The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 248-249

Chapter 248: The cart driver's power!


The front face of the tall skinny boy knocked into a wall, his nose snapped with a sharp crisp sound, and then he slid down the wall.

The ash grey stone wall was stained with fresh red blood.

A horrifying sight!

The young children eyes widened with shock at the scene, watching the powerless Yuan Qing lying on the ground desperately trying to get up. It sent chills down their spines.

Yuan Qing is the son of General Yuan Wanli, who is in charge of the West City Walls, and although the Yuan family was not one of the most powerful families at the city of where the emperor lives, but to injure someone like this with a deadly blow——do they want to create deep hatred?

Who dares to be so vicious?

Everyone turned their heads to see a girl with a sweet smile and a blank look on her face.

"This girl is really pretty." The older children thought.

"Hey, was it you who attacked from behind?" Some unromantic little brat that did not know how to appreciate beauty yelled at her.

"To injure him so badly, what deep grudge do you have against Yuan Qing?"

"If anything happens to Big brother Yuan, just you wait to bear the consequences——"

Li Shinian responded with an embarrassed smile: "I also did not think I could beat him with one punch, but the sight of you guys bullying someone made me erupt in anger and I was unable to control my strength——"

"What does our bullying has to do with you?" The leader was a youth wielding a long sword, eyeing Li Shinian coldly as he said viciously: "You injured our brother, don't you think you should give an explanation?"

Among the crowd, peeped out a chubby head.

After catching sight of Li Shinian standing at the entrance to the alley, Lu Tianyu exclaimed, "Big sister, how come you're here?"

"Big sister?"

Everyone stared at Li Shinian in confusion.

Didn't Lu Tianyu's big sister Lu Qiji went to Starry Sky Academy for further study? Where did another big sister come out from?

Li Shinian beckoned to Lu Tianyu, "Lu Tianyu, hurry come over."

Lu Tianyu was about to run, when someone grabbed his lapel.

The young man with a sword said in a mocking tone: "Want to run? I'm afraid it's not that easy. I had some business to settle with this boy, then you came and injured my people——lets settle the old and recent grudges together?"

Li Shinian eyed the sword boy with contempt, asking: "What is your name?"

"Cui Shaofeng."

"The Cui family?" Li Shinian's mind fretted.

It was said that her brother killed someone of the Cui family, therefore she was particularly sensitive to the people of the Cui family.

"Cui Shaofeng, how old are you?"

"What's the matter? Young lady——Do you fancy me?" Cui Shaofeng pursed his lips and laughed.

"Brother Shaofeng, it must be so, you're so handsome, this young lady must like you——"

"Yes yes, why else would she ask about the age of Brother Shaofeng? She wanted to see if her age matches with Brother Shaofeng's——"

"If you can become our sister-in-law, out of respect for Brother Feng, this matter——there could be room for discussion——"

"I'm blind." Li Shinian suddenly stated.

The crowd looked at her eyes and said: "You're not blind."

"Yes. Your eyes are fine, how can you be blind?"

"She deliberately said it, to make us relax and not dare do anything to her——"

"Right? You can tell that I'm not blind. If I'm not blind, how would I have my eyes on a piece of trash?" Li Shinian said sharply.

"What did you say?" The crowd yelled.

Li Shinian fixed a stare on Cui Shaofeng. "Cui Shaofeng, are you not ashamed of yourself? You're the oldest here, right? You're almost an adult, yet you're hanging around with a group of children to bully a younger child——if I were you, I would simply crash my head into a wall and die."

Cui Shaofeng darkened immensely, clutching his sword more tightly. "It seems you do not want to leave today."

"Of course I have to go. Not only do I have to go, but I'm also taking Lu Tianyu——" Li Shinian demanded. She pointed to Lu Tianyu and asked: "Do you know who he is? I don't believe that at the city of the emperor, you could do anything to him——"

"Of course we can't do much to him." Cui Shaofeng smiled sinisterly. "The sort of thing like missing an arm or leg we won't do it, but it may be possible that he would end up badly battered and unable to walk for 10 days——"

"Uncle Luo——" Li Shinian cried.

Wielding a long whip, Luo Xu strode over in huge steps, used his tall body to shield Li Shinian and calmly glared at Cui Shaofeng. "Give Young Master to me."

Cui Shaofeng looked up and down at Luo Xu disdainfully as he scoffed: "Who are you? I have to give it when you tell me to?"


Luo Xu lashed out his whip and Cui Shaofeng, who was about to draw his sword, was struck in the hand.

Luo Xu knew these guys are the sons of nobles, and without master's permission he must not hurt them. So there was a sense of discretion, his whip only left a bloodstain on Cui Shaofeng's hand and not directly lashed off his entire hand.

Bearing the pain, sweat beaded on Cui Shaofeng's forehead.

His hand clenching his sword trembled endlessly, to the point that the hilt of the blade also shook.

"You——" Cui Shaofeng fixed a piercing stare at Luo Xu, unable to contain his anger, he yelled: "You are just dog of the Lu family, you dare to hit me——you know who I am?"

"Give me back Young Master." Luo Xu repeated. His voice was steady and his face calm. He did not say anything else and just demanded Cui Shaofeng to give back his young master.

"Brother Shaofeng——" The boy grabbing onto Lu Tianyu was a little scared, whispering: "What now?"

"Don't give him over." Cui Shaofeng said forcefully. "I don’t believe he could kill me—"

With his right hand shivering constantly, he threw the sword on the ground.

He smacked his chest loudly and yelled at Luo Xu: "Come on. Kill me if you have the ability——"


Luo Xu snapped his long whip forward, lashing Cui Shaofeng's other hand.

This whip was heavier, blood splattered, his skin split and flesh broke forth.

"What do you want?" The boy who had his grip on Lu Tianyu was so nervous that he fumbled out a dagger and pointed the edge of the blade at the neck of Lu Tianyu, screaming: "If you dare move closer, I will pierce his neck——"


Luo Xu flung out his whip, which coiled around the dagger, and he pulled, thrusting it into the distant wall.


The dagger pierced into the hard stonewall, including the hilt.

While the youngsters were distracted, another whip was swung out, pulling Lu Tianyu into the air and Luo Xu caught hold of him.

Cui Shaofeng and the others looked at each other in dismay, and even Li Shinian seemed like she just saw a ghost.

"The cart driver is a——a skilled master?"

Chapter 249: When the wind blows again!

Lu Tianyu landed on his feet, shuddering with fear he ran to hold Li Shinian's hand and sobbed: "Big sister, I was almost stabbed to death——they bullied me."

"Why did they bully you?" Li Shinian asked.

Lu Tianyu pointed his finger at Cui Shaofeng: "They are people of the Cui family."

This answer that they are people of the Cui family was enough to explain everything. The Cui and Lu family are old enemies and were recently in fierce competition over the position of left government minister. Li Muyang by chance disturbed the situation of the battle, accidentally killed the Head of the Monitoring Division Cui Zhaoren that the Cui Family had put immense effort in nurturing, and the lady of the Lu Family had travelled far to Jiangnan to collect the family of Li Muyang, hindering the Cui family's revenge plot, and she said it was because of the previous master and servant relationship——

This incident was tantamount to adding fuel to the fire!

Previously, the Cui and Lu family scrambled for power, but at least they maintained calm on the surface. But ever since Li Muyang killed Cui Zhaoren, the two families were like fire and water, the Lu family's Lu Xingkong and the Cui family's Cui Xichen were called to the emperor everyday and have had many arguments in front of the Emperor.

The one above did not deal with the situation, so the people below naturally maintained hostility.

Sometimes the juniors of the Lu family found opportunities to torment the people of the Cui family, and sometimes the juniors of the Cui family gathered to ambush the people of the Lu family.

Today Lu Tianyu was on his own, therefore was captured by the people of Cui Family.

Before the arrival of Li Shinian, Lu Tianyu had suffered a lot. Besides a bloodied nose and a swollen face, his eyes also turned into dark panda like eyes from the bruises. Luckily Li Shinian timely came to the rescue, if not Lu Tianyu would have continued to be unlucky.

Just that in a moment of desperation, Li Shinian was unable to control the strength of 'The art of the breaking body', so with one punch, directly sent Yuan Qing flying across the air.

The cart driver Luo Xu swung his whip a few times and had immediately frightened the whole audience.

Everyone stared at Luo Xu in dumbstruck horror. No one dared to provoke him.

Luo Xu stunned the whole audience with his skill, but he knew he could could not seriously injure these sons of nobles. Like the boys also knew that they couldn't really do anything to Lu Tianyu.

At least not on the surface.

Otherwise, when the Cui family really comes to their door, it would instead bring trouble to the Lu family.

Luo Xu fixed a cold glare at the group of children. "Can we go now?"

No one answered.

Even if Cui Shaofeng was unwilling to watch them leave, there was no way he could block Luo Xu.

He even dared not to act tough; a true vicious person would not try to get the last word in. He knew he could get his revenge later.

"Let's go." Luo Xu turned and said to Lu Tianyu and Li Shinian.

Lu Tianyu looked at Cui Shaofeng with a mischievous grin and gave him the thumbs-up.

Cui Shaofeng looked even more embarrassed, thinking to himself that he must one day let this kid know of his power. When the moment comes he must cut off his fingers.

"Haunting Soul Whip Luo Xu has long been a famous figure of the kingdom and had defeated countless strong opponents, but today ran to an alley to bully a group of children, are you not afraid of being ridiculed?" A loud, clear voice echoed over.

At the entrance to the alley appeared a middle-aged man clad in green.

"Uncle Ning." Cui Shaofeng exclaimed.

'Heart Buddha' Ning Xinhai. No one expected him to come here.

Ning Xinhai bowed to Cui Shaofeng: "Sixth Young Master."

Cui Shaofeng reinforcements have arrived, the momentum had changed. He pointed to cart driver Luo Xu. "Uncle Ning, this person has gone too far."

He showed his hands to Ning Xinhai, which were bloodied and badly mutilated, even if it were treated with the best wound medicine they looked like they wouldn't heal without at least 10 days or half a month.

Ning Xinhai nodded, indicating that he already understood the situation.

He looked at Haunting Soul Whip Luo Xu and said: "That really is a good whip. It would be hard for these kids to defend, right? "

Luo Xu looked expressionless at Ning Xinhai, aware that this person was an extremely powerful master and also one of the strongest enemies he had encountered before.

"They did something wrong, I just taught them a little lesson. If I intended to injure him, his hands would have been gone already."

"Of course. If the Soul Haunting Whip showed no mercy, not only would his hands not be on his body anymore, even his head would have been gone——"

Luo Xu furrowed his brows, glaring at Ning Xinhai. "What do you want?"

"Want an explanation for them. You want to leave after beating them like that?" Ning Xinhai smiled. "If I didn't come here would you stop, good thing I was passing by, I have to stand up and maintain the Cui family's reputation."

Luo Xu pointed to Lu Tianyu. "The Young Master of the Lu family has been injured by them, are you going to give an explanation then?"

"That's just minor injuries."

"If we didn't show up in time, there would have been internal injuries."

"Interesting." Ning Xinhai's green robe billowed and fluttered behind him, his hand hidden in the long sleeve cage flashing red.

He coldly eyed cart driver Luo Xu. "I had wanted to experience the taste of Soul Haunting Whip for a long time. It's better to meet each other by chance than to make an appointment, why not today."

The whip in Luo Xu's hand was like a long snake, soft and flexible, and used as a whip for the horse.

Now that a formidable opponent had appeared before him, without much movement, the long whip hardened to as tough as iron and was grasped firmly in his hand like a spear ready for attack.

"Then Heart Buddha, I hope to learn from you." Luo Xu proudly said, gripping his spear tightly, like a gray-robed god of war. 

Hearing from their dialogue that Soul Haunting Whip and Heart Buddha were about to fight, everyone took several steps back.

Given their current cultivation state, if they did not exercise control over their strength even for a moment, most likely this street would also be destroyed by them.

The Cui mansion's Chess Room.

A middle-aged man in grey scampered in and whispered into the ear of Cui family's old grandfather Cui Xichen.

Cui Xichen turned red with rage as he roared: "Outrageous, the Lu family wants to shit on our Cui family? A cart driver dares to hurt the children of my family? Gu Mo take someone over to see."

"Yes." Wielding a giant sword, Gu Mo boomed.

The Lu mansion's study.

Lu Xingkong was in the study correcting documents, when the old butler pushed open the door. "Master, Young Master and Miss Shinian clashed with people of the Cui family."

"Hmm." Lu Xingkong nodded, as though he did not care much. It was too common to hear the children of the Lu and Cui family attacking each other during this time. "Anyone hurt?"

"No one was badly injured". The old butler nodded. "However, the Cui family's Heart Buddha Ning Xinhai rushed over and said he wants to make sure that justice is served for the Cui family, and is now about to fight with Luo Xu."

Lu Xingkong's face darkened, setting down the brush in the hand and pondering for a short moment, before he uttered: "That old guy of the Cui family was the first to attack?"