

– Weed: You need to fight like Desert warriors.

"Like Desert warriors?"

– Weed: When I founded Palos Empire… ahem…You could say I was rather brutal, although it was because I travelled in time, of course.

"Yes, I saw it. You wiped out practically everyone."

It was one incident during which Weed's true character was almost uncovered, as it was broadcast.

As a player of Royal Road he is now admired as a wise king or a great adventurer,, but in the days of Magical Continent, he was un unmatched tyrant; except his bullying was mainly directed towards the prestigious guilds of ill reputation, which was why he could maintain his popularity among the general public. He was the one who could fight against them on behalf of little people.

– Weed: Raise your army. Recruit the soldiers from the surrendered region by force. You'll need to get everyone you could, such as commoners with some sword skills or mercenaries.

"It's nothing impossible, but we already have big troops."

– Weed: Since the land where you have to fight is wide, the more you have the better. Think about it; even as a kid, we knew 10 people is better than 5 when we played an ally captain.

"That's true. Hmm."

– Weed: When the lords surrender, take their troops and keep raising yours. After you take the army of the first couple of regions, it would become difficult to defy you for the next ones.

"Because our troops are that much larger."

– Weed: That's right. Once you pass through the Great Plains, the Empire will actively try to stop you because that means the entire Central Continent might be in peril. From then you just have to ruthlessly plunder and collect war supplies, and keep on fighting while continuing to raise the troops."


A great prospect revealed itself in Geomchi's head.

Haven Empire.

And the wild Desert warriors pillaging the Empire of such great power!

'I guess that's quite cool, right?'

That prospect was once a reality painted by Weed during his time as the Great King of Desert, and as his exploit became famous by broadcast, many men dreamed of such deed.

"Sounds fun."

– Weed: Yes. Well, if we lose the fight then that's the end for us, but what's there to lose? Once a man has drawn out his sword-

"-he has to cut at least a radish."


Weed did not intend to stop at just manipulating Geomchi and the trainees from behind when it comes to fighting Haven Empire.

'I didn't expect a war to break out… but still, I'm the one who attacked the Empire.'

And the war was not going to end so easily.

'We have quite a good idea of the military strength of Haven Empire and Hermes Guild. Of course, there would be more hidden weapons like those Steel Knights…'

Weed thought he would have had several secret assets too if he had been the head of Hermes Guild.

With overflowing amount of money, an organization and information network that cover the whole Central Continent, it would be only natural to secure military strength using everything they could, quests and whatnot.

It wouldn't be overly strange if they too had some sealed power Like EBN Order.

'So how many secret weapons would they have? 2? 3? That feels a bit too few. Maybe 8 to 10? They wouldn't have had time to prepare so many after unifying the Central Continent. '

Quests were often discovered by adventurers and excavators.

There were users with special professions and fame like Weed, but things like quests or sealed skills that can affect the whole continent were not very common.

'Let's say it's 5. They probably have prepared around that number. And Steel Knights are one of them.'

A man of such quick wits; he would probably be able to correctly guess the number of chopstick pairs Lafaye had kept as spare after he got a delivery from a Chinese restaurant.

'The number of Hermes Guild users… approximately  752 300, according to their guild website. And the Imperial Army has 3 000 000 people.'

From the point of view of someone who rules a Kingdom, it was a ridiculously large amount of troops.

Worse still, these numbers did not include the number of troops independently owned by their lords.

'Thanks to Seoyoon's sacrifice, the circumstances became more favorable. They need to station about half of their troops in fortresses or castles for local defense. The rest will be mobilized for the war.'

Weed was drawing a big picture in his head.

The Imperial Army with the strongest military force.

Even after the existence of the things like the Order of the Steel Knights was revealed, it didn't pique Weed's interest much.

Arpen Kingdom, the Southern Desert warriors, and rebel forces. He was going to gather all of them in one team and hunt the lands of the Empire.

"Hard work is often wasted easily[4] . I was holding a grudge ever since they took over the whole Central Continent for themselves; and I bet there are others with the same grudge, too."


The elite soldiers of Haven Empire were gathering at  Hurfan and Litum regions.

40% of Hurfan region was already conquered by the Northern users, and a landing operation was taking place in Litum region.

"We arrived at Litum. Everyone get off the ship!"

"Woow…. so this is the Central Continent."

"Look at those beach houses. They're so pretty."

"Now I get why everyone's talking about the Central Continent"

Quite unlike the scene of landing operation in which there was a fierce battle engaged by both sides, Northern users were disembarking from a large sailboat in a leisurely manner.

After the landing they visited the city shops in the coast, enjoying shopping and taking a look at the goods.

The ships of the line and Karaks stolen from Haven Empire and were also used to transport the Nothern users.

"We have a ship with great ride comfort! No rocking in the waves. Sail to Litum for just 7 gold!"

"We're going to depart in 30 minutes. You can have dinner at the Central Continent's harbor Radek!"

"Anyone fancying some fresh-caught sashimi, get on board! We have a captain with Intermediate 7 level fishing skill! He can catch just about anything that's not a Kraken!"

Merchants and adventurers were making good profits through the transportation of the Nothern users.

In addition, they could raise a fortune by bringing food and other trading goods in large quantities and selling them.

Since the rebellious uprising, Haven Empire was suffering losses in their mineral mining, crop yield, and even goods production.

Indeed, even though there wasn't any shortage of daily necessities, the price of groceries and other basic products was raised by 30%.

Most of the cities in the Central Continent bought products of Arpen Kingdom with expensive price, and with added benefits of specialty products, it was a jackpot for many merchants.

For the merchants chasing after profit, it was a good opportunity to create great wealth and business growth by selling the spare supplies of Arpen Kingdom to Haven Empire.

"So they are the Northern users…"

"Things got quite lively. It's good to have more people here."

The Central Continent's users welcomed the new people.

When Arpen Kingdom came into control, the taxes were reduced to less than a half of the original amount; in addition to the official tax rate, various surtaxes and public usage cost, trade taxes were deducted

The profit would have been several times greater if it had been before the Empire reduced the tax rate, but even as in current state it was an enormous gain.

"Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge!"

The Central Continent's users willingly joined in, chanting the words Grass Porridge.

"But what kind of porridge are we?"

"Well, I like Bamboo Shoots Porridge…"

"But it's so hard to go through the procedure for joining. And it would be nice if we come up with something by ourselves."

"There said to be about 130 porridge groups in the Grass Porridge Cult. Would there be any new names we could take?"

"um… How about Flower Porridge?"

"Flower Porridge?"

"Yes, small grasses and flowers blooming on the ground…It's a nice harmony.  Also, it's beautiful."

The beginning of Flower Porridge Army founded by a few users of the Central Continent!

They put flowers in their hair in order to show their membership in Flower Porridge group.

In a matter of just a few hours or a day, the size of Flower Porridge army increased remarkably and everyone in Litum region were walking around with flowers in their hair.

Elves and fairies showed their sweet beauty by having flower ornaments on their hair,

but the problem was that even tall barbarians and muscular warriors put flowers in their hair.

There was a small fishing village in the Litum region called Brundelheim; 7 novice users of level 70 from the Nothern region came to this village, and by that evening the atmosphere of the whole place has changed completely. Now, each and every one of approximately thousand user of this village was having flowers in their hair.

"So this is what it feels like to be in Grass Porridge Cult. To feel somehow connected as one to someone who's completely different from me."

"We aren't alone. We all live together."

(To be continued…)

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[1] Considering the context of the original novel I think the last sentence of the last part would have been better translated to something like, "Should we just flee?" Apologies about this.

[2] The original Korean text does not show if this is a plus 30 or minus. I assume it's a minus, showing that the religious influence decreased even further as citizens grow more fearful.

[3]I didn't want him to refer to Weed as "the youngest" every single time, so I used the term "Little One", also as an affectionate nickname.

[4]Here I used an English saying "Hard work is not wasted."The Korean adage used in the original text literally translates to something like “A tower built upon great efforts does not collapse easily" which has a very similar meaning to the English saying.

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