The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 195-198

Chapter 195: Soft skin and tender flesh!

Li Muyang turned to look at Lu Qiji, asking with a smile: "Qiji classmate, what do you want to say?"


"Don't worry. What you said to me under the lake, will be kept a secret and never be told to anyone." Li Muyang winked at Lu Qiji, as though telling her to believe in him.

"What did Qiji say to you?" Chu Xun shot a fierce stare at Li Muyang as he asked.

Li Muyang cast a meaningful glance over Chu Xun. "You did not hear me? I just said I would keep it a secret for her. I'm not a backstabbing little human who goes back on his words."


Lu Qiji could tell that Li Muyang's words were full of resentment.

Who is the backstabbing little human that went back on their words?

Yes, he said 'little human'——that must mean the human race. If he wanted to scold himself, it should be little dragons.

It seems that, after he fused with the Tear of the Dragon King, his body had already begun to change. The Tear of the Dragon King was the world's most powerful and strongest divine weapon, and with Li Muyang's thin and frail physique, weak mind and superficial cultivation skills, it is impossible for him to use his own ability to change it. So it must be the Tear of the Dragon King that changed him.

At this time, was the Li Muyang in front of them still Li Muyang?

He most likely would soon turn into that stupid, arrogant, vengeful and frightening guy.

Lu Qiji was exhausted.

She did not want to fight with him till she rose from the ashes again, and then start over once again.

"Qiji classmate, you said you've not seen Li Muyang under the lake?" Lin Canghai stared wide-eyed at Lu Qiji, saying angrily: "How can you lie about this kind of thing? Qiandu classmate also begged you to go into the water to search again with her. Do you know how worried we were at that time? If the lake did not suddenly sink, and the entire earth's crust changed hugely, maybe we'd have went down again——You knew Li Muyang was back, didn't you?"

Lu Qiji coldly swept a glance at Lin Canghai, like she had no intention of speaking to him.

These mortals, these foolish human beings——The guy you think is your friend is silently saving his power to chop your heads off and massacre the human race.

Qiandu's gaze rested on Lu Qiji's face for a brief moment, before she angrily said: "We're classmate, even if you don't want to go into the water to save him, at least tell us the truth——It's very dangerous every time someone dives into the lake, no one knows what kind of monster is hiding in the water. You clearly saw Muyang classmate at the lake bottom, you knew he came back, but you never said a single word to us, what is your motive behind all this?"

"Who let you guys ask her? Does Qiji have the responsibility to answer your question." Chu Xun couldn't stand watching Lu Qiji attacked by two people, hurriedly chimed in.

Seeing both sides were about to break into a fight at the entrance of his own small courtyard, Li Muyang hurriedly interrupted, smiling as he did so. "We can't blame Qiji classmate. The earth's crust suddenly changed, me and Qiji were both focused on escaping, maybe she could not determine whether or not I've come out from under the cold lake."

Lin Canghai looked at Li Muyang with a sceptical expression for a moment, before he said: "Then when did you come out? We have been guarding the exit of the lake, how come we never saw you?"

"I accidently found another exit, but in order to escape, I was physically exhausted. My body was extremely tired and I was injured, so I had no strength to inform you guys——" Li Muyang explained with an apologetic smile. "After a hot bath, my body feels much better and I have regained some strength."

"I see." Lin Canghai said, nodding.

A broad smile suddenly spread over his face, and he patted Li Muyang on the shoulder and said: "Seeing you're still alive, I'm very happy."

"Thank you." Li Muyang said, sincerely.

Qiandu surveyed up and down Li Muyang's body, smiled and said: "I'm glad you're fine. You must be tired, you should have a good rest. I'm also tired, I'll go back to take a bath and have a good sleep. What happened today is a long and tortuous dream, when we wake, it would be a new and wonderful day."

Qiandu left, Lin Canghai also followed and left

Lu Qiji looked straight into Li Muyang's eyes, Li Muyang also stared right back at Lu Qiji's eyes.

They were staring each other down, flashes of sabre and shadows of sword flickering in the air.

"Li Muyang, don't do anything stupid." Lu Qiji warned with a flash of her eyes.

"Lu Qiji, be responsible for your actions." Li Muyang responded, his eyes narrowing.

"Li Muyang, I know everything about you. If you dare harm the people of the divine continent, the heaven will not allow you to do so, and I will not tolerate you——"

"Lu Qiji, I also know everything about you. I'll do whatever I want, you'd better mind your own business, or I'll pluck all your feathers——"

"I'll shave your dragon scales——"

"The Dragon's inverted scales, those who touch them will die——"

"The Phoenix's feathers, those who touch them will perish——"

This worm and bird really talked a lot of nonsense.

Chu Xun finally could not stand it; he did not like Lu Qiji looking at other men with those eyes. Although they seemed to dislike each other, but——he still felt extremely uncomfortable.

It did not look like two people staring each other down but rather like flirting to him.

"Qiji, it's not worth getting angry for someone like him." Chu Xun advised.

Lu Qiji averted her glare, then looked at Li Muyang and said: "Be responsible for your actions."

Li Muyang smiled, saying: "You took my line from me."

Lu Qiji coldly swept her eyes over him before turning around and headed towards the small courtyard where she lived.

Chu Xun came to a stop in front of Li Muyang, saying: "No matter what Qiji said to you under the lake, I do not care. An insignificant person will always be an insignificant person, no matter how diligent or hardworking they are, would only be a pawn or a stepping stone of others. Don't forget, the date of our battle is near, since you are destined to become someone else's stepping stone, then let me take advantage of you. After all, we're classmates."

A mocking smile stretched across Chu Xun's lips when he strode away in huge steps.

Li Muyang, with his left hand holding his right elbow, and his right hand gently stroking his the clean, flawless chin, watched Chu Xun's valiant and spirited figure from behind, whispering: "A man needs to to return politeness for politeness, that old Dragon gifted me his Tear of the Dragon King, this peerless sacred weapon, I also have to do something to make him happy——Since I don't have the ability to destroy the human race right now, then I'll first destroy a human for him."

"This boy has soft skin and tender flesh, that makes people happy looking at him——then let's begin with him."

Chapter 196: Grow scales and magical claw!

After gently closing the gate behind him, Li Muyang returned to his bedroom and took out the book [Language of Dragons] from under his pillow.

"Born as a dragon, good fortune comes from all sides. Become an immortal being after death and be virtuous forever."

"Born a dragon, destroying riotous countries. After becoming an immortal being after death, the divine continent would prosper forever."

Li Muyang softly recited, venting his inward sorrow and sympathy.

After listened to the secret history of the Dragon Clan, then merged with the Tear of the Dragon King, Li Muyang could understand the Dragon Clan's sorrow, sympathise and feel as though it happened to himself even more.

This time, when he read the [Language of Dragons], there was a completely different feeling than before.

The last time, he was full of curiosity and pleasantly surprised that he could understand dragon language.

He read with a curious mind, a desire to let everyone know that he has this area of expertise, and a sullen feeling when he came to realise he had to force to suppress this hidden talent. 他懷

Now, he came to know of the tragedy of the Dragon Clan, the suffering of dragons, as well as the difficult to conceal memory between the lines and the enormous sense of mission in becoming a King from a commoner—–

The Dragon Clan came for the peace of the divine continent, but also suffered the betrayal of human, which almost wiped out their entire clan.

Now the revival of the Dragon Clan has been entrusted to a human being——Is there anything more absurd?

The [Language of Dragon] just sounded, yet Nujiang surged, huge waves lifting to the sky.

"Come and see, Nujiang is angry again——"

"Nujiang is not hiding some monster, right? How else would it frequently create giant waves?"

"Wait until I have sufficient skills, I would definitely dive into Nujiang to thoroughly investigate——"
Students of Starry Sky Academy all rushed out, one after another, standing on the edge of the cliff looking into the distance and pointing at the surging waves of Nujiang.

Li Muyang already knew this passage is [The Worship of Dragon], so dared not to continuing reading anymore. He was afraid of summoning the dragon souls again, worried that others would figure out he was behind it. At that time, he could no longer think of destroying the human race, instead the human race would destroy him soon——

Although he merged with the Tear of the Dragon King, possessed the Dragon King's memory, techniques and martial secrets, Li Muyang still needed time and energy to familiarise and make it himself——Now, he was still below the Empty Valley Realm. Even Yang Xiaohu could slap him to death.

Of course, it's not that he looked down on Teacher Yang. Li Muyang was very fond of him from the bottom of his heart.

As Li Muyang stopped reciting out loud, the wind above Nujiang came to a stop, the waves resided, the river calmed, as if nothing happened.

The curious onlookers waited for a while, until nothing interesting was to see, they began to disperse.

Li Muyang hid away the [Language of Dragons], took off his robe and surveyed his strong body.
Nice body!

Which woman would be so lucky in the future!

He immersed his body in the bathtub in his room, and then followed the dragon clan's training method on his own mind to practice [The art of traveling through clouds and summoning rain].

Dragons are powerful from birth; they call themselves half divine beings. But travelling through clouds and summoning rain is not an innate ability. They needed practice and deep understanding to be able to do so.

People say that all dragons can travel through clouds and summon rain; this is not true.

Besides the dragon king and the three dragon commanders, those capable of travelling through the clouds and bringing rain in the dragon clan can be counted with one's fingers. Only extremely outstanding dragons can master such skills. Some dragons have exhausted their lives and still cannot hover in the sky and make rain fall on earth.

The black dragon that had merged with Li Muyang obviously can exert this kind of supernatural powers, but for Li Muyang to grasp and know how to use this ability, he still needed further training——

In other words, he only knows the method and mnemonic chant, but whether or not he could master it, depended on Li Muyang's talent and perseverance.

Li Muyang' submerged his entire body into the water, including his head, then in accordance with his memory of the incantation, relaxed his body, entering into a turtle breathing state.

"Although the ox has ears, it breathes through the nose; although turtle has nose, it breathes through the ears.

This way of practice and Taoism's [Turtle's form of respiration] were similar. All methods of the world, once reach a certain level, all things return to oneness. Whether the human race or the dragon clan, the principles are the same.

Li Muyang's entire body was submerged into the water. The water was calm and peaceful, only small ripples widening out.

Li Muyang's emotional state was tranquil and empty, golden characters twinkling in his minds.

It was the incantation of [The Art of Travelling through Cloud and Summoning Rain]. As Li Muyang practiced this technique, words appeared in front of him.

The writing characters, unfamiliar and strange, were similar to the words in the [The Worship of Dragon]. However, it did not pose a problem for Li Muyang. If there was a dragon language test, he would at least pass level six——Although he wasn't sure if there were such grading system. He must ask Teacher Yang later.

As Li Muyang was diligently practicing, clouds shifted direction, lowering toward the place he lived.

These white clouds were languid and did not look like they were here because of the divine dragon, rather more like they were accidentally blown over by the wind——They have a talent for acting and will not make anyone doubt their motives.

The wind blew, whipping up leaves in the yard and lifting dust that just fell. They forced their way into the house, spinning round Li Muyang's bathtub.

The room was very quiet, as if time had ceased at this moment.

"Li Muyang——"

Knock knock knock——
Outside the courtyard, someone was banging loudly at the door and shouting Li Muyang's name.

Abruptly, the ripples grew larger, forming into one violent ripple.

It wasn't long before bubbles rose to the surface, and then the warm water inside looked as though it was boiling.
Droplets that hit the ground, turned to pale wisps of white smoke and instantly disappeared, leaving behind no water residual on the ground.

"Li Muyang——"

The voice was hurried, the rhythm of the knocking was rapid. It sounded louder and louder, as if something urgent.

The water temperature was rising, the bubbles began to become more rapid and larger. Like there was a huge pile of firewood burning under the bathtub.


Li Muyang flung his head out of the boiling water.

The skin on his face was undamaged and unscalded by the boiling water, but his eyes turned red.

The blood-red eyes were like the eyes of the black dragon when it was angry.

"Ahh——" Li Muyang breathed heavily, taking deep breaths after deep breaths, and spurting out big mouthfuls of hot air.

"Li Muyang, quickly open the door——" The voice still stubbornly shouting at the door.


Li Muyang raised his arm, resting his huge palm on the edge of the wood tub.

No, not a human's hand, a dragon's claw—–

Brown skin, solid scales and sharp nails——

When his claw rested on the wooden tub, the power of the dragon claw, with a loud 'snap', shattered the edge of the wooden tub——

"Li Muyang, I know you're inside——open the door, or I will knock down the door——" The voice at the door, continued resounding throughout the whole house.

His blood-red eyes turned to the direction of the sound, burning with the desire to commit murder.

Chapter 197: Haunt like a ghost!

"Li Muyang——" Yang Xiaohu again and again banged on the door, raising his voice as he spoke to him: "I know you're in there, I have important things to talk to you. If you don't open the door, I'll come in by myself."

After a while, there was still no response.

Yang Xiaohu thought for a moment, before he raised his hand, and with a swish of his sleeve, the door gently swung open. The doors swung outward from the middle automatically.

Most of the students able to enter Starry Sky Academy were not weak, but their courtyards were built from ordinary stones and woods. If the occupants themselves does not set up some kind of prohibition spell in their courtyard to avoid others forcefully intruding or their secret techniques leaked, the courtyard itself and the small door can hardly block anyone of the Academy, let alone Yang Xiaohu, a teacher of Starry Sky. People at chancellors mansions are officials above the third rank; Starry Sky Academy's cleaners also know and cultivate a little bit of martial technique.

In order to prove his 'guiltless heart', Li Muyang did not set up any prohibition in his own little courtyard.

Of course, it was because he didn't know how to do so..

Unexpectedly, his lair was so easily broken through.

"I'm coming in. I'm really coming in." As Yang Xiaohu shouted, he had already opened the wooden door. "You invited me in, don't say I my violated student's privacy——"

In order to show that he's honest and honourable, Yang Xiaohu did not close the door. Instead, he casually strolled into the courtyard.

He went into the courtyard, where no one was in sight. Only a few leaves floating in the air and the spotless lapis lazuli stone floor, which seemed as though it has just been swept, welcomed him.

"Li Muyang is very neat and tidy, the courtyard he lives at is much cleaner than that of other boys——"

Yang Xiaohu walked straight into the inner room. No one was in the living room, only a steaming cup of hot water on the table.

Yang Xiaohu tested the temperature of the cup. "He's still at home——"

Seeing the bedroom door was open, he walked in and found a huge wooden tub in the bedroom. This was the tub that Starry Sky Academy prepared for every student to bathe in. Of course, students were also allowed to use the outside pool.

The broken edges of the wooden tub was new and fresh, chunks of broken edges of wood scattered on the floor and sounds of gurgling sounded from inside the tub with bubbles accompanied by foam coming to the surface.

"Li Muyang——" Yang Xiaohu pulled his lips back into a smile, saying: "Li Muyang, don't hide, teacher has no time to play hide and seek with you. Come out, I have something important to discuss with you——"


There was no movement in the house except the loud gurgling and bubbling sounds.

"Brat——" "臭小子——"

Yang Xiaohu became angry, rolling up his sleeve and plunging his hand deep into the tub of water.

He fumbled around the wooden tub, till his face adopted a pondering and puzzled look.

"Strange——" Yang Xiaohu pulled his arm out of the tub, watching the water stain vanish on his hand. "There seems to be a dangerous presence. Li Muyang, this kid, could something have happened to him?"

Yang Xiaohu searched the room and then returned to the courtyard.

His gaze swept back and forth over the courtyard before he dashed over to the edge of the cliff.

Far away in the distance, was boundless Nujiang.

The red water was monstrous, huge waves lifting to the sky, and for thousand and ten thousands years, rushing toward a distant unknown home.

Yang Xiaohu was enjoying the magnificent scene of the endless surging of Nujiang, when he shook his head, saying: "Strange, Chu Xun clearly said Li Muyang is in the courtyard, where could he have gone in that short time? I'll ask again."

Yang Xiaohu turned around, hastily went to investigate Li Muyang's whereabouts.

Broken Mountain stands tall over everything, rugged like a blade and tall enough to pierce the tops of clouds.

Its steep cliffs, high peaks and overhanging rocks, make it difficult even for apes and monkey to climb, and birds to cross.

Under the boulder where Yang Xiaohu just stood, a humanoid monster was climbing up.

Its eyes blood red, like the water of Nujiang.

Its huge claws deeply dug into a boulder, as though it was as easy as cutting tofu.

He held his breath, listening attentively and waiting for the sound of footsteps to leave——————


"Shinian, why do we have to leave through the school's back gate?"

"That's right. The back entrance is so secluded, a boar might attack us?"

"Some days ago I heard there were wolves——I'm so scared——"

"Shhhh." Li Shinian put her index finger to her lips, saying snappily: "I said I'll go by myself, you insisted to follow me. Now that I brought you here, you say you're afraid. You can leave from the front gate then, I'll leave from the back gate myself. You guys are afraid of wolves, but I'm not afraid of wolves. I'm only afraid of perverted wolves."

"Big sister Shinian, that's not what we meant." Xiao Huan cried. "We just like to be with you, we feel very safe with you and you will protect us."

"Yes. Shinian is kind-hearted and loyal to friends——not like some of the girls in our school, whose eyes are on their head, like she is the most beautiful in the world, and looks down on everyone."

"Exactly, big sister Shinian is one million times more beautiful than them. But our big sister Shinian likes to keep a low-profile, and not leave from the front gate when there's a lot of people, to avoid those smelly men pointing and talking about her—"

"Shinian, don't get angry. We said we're going with you, then we will go with you. If you leave through the front gate, we'll be with you to enjoy the glory. If you leave through the back gate, we will keep a low-profile with you. Wherever you go, we’ll follow."

"Yes, me too." Xiao Huan said, clenching her fist.

Without any other choices, Li Shinian said to her friends: "Fine, since you decided to leave from the back gate with me, then don't talk nonsense——I'll walk in front, I'll protect you guys."

"Thank you big sister Shinian. The few girls looked at each other and started to giggle.

Under the leadership of Li Shinian, a group of girls dressed in grey school uniforms cautiously but nimbly advanced toward the back gate of Imperial View High School.

As they neared the back gate, Li Shinian peered out the door, her eyes furtively surveying the surroundings and a wide smile curled her lips. "Big Sister Shinian, it's so remote here, how can we go back?"

"Go back." With a wave of her hand, Li Shinian said heroically.

The back gate was secluded, not bustling with rich students, and without the gathering of carriages, picking up and dropping off students.

Besides these young girls, it was empty and quiet as far as the eye could see. Only a distant green hill and a seemingly bumpy dirt road.

"Li Shinian——" A familiar voice called out.

Everyone looked up. At the top of a golden phoenix tree, sat a handsome young man smiling at them.

The young man, whiter than snow, with a jade pendant hanging at his waist and fanning himself with a steel fractured fan, was obviously a young master of a rich family.


The young man leaped down from the golden phoenix tree, his body descended right in front of Li Shinian.

He looked pleasantly surprised as he exclaimed: "It's really a coincidence, I did not expect to see little sister Shinian here——"

Li Shinian almost went crazy. She grabbed the young man by the collar and roared: "Yan Xiangma, why are you haunting me like a ghost?"

"That's not right." Yan Xiangma closed his folding fan, admired Li Shinian's beautiful face at close-range and brazenly said: "You and my last encounter was at the front gate of Imperial View High School, but this time we ran into each other at the back gate of Imperial View High——How could you say I'm haunting you? Fate, this is pure fate."

"Do you think I'm an idiot?" Li Shinian loosened her grip on Yan Xiangma's collar. "This is coincidence? You hiding up a tree is called a coincidence. Were you getting ready to go to heaven?"

"Oh, you don't understand?" Yan Xiangma opened his folding fan with a loud 'pak', gently rocking it back and forth to his face like a charming young master: "Deep in my heart, I'm a sentimental man. When I was admiring the scenery at the school gate, I suddenly thought that if I climbed up onto a tree maybe I would see a different landscape above than on the ground? So I climbed up to a tree. Hey, then guess know what?"

"What?" Xiao Huan's eyes gleamed with intense curiosity. She was a child who liked brainteasers.

Li Shinian gave her a stern, hard look, telling her that she better not engage in conversation with this asshole. Otherwise he would never stop rambling.

"It is indeed different." Yan Xiangma's voice rose with excitement. "What was that phrase? Stand tall and see far. When I stand on the ground, I could only see the foothills of the mountain and a vague outline. But when I stand on a tree, not only did I see the foot of the mountain, but the hills of the hills——Because of this, I was inspired to compose a poem."

"Come, come, I'll read it to you. So what it's a gold phoenix tree? It's too early for flowers to bloom. When ascend the great peak, other mountains appear so small. What do you think? What do you think? I just climbed a tree, but wrote such a wonderful poem. What do you think, isn't my harvest great today?"

"This poem was not written by you." Li Shinian wanted to pick up a stone from the ground and throw it at Yan Xiangma's face. Who would be so shameless?

This is clearly a masterpiece of the Starry Sky strong person Du Ruofu? In the Divine Continent, as long as you have ears, you would have heard of the original version of this poem, how could he have the nerve to say that he wrote this poem?

"At least two phrases were written by me——So what it's a golden phoenix tree? It's too early for flowers to bloom. With these two sentences, together with the 'sage of poetry', I can illuminate the future generations, right?"

"He's so lowly." Xiao Huan exhaled heavily, gazing intently at Yan Xiangma.

"Lowly but extremely charming." Another girl, with her hands clasped to her heart, stared at Yan Xiangma, her eyes sparkling like stars.


Chapter 198: Worry-free youngster!

Li Shinian was too lazy to respond to Yan Xiangma's nonsense, with her hands folded, she told him bluntly: "Speak, what do you want?"

"I don't want anything. Today, the sun is shining, and the mild spring breeze is beautiful. I just came out to admire the landscape to find inspiration to write poems. I did not expect to run into you——Are you about to go back home?"

"You're not going to say you're going the same way too, are you?" Li Shinian sneered. He has been 'going the same way' dozens of times already. All the students in the school already thought that Yan Xiangma is her prince charming and ideal man.

"I am going the same way." Yan Xiangma said in an obvious tone: "Lu mansion is on Xuanwu Street, and our Yan Mansion is also on Xuanwu Street. Just that one is at the east of the street and the other at the West side. You're going back, and I'm also going back, is that not going the same way? Don't tell me because you want to go back, then you won't let others walk on Xuanwu Street? Are you that bossy?"

"Fine. You're going home, are you? Li Shinian pointed to the dirt road ahead, as she said: "Go. You go in front."

"Hey, aren't you too bossy? You even have to decide whether I go home or not and when I'm going home. Don't tell me——you like me?" Yan Xiangma drew his handsome face closer as he said with a mischievous smile.

"Are you leaving or not? If you're not, then I'll go. Don't follow me."

"Li Shinian, who do you think I am? Do you think I, Yan Young Master, will agree to that rude request?" Yan Xiangma, with a loud 'pak', opened his folding fan and said brazenly.


"Big sister Shinian——" Xiao Huan gently tugged at Li Shinian's sleeve. "Yan Young master has good intentions, if he wants to follow, then let him follow us. It doesn't matter what we do, don't you agree?"

"Yes Shinian, we're leaving by the back gate, what if we run into a bad person—— Let Yan Young Master walk you home?"

"Yan Young Master, you also live on Xuanwu Street, I heard that those living there must be rich or nobles, it's obvious that Yan Young Master is from a prestigious family——"

After Li Shinian came to Tiandu and entered Imperial View High School, Yan Xiangma has been inseparable from her, closely following her everywhere.

Everyday, when Li Shinian was ready to go home, she found Yan Xiangma's shadow waiting outside. Sometimes she deliberately stayed behind, hoping that Yan Xiangma would think that she had left already. Unfortunately, Yan Xiangma has never been fooled; no matter how late she stayed behind, he waited till then.

Li Shinian also tried to leave from other places, such as the school's back gate——The result was not what she wanted.

This guy was a ghost, no matter where she ran to, he jumped out from nowhere.

Also, with the time spent together, Yan Xiangma failed to tame Li Shinian, this small Mustang; however the boy-crazy girls on Li Shinian's side were all subdued.

In their words: 'I have never seen such a lowly yet refined man that makes people want to pounce over and kiss his handsome face.'

If you want to please the goddess, you should first take care of her maids.

Don't ask the silly question that why all goddesses have a little maid.

Evidently, Yan Xiangma has successfully taken this first step.

"Thank you. Thank you beautiful little sister——" Yan Xiangma bowed at the several girls and expressed his thanks with a charming smile. "Tomorrow at noon at Spring Gazing Restaurant, I'll treat everyone to roast goose."

"Thank you Yan Young Master."

"Wow, Yan Young Master has to spend money again."

"Yan Young Master is not only handsome but generous——"

Li Shinian, unable to stand listening to them flattering each other, walked in front. She must hurry home, to not let her parents wait at home.

Yan Xiangma cupped one hand in the other, made a wink at the girls, and walked toward Li Shinian in large strides.

Not wanting Yan Xiangma catch up to her, Li Shinian began to speed up her pace.

Yan Xiangma was calm and composed, walked leisurely and unhurried, like the calm wind, along Li Shinian's side.

The two competed fiercely for a while, until they cast a glance behind, only to see the girls have already disappeared out of sight.

"Ah, Xiao Huan——" Li Shinian cried anxiously, wanting to turn back to look for them.

"No need to look for them." Yan Xiangma said with a smile. "They won't follow."

"Yan Xiangma——"

"Yes, I'm here."

"What do you want?"

"Oh heavens, am I not obvious? Can't you see?" Yan Xiangma said with dumbfounded look of surprise. "I don't have much experience with this sort of things. Am I too shy and reserved? Or should I tell you in person——"

"Don't." Li Shinian interrupted: "Don't speak, even if you do I won't listen, even if I listen, I won't agree."

"I just want to find a place to pee, is that not allowed?"


"Forget it. I will not if you don't agree. I'll endure it. Yan Xiangma said in a low voice. "A man's ability to hold in his urine is determined by his kidney capability, today you can be testimony to that fact."

"Yan Xiangma——"

Yan Xiangma said with a chuckle: "Shinian, why are you living in the Lu Mansion? What is your family's relationship with the Lu family?"

"What does my relationship with the Lu family has to do with you?"

"I just asked out of curiosity." Yan Xiangma's face suddenly darkened with worry, but he kept his smile as he asked: "Have you had any contact with Li Muyang recently?"

Li Shinian fixed Yan Xiangma with a wary stare. "Yan Xiangma, you came to find me to gather information?"

Li Shinian has been in Tiandu for a period of time now, and had heard the rumours that her brother had killed a very important person of the Cui family. Of course, she did not believe it.

Brother was such a good person, how would he kill someone?

Moreover, even if her brother really killed someone, then that person must be a bad person.

Because of this, ever since she came to Tiandu, she had not met up with Cui Xiaoxin.

In front of vengeance as deep as the bloody ocean, the bond between the old friends of Jiangan were incomparably weak.

The Yan family and the Cui family has a close relationship. Yan Xiangma and the deceased seem to be cousins. The reason he came here everyday and hover around her, was there other reasons?

The relationships in Tiandu are really complicated; Li Shinian, unfamiliar with the place and the people, felt a sense of strangeness and fear toward this huge city.

To her, the most bustling city in West Wind Kingdoms is an empty city. Because there is not a single person she could truly trust and have a heart-to-heart talk with.

Although only a student, she already could sense the oppressive feeling of a storm approaching and the troubles that lies ahead.

Fortunately, for the time being, the Lu family is standing in front, shielding her from the wind and rain. If the Lu family did not help them, most likely her little family of four would be torn apart in a split second by those civilized monsters.

Yan Xiangma reddened with anger, pointing his fan at Li Shinian and saying: "Li Shinian, who do you think I, Yan Xiangma, is? If I wanted to scout out information from you, I can just command someone to interrogate you. I can tell you that I'm a famous hedonistic young master of Jiangnan city and I can do anything."


Li Shinian giggled aloud.

"What are you laughing at? I'm serious, I'm really angry."

Li Shinian stepped forward and patted Yan Xiangma's arm. "Fine. I said something wrong. I apologise."

Yan Xiangma was no longer angry, opened his folding fan, and gently moved it in a back and forth motion to his face. "You believe me? You no longer suspect that I'm a spy?"

"You're not that kind of person." Li Shinian said with a smile. The young girl smiled sweetly, the bright sunlight shone on her face, giving her a kind of divine and gentle bright luster. "I feel like you won't do that."

"You're intuition is so accurate." Yan Xiangma said admiringly.

The corner of Li Shinian's lips quirked into a light smile. "This is Tiandu, a place where everything is out of reach. We are unfamiliar with the people and the place, and can only live in other people's house and can't protect ourselves. If you want to obtain something from me, with just a little scheming, I wouldn't be able to defend myself——There isn't a need for such huge efforts to stand watch every day at the school gate and climb onto the walls and the trees, right?"

Yan Xiangma smiled a bitter smile as he responded: "You really understand me, my suffering is as high as a mountain, as vast as the sea——"

"My brother hasn't gotten in touch with me." Li Shinian interrupted Yan Xiangma's venting. "It's been a long time, but he hasn't sent us a letter or told someone to pass a message to us. He doesn't even know that we're at Tiandu now——I also don't know how my brother is now, I really miss him."

Looking at the girl's face skewed with unconcealed strong emotions of longing, Yan Xiangma's heart ached a little, but he forced a smile as he said comfortingly: "Of course your brother will be fine. Do you know that Starry Sky Academy is the most mysterious and most powerful school in the divine continent, I also wanted to go there, but the journey was too long, the school was too remote, so I was too lazy——"

"You were not admitted?" Li Shinian said disdainfully.

"You guessed right again. You really are a worm in my stomach."

"You're the worm."

"Well, then I'll be the worm in your stomach."

"Yan Xiangma, you disgusting fellow——"

"It wasn't me who said it, you said it first." ——

While quarrelling noisily, Yan Xiangma had already safely escorted Li Shinian to the entrance of Lu Mansion.

Yan Xiangma smiled, saying: "It's inconvenient for me to go in, we'll separate here. "See if we're fateful enough to meet again tomorrow."

Li Shinian curved her eyes, smiling happily as she said: "We certainly won't."

"I don't believe it." Yan Xiangma said firmly.

She waved to Yan Xiangma and said: "I'm going in. Goodbye."

Yan Xiangma smiled and waved back, and then hummed a lively tune and headed down to the West of Xuanwu Street, where Yan Mansion is. That is where his family mansion is.

"Yan Xiangma." A carriage stopped at his side, and a dignified man's voice called out: "Get in."