The Inverted Dragon's Scale


The Inverted Dragon's Scale Chapter 187-190

Chapter 187: The Curse of Subduing Dragon!

Phoenixes danced, the Dragon roared, fighting fiercely at close quarters.

The heart of the Phoenix was still devouring the light and energy within Dragon Slaying Canyon like a black hole. Apart from the only glow of light emanating from the two Phoenixes' blazing feathers, the canyon was completely dark. It was impossible to see anything.

Even the scorching flames released by the two fire phoenixes, were instantly drawn into the heart of the Phoenix.

The heart of Phoenix was the purest energy substance in the entire world. Nothing could defy it's demand to fuse with it.

The two firebirds' binding became uncomfortably tighter, more and more stiff.

This technique called 'Double Phoenix exposed to the morning sun', uses the formation of double phoenix battling dragon to besiege and eliminate the black dragon that Li Muyang had transformed into.

Lu Qiji, having fought with Li Muyang for tens of thousands of years, was the opponent that most understood Li Muyang's ability in this world. She knew what methods to use to truly settle this conflict and put an end to it.

Every life, generation after generation, their physical body were formed into energy body, and eventually reincarnated——

When would such days come to an end?

Lu Qiji was extremely bored, and really exhausted.

However, even so, she was still not quite confident of her success——

Lu Qiji's face grew more serious, lifting the heart of the Phoenix high into the air with both her hands, attempting to use the 'great nirvana' technique to hasten the absorption of surrounding light.

Just now, the heart of Phoenix was a translucent white jade, with a thin stream of red blood inside the pure white jade.

However, after its energy was consumed by the two phoenixes for the battle, the wisp of blood diminished, looked more faint, as if it would soon vanish.

When the wisp of blood is gone, it means that the light energy stored in the heart of Phoenix have been completely drained, and the two fire phoenixes, used to help Lu Qiji fight, would also vanish.

This was a scene that Lu Qiji did not want to see, and she hoped to end this battle before the light energy were completely used up.


Li Muyang bellowed aloud.

Like blood-sucking leeches, the firebirds were tightly glued to his body even when he constantly thrashed around.

He opened his mouth to tear at the tail of the birds and he brandished his sharp dragon claws to catch the birds. He fiercely shook his tail, striking the two fire phoenixes away repeatedly, and then they shot toward the huge body of Li Muyang again——

Darkness fell, the tremendous dragon soared high into the air.

The two firebirds looked like two groups of flames, attempting to kill the gigantic dragon with a kingly air.

The tremendous dragon grew more and more ferocious as he battled against an invisible form with his physical body, gnawing and sending them flying again and again——
However, even a dragon would eventually have a moment of weakness, a time of impatience.


It uttered a loud roar after loud roar, until the tremendous dragon body began to shrink, shrinking to the size of the two Phoenixes.

Cling onto, fight, fly away, and then come rushing back.

"Go die."

Li Muyang suddenly roared; his draconic body instantly resuming its human form.

His body sailed across the air, his hands clutching the neck of the fire phoenixes.

This was the core of the body of energy. It is the place that could not immediately recover and grow after sustaining an injury. It was only by grasping that spot that Li Muyang could really control the two firebirds.

The two birds fell into Li Muyang's grip, raised a miserable scream, desperately struggled, but still could not budge the slightest inch——

Sparks spluttered in all directions, like blood.

Li Muyang's red pupils unblinkingly stared at Lu Qiji, as he roared in a cold voice: "Tens of thousands of years ago, you could not kill me with this move. Now, it is even more true that you can't kill me with this trick——you're too weak."

Before his voice died away, Li Muyang suddenly shot open his mouth, swallowing the two birds, one after another, into his stomach.


His belly expanded and fell back down, and then fell and bulged up again.

After several times, it became somewhat calm again. The bird's huge body of energy did not seem to bring about much of an effect or repercussion even after entering his stomach.

Li Muyang gave a loud belch. The two firebirds tasted pretty good. Adding to this, he felt energetic, a bloated stomach feeling. The stomach also felt warm, very intimate.

His gaze shifted back Lu Qiji: "You can't kill me. You couldn't kill me before, now you also can't kill me, and you definitely can't kill me in the future——No one can stop me. I will do what I have to do."

"Really? Is that so?" Lu Qiji lowered her hands, slightly widened her little mouth, until she swallowed the heart of the Phoenix, which was in a white transparent state. "I wasn't able to kill you for tens of thousands of years, but you still haven't done what you wanted to do, isn't that right?"

"So, you deserve to die——" Li Muyang's eyes grew more red, as he lightly raised his palm into the air.


On a rock on the Dragon Beheading Platform, the huge, old axe began to tremble.

Li Muyang swiftly manoeuvred his hand around, until the old axe swirled into a ball of light and darted into Li Muyang's palm.

Gripping the huge axe, Li Muyang fixed a cold piercing stared at Lu Qiji. "Since you wanted a real end, I'll give you one——"
Lu Qiji's clear and bright eyes, looked straight into Li Muyang's eyes.

"In that case, I'll die with you again."

As Lu Qiji spoke, purple flames reappeared in her eyes, and even her body was ignited with flames. Her entire body was fully surrounded by violet fire, and each strand of hair amplified the purple flames she was surrounded with.

Rise of the Phoenix!

The Phoenix threw herself into the heavenly fire, rose from the ashes, and regained life.

However, given Lu Qiji's current cultivation level, there was no way she could achieve nirvana, no way she could obtain a new life.

She stirred the essential qi in her body, refining them into heavenly fire.

Then, she would forcibly attain nirvana, using the method of self-detonation to injure Li Muyang.

This was a typical suicidal attack – she would wound eight hundred but lose a thousand.

"You lunatic." Li Muyang hissed, rage bubbling inside him. This woman was really persistent. In order to kill him, she would do anything. Even at the expense of her own life.

Pouring all his power onto the old axe, he attempted to swing the axe straight in the direction of Lu Qiji.

One axe splits the sky!

One axe splits the earth!

One axe splits the sea!

As a result, mankind has sky, land, and an inexhaustible source of water for their usage.


A strong wind whipped between them, the world regaining its former brightness.

The darkness in the Dragon Slaying Canyon was banished, warm light returned to earth, the luminous pearl overhead began to shine upon the land once again.

A flurry of dust came off the axe, mottled bloodstain turned into beads of blood, trickling down from the blade of the axe. The blood ran down and rinsed the pattern engraved on the top of the axe, when suddenly those strange patterns turned into a spell, emitting a dazzling golden glow.

"Mang mou a weng ma ne mou——"

Each golden character broke out of the axe, like a tangible form. They hung above the canyon.

At the same time, an old majestic, deafening Buddhism chant resounded across the canyon, as if hundreds of senior monks were chanting simultaneously——

"Mang mou a weng ma ne mou——"

Li Muyang could not fully lash down, as though there was an invisible wall blocking his way, or a giant hand was gripping tightly onto his arm and stopping him from administering his blow.

Li Muyang felt his head splitting, his body almost exploding.

"The Curse of Subduing Dragon——" Li Muyang yelled. "Those damn guys, they placed the curse of subduing dragon on this old axe——"
Lu Qiji's eyes become empty and bright, staring at the ferocious expression of Li Muyang while he constantly rolled and twisted in the air, as she explained: "This axe weighs millions of kilograms, as heavy as a mountain, and as deep as the sea. It is hard for an ordinary martial artist to lift it, let alone use it. Those who used this axe to slay dragons must have been at the Starry Sky cultivation level——They deliberately left this axe here, just to lure you back here. If you touched the curse, you will naturally be trapped by it."

"Shut up." Li Muyang flung away the axe in his hand. Because he couldn't lift it and he couldn't swing the axe down. The closer he was, the more he was affected by the curse of subduing dragon.

The curse of subduing dragon was one of the three most powerful forbidden spells in the world, and it took three strong people higher than the Dragon Slayer Realm to create this curse.

If an ordinary person touched this curse, it won't have much effect on their body.
However, if a member of the dragon clan accidentally triggered the curse, waiting for them would only be the tragic fate of their soul flying away and scattering and the annihilation of their body.

Li Muyang desperately clapped his hand over his ears, blocking the burning sounds that assaulted his ears.

But the sounds were pervasive, not only did they try to drill into his ears, but it entered from his nostrils, mouth and eyes, causing his heart to thud madly——

Li Muyang's eyes bled, his nose bled, his ears bleeding, his seven apertures of the head bled, and even the pores around his body began to bleed. He looked battered and exhausted, entering a tragic and miserable state.

He tried desperately to break through the bondage and glow of the golden characters, trying to escape through the path he came from.

But burning sounds also resounded across the narrow stone path.

Countless golden characters fluttered across from either side of the stone path, advancing and crowding around Li Muyang, like landslide and tsunami, administering a brutal attack on his body and mind.

In a place where Li Muyang could not see, in the centre of the palace of Stupa City, the strange patterns that Li Muyang saw along his way, the ineffable symbols and the decorative design found everywhere, all became alive.

Then, the golden characters peeled off from the four-sided walls, came off of the slate underfoot, detached from the bronze wares, the roof tiles, and the mythological animal statues guarding on the East and West eaves, parting from all their existing positions——

The golden rays cast a glow, blotting out the sky and covering up the earth, and rushed forth in the direction of the Dragon Slaying Canyon concealed by the palace.

The whole Stupa City was alive.

Golden light covered the sky. The Curse of Subduing Dragon.

Chapter 188: The sacrifice of thousands of dragons!

"Mang mou ah weng ma ne mou——"

The sacred words were majestic, the formation austere.

Countless gold characters and symbols piled together, forming huge golden walls.

The walls closed in from all directions, with Li Muyang at the centre. They assembled together with a loud rumble, joining seamlessly to form an airtight square container.

Li Muyang was trapped in the center of the square container, with no escape route and no chance of surviving..

After Li Muyang entered the metal container, the speed of the sacred words suddenly quickened, the gold characters rotating faster than before. As if they were living creatures seeing a great victory in sight, an opportunity to kill the enemy, they chanted more enthusiastically, and spun more passionately and powerfully than ever.

More gold characters and symbols rushed forth from the stone path and drilled into the metal square container before they disappeared. The disappearance of each character or symbol, intensified the golden colour above the container.

The metal square container glittered with gold, like the blazing sun that hung over the canyon, dazzling the eyes of people.

"How did that happen?" With her eyes filled with shock, Lu Qiji stood watching the gold characters rushing forth like a flood suddenly released after breaking through the dam, sweeping everything before it as well as wrapping around the gold container that Li Muyang was in. "Dragon Slaying Canyon is a huge trap, and this Stupa City is a seal. When Dragon clan members unknowingly enter Dragon Slaying Canyon, seeing the pool of their companions' blood and the beheaded skulls, they would be furious and evoke their murderous rage, and consequently awaken the Curse of Subduing Dragon set down by those high and mighty sages. Then, the entire Stupa City would turn alive, bring together the power of the city to suppress and destroy the invading member of the dragon clan——"

Having figured this out, Lu Qiji could not help but feel ill will towards the cunningness and cruelness of those humans.

"Those bastards, how many dirty things are they going to do before they stop? How dark and evil must their hearts be, to commit all manner of crimes and dark deeds in order to——slay dragons?"

Lu Qiji's hands clenched into shaking fists, her face exhibiting a baffled and distressed expression.

"My persistence, in the end, is it right? Or—— is perishing their ultimate fate?"

Li Muyang was in agony.

His head was in splitting pain, blood oozing from the seven apertures of his head, and the blood in his body was boiling wildly, like it would gush out of his body and madly spray in all direction any time.

Dragons are hot-blooded. Now, he felt his blood was already bubbling inside. The circulation of blood once through his body, was equaled to lashing his body's meridians with a whip dipped in salt water.


Pain penetrating to the inner heart, pain entering into the bone marrow.

More painful than any other pain in the world.

Not just physical pain, even his soul constantly writhed around wildly.

The sacred words were specifically aimed at Dragons; every time it was recited, Li Muyang was in agony, he did not want to live. He felt like he was hovering between life and death.

They're piercing swords, daggers, the scythe of the god of death, the sharpest weapon in the world——

The more solemn they sounded, the more severe the damage was to Li Muyang.

The more rapid and powerful they sounded, the more difficult it was for Li Muyang to escape and evade, and could only again and again——suffer the pain identical to being struck by lightning in the head.

They pulled Li Muyang's soul out of his body, and then conducted the most tragic punishment and curse to his soul.

Li Muyang was in utter misery; he could neither live nor die.

Li Muyang felt no better than death.

Li Muyang was tortured to madness.
With his hands clutching his head, he desperately knocked against the glistening wall. His head was full of worms, and the worms were desperately sucking on his brain, biting his brain's veins.

He needs to smash open his head, he must kill them.

The walls were formed from golden characters and spell formations, but when Li Muyang struck his head against them, they sounded like the bell in Jiangnan's Lingyin temple.


Lingyin Temple.

Li Shinian.

It was such a leisurely and happy place, where his dearest ones were——

Thinking of these moments, Li Muyang's mind had a split second of tranquility.

Very soon, the spells crushed down in an even more ferocious manner.

Li Muyang's eyes were on the verge of cracking as he kicked and punched out at the same time.

He no longer looked a presentable human, more like a wild beast——

Li Muyang turned crazy——

Becoming a devil——

Turning into a malicious spirit——

From time to time, Li Muyang transformed into a dragon and then back to human.

Whether he was a human or a dragon, he was still in extreme agony and between life and death.

In the midst of chanting, the square container was still narrowing in and shrinking constantly.

They gradually closed the space between Li Muyang and them. They wanted to compress Li Muyang into a meat loaf, press him into dregs, squeeze out his blood, and then destroy his body and soul.





Li Muyang would rather settle himself on a chopping board to be chopped, would rather be fried in a frying pan.

He could bear physical pain, but the pain of the soul was more unbearable than his flesh being cut and his heart being dug out.

The resounding sorrowful howl spread across the canyon, the roar of the dragon sounding out.

Lu Qiji clenched her fist more tightly, beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

Her eyes flashed a purple flame, which she then forcibly suppressed.

Soon, it was burning again, more fierce, majestic and intense than before——

"Li Muyang——" Lu Qiji's voice was low, her eyes red-rimmed. "Li Muyang——Is this your destiny? Then what is my destiny?"

"My destiny is you." Lu Qiji said loud and clear: "Even if you die, you can only die in my hands."

A young firebird emerged on Lu Qiji's palm as she thrust her arm forward, releasing the bird.

The firebird blasted out, its body growing to the size of the huge golden container.

It headed straight for the container, attempting to break it and save Li Muyang trapped inside.


The firebird charged directly into the huge container, which did not budge an inch. But the flame on the tail of the bird weakened a lot.

Blazing with fury, it again charged into the golden container.



Three times——

Until its flame faded and it lost all its strength. Gradually it stopped burning and disappeared above the canyon.

The Curse of Subduing Dragon, designed specifically for Dragons, is unaffected by other attacks.

The golden square container grew smaller, the space around Li Muyang also shrank at the same time.

The four corners of the container was oozing red blood.

First it dripped, then came pouring down like crazy——

The blood drizzled into the red blood pool at the bottom of the canyon, creating ripples until more blood pelted down, when the pool began to react.

They were enraged. 它們憤怒了。

They roared.

They whipped up a huge wave that crashed down onto the gold container.


In the pool of blood, a red shadow broke the surface and collided into the huge gold container.


A loud sound boomed from the container, but it remained impregnable. The red shadow collapsed with a resounding rumble, transforming into spheres of blood that rained down into the pool of blood.


Within the pile of skulls and bones, a huge blue figure broke through and struck the golden container.

The blue figure split into several pieces, the bones that it depended on also cracked and crushed into a powder.

Bang bang bang——
Countless giant images soared to the sky and crashed down onto the gold container without regret.

Their king was in distress, tens of thousands of dragons did not hesitate to die for him.

Chapter 189: Bathing in dragon blood!

The images pouncing were not real dragons, or it should be said, they were not living dragons.

Although they have been slaughtered a long time ago, the remnants of their aura still lingered on in their giant bones.

Sensing the Dragon King's presence, as well as being beckoned by the blood of the Dragon King, they regained a glimmer of spiritual thought and rushed over to the Dragon King, who was in danger.

With this impact, their bones would be destroyed, and their soul completely scattered.

With this, in the future, not even the most powerful golden dragon would be able to revive them.

However, they gave no second thought. They were more than willing to die.

Images after images of dragons were knocked asunder, and at the same time, the bones they depended on for existence were shattered into smoke and dust.

Trapping Li Muyang was The Curse of Subduing dragon set down by a Dragon Slayer sage. Although it shows no aggressiveness to other races, but had tremendous destructive power towards the dragon clan.

These dragon souls already possess little energy, yet they overestimated their own ability and fought against the incantation that was most antagonistic to them and consequently went down a suicidal road.

"Dragon souls protecting their king, how solemn and touching." Lu Qiji's eyes welled with tears, as she said in a hoarse voice.


Within the pool of blood, the waves grew larger and higher.

As though the blood inside the pool was alive, they again and again collided into the giant golden container, attempting to break it and rescue Li Muyang trapped inside.

Lu Qiji once again spurted out the pure white jade-like heart of Phoenix, which instantly darted across to the square container.

It hovered above the golden container, frantically devouring and absorbing golden light.

Any light that was within the range of absorption of the Heart of Phoenix. As long as it swallowed the golden rays of light above the gold container, not only would Li Muyang feel a little better but also has a higher chance of breaking out.

Otherwise, the stronger the golden light, the more solid the golden container. Soon, it would be impossible for Li Muyang to escape out of the container.

The heart of Phoenix slowly swirled around, sucking in the golden light.

Even more gold characters and symbols were constantly popping up and disappearing into the walls of the container. The container walls were full of writing that was closed together and unclear.

One side was desperately absorbing and consuming the energy and light of the golden container, while the other side constantly strengthening it.

The two sides contended but also counterbalanced each other. The speed of the spinning reduced, and the shrinking of the gold container also slowed.

But it didn't make Li Muyang feel better.

Although his 'living' environment did improve slightly, but if Lu Qiji could persist no longer, he might be pressed by the container into a meat patty.

Moreover, the sacred words were still ringing in his ears, still torturing his mental state and lashing at his soul.

He screamed, crazily.

Then, slammed into the walls over and over again.

He felt that what his citizens did for him, the destruction of each dragon's soul was tantamount to killing him once.

Li Muyang was boiling with rage.

Thoroughly enraged.

His facial features were drenched with blood, his skin was torn and his flesh gaped open.


He let out a mournful bellow.

For those loyal souls, for his unyielding subjects.

Li Muyang transformed into a dragon, his body grew bigger and bigger——

The gold container began to shake, tremble. It began to attempt to shrink even more.

They felt the danger, they felt Li Muyang's unequalled dragon's will.

They knew that Li Muyang wanted to break the curse, use his own flesh and blood to break open the gold container.

The chanting grew more and more urgent, the gold characters and symbols also came at a much rapid pace, until they abruptly reshaped into a golden curve——

The whole palace of Stupa City rocked, an omen that the forbidden curse could no longer suppress the dragon king.

Dragon blood flowed out more rapidly, pouring into the pool of blood.

His wound grew larger and larger, he wanted to expand more but there was not enough space for him——

Before he ruptured the golden container, he would explode his own body first.

Li Muyang did not care, his blood-red eyes looked like two red holes.

The scales on his body glistened, the solid scales once again surfaced from his body and hovered above his head, emitting a dark and cold light——

If he does not break the spell or shatter the container, he would be crushed till every drop of blood is squeezed out and reduced to a puddle of broken bones——

Life and death!

Grow bigger!

Keep growing bigger!


Suddenly, a great reverberated sound came, golden lights scattered in all directions, casting a glow onto the entire Dragon Slaying Canyon like daylight.
The square container burst open, splitting into several golden walls, and while the gold walls recoiled, they dispersed into a blocks of characters before disappearing without a trace.

Lu Qiji stumbled back several steps, until she heavily knocked into a stone wall behind.


The black dragon circled round in mid-air, widening his tremendous mouth with an enraged roar.

"Li Muyang——" Lu Qiji's lips curved into a smile, shouting at the gigantic dragon overhead.

The dragon's eyes gazed down at her, his eyes glowing with a menacing light.


The dragon's eyelids droop and his body plunged vertically groundwards.


The huge dragon fell into the pool of blood, and then the boiling dragon blood gathered together, concealing and tightly wrapping around him.

This was the only thing they could do for their king.


In the pool of blood, blood kept bubbling——

Li Muyang's body sank, sank all the way.

Like sinking into a bottomless abyss, or soaring in the endless night sky.

He had dreams after dreams, nightmares after nightmares. The news that he received puzzled him but infuriated him even more.

"The abyss is vast, the Barbarian race is strong, human and dragon should join forces and cooperate, to kill those demons——" A man clad in a gold robe said earnestly. "I would like to gather the forces of the nine nations, with the Dragon Clan as the leader. With the Dragon King's order, the entire divine continent dared not to disobey——"

"The Dragon Clan is the divine continent's guardian, they conform to the way of heaven, protect living creatures from any harm——" A priest in a fluttering green shirt said with a vehement expression and in his resonant voice. "Us people will worship Dragons as the true God, make offerings to them for generations."

"Amitabha Buddha, saving a life, is better than constructing a seven-level pagoda. Saving the life of the human race, would definitely break heavenly law, and be admired through all generations——"


Wildfires burned cities; divine dragons and evil creatures fought.

"Kill the dragon clan, they're comrades with the demons——"

"If we do not destroy this clan, humans would be on brink of extinction——The Dragon Clan is too powerful, if they have any malicious intent towards the human race, how will the human race revolt?"

"Kill——Kill those monsters——"


Flashes of sabre and shadows of sword, landslide and tsunami.

Dragons soared to the ninth heaven, the human elites resorted to violence——

The divine continent was in purgatorial state; one side of the vast expanse of land was in flames while the other side plunged into a vast body of water.

Chapter 190: Dragon Clan's blood and tears!

Sank. Li Muyang's body sank all the way.

It was an infinite world, as if he would never reach the end.

In the world of darkness, a pair of eyes appeared above Li Muyang's head.

It was a pair of aged, sorrowful eyes, with infinite power and influence.

"Li Muyang." A lofty voice suddenly said.

"Who are you?" Li Muyang looked up. He saw the eyes, a familiar pair of eyes. He shouted loudly: "Who are you?"

"I am you." When the pair of eyes looked straight into Li Muyang's eyes, Li Muyang saw his own figure from the pupils. "You're also me."

"Who the hell are you?" Li Muyang obviously did not believe the nonsense, angrily shouted back: "Don't fool me, who are you really?"

"I am a dragon." The owner of the pair of eyes stated aloud. Li Muyang could not see its mouth, facial features or its body. The only thing he saw was a pair of eyes. The eyes suddenly popped up in the dark, like a mischievous person had painted two eyes on a black cloth. But these eyes were more vivid. "I'm in your body, so I'm a dragon and so are you."

"Why did you enter into my body?" Li Muyang finally understood the familiar feeling he felt when he faced this pair of eyes. It had appeared countless times before in his dreams. In Li Muyang's countless nightmares, every time he dreamt of a tremendous dragon roaming the sky and looking at him with a grim face, and then without a single sound, charged towards him——tearing his body, and finally entered through his chest and fused with him.

At that time, the eyes were on a dragon. So, Li Muyang could distinctly identify them.

Now, the pair of eyes appeared by themselves, so Li Muyang was unable to determine its origin at first glance.

He is right; he's a dragon and also himself. Because a long time ago, he had already fused with him.

"Because of the will of heaven." The pair of eyes said aloud.

"I don't believe in the will of heaven." Li Muyang shouted. He could not accept an explanation like that; he hated when others use the words 'Will of the Heaven' or 'fate' to give him a perfunctory explanation. "I believe that this was caused by someone, and I believe that every 'will of the heaven' is actually being deliberately set up by people with ulterior motives."

"You think so——" His eyes flashed as he slipped into deep thought, pausing for a long while, before he continued: "You're smarter than me."

"——" Ever since he was born, this was the first time Li Muyang was praised by a dragon.

Of course, his own praise did not count.

"You're right, we really were manipulated by humankind. That's why we were wiped out. The majority of my race was slain." His eyes flamed with resentment, as he raised his voice in anger.

Obviously, that kind of injury, no matter how many thousands of years, there was no way it could fully erase or fade away.

"What actually happened?" Li Muyang asked. "Why did humans want to slay dragons? Is the Dragon Clan really evil? Dragon Clan——"

Li Muyang thought for a moment, before he bravely continued: "The story that the Dragon Princess likes to eat human heart is not true, right?"


"What do you mean by not answering?"

"Ridiculous." The eyes were full of contempt. "You're also a dragon, why don't you have a plate of fried human hearts?"

As Li Muyang imagined the scene, he hurriedly shook his head in refusal: "Forget it, I don't eat organs——whether it's animals or human, I don't like to eat them."

"Dragons are half divine beings, how majestic and noble? They eat morning dew in the morning and drink the rays of sunlight before night. They devour unusual flowers and precious fruits, and absorb the vital energy of the heaven and earth. We don't want to enjoy our good food, but eat human heart, that kind of disgusting thing? Do you believe in such lies? But it's the way that those bastards deceived all the people——"

"I don't understand, why did they have to make up this story to slander the dragon clan?" Li Muyang asked aloud. "To make everyone hate on the Dragon clan? So everyone cultivated to slay dragons?"

"Because they were afraid of the Dragon Clan becoming the hero of mankind." The eyes, deep like the starry sky, reflected his infinite grief and resentment.

"How could the dragon clan become the hero of mankind?" Li Muyang seriously pondered each of his words thoroughly. "Could it be, the dragon clan has saved mankind before?"

"Do you know the Barbarians of the abyss?" The eyes looked at Li Muyang and asked. Without waiting for Li Muyang's reply, he continued: "Yes, it's impossible for you to know. Because they have disappeared tens of thousands of years ago, having been defeated by the Dragon Clan tens of thousands of years ago——With Flower Language as the barrier, Nujiang as natural moat and countless sages of the divine continent as protectors, they could not take a step into the divine continent."

"Barbarians of the Abyss?" Li Muyang exclaimed. It was the first time he heard of this. "Could it be, there are other race in the divine continent besides the human race?"

"In the divine continent, war broke out between the human race and the Barbarian race. The Barbarian race sailed the tides and marched to remote regions belonging to the human race. Barbarians are cruel and violent, and as a result, the human race, unable to defend, retreated. When the Barbarian attacked Flower Language Plains, the nine kings of the nine nations gathered elites and warriors for a decisive battle with the Barbarian race. This war, the human race was defeated, leaving countless casualties. The Barbarians seized this opportunity and took the land of the divine continent. The king of the nine countries as well as many elites climbed Dragon mountain, implored the Dragon Clan to fight against the Barbarians and promised to be their subjects forever, and would enshrine and worship them through all ages——"

The pair of eyes grew dim with sorrow, and then, a boundless flame lit up inside, leaping and blazing fiercely.

"Since the human race and dragon clan both resided in the divine continent, and the human race did seem more meek and kind hearted, while the barbarians ferocious and disgusting——So I agreed to their request. I led my clan members to wage war against the Barbarians. We were victorious at the first battle and did our best to drive them out beyond of Nujiang——"

"And then?" After listening, heart pounding to the story, Li Muyang felt the story was too bizarre and too strange. There were races that he had never heard of before. But he felt it was true. He believed every single word the pair of eyes said.

Because it's himself. The whole world could lie to him, but he would never deceive himself.

"The Barbarian race resided in a very cold place, their living environment is extremely bad and even the sun was shrouded by dense fog all year round. However, it also conditioned them to develop a strong ability to fight and survive. That war, the Dragon Clan won decisively, but because the number of barbarians was countless and they were also unafraid of death, my clan was outnumbered and the victory was not easy. After the battle, we were left wounded and riddled with scars——"

"My clan made concerted efforts to drive the Barbarians out of Nujiang, and expended all our energies to deploy the Heavenly Dragon Barrier to prevent Barbarians from ever invading again, but we did not expect——"

The two eyes already turned a blood-red colour, tears brimming in his red eyes.

Li Muyang felt the pain as though he suffered it himself. He reached out to touch his own cheeks, only to find that tears had already overflown in his eyes and ran dripping down his cheeks.

"The kings of the nine nations who stood on the sidelines, recuperating and building up strength, commanded the elites of the human race to raise their sword at my clan,  to slay dragons without restraint. Dragon heads came tumbling down, staining Nujiang red——I hate——I hate——"